Competing for IT Talent: Federal Government vs Private Sector | Rick Driggers, Workforce Summit 2019

Rick Driggers 0:11
Yeah, so we’re never going to be able to compete from a pay and benefits perspective with the
private sector, although there are certain programs across the federal government that
are taking steps to be much more competitive with pay, but we’re never going to be able
to outpace the private sector. But we do have very unique missions across
the federal government and our ability to put cybersecurity professionals in places
where they can understand much, to a much greater degree, what’s the threat landscape
looks like, and actually take defensive actions against our nation state adversaries that
are trying to attack our networks and systems is, is something that you’re not going to
be able to do anywhere else but the federal government. So I think that is one way to, you know, attract
and kind of compete with with with the global market with regards to cyber security. Transcribed by

Maurice Vega

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