Community leaders hold a press conference on NYPD officers being harassed

Maurice Vega

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  1. Glad to hear some logic. Speak out on unacceptable behavior!! Unite the youth!! Growing up on rap lyrics every day has an effect aswell . Spread more positively it starts at home .

  2. See what's missing?? Where's the mics from NBC,CBS,MSNBC,ABC and CNN???? Only one there was FOX. Guess those other MSM whores were too busy thinking up more lies and propaganda to spread huh??????

  3. Parents, teach your children to do better! It's not enough to say you stand by police when it's your children and your not there to stand with police.

  4. The democRats will not like this unity in the black citizens against the abuse of policemen, who are doing their best for a peacefull and law abiding community. The atheist DemocRats don’t like this, because it doesn’t fit in their polarisation policy between the colourfull population. Even the mayor will not like this, because this disturbs their trying to get all black people in their camp/to have their votes! Cheer to this reaction of normal people in the streets??

  5. LOVE that there is no CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC. Keep the nation and those that won't take the time to question , sedated, and make believe everything is OKAY. I'm sure the SQUAT/AOC will twist and spin this (or likely completely ignore). Thank you good folks for talking about this! Please remember this when you vote!

  6. What an outstanding community who are speaking up against civil disobedience and divisiveness!! Unfortunately, this is not an America only problem. Its happening the world over, but we will never hear about it on the main stream media! It is a deliberate act to divide us all… black, white etc. We need to ALL WAKE UP to what's going on, because we are stronger together than divided. All the best to you.. God Bless America, from Australia.

  7. Reverend Sullivan was awesome !!! spot on……. when will the people of NY vote out the corrupt Dem career politicians… ?

  8. God Bless each and everyone of the people that found your voices to address this awful thing that happen to our officers in New York thank you again for your service.

  9. Every one needs to look out for each other when disrespect is shown in all of our communities across the country!

  10. Where is AOC ?? Oh, that’s right, she is ignoring what is happening in her own backyard. AOC is useless. Vote her out.

  11. Brothers and Sisters, I have renewed faith in the citizens of New York! When is the next election? Can't be too soon!

  12. These beautiful Americans deserve a Big Thank You for standing up and doing the right thing. WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD and a group of evil is trying to take that from the American people. If your not a religious person, you can still wish for this.
    We should be United as brothers and sisters for the good of our Country. Don't let them tear us apart. They are desperately trying to separate us. Time to replace anger and hatred for kindness. This is what I hope and pray for everyday. Peace.

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