Common Mistakes Made By Newly Promoted Leaders

hey boss got a problem that flange is supposed to be 30 degrees my machine can't cut that high I mean seriously if I I adjusted it it take probably about two hours overtime I just can't do that today I think a 25 degree flange is going to work so why don't you do this why don't you cut it at 25 degrees and then I'll just I'll make the change to the order and that shouldn't be a problem yeah great no problem no problem hey Brandon just told me that guy he's cutting those flanges are 25 degrees yeah I just I just gave him the go-ahead for that because it wasn't going to work for him okay well if he's cutting at 25 degrees and I'm doing at 70 degrees the whole system isn't going to seal program no I know okay here's what you do we've got a five we got five percent to play with right so do it at 65 65 degrees and you should be okay okay hey did you give those guys permission to change the angles other parts yeah Brandon had a problem with his lathe all right he couldn't make the angle so I checked the specs there's a 5 degree variance that were allowed and it was going to be 2 hours of overtime to retool his whole lathe so I thought we'll take that 5 percent that that 5 degrees and we'll incorporate that into what we're doing we'll save time yeah well that's 5% that's going to leave a 2 millimeter gap in my end and then we're going to have to retool the entire section to fit you're looking at Oh 3 to 5 days downtime I hadn't thought about that putting is let's say that these circles represent the workers that we have to work with in our work group if we go into one of the leadership traps what we end up doing is we have these people running at us constantly bringing us problems to solve the reality is though if I take here from Keith and he gives me a problem so now I've got one problem and then I continue going around and all of a sudden Carmen approaches me and she gives me another problem another issue another hassle and then Jen gives me another problem so now I got three problems I have to run around and try to get answers to all of these things and meanwhile the folks who brought me the issues they've left their work potentially in order to give me the issue to deal with they get to sit back in some ways while I run frantically solving their problems and their issues have I done them a service in growing them so that they're capable of answering some of those problems for themselves you see we end up sheltering and we create what's called this sick codependency relationship right we think we're smart because that's why we got promoted so people bring us their problems we feel obligated to give them the answers the key thing to realize though is that if you allow your people to run you you're going to feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled in your leadership role so instead what we would suggest is that you look at whether you could instead take yourself out of the middle put yourself around the edge and check in with your people throughout the shift or the day what's going on Brandon how's it going I'm not good I got a big problem with the lathe right if I set this to 30 degrees I'm gonna have to tear the whole thing apart and rebuild it that's like two hours overtime hmm you got any ideas well according to the trines he could probably change the angle on it and it shouldn't make too much of a difference we know what Mike and Danny are in the project to why we call them over and get their authority Mike dan has come here for a minute Brandon here has a problem with the angle of the flange and what he wants to do is he wants to either change the angle but that's going to take two hours of overtime to break it down and retool it what do you guys think I have no problem addressing the match yeah uncle yeah well unfortunately it'll cause a problem in my section and or to retool for the change that's gonna happen I mean it's gonna shut down the plant for days huh all right what else can we do any other ideas guys well considering says Brandon he can't do anything that means I can't do anything because I told he's up and running okay it's not great yep so I guess I could come over and help him rebuild it and the two of us will be done in a couple of hours by today for sure so what do you think that's great instead of work okay so all right guys great idea and good job let's go back to work is you spend a little bit of time checking in with each person that allows you to go hey how was the weekend eh what was happening with the kids hockey game last night or the baseball game so you get to actually check in with people when they know that they're going to get your attention anyway without having to come and bring you an issue they're less likely to come and bring you those issues you

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