Collins: ‘I’ve had it’ with Democrats trying to impeach Trump

Maurice Vega

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  1. We have had it. This is outrageous it is insanity. Shifty shift is a liar he is a snake. We are tired of this it is chaos, this a tragedy a charade the dog and pony show. The demon rats are corrupt. They are destroying our democracy. It has to stop.Trump2020

  2. Bottom line: Trump needs a lot of help if he wants to be reelected, e.g. from Ukraine, Australia, China, and maybe again Russia.

  3. Trump got less votes than hillary . I dont understand why Trump
    Got less votes but won the election .could someone PLEASE explain ?

  4. They are corrupt they are running scared that he's going to dig those rats out and all their crimes. They re real crooks

  5. They know what's coming for them they know their necks are on the line they're criminals and they don't want to face up to it

  6. White house democrats are making up the rules as they go along! Nancy just admitted that the democrats wouldn't stand a snow balls chance in "Hell" of beating president Trump at the polls because of everything he's done for America, and will continue to do when he's re-elected in 2020!

  7. amazing Polosi!!!  the President is doing nothing but destroying the corruption they established and if that is impossible to undo GREAT down with the corruption! TRUMP 2020

  8. Democratic Party these days are out of their minds. Jezzz, what the hell is going on here? the government what made to serve “the republic” is splitting here. I’m very nervous about this nation going into socialism if the Democratic to ruled. One thing we have to go back is say, “In God We Trust”


  10. Democrats are communists. They do not believe in the will of the peole. They 'know best' and think they deserve power.

  11. Please Republicans. You have legal means and procedures and rules to fight this lawless Democratic Party. You have to be on offense to fight corruption and lies from anyone who is not following the laws and rules. Standing above the frae in righteousness has the same result as condoning this anti American bull the leftists Democrats and their partners in crime “msm” are perpetuating these Hoax on all Americans and others.

  12. Trump lost the popular vote. He lost 3 million votes and Russia helped him get elected. Now he has asked Ukraine to help investigate Biden.

  13. Pelosi and the evil band of nitwits are in the process of a coup, with obvious help from the CIA. That's why they can't take a vote, and that's why it's all behind closed doors. It's about time they get prosecuted for their High crimes and misdemeanors, Trump 20/20, take back the house from the psycho demon rats

  14. Sorry but if he investigate someone it’s corruption especially someone in the elections of 2020. Someone just told me it’s not corruption but he could had investigated anyone but it was one he had a problem with and was gona be an opponent . I’m sorry but it is corruption and why investigate these person when he could had investigated anyone else that was not gona participate in the elections ??? Or posible elections candidate . I mean trump being after these guy for years last year these year he had a beef with him and so he use his power to get his dirty secrets but lest be real trump has dirty secrets too just look at how mess and dirty things got for him for doing dirty things and illicit things .sorry he needs impeachment . Trump has been manipulating people and congress itself sorry but to me it’s manipulation and threaten a foreign country it’s manipulation abuse of power form a higher rank official doing favor in exchange for something its call corruption manipulation to get what he wants or needs. manipulate verb
    ma·​nip·​u·​late | mə-ˈni-pyə-ˌlāt
    manipulated; manipulating
    Definition of manipulate
    transitive verb
    1 : to treat or operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner
    manipulate a pencil
    manipulate a machine
    2a : to manage or utilize skillfully
    quantify our data and manipulate it statistically
    — S. L. Payne
    b : to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one's own advantage
    being used and manipulated by the knowing men around him
    — New Republic
    3 : to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose : DOCTOR
    suspected that the police reports were manipulated

  15. What happened to Chuck Schumer? Is he in hiding or jealous that Pelosi’s new side kick is now Adam Full-O Schiff?

  16. And the American people are sick of hearing this noise from the Left. This has been going on for 4 years. They have done nothing but go after our duly elected president. they have spent thousands of the American's tax dollars and have come up with nothing to show for it. It's time to end this unwise, unhealthy, spiteful waste of our tax dollars, people's emotions, time that should be spent doing for the Americans who pay their salaries. I really think that one day if they keep at it, it is going to backfire on them.

  17. EXACTLY! The Dems have done NOTHING but OBSTRUCT progress. Lots of great things could be done for the Country if these yahoos would just stop their childish, vengeful antic that violate their Oaths of Office and DO THEIR D*** JOB!

  18. lol nother blond on fox..airhead..I hope the piece hanging from her dress gets caught in the elevator…

  19. What do you want Pelosi to say: vote for Trump…? It is about the election and the democrats have finally got smart and starting to fight dirty….don't get mad …lol..he can dish it out but he can't take it ..Baby trumptart..

  20. Democrats are wasting their time it's already been prophesied that they would try to impeach President Trump but it would not happen and that Trump will do two terms. God put Trump in office .they are literally fighting against God so they've already lost.

  21. Getting very sick of these Criminal Demonrats. They are so crooked and so predictable. More and more people are being red-pilled and turning against these unhinged DEMS. This trend will not turn around anytime soon. Like roaches they need to be stomped on at every occasion.

  22. If we let these kind of Democratic people be in charge, it will spell the end of our freedom, and the United States of America!!!!!

  23. The way the Dems are handling this is just like the Communist party. This is about over throwing a President by force! The Democrat socialist Communist party should be desolved by our military it is an Open Coup. Republicans, time to grow a backbone and back this great President.

  24. How about lets fire all the Democrats  and start over… all I can say is vote em out. Another question is who voted for Nancy and Schiff… who would be so stupid… need to do an investigation on how they got into office because I know people are smarter than this even if they live in California.

  25. It's the right of the people to put into the office of the president their choice. Our constitution right gives us a choice who is actually elected though the electro college by the state elected officials..
    We have a choice and the democrocks party doesn't control this, but they use ilegals to try to win the elections. We the people know that they do this. It's time to fix our elections to be fair and legally balance without the use of the ilegals and cheating from the democrock party clowns!!!!

  26. Pelosi is a in approprite person she is a theif and a lyer so why give her any seat in congress she is too dumb to know anything a loser, a lyer and a theif!!! GO AWAY PELOSI YOUR TOO DUMB,!!!

  27. The Dems are acting like a dictator and the American people are not stupid that the consequences of what they are doing will be manifested when they are voted out 2020 election

  28. Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend of mine. Democrats are a REO song. I Schiff you not.

  29. Every other impeachment inquiry has opened with a vote. The previous times the Dems tried to open an inquiry against Trump they held a vote (and it always failed humiliatingly, remember).

    The Dems claim they have the votes for it… so why aren't they voting?

    Hmmm.. could they be lying about their support, as they lie about everything else?

  30. Nancy Pelosi just admitted her entire reason for trying to impeach Trump is to influence the outcome of the 2020 election…

    Uhm… isn't that what they claim Trump wanting to find out why Biden was so hell-bent at firing a prosecutor in another country is really all about? I mean, never mind that Biden bragged about it… never mind that his son just happened to be getting quite a bit of money for no work from the company said prosecutor was investigating.

    But no, asking Ukraine if they'd share any evidence of criminal activity with the US AG (the way it's supposed to be done, by the way… not passing a phony dossier through a front media outfit with help from the FBI…) simply MUST be impeachable! Investigating a Democrat is HERESY!!

  31. I'll what he's doing is he's going to force all those Democrats to go on record either for or against impeachment. They will not be able to escape their fate in 2020 because their vote will be on record for everyone to see.when pelosi came out and said we're going to start impeachment hearings she never expected Trump to publicize the the call transcript.if she thought it was going to happen so quickly she would have waited until it came out. In that regard he definitely called her bluff.what he's doing now is forcing them all to go on record because he knows she will not get enough votes for impeachment resolution because those Democrats want to get reelected.and quite frankly they're mostly all to f**** selfish to actually have integrity I mean if they believed in peachment was necessary they should be willing to vote for it and lose their seat

  32. Why wasn’t Obama investigated for withholding his records, including his true identity, his lies, doubling the national debt and treasonous acts for eight years?

  33. Only if tray goudy was still in their id love to see him with Collins and Jordan rip apart shift and naddler and Pollock poise

  34. I don’t believe the polls about impeachment.. I know of several people that didn’t vote for trump but will next time because of all this

  35. Only Trump has what it takes to stop the corruption that is vastly ingrained into USAs political leaders and spread into the worlds govrnmnts. N I realise now that obamas team were intimidating other countries govrnmnts into bad Iran deal n daring anyone to comment on other shady behaviours.

  36. The Democrats are in political suicide. It is ran amok because they have no other choice but continue until they die. They are desperate & know they are going to lost that is why they don't care anymore. Average people understand what they are doing that they are politically dead.

  37. Nancy Pelosi…..Please Post The List Of Trumps Wrong Doing's as President and Allow America To Vote On Whether He Stays Or Not…..His Wrong Doing is This:) Trump Ran For POTUS and Won…..That's It…!!! We Had To Tolerate Ofakema Who Should Have Been Impeached and Now Finding Out WE Were Right About Ofakema & Biden Corruption….!!!!

  38. It's time for our president to talk to everybody in the country ! Address the whole country , while the whole world watches ! !! enough is enough

  39. That's right brother ? fight back I'm prouder of the Republicans than I've ever been before ! Hypocrisy at it's very best that's the liberal Democrats in a nutshell

  40. Democrats are not afraid of trump you dumb fucks he’s wrong it’s in black and white in plain site he broke the law


  42. D's even fail at negative activities like a rigged attempted impeachment.
    They cannot do ANYTHING. But they spend huge taxpayer $$$$.

  43. I still cant believe tha when she said. that you have to vote for the healthcare bill to see whats in it was totally nuts and people fell for it.

  44. Trump has taken care of Business. We Now owe Him , Our Vote in 2020. Stand Up Now, for Our President. African Americans, listen To A Black Conservative, BCP..on U tube..
    to re elect Trump. We need your Vote. Free yourself from Democrats. ?????????????

  45. It's just a make-believe impeachment! That witch is embarrassing n discusting! Helloween House! Boo on you peloci!

  46. The Republican Party should fight the democrat party!They are destroying America and its people with their socialist way of thinking!Wanting to impeach our duly elected President Trump, who is doing everything to improve America in every way!Not fair, not right!

  47. The irreparable damage Speaker Pelosi is talking about is breaking up that old corrupt Gang of hers with the President's draining of the SWAMP! Let's all help the President with our vote to" Drain the swamp".

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