Col. Lawrence Wilkerson- Politics of Fear

As I said when I was campaigning for
President Obama, close it. Shut it down. I don’t care if the–what is there 172
left or whatever?–I don’t care if they’re all terrorists and they go back to the
battlefield. I am not a coward like apparently fifty percent of America is.
I’m not a coward. I have enough resiliency to understand that terrorism
will always be with us, always. The best you can do is bring it down to a
manageable level. Bring them here and let’s try them. And if they’re determined
to be innocent for whatever reason, release them. This is insane
that we allow this to go on. Incidentally, more people die on the highways
then have died in every nuclear accident and every terrorist attack combined, but we
don’t go excoriate the automobile or highways. This is insanity to me. This
is the kind of insanity that the politics of fear in particular and bad
leadership, lacking courage, brings about. And that leads to tyranny.

Maurice Vega

6 Responses

  1. Yeah, but the NaZis running the "Secret Team" government within the government needs their Project Monarch, MK-ULTRA torture-robot laboratory. Oh, well I guess they could go back to Israel's in the Maghreb.

  2. The US government picks fights with people and then is "terrified" when those people fight back. Then it calls the victims of its own aggression "terrorists". My advice: If you're a fearful person, don't start fights with people who fight back. Generally speaking, people are quite nice when you leave them alone.

  3. Well, you can't castrate the American male and then complain he has no balls. There was a time when an American could speak his mind, and stand up for himself, without fear of being sued, screwed and tattooed by liberal lawyers, but that is no longer the case.Now, if a man shows the first sign of having a pair, hes beaten down by the so-called "authorities".

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