Cobrapost Expose on Bollywood | Did Celebrities do any Wrong? Opinion By Dhruv Rathee

People will think that Mahima Chaudhary is saying that. And plus everybody will start thinking like that, brainwash. We want to brainwash and polarize people for the 52019 election and want you to help us. Worldwide, India might be the only country where you will find blind followers of celebrities. Friends, in our country film stars and celebrities are valued very much. They are worshiped till the level that some people have erected temples for them. Like the temple for Amitabh Bachchan or Rajinikanth. People have started worshiping them. Namaskar friends. I am Dhruv Rathee. Let’s talk about the Cobrapost Operation Karaoke. This is the biggest sting operation on Boollywood celebrities till date. The undercover journalists of Cobrapost pretended to be social media agents, and went to different celebrities. Like Sonu Sood, Vivek Oberoi, Jackie Shroff, Kailash Kher. They went to a total of 36 celebrities. They offered them money for promoting political parties and promoting their positive work. Friends, except 4 celebrities, all of them agreed to it. Everyone promotes good work, I am clarifying that we are doing this for getting Bharatiya Janta Party re-elected. Our motive is that. Modi Sir made Daniel Overseas Citizen so we will definitely support it. In these sting operations it was interesting to see the different responses of the celebrities, and how we can interpret them. Amisha Patel was offered to politically promote BJP to which she agreed, But this is what she said additionally, Sir if you go to my account you’d see Narendra Modi Ji’s film… Yes we know.. where Amit Shah, Mukesh Ambani, Akshay Kumar, all of us went, I posted that. Yes I know that. So already I do that, I posted when Atal Bihari Bajpayee died, I am active for all these causes, This shows that some celebrities were happily selling out themselves. Showing the posts on the death of Atal Bihari Bajpayee and saying that they already do political posts, so they would be suitable for the job. On the other hand, some celebrities were aware that this can be false promotion too. That the promotion may also spread fake news. Like Mahima Chaudhary, who says that since they are asking her to lie for them, BJP can even pay 1 crore per month. Future Public Relation, you are handling the promotion of BJP? Right, we are. Fake tweets, how much will you pay? You know everything. Everything’s fine ma’am there’s no issue. What is you budget? Budget is good enough, there’s no issue in that. How much will you pay for one tweet? What do you think it should be? BJP? BJP can pay anything, they can give 1 crore a month. -What ma’am..
-Why not.. It is.. It’s a huge job, you are making me lie, politically promote, it can’t be cheap. Of course not. Some celebrities negotiated very well, like our Jackie Shroff. He says, “You open the door to your money vaults and I’ll open my heart to you”. Open the door of the money vault, Sir it is open, that’s why we are asking, I already hinted to it. I’m opening my heart to you and you are hesitating about opening the money vault? Sir I am telling you it is open but… You are understanding me right? It’s decided then. We are born empty handed, what will we take with us when we die? Right, right. Sonu Sood who mostly plays the role of villain in the Bollywood films, was recently the villain in the movie Simba, He says 1.5 crore per month won’t be enough it should be 2.5 crore per month. And he would prepare the best content himself and the promotion would be top-notch. My messages would be strong and nice I’ll try to post 5 or 4 , whatever you guys want. If someone else posts I’ll answer or retweet it, we’ll work like that. Work according to the mood. I feel that 1.5 crore that you are offering should be atleast 2.5 crore. -2.5?
-Yeah, because I won’t count it, I will go overboard with that. Some of you may ask what’s wrong in it? Celebrities anyhow promote brands and products, so if they promote political parties, what’s wrong in it? Friends in my opinion there are three reasons why it is wrong. First, it is directly used to fool people. Whenever a brand or compnay is being promoted, people are aware that the celebrity must have taken money from the brand to promote them. But if they tweet in favor of political party or for something they did, People would be misled as they wouldn’t know that the tweet or Facebook post has been paid for. But it shouldn’t be known that you are a brand ambassador of Bharatiya Janta Party. yes, I know, that is why we will mould it and filter it. People should believe that they are your personal opinions. -We didn’t make any deal.
Absolutely. 100%. It will be effective only then, we’ll have to be neutral. Saumya Tandon is another actress who was approached for this sting operation. But she refused to political promote BJP in exchange of money. She had an excellent point. I do not want to do any affiliation for any political party in exchange of money because it is against my believes. You can see many actors do many things for money but if I will do it only if I genuinely believe in it. If you do not genuine you believe in anything but you are promoting it, then it is immoral and you are deceiving your fans. It can also be dangerous because you do not know the consequences of this promotion. Can the ideology be a threat to the country? You do not know this if you are thinking about your own benefit only. Friends I would like to mention some other celebrities like Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi and Raza Murad. Other than Saumya Tandon these are the celebrities who rejected the offers and refused to do any political promotion. Their actions deserve respect from the whole country. She would only have to promote the good work of our party, the good policies. She would only have to appreciate that. I understand but the only thing is its related to a political party so, I am being very honest with you and I am so sorry for being blunt but Vidya doesn’t get involved in any kind of things like this The second reason friends politics is for public interest and brands and businesses are for private interest. These two things cannot be compared because public interest is for everyone and it affects every aspect of your life and private interest affects only one thing. If a celebrity is promoting a shampoo and if you buy the shampoo and turns out it’s not good it only affects your hair, But if you choose a wrong politician it will affect all the aspects of your life. The policies which will be made will affect everything, the government schools, the government hospitals, taxes which you will have to pay, and the forested areas around you, It will affect everything and everyone. Third reason friends is all these celebrities who agreed for this promotion in the string operation, agreed to deal in black money. They were told that 90% of the amount will be given in cash and there with no official contract of it. However, one thing that 10% will be in white because we have to pay GST so we have to show that. Some celebrities started saying why are you giving 10% in white? The whole amount should be in black. So 10% will go into your account or rest 90% would be in cash. As this is political funding, it is very difficult for white. Do not put anything in white. But we have to put something, we have to show something in the contract, but it will be only 10%. -So till when I have to do it for?
-9 months Our Shakti Kapoor has been shown in other string operations as well. He lauded demonetization and said that it would flush out all the black money. But here he is asking for black money and says there is no need for any white money. – 9 crore, right?
-9 crore. 9 crore is a bit much. You don’t know the things I have done for their promotion. What’s surprising again is that most of the celebrities were are not surprised with the offer. Which makes you think that maybe many celebrities are already doing this and promoting the political parties I can think of many filmy nationalist celebrities. But on the other hand, many celebrities were not even surprised about the dealing in cash. Some even admitted that they deal in cash and they already do it. We are okay with it till 80%, we can’t do 90% or 100% because.. But we do this. We do this a lot. I just did a South film we have a mutual understanding. It’s quite normal. Yes, yes it’s the same situation. No one is getting paid in white completely. Clicking everything country using black money by celebrities in the industry is very common even now The most shocking thing to me was that some celebrities even ready to spread hate in the country in exchange for some money. Like Abhijeet Bhattacharya whose Twitter account was suspended for this reason. Why are giving Rohingya so much? Shoot them simply. If they leave it’s fine, else shoot them. That should be the attitude. -Yes if you post statements like this..
-Absolutely.. Shoot the Rohingya and shoot them first who support them. First the supporters, then them. That’s perfect, we wanted this, to heat up matters. His grossness is the reason why his official tweeter account was suspended. In the whole operation what do we learn? Friends we should never become a blind follower for any celebrity. Because a celebrity is a good actor, it does not mean that they are a good intellectuals or a good person and have good intentions. However there are celebrities who are good people and have good intentions, But that is not the norm. Generally it does not happen. Mostly the actors are actors because they want to earn money, it is their business You should always question what kind of a person is the celebrity in the other aspects of their life Do they promote pan masala or if they work to genuinely help people. You should also know that most of the celebrities live a glamorous life They do not understand the perspective and point of view of a common man. Cobrapost does investigative journalism. If you remember, last year they did a similar sting operation on media house They went to various media houses and offered them money for political promotion and even their almost all media houses except two or three agreed to it I made a video on this to and click on the ‘i’ button to watch that. So if you like this video then share it, the videos of the cobrapost sting operation has been put in the description You can go watch them. They are very entertaining I will recommend that you watch it If you like my work, go to to support me so that I can keep making such videos for you. We shall meet in the next video. Thank you!

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  5. Dhruvji salam from Bangladesh. The question is whether an artist has that right to sale (paying proper revenue to the state) or not? In a certain point of view that might be unethical but u can’t stop them. If anything wrong perused by the celebrity then to some extent, there is also a risk factor in terms of popularity of his or her. More over the way u started proposing giant Amitav Bachchab and Rajnikant that made your argument stronger but in reality rest artists are not the people of same height. Thank u.



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