CNN’s Ridiculous Take On Elizabeth Warren

Maurice Vega

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  1. The fact that Dems decided that Warren lost to trump on the "Pocahontas" thing, is why she got hurt by it.
    It was people on the left that attacked her for claiming the ancestry, and doing the test. That's why the left loses!
    Elizabeth Warren would make a great President. But she isn't an establishment enough for the DNC and she's too "white privileged" for the far left "progressives" That's why she was hurt by "Trump"
    The left collective jumped on the Trump smear campaign with him and don't even realize it.

  2. Cenk dude you are the man but Elizabeth Warren won't last a minute in the face of Trump. She will become nothing because she has no presence in a stage. The only one that can make Trump FAIL big time is Berney the only one.

  3. I love how he brings up the fact that Hillary lost but never brings up the fact that there was clear interference in the election and that Hillary actually won the popular vote. I wanted Bernie to win but I'm not going to sit here and act like Trumps win was completely fair and legitimate because it wasn't.

  4. He is probably a English spook, breaking news England spooks infiltrated western governments all parties in western countries and there propaganda wing blaming Russia, what America is still a colony of the British Empire, on you tube this will blow you mind congress documents going back to 1810 as proof, happy research.

  5. I wouldn't vote Warren . Her actions in 2016 speak that. Don't vote for establishment hacks. Voted first time in 2016. The so called two party. That really is one giant Corporate party. War all the way .Nothing for the people. The greens were the only party that made sense. Enough of this dog n pony show. Crush Corporate.

  6. in this clip, you are talking about what Warren should be doing… what you should be doing is booking her for your show and say this to her! She'S wonderful… might even actually vote, as I thought I would never vote again since bush up to trump… my life has been ruined by these horrid people, since Regan to Trump!

  7. I have to stick up for CNN. They tell the truth. They let both sides speak. I do NOT see or hear them lying. I trust CNN. But nothing is being said Fox. Why???

  8. If this 'whiz-kid' used to work for FiveThirtyEight, he is clearly a centrist. He will color any candidate more progressive than maybe Hillary Clinton as a failure. He thinks Warren is a failure, but if he were asked,. he would probably tell you how strong a candidate Beto will be (even though he LOST to Ted Cruz).

  9. Fox has "Fox and Friends".

    CNN has no friends.

    They stand for Corporations, Companies, Conglomerates and Syndicates.


  10. Hey, with your government shut down, is that investigation on Trump still on going?? Or is that on stand still too??

  11. Do you know how the FBI find out where the federal workers gone missing in Mississippi. FBI went to Colombo capo Greg Scapa the grand reaper at least 75 kills. FBI payed him and the clan had no chance with Grand Reaper. Within 48 hours FBI arrested the clan members still alive and found every dead people. This is what we need. When you have bully in School you have 2 choices bend or get a bigger bully We need a bigger bully for trump. I love Obama but she is wrong when they go low we go high. Won’t work with trump. When trump goes low we pull out baseball bat hit trump black his head.

  12. Lock Trump Up. Lock trump up. If trump was Italian the feds would had charge trumps with Rico Act. But Rico act only used against Italian

  13. Corporate News are all just perpetual shit shows. They love the status quo and will not tamper with the advertisers, donors, and oligarchs. I only watch these snippets when I have one of my TYT programs to contextualize their bullshit. They think we are so stupid.

  14. Ana you're wrong, Cenks on the money, any progressive who stands up now and lays down the progressive path to economic and social wellbeing is gonna rock both established parties America is set to warp into the future if the neocons and libtards don't adapt, they, like the dinosaur will perish.

  15. Kamala ran against a Democrat in 2016 not a Republican. I didn't vote for Kamala in 2016 but i support her for president.

  16. Sometimes Cenk's analysis is cringe-worthy.

    First of all, the term "below par" is not a golf metaphor. It's one thing to be mistaken. It's another thing to be so smug in your own fallacious understanding. It's still another thing to deride someone who's actually correct on the strength of your misunderstanding.

    But more importantly, Cenk's tribal blinders are way too thick. If any analysis of one of his favorite progressives falls short of a hagiography, he automatically chalks it up to some hidden establishment corporatist agenda. Yes, Harry Enten wants to be bold, but more importantly, he wants to be right… about the HORSE RACE. And although it's not shown in these excerpts of his latest appearance, the reason Kamala Harris occupies the top spot on his list is because of his read of the 2018 blue wave… that female candidates and candidates of color energized the voters (and that Kamala Harris checks both boxes). That's the premise of his bold ranking. He's not trying to shape the opinions of the electorate. His paradigm is "electability". Whether he's right about the criteria of electability is another topic.

  17. Cenk is comparing apples to oranges. California has a massive republican population in the rural north while Massachusetts is almost entirely dem. Of course Kamala Harris' point lead is going to be slightly less.

  18. it's not about wining these micro news cycles. You guys are doing the same thing. You guys are almost breaking out scorecards at this point.

  19. A Warren Sanders ticket in 2020 would be great. However I bet she would be pushed to have a more conservative running mate.

  20. Who is their right minds still listens to Corporate owned news? Is that not the very definition of Propaganda? (By the Corporate State, for the Corporate State)… Only Independent media is ALLOWED to speak the truth.

  21. As a Californian, I would love to see a TYT video breaking down Kamala Harris as a candidate, pros/cons. I hear from people like Cenk about her pro-establishment leanings but I don't hear a lot of specifics, so I'm curious

  22. BERNIE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT. He has a bad track record of primarying against Democratic candidates and the refusing to change his I to a D. Many Dems, myself included, find that ridiculously demeaning and stupid. I no longer support a Bernie candidacy. I'd rather see a WARREN – HARRIS ticket. Let combine the progressive wing & the more centrist wing of the party and smash the hell out of the 2020 election! Democrats need to win in order to save our democracy.

  23. Sorry but Kamala is actually an excellent candidate. Establishment candidate? Lol how long has Warren been in this game? I’ll wait.

  24. Somehow she's the bad guy for having a Native ancestor? Her DNA "wasn't native enough" when she never claimed to not be white? I'm not buying it, even that story is just being pushed by mainstream media to try to get her out. Do Native people think that she is racist or somehow it's this horrible thing that she isn't 100% Native nor did she ever claim to be? Trump said (much less eloquently) "Your great great grammie was never (slur for Native American)" and she proved him wrong end of story. I guess she's in the wrong for what? For opposing Trump? For having a Native American ancestor? What is she so wrong about again? Oh that's right, the media is just behaving like Trump does too..

  25. American politics is too concerned about statistics and too little about issues. People don't give a shit about statistics if your candidate has nothing to offer them.

  26. I think Elizabeth is sHillary Clinton 2.0, and is picking up where Clinton is leaving off, just like Barack Obama is Bill Clinton 2.0, picking up with the public where Clinton is leaving off.

  27. Bernie and Ms. Warren are divisive. They divide the spineless from those who want real change. This whole push by the Democrats to rid the country of Trump is a worthy goal but what many Democrats want is to go back to the same old Democratic party that has been around for decades. They want the status quo and that just won't work in the post Trump era.

  28. Thanks ana for playing it straight- it was a win for Trump- Warren, as much as it might hurt some ppl, came out looking ridiculous, the name Pocahontas is hilarious, and the average American is having a private chuckle when theyre alone.

  29. whining about the main stream media to cover us correctly will never work, we have to beat them at their own games in order to win. The single most important thing that Trump did very well was the fact that he beat the media at their own game and received much more coverage than anyone else in 2016. Dems need to learn that and win free coverage, regardless of how they are covered. They need to be on the shows and on TV to battle it out. If they don't book them on, then they need to have events that the media would want to cover just like Trump did.

  30. This creep Harry Enten has the vocal intonation and facial twitches that instinctively scare the shit out of little children.

  31. I'm tired of the right's claim that trump is some measuring stick we who know politics should use to determine our candidates. Liz is great! Harris, not so much. CNN is establishment, that. teeter on the boarder or cusp of less leftism. Don't worry – Liz knows exactly how to. Stomp on and in Trumps Ass – this was a fielding expedition and we all know Senator Warren is knowledge, stable, thick skinned and can be brutal!. She knows you can't throw all your tricks out on the first try. Rethuglicans did that with trump and now look – he turned out to be a thief anda fizzle!
    Hey can you guys let us know what is up with the Electoral College.

  32. Trump is a childish bully. I love Elizabeth Warren but I wish she wouldn't have risen to his bait. Or more appropriately, lowered herself to his standard. The spoiled kids on the playground are better off ignored.

  33. Liz Warren has no chance. She did have a chance in 2016 but she lacked the guts to run against Hillary. But she shows she is not presidential with her foolish blunder of proving she is 1/1,064ths indian and her silly Instagram video, where she tries to look cool drinking a beer.

  34. Harry? Who is this hipster douchebag? New Congress. Who dat?
    F day guy! Clueless paid shill looking for his next paycheck!

  35. Totally agree with Anna. We the people, even lifelong older Democrats like me, are sick and tired of the “come together” mainstream Democrats who are terrified of any kind of a fight. This has allowed the Republicans, especially the Tea Party, to walk all over them.

  36. I don’t get CNN either. They straight up lied to garner support for the Iraq war under Bush by covering up and downplaying the causalities of both US soldiers and civilians. I spoke to someone who worked in the Naval hospital in Bethesda early in the war who confirmed the mainstream media, especially CNN, were hiding the facts. I immediately switched to BBC – didn’t trust US media. Unfortunately, BBC has been bought since that time, as well.

  37. I mean nvm the fact that charlie baker, the most popular governor in the US backed the republican candidate in that senate race

  38. His a loser, full of sh*t, he just cant hide his bias, just wants belittle democrats regardless of what the numbers say! It's all BS!

  39. > "Kamala Harris defeated her Republican opponent.."

    She did not have a republican opponent, she was against another Democrat. Get your fact straight?

  40. I have an idea how Warren can win the whole "Pocahontas" thing.
    Whenever he says that to her, she should release a video talking about a charity that help native Americans and ask the people to support them. Don't mention trump at all. Just do that like clockwork every time.
    Trump is trying to insult her and put her down and without even realising it himself, he's also being a racist towards native Americans. by answering him, she will have to go down to his level. She shouldn't. She should just stay above him and elevate the native Americans and give their struggles a voice.
    As my mom used to say, if you fight with shit only your own hands get dirty (it's a saying in Urdu)

  41. 6:38
    A perfect metaphor for the expectations of women vs. men
    It's the left's (women's) job to unify everyone, meanwhile the right (men) gets to do whatever & it's totally fine.
    It's hypocrisy, & I'm tired of it, too, Ana.

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