CNN’s Rick Sanchez Fired For Jews & Jon Stewart Comments

recesses was actually a at a very successful
host in miami is a local anchor for local fox station actually at the same time of ben
and i worked there and then uh… he wind up going to c_n_n_
and he’s been anchoring in afternoon for them finally went to work to msnbc for states’
rights and then move to c_n_n_ in the country was that come back to the n_b_c_ or station
in miami uh… tickle uh… that that never materialized but he’s
also use anchoring therein after news it is going to show called rates less as they seem to be going out of wealth form
but apparently just orders gotten under his skin yet so and so everyone so i will play clips of rick
centers as he does with almost all day president may belong to the people who make fun of retention
sort of make fun of him that he’s like almost uh… uh… caricature of electricity covert
operation was he’s actually toned it down massively massively
wherein everything was over the top in the he was that he was a character of a local
detectives almost ron burgundy ask when he was in miami they got to c_n_n_ any kind of he kind of
tone it down and he expressed some outrage at some outrageous things that uh… say the
bush administration was doing yeah and and outlook argument credit the centers on a number
of fronts i don’t mind senses at all until today with me really stepped in it okay forces are after john stewart and called stuart
abated which from i still can’t understand let’s try to figure
it out put number two jon stewart a big i think he wants to be home
out in our unit dot so i i i i i think the ideal value data i think he looks at the world lou arden uh… his mama who was a school teacher and his dad who was a uh… physicist or something like
that great um so happy that he grew up in a suburban middle-class new jersey home everything that you could already bigoted
towards everybody else is not like him look as surely
one of these around inside as the adolescent ki uh… picks on the uh… use all the times
using nundi focuses on them and i think he overcompensate for something i always notice
that because after and so i don’t like him to everybody totally i disagree with him in
the quietness and let me give you let me give you an example of what i mean you know them
by the way idon’t disaster relief fritz our work on that sort of a good idea for a big
events and i hope that’s what happens when you watch yourself on his show every day and
all day every day his colleagues stupid uh… is bigoted against diego rent fine if
you think it against the apathetic and he’s being a leader saying that others are stupid
but what group specifically call someone a bigot against anybody who was different than
you or anybody who’s not from your frame of reference anybody who doesn’t look and sound exactly like the people that you
sound and grew up with the people that you put on your show uh… who always reflect somebody who’s i’m
bringing in the center around me you know who’s very different from a i mean i’m sorry
but i just don’t buy this thing that the only people out there who are prejudiced alright uh… the only people out there prejudice
are the right there’s people or prejudiced on both sides utsa in-situ pete dominici on sirius radio
therapy does actually work for just heard in the past so he’s defending stuart obviously throughout
ait as having listened i still don’t understand what centers is talking about bike especially
the part that confuse phase his mother schoolteacher is that the physicists
r_t_c_’s bigoted micah why i don’t i literally going to say whether it be couple
things real quick a person that now that they get is a person of the lead collared of any
different foley for opinion i guess if you could be
opinion part maybe retention is is using it right jon stewart’s
obviously not intolerant people with other opinions crime bill o’reilly was just on the shelves
and back some other people other signature on the other opinions are five he’s intolerant
of deceit right you know uh… if you can’t tell their even if i didn’t know
what was coming from researchers i can tell it’s cup finally rec centers is
gonna tell he was a really pocket so let’s get to the jewish garments clip number
five it’s not just the right does this ’cause i’ve known a lot of we you know um… it elite northeast establishment
liberals that may not use this as a business model but deep down when they look at a guy like
me they look at a base you’ve got automatically who belongs in the second tier and not the top tier and why do you think you mean example here are easier to them american i had a guy who works here at c_n_n_ whose uh… part brass come to me one day and saying i want on twenty one states decide i want you know
in hollywood history that’s the thing is more subtle and white folks usually don’t see it but we
do ok those of us who are minorities women see it sometimes too fermenting encana forty here i’ll give you my example it’s this uh… you know what i don’t want to encourage
anymore i really don’t see was an anchor i see you more than as a reporter i_c_u_ more as a john king illness you know the guy on a_b_c_ so he told me he told me he saw me as john king illness now do you know i’m realizing he was telling
me when i see you i think of hispanic reporters as in his mind i can’t be an anchor and anchor
is what you give them high-profile white guys you know so he knocks me down to that and compares
with that and it happens all time you telling me that they’re not telling you
that everybody around c_n_n_ is a lot like steward and a lot of people run all the other networks are a lot like stuart
and to imply that somehow there uh… the people in this country who have
shit which are oppressed minority they had a history of oppression of no question
about that they can relate to that time collaborative
can one of my best friend was george would have been uh… and it was the last minute the whole time he’s dancing around a dancing
around and then finally can help himself but he says but the people that run c_n_n_ all these networks
are a lot like stuart and then finally comes and says they’re doing
trade and he kept earlier had mentioned that elite
northeast liberals and they put him in a second tier etcetera if i was i really thought maybe you saw in
about us white folks try to get you know uh… out
i wanna hear the cloak clip without any editing and because of that and this is just a second
time i’ve heard of that there’s a he has a uh… will have uh… sort of a he’s
almost laughing when he says it need so i i i still feel like
it’s in response to something and that this might be something contextual what i know you know and i know you know this as well at everybody against us you know we talked about that uh… elite northeast liberals yeah jews views of the capitol jet ninety
just so you know we’re not just assuming things i was literally in a meeting
once in in media where they were talking about that which is
amazing write it as i happen to be uh… working on that show and ben was up for host and they said all
he’s got that northeast intellectual liberal look everybody in the room understood met he looks to jewish might okay which which blew me away and so the people who said that were jewish
most of them probably right that they were to defect split is rick sedative every there today

Maurice Vega

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  1. The thing that gets me about Sanchez is how he and the dreadful Jessica Yellin just attacked and attacked the reputation of the veteran journalist Helen Thomas. They called her antisemite and racist. But Sanchez got fired for his bizarre ideas. I love Helen Thomas !

  2. Jews like Stewart criticize whites and arabs all day and gets away with it. It's only when you tell the truth about the jews do you get called a racist or get fired or worst. The double standard is sickening.

  3. @UltimateGoy I'm Arab and I agree with you. Bush got the blame for bombing Iraq. Not the jews. This is how they get the Muslim and Arab world to hate whites and Christians and especially America as whole. In reality, Arabs like democracy and freedom but the jews are preventing arabs from getting democracy so they can turn around and call us backwards or barbaric. This is why they installed puppet leaders who don't like progress in the middle east.

  4. I get a kick out of people comparing the Daily show and Stephen Colbert to shows on fox news and cnn. Lol THEY ARE COMEDIANS! Their shows are comedy, on Comedy Central. Yes, political satire and comedy is the focus of their show, but they have no obligation to be unbiased or anything, Fox news, and CNN are. And Sanchez's comments have no place on a network supposed to be dedicated to unbiased news. Get over it, Stewart makes fun of EVERYONE!

  5. if you identify yourself as a jew, a christian, a muslim or any other denomination then your an idiot if this is your way of describing yourself then you do not have the intelligence to form a coherent opinion on anything so shut the fuck up

  6. @momoruvspoo Talk about overcompensating. I know what you mean. If Rick Sanchez didn't keep his surname i would've never guessed he was hispanic. I mean the guy has Type-A asshole written all over him. He's not just whitewashed; he's bleached.

  7. Ah Rick Sanchez even though he was a shill for the left it was really fucked up the way he got black balled for telling the truth about how "The Chosen People" run all the

  8. @CuriousGeorgeMonkey9 This was the kind of mentality in National Socialist Germany. Stop blaming others for your hard ships; there is no plot that the Jews have created. I can't help the fact that some others of my race are in the news business, but we're no different than you. Most of us have the same income as you, drive the same cars, live in the same places, and face the same problems.

  9. @CuriousGeorgeMonkey9 More bias is from oil lobbies. Be careful about what you see because the people that spawn those sources want to give Zionism a bad name, and then associate the Jews with Zionism. Also, there has been just as many Jews uprooted as Palestinians, but no one has done anything to repair that damage.

  10. @CuriousGeorgeMonkey9 Jon Stewart is hilarious and a really smart guy, but this is what gets me pissed off. Jon Stewart purposefully provoked the guy knowing the kind of response he would get, and even after Rick got fired he continued to mock him. Then he criticized CNN for firing him. Jon has the easiest job in the world, and he always tries to act like the moral arbiter of America. Jon definitely has an arrogant side to him that he does not like to admit he has.

  11. @CuriousGeorgeMonkey9 I figured as much, I'm all too aware of the influence the corrupt corporate America has on politics and scamming people of their money. I respect Ron Paul a lot more now at least. I've always said if someone out of those candidates had to win I would want Ron Paul, the rest are either corrupt business tycoons (Romney, Gingrich) or a bunch of jokes.

  12. Sad to see one left-wing, politically correct Obama lover (white Hispanic Sanchez) attack another left wing, politically correct Obama lover (big nose Jew Jon Leibowitz):P Ron Paul 2012!

  13. How come Sanches gets fired for making one stupid remark and yet Bill O'Reilly constantly makes subtle racist comments towards blacks almost on a daily basis.

  14. Seriously though,how likely is it that Jews, who make up only 2% of the US population, are so over represented in some areas of American society? It's a statistical improbability. Jews get into management and then hire other Jews.

  15. Is it possible that Jews are harder working? Jews have won 25% of Nobel Prizes, discovered Penicillin, blood groups, quantum mechanics, relativity, started companies like Facebook, Google, and Oracle… the notion that these people somehow "get into management" and then "hire other Jews" without contributing anything is misguided.

  16. I agree Jews are clever people, but relative to their numbers, its almost an impossibility to be so well-represented in certain areas. Sarah Silverman is a very good example of of a talentless comedienne who is there for no reason other than having connections.

  17. Like I say, while Jews are clever people, it's a statistical improbability to have such a high concentration of Jews in certain industries, and that too industries where they can really influence. I suspect some inner workings going on there. Heck, even on this show, the guy on the right is a Jew, and ironically the show is called The Young Turks.

  18. Elite Jewry reacts to any threat to their power — which includes recognizing that they have such power — with over the top visciousness. They always do. It is their nature

  19. You don't get wealthy in a capitalist society be working hard.

    You get there by profiting from other people's hard work. I.e., you get there via ownership.

    To posit that billionaire Jews got there by hard work is naive

  20. Yeah, I don't know why people don't see the truth in what Sanchez said in this vid.
    Everyone knows this shit is true, but when you put the camera on, everyone's in denial.
    I'm not sayin' everything he said is right, or that the way he said it is right. But most of it is true.
    No matter how hard Whites try, they don't see things from minorities' point of view, and why is that? BECAUSE IT'S HARD FOR ANY OF US TO SEE FROM A POINT OF VIEW THAT DOESN'T REPRESENT US AS A GROUP!! DUH!!

  21. i don't like sanchez , but this dude was literally fired for something WAY less racist than bill oreilly says, this dudes hispanic also. the zionist are crazy in control, and are leading us to a useless war.

  22. i agree, they let people like Bill O'relly stay on t.v but not Rick, he should make his own show because this man tells the truth in a professional way.

  23. So if I say that most NBA players are black, is that racist? Fact, jews run the media and the money…oh darn does that make me a anti-semite? Fuck off

  24. Is he really trying to deny the fact that US mainstream media is absolutely under Jewish control?
    He works in the media for gods sake!! he knows this first hand. I think he's just afraid to follow Sanchez.

  25. ok but do know what the most people jews hate Guess who its the black people if you dont believe me read about it .and thanks for your comment

  26. read about the bini isreal and you will know who killed the prophets and why allah cursed them and tell me Invade Palestine country on country !!!!!!!!!!

  27. hahahahahahaha OMG know i know that you are not a black male you are a stupid jew who tried to make people hate arab . and why will god make a promise that who pray for Israel shall be blessed . and who said that the arab muslims sold blake people to white our prophet muhammad be peace epon him says: there are no no difference between black and white and red and yellow Piety

  28. TYT you guys are complete idiots if you think the world is not run by jews. Please do a report on the Rothschild Family. Just as a minor bonus how about Da Beers Family?. You guys are morons.

  29. Its not good to stereotype though. There not all the same. People all over America believe that any one from the middle east is a terrorist. And that's not true.

  30. I completely agree with Sanchez. Let's face it, non-whites and non-Jews are seen as 2nd class citizens in America. Hispanic guys like Sanchez will always be typecast even though he actually looks more European than John Stewart. But because of the 'Hispanic' roots, Sanchez is automatically tagged as lower class. Cenk, the YoungTurks' main host is obviously overcompensating for the Jews here.

  31. Big deal, i'm french acadian and there was much bigotry around… but lately things are much better, other cultures share their struglles (not weaknesses) with the communities. Just because some small to medium size businesses are poorly run doesn't mean it's all Jews, give me a break.

  32. If Rick Sanchez isn't white then I am not human. A last name doesn't make you a minority. When your first name is Richard and you're pasty white, guess what? You're a white guy.
    Maybe the guy was saying that Rick was a hard working guy who is better spent pounding the pavement finding out the truth than a stuffed shirt who's job is introducing the reporter.
    Of course, like everyone else in the world, Rick truly wants to be a professional victim.

  33. These movies are awesome. I'm here as my best friend suddenly turned astounding with girls. He started getting women magically. He pretended he didn't notice. He finally admitted it two days ago. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it… He's seeing a stunner… Lucky dick!

  34. cenk. the jews runthe media. sanchez was just trying to say that in reference to stewart, without getting fired. and he did get fired

  35.     Big deal sanchez can always get a job making coffee for Jane valez mitchel. Maybe he can help you two idiots find a job too 

  36. So let me get this right :TYT  say that Stewart's not a bigot, because everyone who disagrees with him is just "ignorance."
    How can anyone be so goddamned stupid as TYT? 

  37. O.k so these guys identify the FACT THAT..
    when Rick aays "the northeastern liberals"
    that he means Jews..hmmmm. You'd only
    KNOW that if it were what????-HOW bout a

    HIM!—because you could see him "dancing
    around the issue"-??? Then you must be
    fully aware of 2 things!
    #1. That the majority of weathy 'NORTH EASTERN LIBERALS'-are JEWS
    #2.-That they in FACT control the media.

    I wish to thank you for outing yourselves!
    Now that we have established what you've
    been denying for 50 yrs.We can move forward.
    And start putting decency and positivity
    back on Television.
    Go ahead and take the scripts for your next
    drugged up,gunned up,sexed up,spectacles
    with you.WE WON'T BE NEEDING THEM!
    Since it's already in our neighborhoods
    and schools!-Don't let the door hit your
    slimy ass on the way out!

  38. Sanchez spoke the truth and an obvious truth too, this should not shock anyone. Jews, liberal or conservative, are usually elite snobs who look down on people such 'working class white guys'  southern good ole boys, and most blacks too. Jewish supremacy  is real.  Grow up.


  40. And wait, it is NOT true that the majority of media big wigs are jews?? Call a spade a spade man. It's not racist its TRUE. come on!

  41. Cuz what…Jews DONT run all the networks…? And when Jenk says "i thought he was just talking about white folks" bigotry and racism is ok as long as its aimed at whites…TYT are a joke

  42. Everyone is scared to say "JEW" all you media swines think it and know it but to scared to come out and agree. Jews are controlling and you let them control your words because your scared of losing your job


  44. Please do your own research about the so called Israeli art students during 9/11 and the USS liberty attack by the Israeli Air Force

  45. I'm trying to listrn to the guy but I just can't take my eyes off the TYT in huge bold font on the screen. Reminds me of Trotters Independent Traders from OFAH.

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