CNN’s Flawed Coverage of Iran Threat

media in this country the establishment
media is basically willing to be a satire
first for our government is specially paragon maybe the group the should be most
skeptical about the police skeptical about and they just take whatever they
say in a present as news we have a great example of that when it
comes to the reporting on iran apparently the
pentagon wants it fear monger on it scare people so that apparently were more ready to go
to war with iran so c_n_n_ is supports you to do their
bidding wolf blitzer’s every time you chris
lawrence’s c_n_n_ pentagon correspondent muscle took this hotel showed off their
capabilities at a new report from the pentagon
confirms it approx ballistic missile somewhat
accurate more personal deadly than ever the report finds that abroad maybe technically capable of
flight testing date intercontinental ballistic missile by two thousand
fifteen that type of missiles that could hit the
u_s_ if it works al-mahdi glove might what exactly is
your permission from the pentagon of course as usual grand glenn greenwald
is on a brilliant job of breaking this down at salon dot com where he explains you
know what that’s the same exact report that fox news was using tuli years ago all my god they get harassed by twenty
fifteen there’s nothing new about it all this is another round of propaganda but it’s about to get much worse uske watch analyst john pike says or brought
already has missiles that reach for that six hundred miles adopt this strike israel’s eastern
border but the report perfumes or front
continues to approve a ballistic missile with the rage appear to be ther team replies this would give them the ability to
attack a number of european countries of which
we give them a degree of political influence in a crisis that they might
not otherwise all mike i think i’ve been promised on you see that may be good by the way do
they have in this line of thirteen hundred miles if you listen really terrible that
report no they don’t they’re working on that program so wait earlier you said they might be with the
u_s_ their best missiles only go six hundred
miles there’s nowhere near the u_s_ don’t worry c_n_n_ has an explanation the real battle pick-up of the high seas
though within the last weeks to give us maybe has doubled the
number of mine sweepers of the region jacki boyle supplied moving through the
persian gulf the pentagon report says a raucous
developing short range missiles that can identify ships at sea if it didn’t work towards that with the
flight iraq already as of this or that could
reach the u_s_ if it could put it on a share involving tube with its six hundred
miles of the american coastline um… that was being chilean colossal etc but that’s going to be a loss on their
audience ’cause what’s there what is this a appointed missiles goya often he said twice a corporate plan once i
get back to you as that if they get a ship with a six
hundred miles how the hell would be getting ship within six hundred miles of
the u_s_ in fact this is the best part of it turns out last year c_n_n_ quoting the
pentagon without any questions began last year said the exact opposite when the petting out what the plan out
propaganda about how strongly where and how we can run was listen to a c_n_n_ wrote on their
website quote it would be nearly impossible for or ron’s maybe to threaten the u_s_
coast would warships military experts said wednesday but while we wait wait commit akers at any moment or is it
impossible for them to come anywhere near us to use those we’re not done yet same report from
september twentieth of twenty eleven iran doesn’t have the capability to come
within close proximity to the united states to conduct hostile activities even ever on launch
missiles we would sink their ships immediately so which one is it but that’s the end means anything about
c_n_n_ the don’t care at all night archipelago
propaganda tells me last year that it is impossible for our
there on the move close enough to hit us pentagon propagated tells me this year
that homework doing couple close up the mess that anything change in the
meanwhile now the human body has too many women last year you told me that they had no chance of coming within
six hundred miles of the u_s_ has that changed no i’m not a bother
asking questions also interest groups operate emphatic that always updated i
don’t doubt in that i can but instead a loving crap of the american people this start another war in the middle
east trusted name in news what i’d joke

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. You defeat your own argument: Iran, as seen in 2009, is liable to itself experience civil unrest in the very near future and itself risk becoming a failed state. I also don't like you painting Iran as the victim; yes, there's the 1953 thing, but Iran is a modern state with an advanced military with Russian technics on its side, it funds Hezbollah, sends troops into Syria to break down a people's revolution; why should I sympathise with them? Watch this video: watch?v=pWcdiIGyrp4

  2. How can U.S be afraid of a country that doesn't even have clean water? We have more nukes than anyone in the world, why don't we pass by them, and they'll leave us alone?

  3. So the majority rules a large minority with an iron fist? I don't buy that. It is ruled by the rich who pit different groups against each other. Like in all time, in all recorded history. Unless one revolts it will be the same. After a revolt it will return to that in a matter of decades unless one is ever vigilant. It is that easy. The "new" parameter is international activity based on "we just want to help them" as an excuse.

  4. Most of there are religiously motivated. The justification for authoritarian laws is to protect the theocracy. If I lived in iran I am in my early 20's I would hate the bullshit Islamic rules. I would be rebelling in the streets too.

  5. No, it is not religiously motivated, it is motived by power and greed. Religion is but a tool. There is no difference between the brains of the ruling class in Iran and that of any other place, it is the same bullshit everywhere.

  6. If religion was removed it would be a lot harder for them to justify the fucked up shit they do in iran. u know it and i kno wit.

  7. We could say the same about the US. If religion was not so influent in politics in the US a lot of things would be different (read better)

  8. Have you ever heard of communist Sovjet under Stalin? Humans with power will find a way to control the masses. In Korea they created their own "religion" with their leader as the "messiah"; no matter what is present, they will use it; media, capitalism, fear, love, drugs, music, religion, truth, lies.

  9. Well if you see it as a tool you can but the tool has a mind of its own. It brainwashes ppl. In iran they think its acceptable to stone women if they are raped. Its acceptable to kill women for being hookers.

  10. I agree. That why iran so fucin terrible. wouldn't be a nightmare if we didn't have a separation of church and state. how much worse things would be.

  11. i m a ron paul fan myself. I think religion is probably the worst thing out there. It rebukes logic and replaces it with insanity.

  12. I wasn't trying to suggest that they are a victim merely pointing out another reason as to why they would want the weapons. Having these weapons is a deterrent to invasion but is also lets them strong arm other nations. There are two sides to the coin. You point out Iran supporting this or that. The USA has done far worse; Iraq received funding and military equipment, South Vietnam was led by puppets, the Shah of Iran, Jihad fighters. The USA has been cleaning up their own mess for decades

  13. Iran=One war in 200+ years. USA=Overthrow of democratically elected Iranian government in 1953, because they wanted to control their own oil. Iran is a threat only because they will not kiss American ass, just like Hugo Chavez. Israel can kill aid workers, women and children held in the Gaza ghetto and receive nothing but praise and trillions in arms. Iran gets sanctions for weapons programs that remain unproven. Israel has nukes and has invaded and occupied, Iran has not.

  14. Even if Iran could hit a cockroach in the White House kitchen, they wouldn't. Seriously. Would you wanna face annihilation of your entire country for a few missile strikes? Answer isn't just no, but Hell No!

  15. It is an ideology. So is "free capitalism", conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism or anything that limits thinking to a certain set of parameters and contains rules to thinking. The problem is not any of this, is is human nature.

  16. I like it when you turn their own words against them. What better way to display their hypocrisy? Excellent job TYT!

  17. Many are speaking out. The fact is the only place these things get aired is online. If the media wasnt bought and paid for by the cunts then more people would be aware of the situation. They are fools but they do not deserve whats coming like the military do. Stuff like the occupy movement should be top news but its not. People are sheeple. Its gonna get worse too. he internet is going to become policed. Slowly but steadily freedoms will be taken away. The whole western world can be blamed.

  18. at all those things are based with some logic and have some degree of succues before. Religion goes beyond those things. Its the COMPETE rejection of logic and critical thinking. For example liberals want more regulation in response to changing conditions and conservatives want less regulation for the same conditions. There science to maybe back up both claims and there are trade offes.

    In religion there is no changing or reasoning. They goin to stone women because god fucking said so.

  19. yeah look out olympics. I think it'd be bad for whomever did it though, the world loves the olympics, cause we all love a good game.

    However my real point. Why is it always Iran, and never Saudi Arabia. They're the actual problem. Always have been….

  20. Rule of thumb: don't make blatantly flawed generalisations when you use the phrase "critical thinking" in the same paragraph.

  21. What about this read there holy books. You will see what I said is right. Read the quran and the bible. You will read horrible things in there.

  22. When was the last time when Iran attacked a foreign nation? When was the last time the USA did?

    186years/right now as you read this……………………..

  23. If we attack Iran we'll be sitting on World War 3. China and Russia have vowed military action if we go anywhere near them. Don't put the wrong people in office. We can avoid this.

  24. Remember the shit with Iraqs super big and strong army? Fall of soviets was the worst thing happened to the Pentagon, now they just have to come up with shit..

  25. SA and the USA have corporate ties and political influence over each others governments. SA plays ball with the States, Iran doesn't.

  26. I can't believe people are dumb enough to buy this shit. And now that we are sending our fourth carrier into that region…. yea right.

  27. The question is why would Iran attack Europe or Israel for that matter. when the outcome is total annihilation.

  28. wolf blitzer, the biggest guy on cnn and the guy who's show was being cited here, used to be the editor of AIPAC's newsletter. and cenk would still have you believe that all this war propaganda is because of the pentagon and "weapons contractors". just goes to show that some interests are simply untouchable, even on the internet.

  29. oh, I already imagine. USS Cole, 9/11, Waco, Oklahoma City, etc.. I'm watching as they set the framework for an attack. By then we should already have someone to suspect, a scapegoat will already have been prepped. I think Iran is the next one, like AlQueda and Saddam Hussein. Exciting!

  30. "The USA has done far worse" This is not a valid argument; what the US did in the past is ultimately unimportant in regards to what it is doing now or what Iran is doing now. The point is what can and has to be done in the present; America should be allowed to clear up its own messes, but we must also remember that the US has a discontinuity of admins, whereas Iran has a continuity of dynasty of Ayatollahs and Revolutionary Guard elite.

  31. Furthermore, saying the US has done worse does not negate the threats Iran poses to stability in the Middle East, with its direct support of terrorism and Cold War with Saudi Arabia.

    Does the torture and murder of Colonel Higgins come to mind? The Rushdie Fatawa? The AMIA bombing? The Mykonos Assasinations? This goes without saying of its brutal repression of its people during the Green Revolution; what of the public execution of two gay lovers in 2005?

  32. why the hell would they attack European countries.. Iran aint crazy to attack Europe openly.. especially majority of EU countries are NATO members..

    no sane county will even dare to attack EU..

    this coverage is way too silly

  33. I mean for real. It's like me picking a fight against the Crips, the Bloods, MS 13, Ita Mafia, Rus Mafia, Latin Kings, Hell Angels, etc. Iran ain't that dumb to do it.

  34. Hah Threat to stability, a region needs to be stable before there can be a threat towards that stability. If repression and murder are so horrible why arent you on the band wagon to liberate China? Why not liberate Palestine? Keep eating up that propaganda. Saudi Arabia is just as bad, no women rights, teaches intolerance in their school, funds terrorism and has public executions as well. Oh I forgot SA has USA politicians on their payroll. Keep pretending the USA is the good guy….

  35. My god you are just too fucking stupid/ignorant/arrogant to deal with. I mean "nor is Iran-supported terrorism a big deal" is an instant retarded classic.

    "Decency, dignity, discipline"? Horsehit. Tell me, because you declined to answer last time, am I still in your eyes an "American neo-Nazi militant"?

  36. I DO NOT want with Iran, nor do I want it "liberated", I'm just telling it like it is.

    "Keep eating up that propaganda" Stupid piece of shit, I've been looking at this for years. And did I say Saudi Arabia is a utopia, or that the US is the "good guy"? You're creating a strawman of me to keep your own arguments simple and ignorant and reliant on knowledge gained from YT comments sections. Fact is, you've lost the debate, and haven't counted anything I've said.

  37. They talking like Iran is just a mad self destructive nation ready to throw out missiles the moment they get the range.. fucking criminals

  38. first off the way to hit enemies abroad is shooting the missiles out into space then coming back to earth, this is the way it is done, ICB nuclear missiles dont fly 10,000 miles thru the sky like a jet, thats just not reality

  39. Most trusted name in news? I trust them, all right — I trust CNN to get it wrong, and they usually do!

  40. It is in supposed range if missile…. he didnt say its in Europe…..and you are bitching here  and you dont even know how to spell it right:D But thats what I expect from right winger without higher thinking skills:D  

  41. No, the nature of my observation is that you called me a retarded simpleton…and badly misspelled simpleton. At this point, I'm communicating with you largely for the amusement of myself and bemused onlookers.

  42. Uhhh… You think Ancient Persia got to be one of the largest empires by not invading?

    Yeah… they invaded the Ottomans, Greeks, Indians, Arabs, etc


  43. IF iran could secretly put a missile on a boat and squeak it past 3 blue water american navies (not to mention the ships of the rest of the world) oh god we would all, suffer nothing at all

  44. It did threaten Afghanistan with invasion in the late 1990s due to the Taliban commiting acts of genocide against ethnic Persians and their public murder of Iranian diplomats, but Clinton defused the situation.

    Furthermore, it funds Hezbollah who attack Israel and sectarian groups in the Lebanon, it has sent troops into Syria to support Assad, and ordered Hezbollah directly to commit the AMIA Bombing in 1994, shoot Kurdish rebel leaders in Mykonos in 1992 and murder an American colonol in 1990.

  45. Through out history, wars and battles break out for control of a region. the only reason iran would be a threat is if they wanted our land. i doubt that but lets say they did, 1st they have to deal with the military, then the many gun owners here. conclusion; iran's threat to us is zero. of course unless we start something (like usual), then they have the right to do anything, leave people and get out of they business. its the right as humans to build what the want

  46. Iran has said it gives money to Hezbollah and virtually all the intelligence agencies in the world, state and private, confirm it. As to Iranian troops in Syria, an Iranian official (apparently accidently) admitted it in a TV interview given about two months ago now.

    Furthermore, I'd suggest taking a more balanced view of the world, and to lay off the Russia Today and any other state news agencies you might wish to believe just because they bash America endlessly. Hint: that's their job.

  47. …but they never reported on the intelligence report to the US Congress claiming Iran's foreign policy was a "deterrent strategy" and has "limited means to attack beyond our own borders"…they are literally surrounded in every direction by US military installations…totally dubious claims

  48. You should do more research,we can tell if a missle is being launched before it evens leaves the silo on land or water and we would have plenty of time to react this is not the seventies we have technology is more involved than pushing a button as it does not launch simultaneously.

  49. Iran is not threat to any country, it's threat to US interests in region. With nuclear bomb it's significantly more risky to attack such a country and US foreing policy is to keep all middle eastern countries in 14th century (I am not sarcastic). Develpped Iran with atomic weapon doesn't fit their plan to control middle east.

    Divide and conquer

  50. Most of your comments consist of insults, unfounded accusations (again, back to "American neo-Nazi militant"), hyperbole, and bad information. I mean, with these and the terrible spellings and constant claims to intellectual supremacy, why shouldn't I just write you off as a tr0ll?

  51. 'The same happens in Pakistan'. Wrong. Stoning is against Sharia law, and it doesn't happen in Pakistan. Though, abuse against women is on the rise in America, I should tell you.

  52. How many countries have the U.S. invaded in the last 60 years and how many countries have Iran invaded? I hope you realize that the only Islamic countries that have invaded other countries did so because the U.S. supported them (aka Iraq).

  53. Im sorry but the crippling sanctions Iran is enduring that is wrecking their economy are NOT worth nuclear energy. If people think Iran is doing this for nuclear energy they need to wake up. Personally I'm not worried at all…israel will take care of it (with the state of the middle east Iran would have no allies to retaliate, not that it would matter). Talking about ICBM's is asinine however, Iran could easily smuggle a briefcase sized dirty bomb into New York.

  54. please iran can crush israel no one in the middle east like israel cuz all they do is pick fight because they know the USA will back them what happen when we are no longer a world power

  55. I really hope you're trolling. Most people agree that Israel has the 6th most powerful military in the world, Israel vs Iran would be a joke. It would be even shorter than the six day war.

  56. Do you know how many tonnes of drugs get smuggled into the United States by boat every year? How many tonnes of illegal weapons? You're saying a briefcase sized bomb or two would be a problem?

  57. so should we wait till they can nuke us to be concerned?An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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