CNN’s Fareed Zakaria comments on the Israel conflict

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  1. Let's all be honest nonthing major give it a couple of weeks and this is all going calm down and everybody Is gonna forget this ever happend

  2. When did Hamas ever do anything co-operative? Sorry , a terrorist group and a country are not on the same equation. 

  3. The real criminals in the video are the guys wearing the neckties.


    #conspiracynewsnetwork #cnn #truth

  4. Israel kept expanding and expanding, and they will always make plans and "scenarios" to keep expanding, until they fulfill their dream of "Greater Israel map"… i do not believe what media says, i know one thing only, Israel wants to take over everything and they will do anything to achieve that !! A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g !! Who knows, perhaps Israel is making all this up deliberately to find ways to earn world's sympathy, they would sacrifice 3 of their own to take over what's left of Palestine, they do not care!! Wake up people and see behind the curtains, behind the scenes, The news tell you what happened, you have to think why and how it happened !!

  5. Israel has a tactic an undercover tactic that is, that basically pushes the Palestinians mentally to the point where they just cannot take it anymore. Usually used whenever everything over there is fine between the Palestinians and Israelis. Used as a gimmick to make the Palestinians reach the point where they get so mad that they want to reply back to the Israelis physically and then the Israelis tell the world: "Look at them snapping like that! They don't want peace!" Then the Palestinians realize: "Oh wait, we want peace.." However it does not show that they want peace. I personally believe that the Israeli government does not mind killing 3 people of their own to kill hundreds of innocent Palestinians, I mean why not. If you think about it, Israel used this gimmick of the three missing teens I mean soldiers to commit inhumane actions 'Legally' I find it ironic that now Israel kills innocents just like that publicly and takes photos of a true dead teenager and not a soldier whom they have fed gasoline to and showered him with gasoline and then burned him so he burns inside out. What a shame…Oh, one second, I have to pay my taxes which goes to Israel.

  6. Since the day the first Israeli Jew Zionist stepped a foot on Palestine till now innocent women, children, men and elders have been tortured and killed; no one bats an eye. Three young soldiers have been kidnapped which we don't know a lot about, and everybody wants to kill Palestinians all of a sudden. 


  8. This guy is Indian ? why is he reporting about the Middle east or Arabs ? what does he know ? he probably hates Arabs cause his mum was a maid before. He should be helping his country get over their rape epidemic.

  9.  I would like to thank Fareed Zakaria for those statements made that others on CNN such as the pinhead Bill O’Reilly would dare never say. I wish though he were on Al Jazeera America instead of CNN. I believe Fareed might have better disclosure in his journalism content than is allowable on CNN. I say this since it appears Fareed has been reigned in from what his earlier shows captured.
     Prior Goldman-Sachs executive Naomi Prins wrote “It takes a pillage” and revealed in her book the dastardly acts by those such as Hank Paulson and Larry Summers. It was disappointing to see Fareed interview and seek the opinion of Summers on his GPS program instead of someone like Naomi Prins. That was like showcasing a cat box and its content instead of a masterful work of art. I have no interest in anything Summers might have to say. He did enough damage to our economy in how he altered policy before moving to a position he could capitalize on as his changes in regulation helped lead America to its 2008 economic collapse. Read her book titled “It takes a pillage” or her more recent book “All the President’s Bankers’ for an eye opening experience of reasons why we shouldn’t trust many of our Congressman. Naomi Prins would’ve had something worthwhile for us to listen to. You have my idea of what Summer’s opinions and views should be compared to.
     Fareed made some interesting comments during his March 29th episode, and I whole heartedly agree with all of them. I wish though he had the gumption to speak the rest of his mind. Fareed commented, when America supports a regime that suppresses the populace there’s a smoldering discontent that eventually erupts. Fareed notes, the more there’s a grassroots revolt to oppression the greater the nation’s leader(s) effort to oppress the people. This goes on like a pot ready to boil over, until there’s finally a rebellion. Fareed should’ve mentioned Israel as a prime example of how we as Americans continually support leaders for sixty years who suppress its people. The Likud party and Nitanyahu are toxic to the Middle East. Zionists have a pretentious notion Israel has a right to expand its borders to that of the biblical borders of King David. Such borders would engulf all of Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Lebanon and take a large land mass from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Turkey. Israel is a “belligerent occupant” is how the UN views Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands. Such comments speak the truth and should not be so easily dismissed as someone being anti-Semitic. Arabs have as much right be referred to as a Semite as any Jew. What message we Americans must acknowledge is something being suppressed by our news media; Israel’s Likud party is anti-Arabic. Netanyahu has as much chance of being considered a peace maker in the Middle East as Hitler was in Europe. 
     In 1947 Israel occupied only 6% of the Middle East lands that were to be divided between Palestinians and Israelis in the 1947 Mandate. 1,350,000 Arabs inhabited this land amongst 650,000 Jews. The mandate gave 56% of the land to Israel and only 44% to the Arabs, though the Arabs outnumbered the Jews by 2:1 they only got a third of the land. It’s not wonder the Palestinians had no acceptance of such harsh land divisions, particularly with bottle necks that connected from one territory delegated to Palestinians from another. There’s an interesting book written by an Israeli general named Matti Peled. His son wrote the book “The General’s son.”
     There have been many Jews who’ve written and spoken against the Likud party and Zionists who advocate a right wing position. Matti Peled changed in his years from a man of war to a man of peace. Matti Peled went from being the Major General, the second highest rank in the Israeli military to the first Israeli Professor of Arabic Literature at Tel Aviv University and a founding member of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. Matti Peled served a four year term in Israel’s Knesset Parliament.
     What Matti Peled feared was an occupation of Palestinian lands that would eventually lead to a grassroots rebellion against the Israeli presence. Miko notes his father carried with him on his speeches a rubber bullet used by the Israeli military to suppress an uprising. The thin rubber coating on top disguised the steel within. This is what Israel described as innocent rubber bullets. Matti Peled evolved from speaking on behalf of the Israeli’s established views to that of a man who advocated peace. He firmly believed Israel was much better off making peace than arming itself and maintaining an occupation of land conquered in 1967. Matti Peled recommended the US stop selling Israel its weapons and giving it free money.  He argued the weapons sold to Israel were corrupting the country and being used to maintain an oppression of the Palestinians, which Matti Peled argued was morally wrong and illegal. Matti Peled did not accept the double standard that Jewish people deserve to live on the same lands as Palestinians while depriving them of their rights and argued it would destroy the moral fiber of Israel.
     Perhaps Fareed will one day be in a position to speak not a part of the truth but all of the truth. In my opinion there’s only a small difference between Netanyahu and a radical Islamic terrorist suicide bomber. Whereas a suicide bomber is willing to die for his/her cause, Netanyahu is willing to see you die for his pretentious ambitions.

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