CNN’s Fake Russia Coverage Feeds Trump’s War on Media – The Ring Of Fire

This is why I hate the corporate media. When I have to turn to Buzzfeed, Breitbart,
“gotcha videos” to get a story on CNN, that proves our nutcase of a president is
RIGHT about the media – it is a crazy world. By now, I hope that you’ve heard about CNN’s
now deleted story that tried to connect the dots a little too conveniently between Trump
advisors and a Russian investment firm. After pressure from BuzzFeed – CNN acknowledged
that the story did not live up to their editorial standards. The three staffers involved in the story have
resigned, including journalist Thomas Frank who had the byline for the story – however
CNN has published articles saying that deleting the story didn’t mean it wasn’t true,
but that it simply wasn’t properly vetted. Three journalists, including a Pulitzer-prize
finalist and a Pulitzer winner – don’t resign over a “workflow issue.” Don’t forget that this is the same network
that directed protesters in London earlier this month and also had BREAKING NEWS regarding
James Comey’s testimony – which turned out to be completely false. Now – there is new undercover video exposing
a CNN producer admitting that the network is sticking to the Russia, regardless of facts
– for the ratings and video of CNN personality Van Jones calling the Russia story a “nothing
burger.” Now, I have to preface this by saying the
video came from notorious conservative “gotcha journalist” James O’Keefe and his Project
Veritas. O’Keefe has been found to heavily edit video
clips and engage in less-than-ethical practices to get his information. So, I viewed the Project Veritas video with
a critical eye. It is also worth noting that the producer
caught on tape, John Bonifield, worked mostly for CNN’s health segment. It does not appear that Bonifield worked directly
on Russia reporting. However, from the tape and Bonifield’s resume,
he obviously has fairly high-level access at the network and his quotes are not chopped
up soundbytes. In the tapes, Bonifield talks about throwing
aside journalistic ethics in favor of pushing the business of media – aka ratings. When asked why CNN continues to push the Russia
narrative, despite an admitted lack of evidence Bonifield said: “It’s the ratings” – and
said the President is probably right by calling the investigation a witch hunt. Bonifield even recounted a conversation attributed
to CNN CEO Jeff Zucker – saying that after covering Trump’s withdraw from the Paris
Agreement that journalists were directed to get back to Russia. Zucker himself is rumored to be on the chopping
block when AT&T finalizes their deal to take over Time Warner. News is not a focus for AT&T and Zucker’s
management style does not fit into AT&T’s way of doing business. I get it – Russia is a sexy story and there
are just enough facts out there to keep things rolling – like evidence that Russia attempted
to hack our voting machines. But, thus far each smoking gun we are told
about simply doesn’t hold up. Are the people surrounding the Trump Administration
slimey? yep. So are most folks in establishment politics. Are their shady business deals that took place? Probably. But the American public keeps begging to find
some way that Donald Trump is somehow directly involved with Russian espionage. So, CNN has an obligation – an obligation
to their shareholders and their advertisers to feed the public more and more garbage on
this Russia story. And CNN isn’t the only one. Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept details how
The Washington Post, MSNBC, The Guardian, and even CSPAN jumped in the Russian narrative
with false claims – head first – only to pen weak retractions much later. I don’t want to go all the way down the
rabbit hole chasing the conspiracy of corporate media. There are very good journalists that are doing
very good work. However, a lot of it is has an unstated agenda
and is heavily influenced by ratings and clicks. The problem with what CNN has done is that
it simply proves Donald Trump and the unhinged conservatives right. They have railed on fake news and insisted
that the negative coverage of the president is because of a concerted effort by the media
to undermine the President. Now, Trump and the right-wing nutjobs have
evidence that the corporate media is “out to get him” – the last thing we need is
to feed Donald Trump’s ego and CNN gave him exactly what he wanted all the while heightening
tensions between the world’s two biggest nuclear superpowers. We have already seen Sarah Huckabee Sanders
stand at the podium and weaponize CNN’s scandal as justification for the White House’s
war on media. Now, because of the backlash – CNN has exactly
ZERO stories above the fold on Russia. Yet – you know what – people continue to
back CNN and the corporate media – because they are reporting exactly what they want
to hear. Despite having truly talented journalists,
sensationalism sells.

Maurice Vega

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  1. all this Russia shit is a waste of time. stop focusing on this and get back to the issues. the ring of fire is also guilty of pushing this failed narrative

  2. fact of the matter is the Russians did hack our elections they did tamper with our election system that is an undisputable fact, this is a horrible video and this is why people like this person doing this video needs to keep their mouth shut

  3. Thank you. Also you guys did help buy the CNN russia BS too but atleast you cover the topic. Thank you for being men.

  4. The whole Corporate Media Russia narrative is complete bs and only helps Trump distract from all his corruption in our country and for war and his corrupt deals with Saudi Arabia.

  5. I don't really care about Russia hacking the DNC since the DNC hasn't stated that the damning evidence that was leaked was falsified. I'm way more concerned about the long-term and ongoing financial ties between Trump, his administration, and multiple autocratic/plutocratic regimes -the foremost of which is Russia – and the way that they are shaping America's domestic and foreign policy to favor those regimes.

  6. why yes, of course Jon had influence in a story about politics because he's been there so long. you know, the same way a gym teacher influences your English grade because they have seniority, Right!… Right?

  7. This guy is an idiot. CNN didn't stage a protest in London. The protestors themselves said they were really protesting. Project veritas lost their credibility a long time ago. Don't let this guy do another other video. He's a dumbass.

  8. Your feeding his fucken ego! Russia did hack our voting systems. No, I believe there is truth in that scandal with that evil monster. I can't believe ROF is defending that INEPT. Someone higher up is waging this shit!!!

  9. God dammit not this Douche canoe again. Get outta here! I only watch this channel for my guy Farron, not for the 'oh Doctors are just fancy drug dealers and vaccines give your kids autism' idiot or Gay's brand of bullshit either! Is Farron the only rational one on this channel?!

  10. Wtf is going on??? This is stupid. Fuck all this shit, I don't care anymore. Fuck Rightwings. Fuck leftwing. fuck trump, fuck Hillary, fuck everyone & everything.

  11. Van Jones tells you straight from his mouth and you people still believe it. That is a sign of stupidity, look up the definition, unless you don't believe in a dictionary too, lol.

  12. and what would you like CNN to report on? dogs wearing dresses? or maybe lions trying to kill little girls on the other side of the glass at the zoo? what is important in this fucked up America of today? we have a repugnant lunatic for president and no one in his right mind would refute that. HE HAS TO GO

  13. "if you don't read the newspaper you're uninformed…if you read the newspaper…your misinformed"….mark twain

  14. the russia story is NOT "fake news", the investigation just got started. again ring of fire hosts appear on russia today so you guys have no credibility when it comes to russia and RT.

  15. BUSTED! Van Jones! . You are a big time Jerk and a LIAR! Trying to fool the American people like we are stupid and cannot read you. You are a freaking JOKE and and a freaking CLOWN just like Donna Brazile. BUSTED!! LIARS. —CNN SUCKS….!ha, ha! Now you are Lecturing CNN on how to do news ? What a HYPOCRATE! TWISTED LIAR.! Good job Van Joke. Keep covering your tracks. Now want to talk about jobs, of course the Russia story is a burger with nothing in it. CNN CORPORATE MEDIA! or CORRUPT MEDIA?

  16. This is or was a free country, are we to believe that CNN (a company) dosent hire both Republican & Democrats?How many times has a reporter brought over a story to their unbelieving boss only to have the boss be shocked or surprised. I would also like to add, that the minute Robert Mueller left semi retirement in the most honorable act of patriotism, we have not seen in some time, to come back to the FBI & review this Russian connection is no small thing. I highly doubt he did that for ratings or nothing burgers. ( A childish term IMO BTW) So while many are fully entitled to their opinion, I will gladly keep to mine. I would remind everyone: "Follow the trail of dead Russians" said under oath by someone more credible than any person currently incompetantly running the shattered sad pieces of our divided country. Please see Cenk, for more on those tragic & more than a just a touch of shady mysterious deaths. I heard more from Cenk himself on these deaths than anywhere. "He made a deal"-Cenk ..Those anchors don't have a job today, unlike you. I'm not a dedicated CNN viewer. I enjoy Jake Tapper & United Shades. However( Like But, ) The media is under attack. If they were all gone Trump would start attacking these independent media sources too.
    Where's Farron.


  18. You all should probably look up the definition of "journalistic integrity" and apply that to the methodologies of the main stream media. As for somebody being a traitor to our country, I'm still waiting on Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted for her private stash of classified that was so far outside of governmental channels that it might have been hacked by penguins.

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