CNN’s Erick Erickson: Obama Election Win? Who Cares? The Rapture is Coming!

eric erickson her carotid is a uh… c_n_n_ contributor of the youngsters
radio program and george and praises rush limbaugh i mean i think he’s very strongly
wanting to in a reserve blogger at the red state he wrote a piece that uh… couple days ago which i don’t know mean it just seems pretty
uh… mymag ass i don’t know why c_n_n_ shouldn’t have someone like this he’s
also famously called justice david suitor a gota fucker uh… back in the day which is not you know uh… particularly
uh… and nice and charitable thing to say about a supreme court justice i have
real problems with uh… in in school yet then i don’t think i would ever say that
about him nor would i imagine that i would get
hired for a job on cable television if i did and he writes people on the left are
convinced if mit romney wins blacks will be putting chains oughtn’t cotton fields
and uterus is will be locked up people on the writer convinced at brock
obama wins the stars and stripes will come down the red banner of communism
will go up in the american experiment will be promptly concluded my worldview is pretty simple i think this world is destined to go to
helena handbasket by design i think things are supposed to go to pa well bomber wins i won’t be upset if
romney wins i won’t be running through the streets cheering i think either way
it’s all part of the design the world is going downhill brocco obama reelected just gets us down
the slippery slope faster for others it’s mit romney who does god is
sovereign any he is in charge in he will retire in that is my hope an ever-present
expectation it seems to me position to take if you’re writing for a website daddy’s basically only reason for existence is to convince
other people to essentially vote for conservatives maybe seven change i think he’s found
dot you know but god that says to his people refers to prove court justices of
homeschool clockers article where they do last best hope of mankind on this planet speaking of united states but my destiny is not tied to this
planet clinic is becoming more and more clear when i do know for sure is that i’m
headed home to eternity in this world is temporary god is sovereign and whether you are for
brocco bomb or mit romney set your sights on god not november sixth and be
happy and four years we really will do with
this all over again right now uh… right now you think so it was there right now he thinks or not there’s no permanent except in heaven so well i guess the good news is is that
uh… he doesn’t believe the world’s again and in three-and-a-half to four years less so we will be around uh… he has stated and it will pretty good shape in that
respect or that’ll bomb winning doesn’t necessarily mean the world was gone and
he said which is pretty charitable that good luck with that c_n_n_ good luck with it

Maurice Vega

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  1. I know someone who sold all his stuff, and moved to Nevada with his spiritual teacher. Pretty sure he joined a cult.

  2. The UN should prosecute him for planetary treason. He admits that he's consorting with forces that wish to bring about the end of our planet, he is an enemy of the world.

  3. I was watching Ghostbusters 2 and the lady in the movie said the word would end February 14th 2016.

    So it doesn't matter who wins.

  4. I wonder if this 'we're all doomed anyway so lets party as hard as we can while we still can' is something that resonates deeply with Republican elites (& bankers and so forth) and *not* because of religious reasons? God is just the convenient, palatable packaging – what's inside the box has nothing to do with religion. There's a part of me that kinda agrees them.. though I vehemently wish I weren't so cynical. :/ I just think humans are inherently a self-destructive species.

  5. You say it in every one of your posts and you admit its to get people to read your posts therefore its your stupid tag line that I have seen you say now the 2 years I have been a youtube subscriber. JUST STOP. I said before you make good comments and then screw it up with the stupid tag line.

  6. Just post your comment. We all know who you are. No tag line needed. You have a recognizable name. Have a nice day.

  7. Well, it can mean whatever you want it to mean, but it can also mean "the people" or "the spirit of the land". Maybe I'm wrong. I lived there for a few years but I'm no expert, for sure.

  8. Like "thing-a-ma-jig" when you mean an item, right?
    I thought it also meant the true Hawaiians and the land they come from as well. I heard a woman tell the story of her family (back to Queen Kapiolani) and she spoke of "da kine" as the ancestors and their progeny as well as the land – meaning something really good and important.

  9. Well, I certainly don't think any of us need to worry about it. I think you get my point. If you are someone that believes in that nonsense, I got a pink unicorn I can sell you if you're interested.

  10. Well, I'm pretty sure you don't use it in place of a swear-word!
    Unless it's to say something like "ass" or "shit" and the other person knows what you mean. Like a guy talking about a girl's ass and saying "she got one sweet 'da kine' in those bottoms" but then they would just say "okole".
    I dunno. Interesting discussion anyway.

  11. Wouldn't it be great, if their "god" took all the religious people home and left this planet to us sane people? I imagine the human race would get along a lot better if we weren't worried about whether we believe in the same fairy tales or not

  12. For those who are quaking in their boots over Jeebus' judgement and the impending "Rapture", remember that the last time he was here he was dispatched with a couple of nails. Now, thanks to the NRA we have a "god given" right to semi-automatic weapons so "Hey Seuss" and his horsemen won't stand a chance (It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel). Anyhoo, I would advise you not to stop paying your rent or canceling that much needed mani-pedi.

  13. Bad enough that idiots believe in an imaginary friend in the sky. Even worse? The hub bub that has been manifested by idiots thinking that their imaginary friend is going to come get them. lol. Gullible guppies, grow up.

  14. My first prophetic dream was in 1990. Idi Amin was ascending a hill with a bright confident look on his face driving a US Government vehicle. In 2011 when I discovered the account of the dream, I noted the day in 1990 that I had it and searched the internet to see where Barack Obama was at that time. Exactly SEVEN days after my dream he was installed as editor of the Harvard Law Review, the beginning of his ascent.
    Obama is America's Idi Amin.

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