CNN vs. The Internet

c_n_n_ is gonna have and wonderfully start
conversation about dinner until it don’t do it but that they’re going to dc kyra phillips
and john roberts and i get on their and pretend but what hamas shirley shariah is not just about andrew bright part is that what they too scared to name names they can say always just back conservative
now bloggers who’ve done this over and over again although
i don’t know that would be unbalanced so they can do is biggest near everyone on the internet and do it with unbelievable ignorance so whichever first there’s so many great things that the internet
dies and has to offer but at the same time here
as you know there is this this dark side we’d work anyone’s enemy can take something nasty
in posted on the internet and maybe it doesn’t rise to a level isn’t it was surely chirag
but it still gets out there among a certain community in does damage to that person’s
reputation in action what would have happened if we hadn’t taken
a look at it and what happened was surely chirag in plumb the depths further and found
out that would’ve been posted on the internet was not in fact reflective of what she said
which she still be without a job with her reputation still be rohan that back to some
degree is the effect of of what many people might consider to be a wild west of the internet
were anybody composed anything they want about anyone and thirteen is the author of the cult of
the amateur how blogs my space youtube in other usually generated media are killing
the american economy the culture and our values here’s what he says that this idea that people can post whatever
they want about anyone and in many times probably more times than
not get away with it what i think it reflects is a is a certain
sort of paranoia about media in a discussion with with conspiracy accountable in a city that
reflects asta and extremism and obit sadness but also a degree of responsibility i think
this case is interesting because it shows the worst of the internet in the sense that
someone printed a line of published alive which then was barley spread and almost ruined
her life but then parts of the international so mainstream media guys that you came to
the rescue uh… and you sorted the case out you show
that it was a lie you revealed the fact the reality the truth which was actually the very
opposite of what was published but certainly can’t always do that every day
is connect this going to have to be a point uh… in time where it these people have to
be held accountable how these bloggers that blog anonymously they stayed rotten things
about people and their actually given credibility which is which is crazy they’re they’re a
bunch of powers they’re just people seeking attention so what is this guy proposes that
that we can do about it well what what what have you talked about
with me with this idea of a gatekeeper but they’re huge first-amendment rights that the
company to play here freedom of speech in all that oh bye love it averypifer decision on that i mean you could
you just have gatekeepers like the mainstream media the wrong with this riffraff give their opinions or maybe a paid a lot of money by what they
knew station pretending to be a news anchor then you’re legitimate cattle he cannot outreach chair filters hoops as these people credibility you know how the care is a guess they had qualities ours if you call wrote about the cult of the amateur online how it’s killing our and the american economy
and our culture and they talk about extremism always c and
bitterness those guys look better okay they look better like why i think that
you know juppe what do people trust that you don’t trust all others extremism how about painting the entire internet
as a place for loony wack jobs who should have no credibility and never do
anything positive so there was something really bad that happen
you will surely sure and there’s a guy responsible for his name
is andrew bright for he’s does it all the time you know what happens you know what’s extreme thinking what he did it’s nearing the whole internet with it as if everybody online is some sort of weirdo and uh… who should have no credibility you
know was online your mom croquet your daughter your son your nicaragua were all mine knew what these guys living what nineteen
forty eight relied on one of those an unfavorable on average they’re
people on there c all what would happen if the mainstream
media hadn’t written to the rescue is what would happen twenty-eight other blogs would’ve countered
with the evidence and then you guys would appear that two weeks
later and they’re on the story what depicted credit where credit c_n_n_ broke
that story which they don’t often do but they did a good job with it but they’re
coming here and through the smear job ticketless and by the way you know who’s larger
online liberals are larger than conservatives why
are they getting sweeter for some in the concern is that because these guys aren’t thinking endures
and there were they’re worried about their job you get paid
hundreds of thousand dollars to read what’s in that prompted right their news actors either
anniversary here like they’re like upstanding newspeople what would you do when bush was in charge
we don’t know but i was in charge and stores and you broke and i give you credit
for this one you break any important stories about iraq
did you bring an important source that doesn’t and then you get mad when would you expect
the story you forgot what journalism is and you know complain about people online it’s because it continually embarrass you usually by getting stuff you didn’t even get mainstream news to the rescue weeds and all that said they’re not done yet fix that have a colorful in algae politic internet it’s worthwhile and to some degree of the internet is like
and giant worldwide bathroom wall that you can write anything
you want and that any one hundred anonymous sedan and that somebody’s going to have that
information i thought we started if you’re going to say
something behavior criticize someone in a public forum have the courage to at the very least put your name on an indefinite leave to go
to kristin person praises of the summer save for their fates right now it’s a very
lease hemp have whatever you want to call them to put your name to it you wanna call them fall and give you one john here i am aren’t safe for your face in a pot with four you can watch this criticism arabic janette was rediculous anne
used heroes words cowardly because you can hear the whole internet based
on what one conservative guidance and you’re afraid the point that out cuz you look unbalanced and your friend at the in an embrace stories
all the time that you don’t so what did you just called up you call them giant bathroom keep a classic here i am in a public forum
criticizing highlight them out

Maurice Vega

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  1. National Canadian news is actually pretty good. When i watch cnn, i feel like they're exagerating everything.

    I lost faith in american tv
    now i just watch whipeout and pokerstars

    Ooh and how i met your mother, but it's losing steam..
    Lost was good too..

  2. Oh and western commercial media doesn't oversimplify and sensationalize its articles in a bid to sell the stories?

  3. Sorry CNN I like to get real news on the internet why do you think you don't have any ratings and are going broke. People are waking up to how fake the main stream media is!

  4. Good commentary on this ridiculous story, Turks. Absolute crock of shit by CNN. Some jerk smears somebody so shut down the internet? Silly twits.

  5. The American mainstream, corporate newsmedia is a disgrace. CNN had the Bush administration vet their choices for military personnel to cover the war in Iraq, they do a horrendous job covering the truly important issues such as campaign finance reform, they try to kill any protest, and mix in worthless entertainment news in place of substantial issues that actually impact us. I watch documentaries and BBC instead because I can't get legitimate news about my own damn country from our news media.

  6. I first amendment basically says you can say what you want with very little restrictions, right bloggers but its the responsibility of news industries to check the facts right FOX NEWS. Andrew Brightbart may be a lying right wing conservative blogger but News stations have to check their facts before reporting it and factual news. But fox has a long history of doing this reporting anything that smears people and then later when its turns out not to be true in one sentence takes it back.

  7. What is this idiot up to, that being John Roberts. You know what's wrong with the media these days? Rather than just reporting the news, they make the news, spin the news and just bullshit everybody.

  8. are you guys crazy CNN is my freaking station. they are way less biased than BBC, fox, al jazeera, msmbc. they tell me what the civilians of iraq go through, the corruption of american police, peoples opinions on certain matters.

  9. Internet is where unbiased news are whereas TV news are biased news based on a huge corporation agenda for profit and ratings…… You dun gain anything much by posting news online volunteerly

  10. @MrNiceGuy4TW Again, he is slamming them for not being objective which is what a journalist should actually do. Again, the liberal blogs or whatever had nothing to do with this and yet they are grouping/generalizing all of them. Why is it always when the left does something, its reprehensible and when its the right its a two-way street? It would be wrong if it went the other way around as well. Stop being a tool, you're criticism of is half-baked and inept.

  11. Why don't they get mad at all the bashing against Sarah Palin? You may not agree with her, but she's been the most insulted person in the last 2 years. Yet, the liberal media never defends her.

  12. Hey Cenk, why are you bashing people at CNN, ridiculing their salaries? You need to tone that down, now that you work for them (maybe not after they see this rant). Yes, they were wrong, but haven't you ever heard of the saying: Don't $hit where you eat?

  13. First off: that's why you have to cite your sources. If someone says something and another person believes him without checking it, then the fault is with the one who believed him. Anyone has the right of saying what they want. It's YOUR responsibility to crosscheck what is being said.
    Secondly, the media are far worse in smearing people than the internet, because the media are a sort of an authoritative figure in our society.
    Thirdly, Cenk is right. The reporters are trying to defend their jobs

  14. Wrong CNN, if you believe in freedom of speech then you believe in ALL freedoms of speech…. not just the speech that suits you CNN.
    A six-year archive of classified military documents made public and CNN needs more regulations on the internet? Fox and CNN are extended arms of the Government.

  15. Sorry, more times than not the internet is more truthful than CNN and other media. Also, the internet isn't destroying American culture.

  16. @killergames187 It has nothing to do with Obama. It has to do with how you just spew conspiracy theories without any real substance. That's how I know you're a DELUSIONAL republican who doesn't like Obama.

  17. @LordSnow69 For a Lord you are pretty retarded. Regarding your comment, still no one forces you to pay any attention or to give total credibility to everything you see on the internet, without checking any sources. And freedom of speech still applies, as does the freedom of speaking anonymously and protecting your identity, so I don't see why would they point that people can speak anonymously on the internet. They can do it off-line as well, and no one says it destroys the world.

  18. @eathenicus while CNN was right in a general sense, Cenks point wasnt whether CNN was right or not, but instead how they seemed to absolve themselves of blame by just pushing it all on the internet, or most for sure.

    So to CNN the intenret is such a dishonest place and its not their fault they failed in their job to do "investigative journalism"

  19. @MrNiceGuy4TW First, Cenk wont reply to you and your stupid if you think he will, so yes, your writing to the commenters, again, unless your stupid.

    Second, I really wanted to know what ACTA was and how can you not find a summary thats short?
    I didnt want the act read to me, you did well enough in your second post, but you definitely went further than needed. THanks either way. I got it now.

    Last, who cares if Cenk thinks hes top internet guy, does it hurt your ego?

  20. @MrNiceGuy4TW On the topic of criticism, yes, hes attacked NBC, but then I dont have a bias tht blinds me to such videos
    Next, he talks about every issue possible in his 3 hour daily show. You choose to ignore most of it, thats your problem. Just remmber, he only shows maybe 1-1.5 hours of it on youtube and he still discusses many issues
    But he isnt an investigator and doesnt have that, he is a pundit, letting us know what news there is to know daily. Like an aggregator

  21. @LordSnow69 You got what you asked for by insulting me first. Please explain how did it harm the economy that we didn't start fighting after you said those words. Protection of your identity is a right, like all rights it has it's inconveniences, but the reason we have it is much more powerful than those.

  22. @LordSnow69 In China, when you use the internet you have to give your ID, then if you say shit about the government or look up "democracy" on Google, they are on your back the next minute. Is that what you are advocating for? No matter the costs, we have to protect our freedoms on line and off line. Of course this freedom can be abused for some troll who will call you shit on a forum, so what? Will you renounce your freedoms to stop that troll?

  23. @MrNiceGuy4TW Here is a video of him criticising CNBC, first page of google
    I wont spend more then a second on that though because Cenk doesnt put summaries in his comment section and therefore its a bother to go chase down good clips of him criticising anybody besides fox, which everybody bashes because its so easy as they suck at everything.
    youtube . com/watch?v=Gy1rT-PVbas

    CNBC may not be good enough for you though isnce its not MSNBC, but its all one company so good enough for me right now

  24. Blaming the internet because one guy used it to spread lies is like saying "Did you notice some murderers use roads? They drive on the road with their cars and then commit murder… Roads are a gateway for murderers! Without the roads, they would take a much longer time to reach their murder targets, so roads ENABLE and ENCOURAGE murder!!!! Ban roads NOW!!!"

  25. Wow these assclowns don't get it they want the internet gone because it gives everyone the power to discover the truth instead of watching the mindless dribble that they play on CNN, Fox, ABC and all the other corporate owned Media.

  26. User generated media is the only thing saving us from a level of control thats Orwellian in scope.

    Andrew Keen, needs to stop writing books, hes obviously an idiot.

    And no offense but how was that a fucking lie about her? She said what she said plain as day ON VIDEO and that ABSOLUTELY compromises her authority… i fail to see how ANYONE or ANYTHING is at fault here, except the woman making racist decisions.

    Just cus its against a white man its still fucking racist you unthinking sheep.

  27. @Pull0utBoy Awww isn't that cute….CNN thinks that it's news….AHAHAHAH can't these twits go back to reading twittering tweets about snooki.

  28. @rebelyell1983x

    Name something on MSNBC that is wrong and just bullshit, speak up and TYT will look at it, at least TYT nation will.


  29. ya right like they would let me go up to obama right infront of him and say u suk and ur doing shit job which a 1 month old baby could do better

  30. There was some poor reasoning here. When George Bush Jr. said there were WMD still (Clinton and Gore said Iraq had WMD and terrorist ties too) in Iraq, he was blamed for using partial evidence. When Obama has a woman fired because of partial evidence, this guy blames a blogger. Somebody stole Obama's Hope and Change and now Obama is acting like Capt. Queeg. Obama should not only be blamed for the firing, he should be questioned on the other knee jerk reactions he has done.

  31. US gov wants to hide their lies. They want you Americans to be ignorant. That why they want to shut down the internet!!! This proves it !

  32. I'm sorry..but this is total BULLSHIT..we don't trust the media..that's why we use the internet..for the real story..Period!

  33. LOL yes exactly, because the internet is the first place anyone had ever "published a lie." And it's the first place anyone's reputation has been ruined…

  34. Bravo Cenk!! You and the staff are the start of revolution…Keep it up!! Who else can you form a progressive syndicate with? Create a non-corporate, non-profit arm of journalism…congrats on the "mainstream'' breakthrough on MSNBC

  35. The reason you dont trust CNN and FOX etc etc etc is because they are all lying sacks of shit.

    Now, there is a lot of nutjobs on the internet, of course, but…

  36. actually I'm really considering not watching CNN any more.

    I use to like them to some degree, but I'm going to judge all of CNN from this "Internet= bathroom wall" Report.

    fuck fox…. fuck CNN

  37. Sounds like the local folks talking about the newspapers when they hit the street in the day, a bit like the print media looking at TV some years back…..The Internet is a Global disussion (with a few exeptions), let's see how smart the people are as they wade through it.

  38. @bevon17
    LAME-stream media:

    ABC = All Bullshit Channel
    AP = Associated Propaganda
    CBS = See BS
    FOX = Full of Xenophobia
    BBC = British Brainwashing Corporation
    CNN = Crap Not News
    NBC = Nothing But Crap
    Propaganda Mechanics

  39. @PTTurboe
    You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it's evolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    But when you talk about destruction
    Don't you know that you can count me out
    Don't you know it's gonna be all right

  40. @MrNiceGuy4TW If you can only bear him in short stints then you have no right to tell anybody what Cenk doesnt talk about and take the high ground since you obviously dont have half a clue what he talks about.
    Second, I will help you with the definition of aggregator as you dont seem to know what it means :
    Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates information from multiple online sources:

  41. Ya know if they did write their names that CNN guy would be talking about how terrible [Insert Names Here] are…and that's why you don't have to go by your name with such things…

  42. @newgarda only fox reports actual news and they are such fuckn airheads over there. the internet has info all over if u know where to look.

  43. @JFAINTER88 lol if you think fox news is the only good news network then you are just as bias as they are. You are right, the internet is a great source of information but one has to be careful b/c there are also alot of bias on the internet. I would suggest bbc or npr to be the fairest of them all.

  44. @Joxman2k

    pop culture is threatened

    pop culture is a manufactured type of culture that is dumbed down for the masses

  45. @TheFlex21 no its fine, im rather content with my news networks atm but I just want to know why you think bbc is trash?

  46. @newgarda


    so you think some people in caves headed by some evil shadowy villain (aka Tim Osman) were able to pull of 9/11

    sounds like a kooky conspiracy theory to me

    oh, but cnn & fox say it, so it must be true, right?

  47. @MastermindX Yeah, it's funny that they're not using the same logic for…. let's say…. GUNS !
    Maybe we just need an Internet CEO and Lobby.

  48. @LordSnow69 Anonymity is very valuable in certain circumstances, for example to avoid prosecution. Have you seen the video of the helicopter attack on civilians leaked by Wikileaks, or the 90000 documents on the war of Afghanistan? This information was able to come out to the public thanks to the policy of Wikileaks to keep their sources secret. Can you see the value of it?

  49. @newgarda did u read the comment? wow u fail. and yes i listen to NPR and rush limbaugh. npr did this great program on cuban gov not allowing its citizens rite to use internet and such. great to live in socialist country, like china!

  50. @JFAINTER88 what did I say in my last comment that would suggest I didn't read your comment. Did I contradict or repeat anything? No.

    Where are you going with this? Ok socialism sucks… so?

  51. this is all an attempt to legitimize the controls on the internet that the government and the media corps wish to enact, always remember that net neutrality is very important, media corps are loosing money and viewers hand over fist, they will lobby the government to instill controls on the internet. its obvious as this story has no credibility what so ever its not even news worthy, but what do you expect from CNN

  52. how they would love to control everything and and everyone and only let us knows what really suits them, bunch of fascists
    internet its a WORLD phenomenon you can control it as much as you can control talibans in afghanistan.. which is… you can´t you control freaks
    true, false, real, fiction…it doesn't matter
    like we never see the big media lying… ultra big LOL

  53. Yes, the Internet has it's down side. BUT, coming from my experience, I can say that the Internet has more truth and less bullsh*t than today's television outlets. Honestly… I'm tired of watching television news reports filled with bias and political agendas. At least, TYT always has the grace to admit any bias.

  54. The mainstream media will do anything to get rid of the internet because the people have had enough of their government pablum puking propaganda they pass off as news.

  55. How can they talk about the internet being an impersonal, cowardly way of…for lack of a better word, judging people when they wont even name specific people and insted choose to generalise?

  56. Wake up Americans we are and have been losing our rightsfirst off we have the right to bear arms this shall not be infringed upon.where is that from you ask it's a little thing called the constitution.Do we have the right any more no it is a privilige not a right any more.We have the right to go fishing nope we pay for a license it is a privilige not a right any more.And so on.Everything our people fought for and died for is for nothing.Stand up for your rights americans or loose them

  57. "Anyone can say or post anything they want", yeah it's called freedom of speech and or freedom of press. It sure is hell beats the Anne Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson saga that you discuss on mainstream news. Don't be against the internet just because it drives your ratings down. There is bogus material and real material on the internet. Find what you please. On mainstream news channels the only option is bogus material. I will take my chance with the internet.

  58. 1:00
    Imagine if Fox news hadn't taken the blog and treated it like fact…
    Oh wait, Fox News (Some how) is mainstream media, oh oops…
    So it seems Mainstream Media caused this little mess in the first place… Nice.

    'Cult of the Amateur: How the Internet is killing our culture' Your kidding…
    I'm announcing my new book…
    'Cult of Mainstream: How Fox & Poor Journalism Is Killing Our Way of Thinking'

    John Roberson is a moron… Clearly. Bathroom wall, right…

  59. "people can say whatever they want about anyone"…well isn't that called freedom???..oh and you think its not right?? …..these people are dangerously crazy mothefuckers that need to be put in jail!!!!

  60. "Killing the economy" ???? Wow, Really. I find that untrue since the Federal Reserve is doing that for us.. Example "Quantitative Easing" Good bye U.S. Dollar. OH and Cenk Uygur can go screw himself. He's just as bad as CNN.

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