CNN Supreme Court FAIL

it’s sis let’s get a little madeira here uh… there was something like almost
four hundred thousand people on skoda spla following uh… what the uh… skoda
spla or writing in their uh… real time
reporting of the case i had uh… numerous streams that accidentally seemed to pick
up the news channel so i’m not exactly sure how that happened but uh… well a c_n_n_ prides itself on being the most trusted name in news in covering uh… the news as opposed to
commentating on it he radically uh… they were really got this one wrong now of course fox paid to but it’s fox but c_n_n_ if you had some major major
egg on their face here’s couple a sheena yet he was talking points memo on both fox and c_n_n_ getting it way where else over what we have breaking news here on
the fox news channel homicide analyzing unpaid baldwin has got some information
baker tell us what’s going on is my first reimer still going through
the reading and i’ve dubbed the opinion that i want to bring the breaking into
the current research bill maher thing in a home and it did
not have allied powerhouse exercise all of the commerce clause would appear that
there the supreme court justices has struck
down an individual mandate the centerpiece all of the health-care legislation the individual mandate has been ruled unconstitutional and a half back on his
contact information for your writing along while that’s a dramatic moment uh… if
in fact uh… the supreme court has ruled that the individual mandate is in
fact unconstitutional that would be the story unfolding right now means and the mandate is gone ad raises
questions about any of this health care reform law the court striking down that
mandate is a dramatic below for the policy and to the president political as does this have just got it the centerpiece provision of the of on
the health care law the question now is what else do they say in this rolling
and ten parts of the law of the salvage the direct below for the president i’d
say it’s a direct quote to his democratic party it’s the fact that
that’s uh… these the final word on the individual mandates that could be
a little bit more complicated targeting complaining that
nation forgetting inflicting information as they say there’s conflicting some
confusion out there are conflicting reports coming in from inside his
supreme court so let’s uh… let’s hold off and drawing any final conclusions
and what exactly heidi’s denied justices of the u_s_
supreme court decided with saratov anything is a when c_n_n_ reported that uh… meant it
was struck down there like this a blow for democrat blow for for obama i mean it it’s just it is just bizarre i mean just bizarre beyond were writes that that that is the first analysis i
mean this is a big regardless of what your perspective is
on it law healthcare amounts to nearly twenty percent our of
our economy this is a big baig the implications of the way it’s decided will be huge going forward even if you thought this was going to
have an influence on the election whether or not it was upheld or not much of an influence could have really
have on the election so take vac whatever that percentage wise and as
unpredictable as it is and setter acceptor take that verses the actual implications of the law being struck down but the implications for people like taxes in that record called in uh… like spike ward implications for those people that story
that we read about uh… you know in the appalachians who um… who will have health care i believe it’s been like seventies two
percent of young people who have health care because of you know you have
millions of uh… of uh… people under the age of twenty six level of care now
because of their children already can’t be denied because of pre-existing
conditions the the real world implications whether
or not you agree with the law it cases for the insurance industry
which by all accounts of was an industry that that needed this law to survive huge huge and in reporting it wrong they also
reported wrongly

Maurice Vega

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  1. CNN & Fox "News" are so itching to see the Nation fail so they could blame President Obama,or in their words see the Black guy fail.I stop watching CNN years for fox news don't care about it.

  2. That is the only real difference between the right and left political ideologies in America. The right is willing to destroy the entire country to get what they want, proving the only thing worse than a Liberal, is a Conservative/Libertarian.

  3. They were 100% sure of what they were saying too: "The Supreme Court just took a shit in Obama's mouth." LOL!!!

  4. This is great for job creation. Now you can quit your job to start a new company without needing to worry about if you'll have healthcare. I imagine this has held people back in the past.

  5. Goes to show what a JOKE the Supreme Court has become under Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy with Roberts at the helm. Everyone completely expected the 5 would vote against ANYTHING Obama has done since elected AND the sad thing IS they would have voted against this except that Roberts is SO DEEPLY Corporatized that he'd even go against his reich wing teabagger crowd because the insurance companies and drug companies secretly(?) were drooling over all those new customers.

  6. I read the opinion myself and in the first 5 paragraphs it specifically says that the individual mandate is not constitutional under the Commerce Clause but it is constitutional as a tax. They must didn't read the damn thing. Stupid. They must've stopped at that paragraph and didn't go to the next. That's called idiot journalism.

  7. Ya he should have never taken the republican idea of the mandate at all and created a public option instead. It is brutal he is being roasted by the right for using their ideas.

  8. CNN kept calling the individual mandate "the centerpiece" of the ACA.

    That's ridiculous. It's just a way to broaden an already big pool. Most people have health insurance.

    People don't want to wait until they need medical treatment to get insurance. If they're uninsured and they're hit by a truck & treated while they're unconscious, they will have to pay a huge bill out-of-pocket.

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