CNN Spews Lies For Anti-Abortion Republicans


Maurice Vega

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  1. What are your thoughts on mainstream media coverage of Steve King's rape and incest comments? Leave a comment below.

  2. Steve King has probably been molesting his own children and children in his family , if someone tell you who they are , believe them

  3. king is the king of jack asses and a fanatic and so many of the alt right religious fanatics are the same. Not my kind of people, to much hate and bigotry, but the are fake Christians.

  4. I never heard a doctor tell a pregnant woman if she wants to hear her “clump of cells’s electric activity” doctors usually tell them to hear the heartbeat.

  5. It's obvious that some men would rather control women than bother to control themselves. It's a form of Projection.(and lack of self esteem/inadequacy)

  6. Murdering babies is wrong.

    Amazing I have to say this.

    Leftist and their pro-abortionist stance.
    History will look back with shame on how we permitted these murders.

    Not to mention how the Left are using abortion for eugenics purposes.
    They are fulfilling Hitler's dream, while they slaughter undesirables before they are born.

  7. I Wonder if Steve King would feel the same way about rape and incest if HE were the one being Raped or Molested by a family member??? Hes a FU🤬🤬ING IDIOT!!!

  8. Right to Life is the American version of the Taliban, or ISIS, take your pick. It's their way of thinking, or else, no intelligence involved, just religious dogma required..

  9. Anti-abortionists care so much for the sanctity of life…until the moment of birth. Then they lock the babies in cages. But the irony at the intersection of anti-abortionists and white supremacy is that, among all demographics, white women have the lowest birth replacement rate. So the outcome of their cartoon genius plan, results in making sure more black and brown kids are born than are white kids. SMFH…. Makes sense when you remember these are the same people that brought us kudzu.

  10. Some of the language used by republicans is so emotive and disturbing. Babies ‘ripped from their mothers’ wombs’ for example. And the appalling lies about ‘ full term abortions’ which has never existed or the picture of doctor’s killing new born babies. A foetus can’t be considered a baby/human until it is capable of independent life. Republicans and evangelicals are so violent in their protection of the foetus until the moment it’s born — after that, they don’t care. Their fixation on controlling women’s bodies might change if the situation were reversed. Any man who has impregnated a woman in any other way than consensual should be castrated, or, at the very least, made to have a vasectomy. Having ruined a woman’s life then, as the evangelicals are so insistent on the more prescriptive Old Testament laws, an eye for an eye seems only fair.
    I shall now retire to my nuclear fallout shelter and await the fury of the republicans etc.

  11. I have no idea why what King said is so controversial to you all. Everything he said is true, we are all a product of rape/incept, that doesn't mean it's right but it's a fact! Or perhaps you choose truth over facts?

  12. The easiest way to test if a pro-lifer really thinks abortion is baby murder is to suggest spending a tiny bit of tax money to develop a perfect contraceptive available to everyone.

    I always get two responses
    * We already have a perfect contraceptive: not having sex before marriage. (as if married people want every sex act to produce another dependent)
    * Taxation is wrong (worse apparently than baby murdering, but ok for police and an enormous military bigger than the next 10 or so countries combined)

  13. What proves that it’s about having power over women, embryos in fertility clinics aren’t counted in their proposed laws.

  14. Genuine question to any pro-life Republicans / Conservatives who believe life begins at conception:

    If a fertility clinic is on fire, there's a room full of thousands of fertilized embryos, another room with a crying newborn baby, and you can only choose to save one – Which do you choose? the embryos or the baby?

  15. I’m sure if someone in his family got pregnant by an African American, then we’ll see him flop on that rationale in a blink of an eye

  16. @john tyt
    You guys keep separating rape and incest when talking about abortion call me crazy but if your incestual relationship was not rape of any kind, you should have to keep your baby right? But im one of those kooks who thinks Life Starts in the womb not outside of it. But still if you're banging your dad and it's not rape you should have to keep it why are you separating rape from incest in the talking points?

  17. CNN was Shiting on King's comments
    Fox loves King too much to show how he sucked!
    Please research outside of a chart before making a video on it!

  18. Republicans are eager to see bill passed allowing employers to fire transgender employees. Republicans insert themselves into the uterus of women. Republicans would like to enforce execution of doctors who perform abortions on teen victims of incest. Republicans favor slashing medicare, medicaid and social security while giving trillions in tax breaks to billionaires. Republicans are anti-American pro authoritarian nazis.

  19. You know what would be amazing?! Honesty, just plain fucking honesty. All you pro-life, anti choice morons really need to take a good look in the mirror, and in your bibles btw. How the hell do you have time to sit on line picking fights with strangers and trying to force your life choices on everyone else, when there are hundreds, if not thousands of young children in jeopardy right now?! Right here at our southern border!
    Let me guess. It's not as appealing to worry about young lifes if it doesnt have an element of suppressing women in it? Right?
    How about this, did you men know that sperm has a sense of smell? That's a sign of life. How about you guys stop killing sperm? No more rubbing one out and killing 1000's of potential young lives!
    Keep your Goddamn hands off my uterus! IT IS NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS! AND I dont know what basterazation of "Christianity" your following. But NONE of the bullshit you rant about was ever preached in any church I ever went to. In any event, that choice was yours and my choice of belief system is very different. Why on earth should I be forced to live by your "religeous" beliefs instead of mine?

  20. Aye, I'm going to shut this down. Anyone who wants to kill someone belongs in a shithole. It's funny how we were all born and appreciate the joy of life while we comment on YouTube debating whether or not it is morally acceptable to kill babies (who would likely have wanted to be given the same opportunity as us)… You know, the opportunity to enjoy life and maybe comment on YouTube videos like you guys.. I'm of the opinion that anyone who thinks that abortion is alright should have been aborted by their mother long ago!!! And one thing I'll admit is that it is a massive debate. Both sides, pro-life and pro-choice have their own arguments that cannot be really denied. As important the rights of freedom of choice are though, by no means in my opinion are they significant enough to takeaway from the value of human rights. Human rights are all about speaking up for oppressed, those who cannot speak for themselves and often of the times do not have voices. Babies/fetuses are humans at the beginning stages of life… They are so young that they are voiceless and cannot express decisions on their own (meaning that they cannot decide if they would like to live or die yet). Don't you think a human at the beginning stage deserves some basic human rights??? Is not the ability to live a human right?

  21. Meh.
    His point was if your ancestors aborted their child because of rape or incest you wouldn't exists. He isn't eloquent but it was pretty obvious what he mean't.
    Now does that actually talk about why abortion is wrong or not?

  22. Uh .. Anti Abortion legislation …is ..well ..anti murder .. Sorry damaged reporters, but you are simply lying … When a woman aborts a baby ..n she is murdering a child

  23. without rape and incest, most repugnants would be virgins, and the majority would never have been born, repugnants!

  24. There one good thing about all this. This climate is showing how disgusting and abhorrent many conservatives truly are so I know who to stay the hell away from. If anything at least Trump and this conservative climate has shown me who and what I can trust and who to stay clear of. I’ve cut friendships and ties with many who support this conservative White House. Thank you Republicans for shedding light on the scumbag community populating parts of this country ❤️

  25. The clown voters are products of rape and incest. But King forgot one more thing Child Bride, that's what they like more. SAD!!!😡🙋🏻

  26. Anti-choice folks should be free to offer to raise all of 6 to 15 week-old fetuses they want to. That way, women can choose when they are ready to have children, and not one fetus has to grow up with parents who aren't ready to take care of them. That would be an obvious answer if there was a shred of legitimacy to any of the right's arguments on this issue. The goal of anti-choice isn't to protect non-viable fetal life – it's to ensure poor people stay in their place and corporate prisons stay full of slaves. If anyone says otherwise, let's see who signs up to raise the unwanted and non-viable fetuses of the world and who's all talk.

  27. Religion needs to be outlawed. Nothing good has ever came from religion. Christians believe child rape and murder is a good thing. Child sex slaves, and slaves are the Christian god commandments.

  28. I watched Stephanie Ruhle CNN cover King's insanity and she was very straight forward in her commentary. It's time to ratify the ERA, once women have legal rights, the religious wrong won't have any legal wiggle room to restrict a women's reproductive rights. The war on women must stop!

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