Bernie Sanders is running for president in
2020. He declared his candidacy on February 19th,
on Vermont Public Radio, and launched a video announcement on his YouTube channel the same
day. Following his announcement, he raised nearly
6 million dollars ($5,925,771) in just 24 hours, all from individual contributors–a
quarter million (223,047) of them—shattering the already astounding benchmark set by Kamala
Harris, who raised 1.5 million dollars in the first day following her announcement. Perhaps even more impressive, 600 thousand
dollars of that haul was from individuals who set up recurring monthly contributions,
meaning that, should they remain with Bernie until election day, Bernie will pull in another
12 million, just from those who signed up on day one. And the backlash from the mainstream media
has already begun. Also within 24 hours of his declaration, the
Washington Post published four anti-Bernie columns, with titles like… and… In this video, I will break down some of the
mainstream media’s history of bias against Bernie Sanders, before putting a spotlight
on one more recent, subtle, attack put out on CNN’s YouTube show, The Point. I’m choosing to focus in a bit on this particular
video, because I believe it serves as a perfect case study of MSM bias against Sanders and
the progressive movement….just in case you were wondering… What’s
the Point? (You get real pumped) MSM attacks on Bernie and his supporters are
by no means new or novel. A study by Harvard University indicates that
there was a media blackout against him, which damaged his 2016 primary campaign… While coverage of
Sanders has swelled, as he has risen to become to national figure, negative coverage persists. A particularly egregious example was the 2017
article in the New York Times, called “Attack Tests Movement Sanders Founded”, which blamed
Bernie and his movement for the Steve Scalise attack. The editorial, disguised as a news article,
claimed: In fact, Sanders has never called for violence. Rather, he has condemned it at every turn,
including in this instance. While perhaps more subtle, the msm bias against
Sanders is perhaps most damaging on cable news outlets like CNN. While CNN is often labelled as ‘liberal’ and
‘fake news’ by conservatives and Trump supporters, it recently faced backlash for hiring Sarah
Isgar, a long-time GOP operative, who served in Trump’s Justice Department, and called
CNN the Clinton News Network. Progressives have yet to experience the same
level of concessions from the outlet. During the 2016 primary campaign, CNN habitually
included the yet-to-be-cast superdelegate votes in their tallies, thus inflating the
perception of Clinton’s primary lead. Along with Fox and MSNBC, CNN refused to cover
a major Bernie speech in front of a crowd of thousands, instead filling the time with
general punditry, and teasing a speech Trump would be delivering later on. Six months ago, Jake Tapper decided to ‘fact
check’ a claim that Bernie Sanders made, quoting a Koch-brother-funded study. Sanders had not made a false claim, but Tapper
managed to claim he had, by re-interpreting Sanders’ claims about saving Americans money
to mean saving the Government money. After facing backlash, Tapper apologized for
his mistake, and CNN relaunched the same fact check video on their YouTube channel with
minor edits, which faced a new round of backlash in the comments section. CNN has continued to push against Sanders
for 2020, and for their own favorite candidate, Kamala Harris. They elevated Harris by giving her the first
democratic town hall event, in Iowa, the first in the nation primary state. They rank her number one on their democratic
candidates list, and put Bernie at number seven, despite the fact that she has failed
to beat him a single the poll of the general electorate (collected by RCP), including their
own polls. Two days after Sanders put out his 2020 announcement,
CNN’s resident YouTuber, Chris Cilliza, created a video called “Why 2020 will be harder
for Bernie Sanders.” Rigth. So, Cilliza begins his video by making a claim
about what Bernie is thinking. Minor point, but you should never claim to
know what another person is thinking, let alone claim that what you presume they think
is incorrect. So, without referring to anything Sanders
has actually said, Cilizza is bizarrely saying that Sanders is only partly correct about
the thought he randomly and incorrectly attributes to Sanders. Next, Cilliza attempts to give Sanders the
benefit of the doubt, citing positive information about the current front runner among declared
democratic candidates. While this appears to be favourable information
about Sanders, and it is, this is done mainly to create a perception of balance for his
criticisms that are yet to come. The information he cites is also very underwhelming. He cites just one poll. For proper context, we should understand that
Sanders has been second only to Biden in all 20 out of the last 20 polls from Harvard-Harris,
Emerson, Monmoth, CNN, Morning Consult and Politico. But buckle in, it’s about to get worse. Yes, Trump has said positive things about Sanders, mainly
as a backdoor attack against, Hilary Clinton. But between Bernie declaring, and the publication
of this video, Trump made it quite clear how he feels about Sanders, sarcastically wishing
him well on Twitter, while referring to him as ‘Crazy Bernie’. This was of course not the only time Trump
has called him Crazy Bernie. He did the same back in October, in an attack
against Bernie’s Medicare for all plan. By choosing to focus on Trump’s praise of
Bernie, rather than his attacks, Cilizza insinuates that there is an unholy alliance among the
populists. Claiming that Trump likes Bernie has the likely
intended effect of pushing Democrats against him. The conspiracy talk Cillizza chuckles at here
is actually very much substantiated by the dnc email leak wikileaks released in 2016. You would expect a CNN contributor to know
this, since this is a major piece of the Russian Collusion story that the network covers ad
nauseam. Alright, this show is called The Point, so
let’s skip ahead to it. That is true. It’s a bigger field. Strange to bring that up in a video about
Sanders though, since that challenge would apply to everyone in the field. In other words, less progressive candidates
have shifted to the left, in attempts to recreate the magic of his 2016 race, so he should be
worried? If 2020 is shaping up to be a Bernie Sanders
impression contest, shouldn’t he be the least concerned? Ah, the Old White Man problem. I should have expected this one. I did a whole video about it. You should check it out if you want the full
version of the rebuttal here, but suffice it to say, polling indicates that Sanders
has more support amongst women than he does men. More support amongst people of colour than
he does whites. And, more support amongst young people than
he does amongst older folks. He’s also more supported by youth, blacks,
and women than Kamala Harris, a candidate who is undeniably younger, blacker, and woman…er. Apparently, it does. Not technically a democrat. I’d say that argument is both last and least. I addressed the issue in the other Sanders
2020 video I made, but here’s a little additional information. Like a full 44 percent of Americans, including
much of the Democratic voting base, Sanders is an independent. But like most Independents, he has a clear
preference between the two major parties. He has caucused with Democrats his entire
congressional career, and has campaigned for democrats as far back as Walter Mondale’s
1984 presidential run. Because of new DNC rules Sanders will have
to sign an affirmation of loyalty to the party, which his campaign claims he will do. I find it pretty annoying when Democrats attack
him over his status as an independent. Clinton criticized his independence in her
book, but he wasn’t too much of an independent when she sought his endorsement and presence
on the campaign trail in 2016. Nor was he too independent when the DNC included
many of his ideas in the party platform. Now, as I see it, this criticism against sanders
is both toothless and played out. But for Cillizza, it’s a pressing issue. And Cillizza is not alone. Ever since he entered presidential politics
in 2015 Sanders has faced push back from establishment media. First they ignored him, then they smeared
him, and now they dismiss him as implausible, despite all evidence to the contrary. Kind of reminds me of that famous quote Gandhi
never actually said. When it comes to the resistance Sanders has
regularly faced in the so-called liberal media, I think we might want to consider about motive. What’s the point?

Maurice Vega

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  1. This whiny mess has been up almost a month now and everything I thought is coming true. There is no doubt that Sanders is the preferred challenger of Dotard Drumpf. The asswipe-in-chief is pretty damned sure that he needs to have an opponent named Sanders if he's to have any chance of a second term.

    The 2020 presidential race is the Democrats to lose and that's exactly what they'll do if they are dumb enough to nominate Sanders. The Ds gave us Trump by nominating Hillary in 2016. Please, please, please don't do it again by nominating Sanders in 2020.

  2. Well it's UP to you Independent NEWS….to cover what these mainstream media won't!
    I am tired of seeing TRUMP….he has nothing of value to say!



  5. Hey Bernie Sanders haters just give it up you have absolutely nothing to hold him accountable for and that whole socialist crap well let me enlighten you jackasses time changes you cant hold him accountable for the actions of other socialist bastards especially for those that have been dead. Phoenix Sanders is the exception and only one especially how he was also an activist in his youth and has always been opened minded and always fought for the right things in life and in the system enough with the socialist negativity. Its not like capitalism is any better and you all know it. Remember this were in America not Russia not china not north North Korea not south America and not the middle east. We have possibilities other countries dont have that kind of luxury. Another thing i like to point out he is not stupid or naive of course he is going to give better boarder security and make sure the system works and applies to everyone. He may not do it all but he will make sure that most of its has been accomplished. Trump supporters im sure that sanders may may take some time to take some of trumps "trumps ideas" into consideration like making peace with north korea making more jobs for American citizens and especially improving boarder security but this time going about it the logical way and make sure that immigrants wont be treated like animals but as human beings. He wont be a bully but the principal who brings order and stability in this country. I also believe he will make sure that criminals cant abuse the system by using loop holes.

    Phoenix Sanders!
    Phoenix Sanders!
    Phoenix Sanders!
    Phoenix Sanders!

  6. Perdón su señoría. Pero reina la. Horilinal y en madera y también. Y la iglecias de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos dias

  7. Por último. Le pido que este en mi arresto con sus puebras de lo que me acusan. A la De madera california

  8. "count me as skeptical"…. Skeptical about what you smarmy smug douchbag? His stance on political issues? Bernie has been preaching the same policies for literally 40 flippin' years. What does party affiliation have to do with anything when his stances clearly align with democrats. Who is this schmuck anyway? I need to find his channel and downvote all his videos.

  9. Whatever the mainstream corporate media thinks about Sanders, they need to get get together and back him. Anything is surely better than Big D?

  10. The point is… He was viable and electable in2016 and he is viable and electable this day. We get what we want, sometimes. Sanders20/20

  11. Bernie, you sound like an old dyke. Give it the fuck up and leave things to sluts like Kamala. Your recall is bad, and you don't have anything you really believe in like Kamala does. The way you pronounce words is also kind of faggy.

  12. The Point sucks and is a living testament to how out of touch CNN and other major news networks can be.. I shiver with the thought at how much that makes me sound like Trump

  13. I'm so glad you took on that video and CNN! I felt so frustrated watching CNN rejection of Bernie and endorsement of Joe Biden, who hasn't even announced his run ?

  14. The Democratic Establishment will not give up their control easily. In 2016 they bought and paid for Hillary’s win of the nomination. They will support Beto or Warren because they are apart of the establishment. We the people must show them otherwise. They will try to control us but we must break free. Let’s show the DNC who is really in control. POWER TO THE VOTERS! #Bernieorbust

  15. Sources:


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    Dems Have Left Our AFRICAN American Citizens in The Dust in Hopes of Importing a Huge Illegal Voting Block of Line Jumping Foreign Nationalists in a desparate ILLEGAL attempt to Steal elections and Control American Citizens! Libs Have No Respect for our Constitution or Our Rghts Unless It Serves thier Facist Agenda.
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    Libs Are the Real Bigots, Racists and Anti-Constitutionalist Who Divide Us All With Insane Identity Politics and Want to Turn The Rest of America Into A Sanctuary Shithole Like California. They Trade Our Tax Money for Illegals Benefits inexchange for Votes!.

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    If YOU Support This BS > Vote Democratic, If You Want America Restored and The Liberal Dem Socialists Booted out of our Government, Support the MAGA Agenda. Finally A POTUS With Balls The Size Of The Freedom Tower To Take On These Anti-Americans in Both Parties And The Fake News Collusionist Media Like CNN, MSNBC & Late Night So Called Comedians!

    DJT is Dimantling The Deep State And The Hounds of Hell Are Not Happy! Trump Is An A-Hole & an American Patriot! We're Taking back Our Government and We Need Your Help! May God Bless DJT and may God Bless The United States Of America Again!

    If Murdering Late Term Babies Are Progressive Values You Can Kiss My Left Nut!
    Absolutely INSANE Wake Up America You Have Been Had!

  17. It is so damn obvious that these media outlets and their contributors try to push the contentious narrative among candidates just like a schoolyard fight when they push two opponents together so they can physically beat on each other. Mo’ money for their networks if everybody is fighting.


  19. Sharing this because we all should be aware of it. Please reshare.

    From the video by The New Left, title "Corruption Exposed! Rigged Elections Across America!"

    "This is how they're going to cheat Bernie Sanders in 2020. If propaganda can't change our votes, then Fraction Magic will. And if we try to audit those votes, then they'll just destroy the records. It's what they have always done, and they have never been punished for it. So we need to start standing up for election integrity right now, because our vote is our voice and we are being silenced. And if we don't start speaking up, then our country and our democracy are doomed."

    I tried to share the link to the video but YouTube keeps removing it, so if it's not here, search fore the title of the video.

  20. Never been more proud to donate to something in my life. We need Bernie Sanders but it's no shock that mainstream media are going all out this time. Why? Because this time he IS a big deal and they know it and more than that, they know he's anti-big business and CNN is owned by big business body and soul, so they are rushing to serve their masters. CNN should get it together and be totally unbiased.

  21. CNN and MSNBC along with Debbie Wasserman Shultz screwed Bernie in 2016 .We got Trump !!!!! It will no doubt start again !!!! BERNIE in 2020 !!!

  22. This is NOTHING compared to the GOP attacks which will be relentless and merciless.

  23. I'm sure Bernie knows this, but he must prevent working with anybody who has ties Wall Street. We need progressives that don't align themselves to anything CNN thinks is good. They are completely corrupt, and so is MSNBC. We need progressives that are complete loyal to the needs of the people without influence of any kind from the wealthy for once in our history.

  24. Maybe it was due to Bernie campaign in 2016, but the Democratic party values are better and more in tune with the needs of US of today. Bernie is 77 but he is the best candidate. No reason to steal or be corrupted by cash at this old age. He has consistently delivered the same rhetoric and ideology. Bernie is not just a GREAT candidate he is the BEST candidate. Any country would love to have candidates and people of his stature, determination and dedication. What is the point for CNN to smear him? I would have expected that only those wanting a worse US would reject Bernie.

  25. Democrats and the Gop. And the media. Are very afraid of Bernie Sanders. Go Bernie go. You are the man 2020

  26. Fake news bias. All way Will try to stop Bernie. Not anymore. We are standing for America. Clean the swamp

  27. If the DNC gives the nomination to anyone but Bernie, then you can guarantee a 2nd term with Trump. #GreatTribulation #FleeBabylon2020

  28. The World in 1963
    A half century ago, much of the news in the United States was dominated by the actions of civil rights activists and those who opposed them. Our role in Vietnam was steadily growing, along with the costs of that involvement. It was the year Beatlemania began, and the year President John F. Kennedy visited West Berlin and delivered his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech. Push-button telephones were introduced, 1st class postage cost 5 cents, and the population of the world was 3.2 billion, less than half of what it is today. The final months of 1963 were punctuated by one of the most tragic events in American history, the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. While a University of Chicago student, Bernie Sanders was arrested during a boycott protesting against segregation at his own university; and Bob Dylan wrote "The Times They Are a-Changin'" in September and October 1963.

  29. you take any of the people that are trying to throw Bernie Sanders under the bus right now and if you ask any one of them to stand up with Bernie Sanders and have a talk about things and they probably just decline they'd laugh and turn around walk off the other way you know they don't want to talk to him cuz they know better

  30. well if they mess him over this time and they're going to look pretty darn stupid about as stupid as they look the last time they did it

  31. What a surprise, the mainstream media doesn't like the guy that wants to take corporations out of power. Fuckin weird ain't it.

  32. I don’t agree with the old white man argument but I would still have mentioned it (probably not in the way that he did) because the origins of that argument is the progressive left

  33. must be nice to have a government job and make millions on a book. must be nice…capitalism is good. huh bernie? jerkoff.

  34. this capitalist bernie sanders, how many houses does he have now? wow. must be nice. how much is enough? greedy hypocrite prick.

  35. They also try to ignore and now will probably smear Andrew Yang, who is similar to Bernie and I actually prefer to Bernie, but they have the same attitude towards him. I used to blow off Trump supporters claims of 'fake news!!!!', but now I see what snakes they are. I don't respect any corporate media anymore. Fox and CNN are the worst, just pure propaganda. Worse than communist totalitarian propaganda because I don't even know who they stand for and who is pulling the strings, at least with a totalitarian regime I know what they stand for and who is behind it. CNN I have no clue what their agenda is but they definitely have one.

  36. Yeah…hey Dems getting crazy about Bernie being an Independent, ask yourself a question: Would you prefer he run third party or as an Independent and split the vote guaranteeing another Trump win? You might even find that in a three way, he beats the dem. Really? Is THAT what we want?

  37. I would like to say I'm a moderate progressive and I don't like our mainstream media and I might be showing the most extreme examples but basically CNN is super biassed and Fox has been scaring your grandpa for years

  38. CNN is big business. CNN is corporate America. CNN would rather cover a story about Justin Bieber, than say… climate change, or the habitable corruption in government, or any other important issue. CNN is the establishment.

  39. I just got a DNC ad before the video started. Is this foreshadowing? Hopefully something different occurs this time.

  40. Socialists are very popular at the beginning. Trump is no socialist but he is very popular. What do they have in common? Well, they promise a whole lot, and then they fail.

  41. I stopped trusting CNN back in the early 2000s when I found out from military families in the DC area that CNN was covering up US casualties in the Iraq War, which CNN consistently supported. I switched my home page to BBC at the time.

  42. We want Bernie's principled campaign, his national policies to make the economy work for everyone. He's turned over his tax returns and says he should be taxed more!

  43. At 11:40 ish … so now we have an establishment shill (Chris Cilliza) pointing to the fact that Bernie specifically stated a 3rd party run would split the vote and is too dangerous that it could lead to Trump. So if Bernie becomes the nominee, will Cilliza argue against the establishment Democrats starting their own party? Or say, if Howard Schitts decides to run as an Independent? My guess is probably not.

  44. Bernie is a Jewish chihuahua attack dog…

    He needs some lithium to shut him up.

    And, a Canadaian lobotomy.

  45. You guys are the best whiners in America. Whine, whine, whine, kvetch, bitch. The world is against us. The news media isn't fair to us. We are itty, bitty babies who need coddling because the world isn't fair to us. Get the fuck over it, and try to be mature enough to do the job. Stop whining and complaining or I won't be able to vote for Bernie. It's time for the big boys now. Children go on home now. And don't forget your toys.

  46. Sanders no X, Y generate listens to CNN, Fox on You Tube you are King! Go Bernie Sanders!!!!

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