CNN reporter responds to Trump: That’s not true

Maurice Vega

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  1. How much money does the United States have to allocate to Puerto Rico before they get their shit together.. 30 billion was given over the last year alone.. their electrical grid looks like it's from the 1900s.. I can understand if you fall down a couple of times, we can help you get back on your feet.. but eventually PR has to learn to walk on its own..

  2. Trump is a puppet someone is behind him who makes all the decisions my question is who is really our president

  3. Dump is scread to go to anywhere but fake ass for who he give them the qustions to ash. He cant do this with the other networks dump t.v. fake ass fox is not credible.

  4. Whatever you say CNN. I still don't trust you because you continue to brainwash and manipulate the people, you continue to divide the country with your fake news!

  5. Warning:The Surgeon general has determined that watching
    CNN/MSNBC/MSN is hazardous to your mental health.

  6. Ban! Mr. Trump twitter account. Remove his name from twitter account so he can not ever use it again, he damages american with it.

  7. To all right wingers who has loved everything trump has done up until this point, which if u do makes u a pretty horrible person imo, even if your a die hard follower, you have to find his remarks disgusting on Puerto Rico. To bold face lie to millions of Americans after they had endured soo much is beyond FORGIVABLE

  8. Stop saying, "That's not true." That's too polite. The correct phrase is, "That is a lie. Trump is a bald faced liar."

  9. you are all idiots of hate im assuming he is saying in total if it cost 91 billion they will get it but 50 billion to start over time So the fuck what !!!! he s got alot on his mind and he was told a number when he asked for it and if that person cant be acccuate fire the finacial guy quit nitpicking at trump he is trying to help you.

  10. trumps so rite .and if we actully gav puerto rico 50 bucks …it was 50 bucks to much …they are not a united state and they hav had the chance on several votes by the people of puerto rico to become a state …they chose not to …..50 bucks to much

  11. I sometimes think that people lose perspective of the kind of money we're talking about. Think of how much your life would change if you had a million dollars in the bank. Then think about 1000 million. That's a billion. No matter how much money our President has, you can bet that he and is family are set for generations.

  12. Donald Trump you got up there and told that big lie you didn't give part of Rico a dime so why would you get up there and tell that lie you didn't give him anythingthis sex predator president is the biggest barbituate liar I have ever seen in my lifetime

  13. Donald Trump Puerto Rico don't like you because you didn't give him not even one penny all you do every time you get on national TV you lie lie lieyou didn't give them a penny because you are a racist and you think that those people or Mexicans or somebody so you didn't give them a dime when you cannot get it in your head that them are American people

  14. The American people ain't stupid we know how this president again on TV and just lie we know he didn't give Puerto Rico one

  15. The man is demented, psychopathic and sociopathic, but the same kind of people in power behind him, absolutely love him.

  16. Trump is always on the stump, anywhere, anytime, to anybody. That is how a narcissist thinks and works. It is folly to think Trump will ever talk sense. He talks straight to emotions of his voters, and nothing else. And in the USA, the reporters and the congress people are bullied and cowed into silence. That would never happen and would not be possible in my country, which is why Trumpists have started bad-mouthing the happy countries, stating these are socialist, dangerous, despotically ruled countries.

  17. Operation Mockingbird Turning American journalists into a propaganda network's ??? LOOK IN TO THAT ONE FOR misleading VOTER"S????

  18. If donald believes, like a three-year-old, that saying something with great conviction will make it true, that is even more frightening than the idea that he simply believes a large enough minority of Americans will believe him that it's worth his while to lie vigorously.

  19. I don't understand why these reporters don't say to TraitorTreasonousTrump that he's being deceitful when he lies that P.R. received $91B. Why not call him out on his lies and deceit right there and then? Why wait until you are in the newsroom to say otherwise?
    It seems as though no one wants to defend democracy by saying to his face he's lying.
    One comes to understand how T.T.T. got away with lying and cheating and stealing for the past 50-odd years.

  20. One day Donald's lying is going to seriously hurt this country! I can't stand when this idiot lies… the Trump Supporters are to blame for Donald lying, they don't hold him accountable.

  21. James Comey is going to prison…. LOL along w many others. I love the declassified documents that have been coming out

  22. Trump is not President of United States, he is a terrible accident in the political history, a Monday example.

  23. Puerto Rico WAS way Broke before the Hurricane. They wanted USA to help them – ok- but to take advantage to fix their broke state is wrong.

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  25. Fact Puerto Rico got 91 Billion dollars. CNN lying and spreading fake news again. Puerto Ricos Democrats have bankrupt the island. Another financial disaster created by the Democrats. Detroit, Illinois, Chicago, NYC ….etc. All bankrupt by Democrats using taxpayers money to buy votes.

  26. CNN =CIA parrots, you never stop lying and spreadingFAKE NEWS LOLOLOL. LOSERS, LOSERS HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Funny how we sent food to puert rico, and it just sat there and rotted. We shouldn't be giving puerto rico anything. They don't pay taxes to us. So fu#k puerto rico and that NASTY LITTLE BITCH OVER THERE. UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BITCH.

  27. It dosen't matter if it's true or not… because the P.R government would have stolen most of that money anyways. The government of P.R is extremely corrupt and that's why Puertoricans are so mad and want the current governor to Resign

    I know because I'm from P.R

    The best thing for P.R would be that.. United States take over P.R government 100%

    If United States controlled P.R the corruption will be over

    (Sorry if my English is bad)

  28. Why is it that when the media is present in front of Trump, no one calls him out when he's blatantly lying? Why doesn't anyone have any balls to immediately stop him while he's spewing out his nasty smelly, maggot-infested lies? Isn't that something that true journalists would like to be known for, especially in times like these where we have the biggest lier to ever spread this whole "fake news" agenda against the media?

  29. A historic look at all funds given to Puerto Rico will prove Trump right
    99.9% of everything from CNN is a lie
    99.9% of the time you will have to go do your homework and find the truth if you do you’ll find CNN is lying 99% of the time
    CCN’s agenda is to smear whoever goes against their puppet masters investments

  30. Liar Liar pants on fire. Yet as we all know humpty dumpty fell off the wall and all the kings horses and all his man couldn't put humpty back together again. Trumps mother never read him these life lessons.
    Now we have a lying humpty, that is going to fall off his own wall that the Mexicans are going to pay for.

  31. Why are the Media's saying: It is not true!
    That was the President of Puerto Rico who cash the money and put in his pocket so much, and the people of the island receive only so much less!!!
    There was a theft and people riot to the President to quit his job, he had no choice and quit!!!😱🤢😓🥶

  32. The left have become the followers of BA’AL, the king of flies they are the snake in the house the enemy within. This simply cannot endure. President Trump has been positioned by GOD to counter this enemy of America. His first job was to keep the jezebel witch out of the White House then protect Israel. Now he fights with her minion in the house on a daily basis. Trump is a great warrior, Obama was the great betrayer and paved the was for the Witch to take the throne. The Jezebel Witch is making plans now to try again to run for President. Trump 2020 WWG1WGA

  33. Youuuuuuuu Tuuuube censors 🤣 BREAKING DEVELOPMENTS! 🎯❤️🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻 President Trump went to Ukraine with Don Jr. who was put on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian Co. with Jordan’s and Collins’ kids!! 😱 … oh wait, that’s Biden, Kerry, and Pelosi!

  34. Deepstate looses again!
    Thank you President Trump for blocking China to have control over our second biggest Port in our Great Nation that Oboma & HRC sold out from us.
    America is no longer for sale !

  35. CNN The Faulse Lieing News Network, They stand more Chance impeaching a peach than they do President Trump, Who will win by a larger Margin in 2020


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