CNN reporter questioned by Turkish police

Maurice Vega

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  1. Well
    Mr President Obama ,
    I think it's time to cut the realtions of US with Turkey .

    It's completely unacceptable that Allie country (Turkey) to the US will behave with CNN journalists as it did with this one !

  2. Excellent, bout time countries started treating these fake "Journalists" like the spin and propaganda spies they are. They are every bit as dangerous as any enemy combatant and should be treated as one !

  3. Is there anyplace where people can go and listen to news? Because you guys are no longer reporters, I'm tired of personal opinions and commentary and lack of real  news.

  4. shouldve arrested his ass and put him in a Turkish prison. We dont need these so called "journalists" here in the US

  5. id say CNN often acts as provocateur, i love free media but i dont think id be interested in having CNN specifically, even look at this story, provocative rather then actually explanatory. cnn people need lessons from bbc and al jazzera on how to be professional journalist.

  6. polisler orda çatışmanın ortasında de bekliyosunuz lan kahve mi ikram ediceklerdi? pasaportunuzu da bi zahmet yanınızda taşıyın. bu casus olma olayı da, casusluğu amerikalılar gazetecilere bırakmaz ama, sanki bunlar konuşuyo ki türkiyede hiç amerikan casusu yok.

  7.  Watch it. Ferguson revolt. Our reporter harshly "detained" by American police: trthaber,com/videolar/aa-muhabirinin-gozaltina-alinma-ani-21790.html

  8. CNN reports on itself. And kisses its own ass. How brilliant. They should get a Pulitzer for this one.

  9. so what a you thingk you need to respeckt to country you working who you thingk you are the are protecting media sturing up to people

  10. Turkey will always be a turkey in till they can get into the EU with unrestricted travel but thank god Germany is not having it 😀

  11. You are in a foreign country. Period. Obey their laws or you will suffer the consequences of your crime set by their government. Reporters are not above the law.

  12. If he is a reporter why the fuck doesn't he wear a press jacket anyone can have a fake press ID he was only kept for 30 min big fucking deal what is the fuss about

  13. Cnn, you are such a joke. The Turkish police in Turkey are moving forward as we see in the video, while american citizen and journalist stay there in front of them and blocking them. He is lucky he didnt faced a bodyslam or an arrest. Respect Turkish police for their patience and kindness.

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