CNN panel implodes over voter fraud claims

Maurice Vega

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  1. According to CNN, exposing voter fraud is:

    1) Irresponsible
    2) Dangerous
    3) Reckless
    4) Not Okay
    5) Horrible
    6) Threatening the democratic process

    They tell you it's not happening, but everything that came out through Wikileaks and the Veritas tapes were also supposedly "not happening".

    Does CNN really believe the viewers trust them? Really? The views here mostly come out of morbid curiosity.

  2. MY VIEWERS ARE DUMB AND THEY TRUST ME! SO SHUT UP WITH THE TRUTH LADY BEFORE I MAKE THIS FAT BITCH SALLY SCISSOR YOU TO DEATH!!!!! What the fuck, stop watching CNN shit please, if you tune out, they stop existing.


    "Hey, when can we meet? I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling."

  4. Lol…the evidence is via james o keefes videos…pure and simple…over 94% of people DO NOT TRUST THE MSM…and this is why…two paid hacks who won t even listen and then of course, when an opposite opinion is offered-with evidence, then the interview is over…hit them in the pocketbooks…cancel your cable and do not watch the msm…

  5. The left just can't handle logic, truth and facts. Watching these emotional snowflakes burn to the ground is hilarious. TRUMP 2016 GET USED TO IT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Love seeing these Libtard hacks get triggered with facts. Looks like these two cucks need to seek out their nearest safe space. #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #RiggedMedia #FuckHillary #FuckCNN

  7. All the online polls shows that 70-80% of Americans supports Donald Trump for president and that establishment shill disguised as a "journalist" has the nerve to say "Who is going to vote for Trump"? Wake up Americans!

  8. "You are threatening the integrity of the elections." By exercising free speech to expose the lack of integrity. wow

  9. "10 facts about voter fraud"
    5 seconds later….
    "there is no evidence of voter fraud"
    jesus christ… why do people give cnn the views?

  10. CNN is so damn OWNED! CNN is HILLARY'S MIND CONTROL MACHINE!. Pure and simple. American's CAN NOT trust any news flowing from this corrupt so called News Network.

  11. 2:31 The Man on the left claims that there were 1 BILLION votes cast, but yet claims that there is not voter fraud. How is it that the population of the USA is ~319 MILLION but yet 1 BILLION votes were cast. Explain that you honey-dick.

  12. It's like rats. If you see one, there's thousands you can't see. WHY would anyone bother to commit fraud if there were only a few. It's not worth the trouble or risk to do it in small numbers.

  13. CNN, you are worse, than communist newspaper in our country before 1989. Shame on you, you are truly aprentices of Josef Goebbels.

  14. Ex CNN journalist Amber Lyon stated that the Obama/Clinton Administration and CNN have worked together to support a brutal, repressive regime and silence journalists who are only doing their jobs to report the truth.

  15. That guy on the left literally puts his fingers in his ears and starts screaming…that's the type of "integrity" CNN has

  16. The confused lesbian who want to wreck normal family values along with the far left liberal who CANT dare speak against Hillary versus TRUTH

  17. It is not "horrible" to raise questions and take an honest look at the unpleasant answers. The Clintonistas here have their blinders on that the system is rampant with fraud and corruption and it generally, but not always, favors Democrats & incumbents.

  18. I believe this is the time to pray for God to send His angels to protect each voting station. I am claiming this verse where God proclaims, "No one can deliver out of My Hand. When I act, who can reverse it?" (Isaiah 43:13) So I'm counting on God to prevent any vote from being reversed.

  19. Interesting story, so beware – in Summit County, Ohio "pollsters" were calling registered voters asking the normal questions – Do you plan on voting?, Who do you support?, What issues are important to you?, etc, etc. Seems innocent, right? Well, the first question is the killer, because if you answer "no", that you do not plan on voting, someone would show up at the polls and vote in your name. How was this discovered? Voters who answered no to the pollsters decided to vote and showed up only to find that their vote was already recorded. This happened many times thru 2008 to 2012. Summit County investigative authorities found this to be true but no one ever was caught because though they had the fakes on camera, they didn't know who they were. But there was two common threads – the fakes all voted Democrat and the real voters were all called by pollsters and said they were not voting, even though they tried to. Further investigations ensued, and it was discovered that this happened many times that were not even noticed because the voter never voted, therefore never discovered. When this was first discovered in 2008, Republicans enlisted "poll watchers" to stand by the doors of the polling places to monitor suspicious activity. The Democrats cried "foul" and said it was racist. Yes, they said racist. Why you ask? The Democrats said that it was racist because it is common knowledge that blacks and Hispanics are afraid of white men in suits. In 2012, Summit County instituted Voter ID, so you have to produce a driver's license or State Of Ohio ID to vote now. There hasn't been any documented cases of voter fraud in Summit County since. So be careful when you answer questions to the pollster who call if you do not have a Voter ID law.

  20. no doubt that dude on the left is like a goofy confused little boy that can't handle the truth without rolling his eyes and making all these wild gestures he's comical you can't take him serious but then again this isn't a serious Network according to their subscriptions and Their audience for the medium that they use they should have 20 times that so they're just a hack but worthy of a good laugh when they get some goofy guy like that to act all emotional and silly you just can't help but Shake Your Head At This Crew

  21. wow they need to shut off their comments section it reveals that even as biased as they are that still Their audience knows the truth they're selling lies telling lies and shutting down the truth and no one's buying where did they find advertisers to put their money what a poor return for your money

  22. Wow now CNN cares about facts once the election is over, they actually encouraged muddying facts prior by actually giving weight to these statements when they have no proof whatsoever for their claims. They let the both parties push their lies, I believe if the media actually took Trump seriously and went after the things they should have on policy then we wouldn't be in this mess. If they did it fairly we could have a third party candidate as president because Trump and Hillary would have been way too damaged to elect.

  23. The Elites are calling for an Investigation of Voters fraud especially illegals VOTES FRAUD. Even though I'm a Conservative I for one am 1.000 percent behind it. This will prove if voters fraud happened. Is Trump right or not. I personally would love to Know Thanks CNN Everyone write and call Trump's administration demanding and full out investigation on the 2016 election voters fraud, especially of illegals voting in our election. We know Obama was encouraging illegals voting on a Latino TV channel. Thank you so much to CNN and the ELITE MEDIA. Thanks,, Thanks , Thanks Let's get this done as soon as possible. We are completely behind an investigation, this would shut both sides up for GOOD. I agree, let's get behind a formal and complete investigation,

  24. this is a chance for us to do a extremely complete investigation of illegal and other types of Voter fraud including the fraud on Bernie, it seems both sides now want it, let's do it as soon as possible

  25. lmao poor lying fake news idiots still can't except they lost ,,,,,, WE ARE SICK OF YOU grow up I sincerely hope there is an investigation now they already say they will cut the interview short she. they are wrong


  27. At the beginning the person on the left called the blond "bit#h" "as# hol#"? Did any one catch that silent cursing?, and the one on the right won't let any evidence be presented, go figure.

  28. Voter fraud proven by finding: dead people voting, duplicate voting & illegals voting. All very true, is how obama won TWICE & how corrupt hillary almost won, but it wasn't enough to stop the Trump train to MAGA !! Seeing how insane the leftist progressives ( anti- Trumpers) have been over this past year, we dodged the end of America as we know it.

  29. Typical trumptard tactic, just talk louder and longer with more bullshit, and when that doesn't work, start playing the victim or use personal attacks.

  30. its really sad. all you have to do is read. wide spread voter fraud occurs all the time. "threatening integrity" by asking questions

  31. "Voter fraud" is code for "Brown people are voting and shouldn't be allowed to because they can swing elections!"…ever notice it's ALWAYS "Blacks and Mexicans" bussed in from some "land of mystery"? Ever notice WHITE people never seem to commit voter fraud in these peoples world? It's race resentment and horror. That's it. They know minorities have vote power and it absolutely horrifies "white Murica".

  32. Where are we on counting how many illegal aliens and green card holders have voted? CNN is the least trusted most biased fake news creating station.

  33. In 2016 there were 200,000,000 eligible voters
    Hillary got 65,844,954
    Trump got 63,947,879
    That leaves about 70,000,000 that did not vote

  34. There's a troubling quote from Goebels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."
    The Betsy person seems to have bought into it.

  35. Why would these CNN airheads think a district (23 congressional) that’s the home of Debbie Wasserman Schultz could ever been involved in voter fraud? Let me ask Bernie. 😂

  36. Why would these CNN airheads think a district (23 congressional) that’s the home of Debbie Wasserman Schultz could ever been involved in voter fraud? Let me ask Bernie. 😂

  37. Are Democrats really stupid enough to believe that illegal aliens aren’t voting? Come on Man!!! And when we try to ask for common sense laws like requiring voter identification, you libs don’t support it, why? Because you know it is happening and you know Hispanics vote Dem 85% of the time!! It’s the exact same reason you’re ok with wide open borders!!

  38. This is so hilarious to look at three years later when these same cnn folks claimed voter fraud…claimed Russian and Republican manipulation…all in reaction to trump getting elected.

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