CNN/ORC poll: Majority of Americans oppose Netanyahu invite

Maurice Vega

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  1. Even if Congress went through President Obama 1st, Bibi would've been denied the visit. Are we Americans so dumb, so blind, and so ignorant as to what's really going on in the "Real World"? In our OWN country. Some of us are, while others are simply waiting for the dookey to hit the fan. Time to wake up sleepy heads. I fully support PM Bibi in his efforts to keep the Jewish people and Jewish state safe & secure by ANY means necessary. If any Jews are reading this comment, you should make your way back HOME NOW Immediately, before the world Completely turns against the nation of Israel and we have a worse Holocaust type movement than before against you.

  2. No matter which President is there at the time, this is a very big insult. Every President represents the country. It does not matter how much you hate the President. This is a slap in the face to all Americans. I hated Bush, but even then this should not have to happen.

  3. Bohner literally committed treason by going around the White House to conspire with a foreign leader directly behind the back of America's elected leader.

  4. he incompetent palistine is A terroist natian an israel has A right to defend them self but israel gov make it worst. 

  5. I'm an Israeli leaning to the left wing and yet I still want this careless douchebag to speech in congress, the west doesn't involve Israel in their negotiations thus going towards a very bad deal, so why should Israel involve the white house? we don't want a nuclear Iran, neither the right wing nor the left wing.

  6. Wow lamestream media cant help but to continually try to brainwash. Really whats the point in attacking Netenyahu? They can make their own news for their own agenda.

  7. Obama hates B.N.  You report the ignorant nonsense Obama's team makes up as news.  Americans don't care in any poll if he visits Congress and speaks.

  8. It's hilarious watching the mainstream media painfully struggle to report on any negativity towards Israel.. just by looking at them, you can so easily see that even they know they look as stupid as we already know.. but the best is fox news.. cause they shit themselves proper and some even start crying.. but even better is watching bibi's asskissing standing ovations
    ..that's why I want him to make that speech.. it really is such a great comedy show to watch

  9. this is not relivent but still to the jew I respect the fuck out of you but circumcision is bad not cause you do it but because it fucking bad please stop. 

  10. They should have polled if they thought Obama shouldn't be so butt-hurt little Jimmy invited his friend over to play without him.

  11. give speeches in your own public offices…this is suppossed to be the US not Israel…shouldnt matter how much of an ally your suppossed to be(us liberty isis psyop etc)…….you shouldnt get to run rough shot over every body in the US including the congress and the president…whatever happened to self respect…..bunch of sell outs….

  12. Hmmmmm…. Personally I was never asked how I felt about him coming here and I'm an American.  None of my friends, coworkers, or church members were asked either….so wondering how they can say "63% of Americans!"  These are inaccurate numbers with the sole purpose of promoting hatred and racism of Israel and the Jewish people.  This article needs to say, "63% of the how ever many people polled."

  13. Netanyahu improperly used state funds for his family, following complaints by the opposition.
    State Comptroller Joseph Shapira found "excessive" sums had been spent by Mr Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, on food, furniture and gardening at their state residence.
    Mr Shapira's long-awaited report identified some examples of what it called expenditure that was "inconsistent with the basic principles of proportionality, sensibility, thrift and efficiency".

    They included a $23,000 (£15,000) total bill for takeaway food deliveries in 2011 to the prime minister's official residence, where the staff included a cook.
    The report also found clothing claims were two-and-a-half times the allocated budget and said cleaning bills at the residences were "very big" and "excessive".
    Employees at the prime minister's office were reportedly sometimes forced to pay out of their own pockets for Mr Netanyahu's personal expenditures, and were not reimbursed.
    The report also detailed bills for calling out an electrical contractor on Yom Kippur, the most sacred day in the Jewish calendar, when all work in Israel generally ceases.


  15. but why the Americans doesn't want to bomb Iran for us? they'd bomb Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya,& many other country for us.Israel is a small nation we can't afford to lose our blood in a war with Iran.

  16. CNN is a joke. Admit it, your polls are skewed to get the results you want. Must have polled a bunch of illegals on this one. 

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