CNN Likely To Be Booted From Airports Nationally

Airports are facing criticism for only broadcasting
CNN News in their facilities. Critics say the exclusive broadcasting of
CNN exposes travelers only to left leaning partisan views. The federal government plays a big role in
financing the growth and development of airports, so does that mean the taxpayers would have
a choice of what news they see on the airport television screen? Joining me to talk about this is Mollye Barrows,
legal journalist for the Trial Lawyer Magazine. The truth is the best argument, whether it’s
left leaning, take left or right out of it. You have people walking through airports,
you feel like my tax money pays some of the functions of this airport. I don’t want to be in here blasted with left
wing, right wing. I simply want to enjoy myself. I want to be entertained. Life is hard already. My flight didn’t make it. Right. I’m 24 hours away from home. You can understand kind of the reaction. I’ve seen CNN in those airports sometimes
and you go, “My god, just give me a break. Just lighten up.” Right. What’s the solution? What’s your take on this? Well, a couple of things that jumped out me. First of all, I didn’t realize that CNN Airport
News is what they call it, CNN Airport had an exclusive contract with so many of these
airports. But it’s a business model I guess they pitched
in 1992 and they went with them and they said, “We will pay you X amount of dollars over
an eight year period of time, or however much it is, and we’ll adjust annually accordingly
according to how much is fair to pay airports. So we’re going to pay you to run our news
product.” And up until recent years, it’s gone relatively
unnoticed. Either airports signed along because they
didn’t have any other options or they went along with it because CNN made it easy for
them and paid the most money to run their content. It’s a business model that’s been working
for them, but I think it may eventually be phased out to a certain extent. I can see why some viewers would want to have
a choice. If you’re stuck there in the airport, whether
it’s a layover or a flight or you’re a business person or personal travel, you want the option
to change. I guess you have the freedom to go and ask
if you are to change it. So here’s the point. What are you going to put on? You got MSNBC, that’s going to be left leaning. Right. Fox is going to be right leaning. Is it the solution that I think California,
San Francisco, I think- Yes. They have probably the better solution which
is to upgrade the wifi process and make it more accessible to people who just want to
watch the stuff they want to watch. What’s your take? Yeah. I think you’re exactly right. I mean, and really that goes to the bigger
issue of what you’re talking about anyway. Which is information and who has the right
to see what and when and how that viewpoint is presented and dispersed, if you will. Whether it’s airports or government offices,
there’s no more neutral ground for information it seems. Right. And to a great extent, that goes back to your
cell phone and that’s what the airport in San Francisco is saying, “Hey, everybody’s
got improved mobile devices. We’ve improved our wifi. They can watch whatever they want, whenever
they want on whatever they want of their personal devices.” So they took CNN down because of … Mollye,
thanks for joining me, okay? Yeah. Thank you, Pap.

Maurice Vega

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  1. CNN is leftist? Bullshit.
    CNN is corporate. They don't report on minimum wage woes, poverty, income inequality, net neutrality, climate change, racism, Republicons corruption, etc.

  2. CNN is good quality news. The people who don't like them prefer fake Fox News because they are legally only an entertainment show and, therefore, able to broadcast lies without repercussions.

  3. Fox news will have ya paranoid that a bomb will go off in the airport. Imagine watching that s*** while you sit on a plane

  4. Yeah, put Fox News on and make every tourist really "welcomed", nothing says "come enjoy America" like having to watch some rich and try white guy shit on minorities, women, the rest of the world, etc.

  5. CNN isn't very left leaning, its been centrist to the point of redundancy for years. They finally started holding the Trump administration to the fire recently… but only after promoting him like crazy during the primaries.

  6. take down the monitors and just run local radio stations and then you can want to shoot yourself to the local color of the place you came to

  7. Apparently telling the truth is a "leftist" thing. Whereas lying is something Republicans and Fox do. Hmmm….

  8. When the truth is against you (conservatives) then any news services that lets the truth leak in is left leaning.

  9. I've never seen cnn on any airports. Also, this is so a first world problem. Like, watch news on your phone and STFU.

  10. i say they also put two televisions together and have one tv cnn and another fox news volume down and have a third television too have cartoons for the kids

  11. MSNBC & CNN R left leaning ??? hahahahaha They're ALL owned by basically the same corporation. I guess faux news is left leaning as well Lol

  12. Sounds like trumpists have their panties in a twist. Who cares? I have other things to think about at the airport.

  13. I'm sick of seeing news in airports. I'd rather watch The Flintstones. Now if Fox is being broadcast in airports, i might have to take a cruise.


  15. In my opinion this is all part of a concerted attempt to groom the American Opinion.
    In my opinion CNN is not left leaning.
    In my opinion CNN performs the work of a pimp for the military industrial complex part of the government.
    In my opinion the desire by the government to intervene in this may not be what it appears to be.
    In my opinion the government has not been straightforward and truthful yet and it is doubtful it is being so now.

  16. Of course.. when Airports are owned and run by elites.. they'll come under the power of whomever is in government..

  17. Btw… McDonald's in the south seemingly appear to show only Fox News.. Poor folks can't afford to fly that much.. so.. it really isn't going to affect those who can afford to fly, are usually more affluent and thus more educational background.

  18. Better than listening to Faux News. Basically, I don't give a shit. I Have EXCELLENT selective hearing and can tune out anything I'm not interested in or care about. Another fucking non issue!

  19. Damn… I never really paid attention to what they had on in the airport… My biggest concern when I’ve had to fly is getting from point a to point B… I don’t care what’s on the TV… Although I hope to god it wouldn’t just be the fox sewer

  20. At the Oklahoma City airport yesterday, a TV in the boarding area (that likely would have been showing CNN) was showing the Andy Griffith Show reruns from a half-century ago. It's happening now.

  21. CNN left leaning c'mon who the fuck believes that? Corporate news as a whole is right leaning by design. MSNBC leans democrat and is socially lib (not left). Fox leans republican, libertarian, hard right conservative, alt right. CNN has an establishment bias, status quo bias, and the status quo keeps moving right in D.C.


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