CNN Laughs At Dumbass Protester

there were protests outside memorials in
Washington originally they were for veterans trying
to reopen the monuments but they were hijacked at some point by
the Tea Party and different Berger group in fact got so bad that the original protesters put messages on their web
sites complaining about what happened and
complaining about how their protest to get the monument reopened was
hijacked by extremists and you know you’ve gone too far in your
protest when even CNN can’t defend you with their false equivalence listen john
wants to listen to the jobs why the speakers at the rally at
the mall in Wantagh I call upon all love you to wage a second American nonviolent
revolution to use civil disobedience and demand
that this president leave town in to put the pork to put up a rundown to
get up on his knees into figuratively come up with his hands
out up to put the koran a boy a lot of anger toward the president who
were some of the speakers well Don this is part of the problem
within the republican party that’s larry claimant from a conservative group
called Judicial Watch are Larry claim and it looked at the
president’s a question we could go through this if we want we
don’t have to but this is part of the problem there are republicans here who
have serious policy disagreements with the president they would like the president to agree
to lower spending levels they would like the president to negotiate on tax reform they would like
the president ago share on social security and medicare now whether you agree or disagree with
those goals those are legitimate policy goes to the republican party they have
every right to try to negotiate with the president and I’ll either win or lose in
negotiations but then you have backed what you just showed and that is why the
president believes he can sit back and let this play out because you’ll have the fringe of the
Tea Party and conservative groups who are frankly are not interested in
governing the more interested in making a name for themselves in raising money watch all the emails flying around
saying send me money look listen all then they upped the ante in that ridiculous a noxious things they say in
these debates that’s why the race the democrats say will just sit back and let this play out
because events like that happen and they believe shorty party people
might jump up and share that some people much above insure that but
the president believes the democrats believe in the polling indicates they
are right in the wide broad swath of America
people look at that and just shake their heads when you lose Don Lemon n John King you gone way off the reservation because these guys wake up in the
morning and their main concern is how do i do fifty percent credit and 50
percent criticism to the democrats how do I give fifty percent credit and
50 percent criticism to the republicans but they look at this protest and they
were like or yeah I can’t defend that in any way the koran the keratin or not pass this the whole Obama is Muslim thing and by the way these are the same dies who
would then turn around and say got them Obama said Reverend Wright’s
church for decades wait so which is it that he said no church which is Christian for decades or is he a Muslim and then there’s also the people who are on a
whole nother level of stupid who would and on top Obama being
Christian and Moslem he’s a god damn atheist these are the
types of people they were dealing with

Maurice Vega

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  1. Americans are the most ignorant, oppressed, and oppressive people on the planet, given their wealth.
    Please, America, just keep your insanity within the USA. I won;t need to worry about being oppressed & exploited by loony, armed up, American, christian, fascists.
    Where are the academics, the intellectuals, the impartial and critical media in the USA? Isn't the general population aware of the Age of Reason over there in the USA?
    Surely there must be one rational candidate to vote for over there?

  2. Love the show! (And let's face it…Obama probably IS an atheist! I suspect he's too intelligent to be otherwise.) 😀

  3. Teapartiers think Obama is a Anti-Christian Muslim, the rest of the Muslim world thinks Obama is an Anti-Muslim Christian, either which ways I'd say Obama is a secularist President who doesn't govern by religion. Also, hyperbole much on second revolution, passing a budget should never come to such extreme outcomes, and to even suggest that is absurd and somewhat frightening.

  4. those moronic pieces of shit spat in the face of every rational and intelligent veteran out there. they made us all look like inbred sister fuckers who only watch fox noise and read world nuts daily. fuck all those pieces of shit for what they did. they allowed themselves to be made into a spectacle in which they were the punchline taking down the name of the rest of us vets everywhere. fuck them. fuck everything about those motherfuckers.

  5. +1,, We appreciate the admiring condescension as always,, lol. But we're both smart enough to know the system is rigged. Even worse after Citizens United. If that one decision isn't reversed very soon, than the nuttyness (from both parties) is going to continue to spiral out of control, away from the American people.
    Rational candidates can't compete, in the "special interest" fund raising game, going on here.

  6. You got to feel for those soldiers that started the protest. They got ambush and take over by a whole different breed of taliban. The American one.

  7. They drowned in the money river. Trust me it has been sad few decades for the reasonable Americans. No one in power listens to the reasonable ones.

  8. Did you know that teabaggers are satanists that were born on Mars and their mission is to ban all books but their new improved bible with all that liberal shit taken out, and Ayn Rand put in, and to creat a world wide corporate fascist state?

  9. No, Obama isn't an atheist. Please don't try to make up shit to fit your preconceived notions. Obama appears to be a Unitarian Christian who doesn't really believe in organized religion. That, in NO WAY indicates that he's an atheist. Please knock it off.

  10. It seems some in the US dont like democratic elections when the results dont go their way. The people spoke and rejected fascism and chose Obama for better or worse. These people dont care that they are in effect making the US look like its got a serious idiot problem.

  11. These crazy assed totally ignorant tea party nutjobs are out there making a spectacle of themselves. They get press coverage. It's a good thing really, nothing like the light of day to reveal the bottomfeeders of society!

  12. thanks for letting everyone know your incapable of listening and comprehending what was conveyed. I think you need to listen to the video again. In your case several times to fully understand what he said.

  13. I think Obama probably is an atheist, or at least secular/nonreligious. Like any other politician concerned with upholding a certain public image he'll obviously concede that he's Christian to appease the voters, and he doubtlessly attended a Christian church while living in Illinois, both as a family man and a community leader, because churches are excellent community outreach tools. All of that aside, he's probably smarter than that and if he's religious at all, it's a very benign religiosity.

  14. There are rational candidates, the problem is they don't have millions of dollars to spend on election campaigns, only the corrupt and privileged can get into public office.

  15. Put the corporate and top tax rates back up to the levels before Reagan and they wont have such war chests, and the People have funds to invest in badly need essential services like proper, secular education, universal healthcare, and decent social security that actually prevents people poverty rather than actively creating it.

  16. Don't let their millions influence you. You don;t have to listen, and shouldn't.
    If good candidates exist, then campaign and vote for them rather than claiming there's nothing you can do.
    If you don't have money, give your time; campaign, protest, unionize, be democratic.
    You have a low-bar argument.

  17. oh god its larry klayman, what an assbag, but i gotta say, atm he's doing us all a favor by suing the NSA for wiping their asses with the constitution every single morning when they wake up and take their morning dump.  he's the one that got a federal judge to say its likely unconstitutional and orwellian in nature.  lol

  18. Obama, and others, can claim that he is Christian, but his actions shows his real tiger stripes. He didnt have a National Day of prayer for the first 3-4 years of his presidency. He has put into office communist, athiest socialists that have publically attacked Christians, including with the Obamacare Mandates on NUNS and other person's of faith. He has pushed immoral actions, like homosexuality, which is in violation of "his Christian faith", and the mores of our country.  ACTIONS speak louder than the LIES! 

  19. "Who were some of these speakers?"  They are unlike you and have some sense!  You liberals don't have a clue!!  You are lost without hope!

  20. This made me laugh. Even if he is a Muslim, who's to say his religious choices are wrong? It's not different than any dumb fuck Republican getting in office. Oh, did I say Republican? I meant Christian because we all know where majority of the Republican vote comes from. SMH at dumbass religious people being mad that their religion is falling out of favor in America

  21. The president is NOT a Christian… and he could be whatever he wants, he should have never labeled himself as a Christian… He is a Muslim

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