CNN is triple-A baseball in Trump hatred compared to NBC: Gasparino

Maurice Vega

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  1. When I read your title and I click to it and saw it was a slimeball hosting the show I already knew it was a swamp propaganda program. CNN is a corrupt anti-American anti Trump anti America treasonous Criminal Network. They have been caught lying bluntly lying. And riding over 60 corrupt FBI agents . And this one talking with this nut .You're all human trafficking serial rapist child rapist supporters. And some of you are actual sexual predators just like those you protect. New York state welfare is connected in 19 people being arrested for human trafficking and pedophile sex rings. In New Jersey first week of December there were people arrested there for the same kind of crimes.
    But all we get you swamp predators to report on is some slut getting money or how a president fights back and communicates straight to the people with his tweet! And you can't deceive the American people with your False REGURGITATED PROPAGANDA!
    It's sad that you people don't care about true victims. Children that are being violated raped mutilated and forced into sex slavery organizations. You have nothing on our president. However he has a lot on you treasonous sexual predators human traffickers.

  2. Heirarchy of hatred? Why does it matter that he's speaking about the corruption in the media? The only way it matters is that he's shaking up an entity that's been corrupt for way too long. And, your BS piece about it, is just a waste of time. Big media companies are paid by advertisers and other big players in the world economy and he's slamming it for good reason. So, get to real news! How about talk about the suppression of gold and silver? How about talk about how the Fed is trying to disrupt a stable economy? How about report on real news? How about learn how to dive into the finer points of what he is saying?

  3. All crap! The people LOVES his demeanour and his traight talk. His approval rating is higher than Obama's rating this time in his precidency. Can we please stop pretending people don't like Trump, even at Fox!?

  4. It's not thin skin. He's gonna talk as much shit about them as they do him. He's not gonna sit there and take it. When you do, the public sways more with the media because no one is really speaking up against them. He's just using the bully pulpit, get over it.

  5. Neil please undo your tie ,it's making your head look disproportionate to your neck ,and for the love of God fox wardrobe department, buy him a new suit .

  6. I wonder if Fox is turning left fast enough to keep the government from taking away their broadcasting rights?

  7. If Gasparino knew what he was talking about, he could name the people who are funding the attacks on Trump.
    However, Gasparino is as clueless as Cavuto. Fox News is just gossip. Fox has Trump dueling with ghosts.
    Trump is not dueling with ghosts. Trump is fighting the folks funding Robert Mueller and his gang.

  8. Cash Needed News. How do you squeeze as much as you can out of hatred of Trump is the news of the day. Only time they exit the studio is in a disaster. CNN showed it was their way of saving money in their amazing Decade series which was done by Tom Hanks and others

  9. have any body notice that cnn don't have a single dislike in any video they post….but if you go to a normal news outlet they got likes and dislikes. wake-up America!!!!

  10. Hate? Is that what the refusal to worship Trump and to believe his lies is called? Hate? I wonder what his wives called it back when he was running around with one woman after another and he was telling them, "Oh, honey, I love YOU and just you. I wasn't with another woman, I was in a meeting"!!! Was that what his "university" scam was called when the world discovered it was a $25 million dollar fraud scam, Trump hate? Well, well. I do suppose that the Truth can feel like Hate…when the Truth slaps you in the face.

  11. I'm "all in" for Trump. Even if his ship sinks: I'll be on the bow shooting arrows in defense till the water fills my lungs.

  12. Remember fox news attacks on Obama. Not long ago. You can't take the heat? The issue is, is the president behaving legit. Neil did you say anything good about Obama. Stop pretending you're fair.

  13. Cnn just so you know I downloaded the app and I found a part where you show that how Trump walks. I delete it and put it 1 star. Keep doing your job you have become the meme of the year and also keep supporting Hillary. With her as a candidate we will win white house again!

  14. If you destroyed 17 republicans in the primary
    and destroyed crooked "H" and sent her into depression forever
    and then you erased all of the deeds of the best and the brightest Negro
    people will hate you ? But thats how the game is played ?|
    if you don like it don't get in it ???

  15. Why so much hate toward Cavuto. I dont always agree with him but he's not obnoxious about his criticism like other pundits. Hey Cavuto, not that you care, but I think you're ok. 😉

  16. So for the last year +, CNN has been saying Trump and his swamp creatures broke many laws including collusion and campaign finance crimes while fox news repeated the opposite . So after a bunch of people have been arrested and trump is panicking, you still get these trolls saying CNN=orange man bad BS. Obviously all channels of media will have a slight bias but how do people not recognize the different degrees of bias. Fox news mainly caters to ignorant thinkers and old people in nursing homes who are stuck in the past and have gone a little senile naturally with old age. This shit is very scary and disappointing to know that around 40% of the country are trump/fox subscribers because it means there are a lot of foolish people sharing the world with. Even if trumps goes to jail, these suedo patriotic/easily manipulated people will think its the deep state bringing a good man down. The one think trump has taught me is that white privilege is basically when the majority condones BS from a person of their own race and act like nothing is wrong while they would criticize/punish someone else of a different race for doing the same thing. If Obama did half the BS trump did like saying he grabs women by the pussy, he would have been looked at as an ungodly, no good black man that can't be made president because it would set a bad example for the children, etc, but when ignorant whitey does it then it is locker room talk and a highest office appointment. I wish everyone in the world no matter your class, creed, or race wisdom and understanding to decipher all the stimuli you receive on earth and empathy to understand your fellow man.

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