CNN investigation debunks Trump’s conspiracy theory

Maurice Vega

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  1. CNN wouldn't admit something real that makes Trump look good, if they saw it with their own eyes! CNN you did a very bad job, that even the brain washed liberals who actually watch this fiction show can obviously tell it is Garbage

  2. The 444 likes are mostly CNN employees, and the rest are bribed, are part of the FBI, are evil lying liberals who also want to dig make believe dirt on Trump, and are just plain idiots.

  3. president shitforbrains is worse than ten 9/11s and fox "news" is nothing but the ministry of disinformation

  4. The economy was On its way Do to Obama…!!?? Just like the bad economy that Bush left and Obama inherited and now trump inherited Obama's Bombing Economy..!!?? Think about it ("Dumb Reporters Fox News = Fake News")

  5. More important news braking today —- but, the Trump obsessed fake news from the Chinese propaganda machine keeps on whining – 24/7. You’re wrong about everything!

  6. This information was leaked by either the DOJ or FBI. Neither Trump nor Congress had the slightest. CNN is so stupid.

  7. These anti-American traitors working on Fox and complicity with Trumpite congress should be roundly removed from their positions. They are a danger to our national security, besides being destroyers of our most basic and hallowed institutions.

  8. CNN investigation. Bah! Election could be rigged. Ask Bernie sanders. Obama had wire taps. Fact. They sent a spy into my campaign. Fact.
    The government was weaponized against a presidential canidated. News agencies conspire to over throw an election as the cry over the results on national TV. Then try every angle to remove a sitting president, even his diet. That will all be in the history books.

  9. "Ow!..Covfefe!..Spy's everywhere! The FBI..The CIA..The NSA..The Scouts! All spying on me! Everybody says so! Believe me!..Everyone says so! Trust me!..It's Obama, who was really born in Kukyuckistan, and Crooked Hilary! Their after me!..Covfefe! Believe me! They hide in my tweeting toilet..They listen to me through my TV sets when i'm watching Fox and Fiends! Believe me! Comey bugged my tweeting bed! Trust me!..Aaaggghhh!…Covfefe!"

  10. I used to quickly sign on to clinton news network and msnbc for a few laughs over the past couple years since their views, commentary and propaganda are so ridiculous I laugh my ass off….. Now it is beyond the pale pathetic. ……these news channels and the foul CU*TS like Erin lemon, mika,, joe, larry,, old Q-Ball queen-by stetler are so out of touch with reality they need to have their heads checked. They are leftist, racist lying pieces of SH*T who wouldn't know reality if it bit them in the ass. They are just paid mouthpieces for soros and the deep state political crime ring that run them. Everything they have lauded against POTUS TRUMP since the election has come back to them like someone took a big, fresh nasty foul SH*T in their mouths….which is exactly what they deserves. When the whole Uranium One, DNC, AWAN Brothers and DWS and corrupt Mueller investigations comes crashing down when ANDREW McCABE SINGS LIKE A BIRD TO STAY OUT OF JAIL……the swamp…and this foul media which is the SWAMPS mouthpiece will be flushed down with it. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  11. Hmmm…'s not a conspiracy when there are facts….like sending a spy into a campaign to fish for any improprieties long before any evidence of Russian collusion ever surfaced… not telling anyone in the trump campaign that there was a Russian threat even after the spying was completed…mainly cause there was no threat to begin with…or not telling anyone that this was being run out of the white house….I guess facts don't matter

  12. So, the lyrics to Jerry Jeff Walkers' Desperado Waiting For A Train. "Yeah Jack you know that son of a bitch is coming" and that is trump…

  13. Does anybody expect the public to believe CNN about anything anymore? All credibility is lost, a dying news channel exposed for it's fake news and scripted interviews. I'll go and fact check this elsewhere thanks 😉

  14. CNN


  15. Did he just say Trump has 52 Billion twitter followers?
    Isn't there only something like 8 Billion people?

  16. No one gives a fuck about Russia anymore! The Dems should bring strong ideas to the table and beat him that way.

  17. Your the conspiracy theorist, we know the facts that CNN, ABC and the rest of you are full of shit. Where's your investigation of Hillary. Such a crock of shit you spew, stop crying Wolf.

  18. It's so easy to call out CNN bullshit, just look at year of prior videos. They know thier zombie followers are to lazy and content with thier IGNORANCE to fact check them. Sad sheople.

  19. More FNN false news…..investigating bulls…i they are talking to RINOS you know the ones and so do they. Investigating what a joke !

  20. Oh yeh I believe anything cnn says. CNN on creating bogus conspiracy Ha Ha Ha. The kings of fake news CNN

  21. Pretty much anything that comes from King Cheeto's mouth can be debunked. Someday, though, he will be able to say he had the highest rated show of all time, when the impeachment trial hits the air!

  22. Obama had put surveillance on Trump from 2012, when his birther info was being questioned. Oconus lures approved, Steele, Halper paid $1m why? Release the information FBI & DOJ and make all this transparent.

  23. you people are so dumb its painful. its too late now you are to far behind reality. you will never get caught up. this is how evolution rids society of the weak… ignorance rids society of the weaker minded life forms.

  24. Democrats-Demoralized Enemies Mock our Constitution Radically and Traitorously Seditious- "Hollywood" leading the way

  25. So….
    MJ Lee is an"unidentified female reporter"?
    She brought up the NK issue;, thanks to her from Qsys.

    Your welcome…

  26. Not so funny how CNN decide to ignore all the juicy texts and twists them out of context…while ignoring all the far more important texts that are now the subject of serious review by Congress and made the I.G report interesting… Pretty lame investigation by CNN if you can call it that.

  27. CNN acts as if it is controlled by the government of CHINA .. I have a feeling there are FISA warrants into CNN and their activities

  28. Who would believe an FBI now if they support the DEEP STATE. Bet on Rosen'thorn and Mule-gestapos KANGAROO COURT

  29. Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured…but not everyone must prove they are a citizen. And now, any of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.

  30. Are you sure the sausage king didn't send someone in? I don't think he wants to be undermined. Putin is very upset. Especially Gerard Depardieu. There's secret markings on the sausages.

  31. WHY IS STRUK-OUT still working in the fbi ? He has surely acted as a TRAITOR regardless of who the POTUS is.
    Would still be a traitor if it was a Democrat POTUS.
    Don't muddy the fact of his actions actually are a matter of TREASON.
    Someone said " in the good old days of REAL LAW and ORDER
    he would be strung up by now "
    Literally or a figure of speech?

  32. Bullshit! Everything TRUMP is saying about this witch hunt is TRUE!!! Hillary payed big money to FRAME him and instead it's turning on them ! You wanna hear another conspiracy?? Hillary Clinton and the DNC are being investigated for sex trafficking little kids like in Haiti after the hurricane one of her aides was busted trying to smuggle like 30 little kids into the U.S and it's all documented! It's worst than you can imagine! The IG report also concluded there's evidence of crimes against humanity charges coming! She's a CRIMINAL and so is Obama for trying to cover for her along with muller,Rosenstien, McCabe, Comey, that's why they are all testifying and Trump is setting up the Supreme court along with record breaking prosecutors and judges because so many people that are involved in this SWAMP are going to PRISON!!! That's the TRUTH folks like it or not it's all True and it's coming!!! THE GREAT AWAKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "But a CNN review of the text messages between Strzok and Page show no evidence to back up Trump's claims that the Trump-Russia investigation started in December 2015."

    Trump never said that his proof was in the texts between Strzok and Page. CNN suggested that. This is why CNN is FAKE NEWS!

  34. Fake NEWS CNN SUCKS INDEED! MSM, CNN,ABC, CBS, MSNBC are fake news! Dems = Communists spread anti american propaganda lies! Disgusting socialists manipulation! The FBI Is Corrupt it has been Proven in Congressional Hearings. This is FACTUAL and INDISPUTABLE! They decided Hillary innocent before the investigation began. They gave Hillary Queen for a Day a made up status By the FBI Where she could tell them anything and because they didn't mirandize her, It could not be used against her in a court of law.
    Why don't you stop being lazy and watch the Congressional investigations instead of watching the news Outlets Owned by the democrats and their cronies. Look up those News Net works and see who owns the find out who they are connected to I have already done that research.
    Oh by the way if the democrats start the draft again. The following could happen to you or a loved one. Because if democrats get in again there will deffinately be a civil war.
    He should be fired corrupt FBI should be fired. Help for the Benghazi Attacks was fighter aircraft on aircraft carrier minutes away were told to stand down during the Benghazi Attacks. Help on the ground less that 25 minutes away told to stand down. The night before the Attack all security was removed. Emails on Huma laptop show where Hillary ordered the hit on Chris Stevens. Hillary told the Egyption prime minister it was a planned attack. They told the American people and the families of the dead it was about an email. Drones were sent and showed Ambassador Stevens being drug Away. And the FBI says Hillary did nothing wrong. That says nothing about the child poronography rings Trump is going after. We never heard anything about them until Trump started running for office.

  35. Well its now september 11th and we know that the FBI and DOJ did conspire to oust Trump. CNN is fake fucked up News. Ih, and Obama was not born in the US and it has been proven he provided a fake Birth certificate which is fraud. CNN and the DNC are going down baby. Soon the celebration will begin.

  36. We need an investigation from the IG and FBI and how much liberal Democrats have been conspiracy against the conservatives and Trump

  37. How you all feeling now that Trump was right about being spied on? Who are the idiots? We knew all along.

  38. No basis to support his claim (well now there is) read

  39. CNN's ratings are going down.. down… down.    People are sick and tired of the liberal, anti-Trump propaganda that CNN spews everyday.

  40. Funny. A year later there is now documented proof
    that trump was right And he was spies on and did have foreign spies in his campaign. Didn’t see any Tera toon from cnn here

  41. CNN, you got a lot of nerve hypocritically complaining about Trump spreading a conspiracy theory. And what was that? Unfounded? Since Trump campaigned in 2016, CNN has done NOTHING but spread false conspiracy theories about Trump. Now you act like you never did? FUCK YOU! YOU PEOPLE ARE SOCIOPATHS! FUCKING INSANE, EVIL, DESPICABLE AND PERVERTED SICKOS! YOU SHOULD ALL BE LOCKED UP FOR TREASON!

  42. true trump's conspiracy theory

  43. Clinton Cabal is going down. How will fake news hide this one? They will have nothing to say. SPYGATE movie, coming to the fake news theater near CNN.

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