CNN interview with Trump accuser Kristin Anderson: Part 2

Maurice Vega

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  1. She's so comfortable in front of the camera. repeated her key words. All acting abillities for all of us to see.
    Enjoy the opera show.

  2. I don't like Trump and will never vote for him in a million years unless he payed me, but these accusations are too convenient. Accusations came out around when more Clinton emails leaked.
    SMH America is fucked either way, and I blame the DNC for fucking over Bernie Sanders.

  3. I am confused. The free information media is no good. The Higher pay, better benefits unions are no good. The government social security system that we pay into is no good. However, the head of Wells Fargo bank gets one hundred thirty thousand dollars for retirement benefits for wrongdoing. Is there something wrong going on in our nation that we don't realize while we focus on sex and emails? A dark force perhaps that involves our everyday lives?

  4. Anderson Cooper is 100% part of the global elite old-money families that want to FUCK the people over! FUCK THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU!!

  5. BREAKING NEWS trump says"How dare you claim I do what I claim I do! Who are you going to believe, my own words?" Said Donald trump of the GOP "Grab Our Pussies"

  6. Clinton news network stole trumps idea… but when trump brought bills accussers… there was no interviews with the women…smh

  7. I don't know anything about this woman at all, but i've been seeing and hearing Donald Trump for years. I believe her.

  8. To Clinton News Network: Why you're not covering the dangerous Wikileaks revelations about Hitlary ?

    This is no longer professional journalism. …

  9. She sounds believable based on what Trump actually said of himself. He said he likes to grab the pussy and that's what she says happened.

  10. Love how Trump supporters get mad when woman come out against trump for sexual harassment, when he himself brought four women to the debate who accused Bill Clinton. Now he's saying it isn't fair when it happened to him. How does it feel now Donald?

  11. For one million dollars I will go on CNN and tell the world Trump touched my ding-a-ling when I was 19 years old. I can do a better job than this lady! -/r/The_Donald/

  12. this is a show. look at all the lighting, the make ups, the backgrounds. this is too old. the millennials are better then you.

  13. Look at CNN and the rest of the basket of deplorable press scumbags tripping over each other trying to be the first to apologize for running the ridiculous groped in first class story. What? They aren't? Then they are irredeemable scumbags.

  14. she reminds me of my meth head ex who can't stop ****ing different men each week ,and accused me of airing out (not stabbing) airing out her tires…………… also says i ,and 4 other masked men held her down and cut her.. bat shit crazy women will do anything out of spite , just like Hillary will trigger war with Russia..

  15. she especially appeared to be bullshitting at the end when she said "just come clean" as if she could barely keep a straight face..

  16. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo unbelievably laughable. Simply disgusting.
    CNN, you are the Scum of news. This woman comes across sooooooo fucken fake. She should be sooooo
    ashamed of herself. And Anderson Cooper, the CIA agent, is even more fake than her.

  17. VOTERS especially delegates beware.
    Hillary has the media fooling you for her parties popularity and control. DO YOUR HOMEWORK SEEK THE TRUTH DO NOT BELEIVE THE MEDIA LIES!!!

  18. At least 90 percent of CNN's videos are about TRUMP . They are so fuckin' pathetic. I wish they would report the news and stop trying to be the E! of politics.

  19. Also you self important assholes don't have pull anymore. People are not going to make a voting decision based on what CNN thinks. Give me a break.

  20. This nonsense is going to have to stop. We constantly have these women crawling out of the woodwork at the most strategic time, and we never give people the benefit of the doubt.

    Here you see the dishonesty of Anderson Cooper by not asking the direct question: "Why are you coming out now? " Did you file a police report at the time the incident happened, and if you didn't why not?

    The one common denominator to all these incidents is these women constantly trying to get next to Power, Money, Fame in order to PROMOTE THEMSELVES. We saw this in the Bill Cosby cases. These women seem to think that powerful entertainers want to "just be friends with them." How Moronic.

    There is no question that these women are going to have to start being held responsible for not filing criminal charges at the time the incidents occur, or they need to shut up.

    I am tired of listening to these skanks as they tell their stories, but they are no where to be found at the time the incidents actually occur.

    If people started crawling out of the woodwork complaining that someone robbed them 11 years ago, and filed no police report no one including Anderson Cooper would even bother to put them on the air.

    Everyone would say these are "unsubstantiated charges" and would not even give them press coverage .

    But when someone has a Vagina, apparently the rules change and they are given their 15 minutes of fame.

    Completely dishonorable and shameful.

  21. So she went to the night club meat market dressed like a skank and Trump treated her like a skank? Shocking. Another woman said she had two chance encounters with Trump. How the hell does a regular Joe/Jane run into Trump multiple times?

  22. I'm I living in the twilight zone, wikileaks emails dumps prove Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and CNN is for the most part is not talking about it. America is turning into a oligarchy. Please people take this election seriously. I'm voting for Jill Stein. I know she wont win, but when you have proof of corruption, I cant vote for Hillary Clinton.

  23. "CNN Anchor Warns Of Post-Election Violence Due To 'Hatred Dripping From Trump's Mouth'"—Zero Hedge.
    CNN's "objectivity" on full display.

  24. "So you think he's making fun of you." duh… what else does Trump DO than attempt to humiliate the people who push back. Yes, women have been conditioned to minimize abusive behaviors by males; it's EVERYWHERE.

  25. CNN is not even trying anymore. 100% pure propaganda. Sooooo she was abused by Trump… yet only got interested in Trump running for politics in the last few days! If Hillary sexually abused me I'd have tried to sink her LONG before this and I'd be interested in her politics for years.

  26. This woman looks like a man – look at her big neck and what appears to be a shaved down atoms apple. Why would trump ever hit on a tranny? Anderson Cooper and CNN have lost all creditibility as a news source. The only reason it still is a network is because its supporters are part of the elite who want to push liberal issues. Do they think people are so dumb as to beleive this allegation so close to the election?

  27. Damn! I mean, why all this is magically happening when Trump demolish Hillary in the second debate, wiki leaks and so close to November? I tried to justify all these claims but couldn't. Am not saying Trump didn't do those things but they had a whole year to come out and end his run, why now? Some say morals because he might become president and they don't want it to happen. Others you can see they doing it because they just don't like him. Any of those reasons are complete BS now. I could of understand if most of them said he outright tried to rape them, but one said (I shit you not) he tried to aggressively kiss me. AGGRESSIVELY KISS ME? I was going to vote for Trump anyway but shit, this pathetic attempt at whatever is making wish the election was tomorrow.

  28. CNN is not news, it's a GOSSIP channel !!! …….Twenty years ago President Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The act, signed into law on February 8, 1996, was "essentially bought and paid for by corporate media lobbies," The act dramatically reduced important Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations on cross ownership, and allowed giant corporations to buy up thousands of media outlets across the country, increasing their monopoly on the flow of information in the United States …. and so now you get this ….. " "Never have so many been held incommunicado by so few," said Eduardo Galeano, the Latin American journalist, in response to the act."

  29. Clinton News Network has done a great job working for crooked hillary. Anderson Cooper is like a leashed pet. Heels very well.

  30. Im sorry to say this !cause ,me being a non american see the world laughing at america just because of this one idiot!! I ve had great respect for americans earlier to thise fued ,whom i thought to have inherited great values and human bonding and not blind idiots who follow and support an idiot as their next president !! Note: i just referred to those who support him ! I still have the samr respect for the rest !!

    But i feel bad for america ,cause americans might be technologically developed to higher levels,but they as humans have gotten so low that they no more have moralities !!

  31. A while back the news was running a story that Trump placed a perverted craigs list job ad. Now we have John Podestas emails where within them you can actually see Podesta creating the ad in collaboration with others in the campaign.

    Clinton campaign just flat out lies about this stuff folks. Already been caught doing it.

    She actually feels like an actress. I saw her cry in another interview, but it seemed forced like an actress. Honestly, what woman is going to cry over a man grabbing her vagina 30 years ago? Women aren't that weak, sorry folks.

  32. I think gold digging whores with her type of personality would make up a bunch of bullshit to get on TV and self-aggrandize.

  33. CNN propagates fraud to push a criminal into the white house. Anderson Vanderbilt scuttles his credibility in a desperate attempt to influence election in favor of corporate interests.
    That's entertainment

  34. CNN tells its viewers it's illegal to download the Wikileaks and that they CAN HAVE IT BC THEY ARE A NEWS SOURCE. FUCK U CNN

  35. The liars are coming out of the woodwork and the media reports on this bullshit without having any facts or proof! What if people just came out and said " Anderson Cooper likes to touch little boys" would that be ok for CNN?

  36. Can you imagine if you stepped outside and called 911 and told the police that a guy put his hand up your skirt and grabbed your genitals… what would happen to that guy? He would at least be questioned by the police and have his name taken in a report and the police may have educated you on your rights. You brushed it off… but I would think the police may have said it was sexual assault and given you the power back in that situation.

  37. She didn't think it was sexual assault. But NOW, with Washington Post, CNN's and other medias guidance, she realizes that a man who wants to kiss her is now considered sexual assault.

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