CNN hosts display own conhtroversial ‘hands up’

Maurice Vega

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  1. A couple of years on and you'd think Kohn and her colluding lying cronies would be embarrassed by this. However, they're too stupid for that. This whole episode is shameful and attitudes like this are getting people killed.

  2. still Not tanked yet huh? give it time. Your done. Did you ever print a retraction now that it's proven that hands up BS never happened.

  3. "Hands up, don't shoot" was a brainless ghetto gnighuir lie from the start. If that punk Brownstain was white, NO ONE WOLD HAVE CARED ABOUT THAT THUG. These cunts are morons

  4. Another one of CNN's many embarrassing moments of deceit and propoganda. Hope it was worth selling your souls and destroying your reputation.

  5. What a bunch of fucken cunts !!!! Michael brown was just a sweet little giant!!!! I hope all of them walk through a Chicago ghetto !!! FACT IS THAT Michael brown grab officer wilsons gun !!! CNN YOU SUCK !!! Just like VAN JONES SAID " it's a nothin burger "

  6. such a shame that margeret hoover would involve herself in this fake narrative about hands up don't shoot

  7. Wait, "they got what they had coming" has no merit here? The kid fought for a cop's fun and charged at him! He ABSOLUTELY got what he deserved! These four morons should be ashamed of themselves and get the REAL truth before they speak!

  8. if you can talk you can breath, and hands up don't shoot was a fucking lie. should you be out doxxing someone? you fucks.

  9. Hi we're CNN and are here to report your news………………..and constantly support one side over the other.

  10. Fake news ++++++++ . The same people that say fake news is dangerous and risks lives are behind the deaths of cops due to fake news what a sad sad irony.

  11. All four women here got it wrong and believed a false narrative from a lying witness. Something that never happened so they manipulate their viewers to seeing the Police as bad! . That is not right and Fake News like this discredits CNN even more.

  12. Hey CNN, HOW MANY retractions of bogus stories related to President Trump have you ran with in the past ELEVEN MONTHS? I'm actually losing track of how many!  How many CNN Barack "Hussein" stories needed to be retracted in his hapless, "hopeless" EIGHT YEARS… oh yeah, NONE!  Hands up, don't shoot?… CNN SUCKS!

  13. It's been years and I still cannot believe that these women did this! We of course know that this never happened during the shooting. CNN is the worst.

  14. It’s defamatory to perpetuate the lie that the officer shot a man with his hands in the air. This would be disgraceful coming from anyone but it’s almost unbelievable a news organization would pull this stunt. They should be ashamed.

  15. Being apolitical but definitely liberal leaning for most of my adult life, this right here was the start of what pushed me toward being the conservative I am today. So thank you CNN.

  16. I can't believe they still had the nerve to clip and post this to their channel. Just look at their faces while they put their hands up. They've no fucking clue what discrimination feels like first hand. Idiots. I'll never give CNN a chance because of these 44 seconds alone. Prob the only good thing Trump has done was trash your name.

  17. This lie indirectly assisted in driving the false notion that Mike Brown was shot simply because he was black. CNN is absolutely in part responsible for the Ferguson's riots.

  18. Hilarious to watch ugly, wealthy white women try to demonstrate their solidarity with the down trodden black folks. God if only we could have watched them try to dance too. And in the end, it turned out Brown DIDN'T have his hands up and DIDN'T say "don't shoot" but these clowns were in such a hurry to show how cool and compassionate they are, they didn't bother with fact checking. A classic CNN moment.

  19. Hands up dont shoot caused so much suffering and violence, good job CNN for the biggest lie of 2015. How are you on youtube still? This is worsse propaganda than infowars.

  20. Hands up, don't shoot the biggest Fake News of CNN that cause the dead 5 Police Officers Killed, 6 Wounded by Sniper in Dallas #BlackLivesMatter extremist MSNBC, CNN promotes violence "Divide and Conquest" therefore dangerous segments of society that believe Fake News MSNBC, CNN.

  21. CNN should be shut down for this lie. They caused 8 deaths/murders in “hands up don’t shoot” protests.

  22. I was surprised that this video is actually on CNN's official channel, seeing as their hosts were promoting a lie that stirred up even greater racial animosity. Further proof that they are agenda rather than fact driven.

  23. I'm amazed you scum bags actually kept the comments enabled for this video. How do you monsters sleep at night? Knowing that you fabricate stories, catalyze and make major problems and issues even worse? The job of the news is to inform people of valuable information. It's not to brain wash people into having opinions that work in favor of the interests paying you the most money. Is it any wonder why you guys have ratings that get lower and lower every year? Your dishonesty and sick ways are doing nothing but cause more problems in the world. It's an absolute joke that you guys call yourself "the most trusted news". You're called [email protected] news for a reason. I pray that one day the entirety of CNN turns it around and becomes an honest news corporation for once. Otherwise, the lot of you will find a special place in hell when you finally die.

  24. Hey Teddy Turny. You should scroll through all of your comments and see if you can find even ONE positive comment. Can't do it? Oh wait, you guys probably hired a couple people to praise these martyrs of women on the comments. What was I thinking?

  25. Clown News Network. Nickelodeon reruns get more views and the views you do get are either from brainwashed ideologues or people making fun of you.

  26. Hand up don't shoot was 100% fake news. CNN still has not taken this down, which again reaffirms that they are fake news.

  27. These shitbirds are all lying! Where is the retraction and apology for the big lie now that the legal verdict is in? The forensics PROVED that "hands Up Don't Shoot" was a total lie. You even had useful idiots in Congress standing up with their hands in the air..
    Lying to further a narrative is all the Left knows how to do.

  28. Sunny (Racist) Hostin, May 2019, still shoveling lies on The View, still inciting hatred for whites and police and Trump, the one on that show I despise the most. Despite all these correct comments, she still faces no consequences, admits no wrongdoing, goes on making millions……….

  29. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This didn’t age well. Journalists reporting “the facts” before they’ve even been established.🖕

  30. Sickening, just disgusting! Especially Margaret Hoover. I always believed she showed some fearless spunk with her smart, independent thinking. But after viewing this, apparently not. So sad, in these times you have to tow the politically correct media line in order to survive in the industry. Not only sad but scary. Go along to get along and just ignore all facts and truth. I can never watch her again and not believe she is being directed what to say and what not to say at the direction of her puppet masters in the msm. It was always well known and proven, almost immediately after the shooting, that Michael Brown never put his hands up. In fact it was the reverse — Brown attempted to steal the gun from the officer, block the officer from getting out of the squad car, assaulted the officer then leave the scene, and then ran toward the officer with the intent to further assault him BEFORE the officer fired on him in SELF DEFENSE! Anybody that doesn't know this by now is just hopelessly ignorant or malignantly partisan —- or BOTH!

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