CNN Fudges Their Numbers For Our Rick Perry Entertainment

hilly c_n_n_’s having another debate
when’s the next day the next republican debate right now so many of them insists tighter there’s gonna be a debate on this in
south carolina and january fourteenth on january
fourteenth which would be uh… heights t why do they do these things on saturday i according to this website uh… the
twenty twelve has the time with the at the schedule right here cbd on it eight o’clock on fox news and
for the ect heaped broadcast going to look at these things live
when’s the next one after that the sixteen th right now c_n_n_ right
know that stocks and c_n_n_ is the nineteen th uh… sweet lord they are doing three debates five days that’s what it seems like yes well would have to and the twenty third as the debate and
on n_b_c_ least they’re they’re taking with it
that’s for days well whatever c_n_n_’s having a debate and uh… it appeared that record did not meet the official criteria for the c_n_n_ debate not to be confuse
that with the fox take the bait the fox live debate the c_n_n_ debate that will
take place uh… in south carolina they’re all happening in the same week announce bring back herman cain make these things fun again get some herman cain solution revolution
going on so it appeared that rick perry did not
meet the networks official criteria kitchen
area criteria for inclusion in which a candidate must get at least
fourth-place and either iowa or new hampshire or get an average of seven
percent support in at least three national republican or south carolina
primary polls released in january before a january eighteenth deadline now perry came in fifth in iowa and six in new hampshire so he can’t qualify and that way so he must get an average of seven
percent support and at least three national republican or three south
carolina primary polls according to c_n_n_ perry qualifies
under the provisional choir and to tell you seven percent but only two national polls again all
tracking poll from january third and a waitress poll from january ninth
get perry seven percent so eric lee filled from terror attack
invoice namo called c_n_n_’s ed but what’s the deal and they had a c_n_n_ says as c_b_s_
news poll kid carries six percent sport but if you do need further into the
wrong numbers c_b_s_ asked the question twice one st freighter which one of these
candidates would like to see the republican party nominate for the
president twenty twelve newt gingrich huntsman ron paul rick perry mit romney
rick santorum or would you like to see someone else
nominate perry got six percent on this poll nineteen percent list of the choice of
someone else and medicine as well that sort of
nontraditional so there was another question and uh…
c_b_s_ poll which said if you have to choose which one of these
would you choose and did not include someone else nominated and perry got seven percent and so yea that’s how we got in but they had a
c_n_n_ sybil even if you take the six percent he still qualifies because if you average seven seven first to polls and six you get six point six seven and so we will rounded up two seven percent and so rick barry qualifies this give his really what rick perry in
this debate finally roman only now that nato and and
and and and that well you know one another and and and
and and i’m not a huh and when i worked for any of the great
your not allowed one engineering let me know that or on the and and and and and mandate that’s uh… that’s why they want my
today well are for one am very happy that
riparian a debate but i say i want to herman cain train back u_s_ close out

Maurice Vega

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  2. CNN Cable Not News. They are about the infotainment now. If Ted Turner was dead, he would be rolling in his grave.

  3. @dangerouslytalented what about him? If I had to change my style every time I saw a dangerously insane delusional mental person copying me, I would barely have time to get my straps tightened before I had to change.

    Sam is losing it more and more, ever since he refused to fire matt over his shocking comments this show has been going downhill and now with Sam dropping the Vest I'm just about ready to unsubscribe from this Youtube Channel

    Sort it out Sam!

  4. @gihaification yeah, but it is santorum… This is not just an insane man, this is a frothy mix of faeces, semen and lube. I would not want any santorum in MY sweatervest.

  5. @gihaification Yeah, I don't. As a matter of fact I've only subscribed to this channel for a about two weeks. What were the comments about? I don't even know who Matt is. :p

  6. @bleunt ustream tv/user/samsedershow/videos – Heres an archive of the full shows enjoy,
    Matt is his producer who sits off mic and they chat a little, to spoil my joke Matts comments were just him talking, A member was outraged at him talking once in a while.

  7. 3 debates in 5 days…cringe…and Buddy Roemer still doesn't qualify for ANY debates and Rick Perry does??? Buddy Roemer is well more within the mainstream than any of these candidates…look him up…I don't love his ideas, but blows this class out of the water…I'd like to see him at least get a showing to rattle these ultra-nationalist, reactionary statists

  8. CNN always does this. They pick and choose who gets to go at the debates, even if they don't make their own requirements!! So many blackballed GOP candidates that don't meet the requirements are not allowed, yet media favorites are.

  9. Hi Sam, I know you don't like any of the GOP candidates. If the GOP were to win the presidency, who among the GOP candidates would you rather have?

  10. all of you think your masters will allow your vote to count?lmao not for the last 50 years has a vote counted.Get over it slaves

  11. @eujeeves Ron Paul ought to run as a 3rd-party candidate. Yeah, he REALLY ought to do that! That ought to work out well;-)

  12. @polemius01 i think so too but it's like a question of is the glass half full or half empty he may or may not lose all those republican voters and he might also gain some democrat supporters as well, it's a big gamble seeing as none of the media are even acknowledging him right now…

  13. @eujeeves Oh right, I forgot that Paul attracts Democrats as well.
    I guess there's no sure-fire solution; we'll just have to wait and see.

  14. The Cain train song makes me want to do that slow, evil reptile smile like at the end of the smoking guy commercial.

  15. @JesusChristsDick While I semi agree with you, Whats the difference in Policy between Bush and any of the candidates?

    Sell out to Big Corps
    Less regulation
    Less taxes
    Ban abortion
    More Wars

    Repubs still havent learned the Bush lesson, I believe that this will be Obamas major tac tic, just connect the Obvious Dots…..

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