CNN, Fox News clash over mail bomb coverage

Maurice Vega

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  1. These MAGABombers terrorist keep blaming people they attacked, what in the pumpkin spice latte is going on. Get him out.😈🌊🌊🌊

  2. How moronic must you be to believe these are bombs – you would need to have an IQ below 75 to believe this

    And look how easily distracted you are by @20 worth of plumbing parts and an egg timer. Suckers fall for it every time


  3. This is gettin out of hand, I think ALL news outlets have failed Americans they each started choosing a side. The president does have the obligation to denounce very firmly these acts of terrorism. He keeps calling the sky color orange long enough people will start to believe it actually is orange. He has called all the people evil that dont agree with and now we got a person actually beleiving thhey are evil..

  4. What surprises me more than anything is that there are idiots that in their minds actually justify what’s happening. If the roles were reversed and the bombs had have been sent to republicans, this would be a WHOLE other story.

  5. False flags !!! Dems did this to themselves !! They are losing and they know it. So they pull this! CNN SUCKS, MSNBC SUCKS, DIRTY DENS !!

  6. Hannity, of course, knows damn well that people are fearing for their lives. If anyone is desperately struggling for "political points" it's the conspiracy liars like him.

  7. A Trumpanzee is in custody in connection with these bombs. He had pro-Trump bullshit plastered all over his van. Surprise Surprise.

  8. Sorry Democrats, no one is falling for this besides your brainwished drones. Your magical "rape" word failed so now you resort to fake bombs. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.

  9. Why do these bombs have timers? The perpetrator would have no way of knowing when a package was going to be picked up or opened by a person. Unless the perp just wants to blow up mailboxes, the use of a timer makes no sense at all. No wonder people are questioning the legitimacy of this supposed threat. Certainly sounds like a political stunt if no one is actually meant to get hurt.

  10. You people are totally insane! You have no idea what in the hell is real or fake, get out of the propagandized box and breathe! It's actually sad and extremely pathetic! Just stop!

  11. Trump did it himself ! Don’t kid yourself ! Ceaser is just a cover name ! The republican baseball game shooter was trump ! He was just wearing a mask ! The Las Vegas shooter was also trump ! He also is responsible for Maxine waters inciting harassment , an Eric Holder inciting followers to kick people who don’t agree ! Trump is a trouble maker !

  12. False Flag! I called it. He's Latino so he must be a patsy for the dems. Every right wing talking point from here on out.

  13. Blaming a person or a party for the actions of sick individuals is just not reasonable. Did people blame Democrats when a GOP softball practice became a gun-range? No, they didn't. Should Trump be held responsible when a sick man starts sending bombs to people who oppose Trump? No, he shouldn't.
    I understand the intense desire to blame Trump for anything and everything, but let's be real here, people. Anyone who, regardless what side of the isle their views support, resorts to violence like this is not the fault of those political parties. They're the result of being horrible human beings. Period.

  14. Republicans have demonstrated willful ignorance, with regards to russian interefence in our elections, Trump's public vitriol at his rallies inciting more hatred and division, etc, and a republican congress choosing not to exercise its constitutional duty to keep the president in check. It's on them. The media is a mirror reflecting back what crazy, foolish, cruel and destructive things anyone says or does. If you look in the mirror and you seen a black eye and broken teeth, you have to question your decisions and choices that led you to that outcome.

  15. Americans, especially Trump, are slaves to Putin. Putin is the puppet master of Trump. Trump bows graciously to his leader, and Republicans bow graciously to Trump. Putin is a worthy opponent and effective leader of USAs west.

    Given the recent pipe bomb attacks, I await Trump to be weaponized by Russia and launch ballistic missiles at democratic states in the name of national security for Republicans, under Putin's orders. And Americans could never prove Putin's involvement.

    I must say, though. This is the best reality TV global entertainment ever. Americans attacking Americans. I guess after losing Vietnam to boys with rocks and sticks, the USA lost focus and prefer to use their weapons against each other.

    Can't wait for the next reality TV episode!🤣🤣🤣

  16. One crazy person that is an over the top right wing poser doesn't change a thing. Democrats are still liars and their media is leftist propaganda. Save America, vote R.

  17. The mainstream media, minus Fox News, keeps calling them bombs and explosive devices. They always leave out that they were "fake bombs" and "fake explosive devices."

  18. The Most Dangerous Rhetoric in Politics

    We know from where the recent potential for evil violence originated – squarely with the Demoncrats.

    1. Maxine Waters – "Get a crowd and get up in their faces in restaurants, malls and anywhere and tell them they are not welcome."

    2. Cory Booker – said the supporters of Brett Kavanaugh are "complicit in evil." and "Get up in the face of Congressmen and women".

    3. Eric Holder – "When they go low, we kick 'em."

    4. Hillary Clinton – no "civility' towards Republicans.

    5. and on and on…

    This is what the country can expect when the liberal Democrats become unhinged and incite violence. And then twist the truth to make a lie and try to blame Trump or others. IT WON'T WORK – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU AND YOUR MEDIA.

    We've seen the fruit of the Democratics violent rhertoric – CESAR SAYOC !

    Now, we have a new evil (thanks to the Democrats) converging on our borders. So if the unhinged Media wants to blame someone, then remember where this violence comes from. It comes from the unhinged mob mentality of the far left Demoncrats and and hyped by their media. No doubt the majority of Americans know who is to blame for all this hate and violence – the Democrats.

  19. Is there a suicide watch at CNN? They must be devastated the suspect wasn't a white male republican…. instead it's a native American Green Party guy. Oh what if he's a woman trapped in a man's body??? There will be Fake News journalists jumping off the top of CNN headquarters!

  20. The polarity is profitable for all it seems. Contempt breeds more contempt. Drama sells like soap operas. It's political theater at its worst and best. We are paying the price by seeing our tax dollars hard at work putting money in politicians pockets to do what? Fight one another at every turn? Doing everything in their power to try to make sure the other party fails. A house divided against itself cannot stand. And when it falls, Each party will be blaming the other.

  21. So many Drumpster comments like:
    – "…the bombs aren't even real"
    – "The whole thing is a sham numbnuts"
    The only sham is Drumpf and his minions.

  22. I'd like to point out to my Fox News "false flag" brothers, that Cesar is a MAGA boy. Trump would privately call Cesar a loser, but stroke him at any of his rallies. The news reports are that Cesar was living in his van because he literally got kicked out of his mother's basement. Success doesn't seem to be part of Cesar's life, because he declared bankruptcy six years ago. But rant on MAGA boys. If you're drinking the Trump brew of xenophobia and racism, it's likely that you're a loser in life. Sad.

  23. something is wrong with the entire thing. even a nut case who says he supports Trump would wait until after the midterms to commit to this act of terror. but the bombs themselves were just wrong looking. you dont sent a CLOCK TIMER bomb in the US Mail and expect it to go off at a moment when the intended target opens the package. doesnt add up.

  24. The suspect is actually a plant he’s not a real republican he’s a democrat and his social media tells all. People on the left must realise NOW they’re championing the new world order!!

  25. White America can't allow everyone in Harvard.
    We have to keep our foundationary ideas!
    Only whites and blacks can be proud enough to hold it together.

  26. can both sides just shut up and actually do some good?
    this is why the world is so fucked up. no one can shut up and come up with solutions.

  27. you fox noisers should watch the videos at the trump rally in FL videos dont lie… trump spews hate and violence at every turn unless he is reading from a script that was written for him, Vote this insanity out our Americayou fox nois

  28. 😂 its comical really, nationalist white supremacist trump supporter, sends bombs, real bombs to critics of trump, and fox disables commentry on its video, fox can dish out waky conspiracy theories, make derogatory statements, but cant handle the truth, nor the scorn from the public.

  29. To be honest here, the Democrats have been the ones that have been violent. Throwing their temper tantrums. Beating up Trump supporters, shooting our senators, attacking supporters at rallies. Holding up traffic, keeping our public speakers from speaking on Collage campus's. You have to be brain dead not to remember that! And they call Trump supporters Nazi's? They attack free speech, and call us Nazi's! I am so sick of this country. All the lies from these people we trusted. We do not trust any of you anymore! Trump is the only one who tells the truth. Oh and MSM, you suck. Fox has journalists, all the others have overpaid actors pretending to be journalists. And bad acting on top of that!

  30. Who sent those bombs to CNN, Clinton, Obama and other Democrats other than Democrats themselves trying to set this up against President Trump? Korean dramas are full of such trap games where A, in order to create charges for B, would mess up B’s work while blaming B for doing that. Given the fanaticism of the Democrats, I am not surprised if this too is a set-up. I have experienced this first hand myself, so I am not surprised if it was the Democrats who had paid for someone to set up a van full of Trump stickers and to send bombs so they could lay all blames on the Republicans. Enthusiasm is high for President Trump, though. I am voting all red (Republican) this midterm election. MAGA!!



  33. Wow, this country is just doomed. I see less chance of any kind of compromise or reconciliation whatsoever, with each passing day. Choosing my words carefully: the Right wants the Left gone, and the Left wants the Right gone. Neither side will accept anything less. Both sides are perfectly capable of attaining their goal. Both sides think the other side can't. There is "conspiracy" around every dark corner, and in every pizza joint across the country. How does this ever end in a way that the country doesn't split apart or worse?

    It is ironic to the nth degree that the same rich, powerful and innovative nation that created the internet – i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Comments, Disqus, and so on – will be torn apart by its own Frankenstein's Monster. Best invention ever, worst application ever. SOS.

  34. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

  35. Bombs were as fake as CNN . This has all the sings and symptoms of another false flag , I mean….Come on ?
    sending a bomb to CNN ? only that should be enough to to see that this " bomb treat " was made up , then again I don't blame CNN for trying . Nobody is watching CNN so they become the news . Pretty cleaver !!!

  36. CNN is just deep state propaganda. The pipe bomb's were not explosive. So all of the brainwashed leftist can stop worrying about the your beloved psychopaths that received the fake bombs. All the while CNN will continue to twist the story to misinform the last shred of viewers it has. Pathetic.

  37. Pig trump and his minions billionaires in his cabinet are behind this caravan. Who is winning with this news? Do you think the Honduras’ government is promoting this ? What about democrats? Do you really think democrats want this type of news? As we all know Fox News and pig trump and his minions have portrayed democrats as supporting open borders and supporting illegal immigration which is not truth so who is really getting something out of this? You are right if you are really smart. trump and the Republican Party are the beneficiaries of the caravan propaganda. Open your eyes before it is too late. Vote them out.

  38. This is why I can barely watch CNN anymore. They seemed in so much glee yesterday when it was discovered it was a Trump supporter who was responsible. All day practically non-stop coverage giving them the opportunity to bash Trump over and over. It was a terrible horrible act done by a deranged individual but thankfully no one was hurt. I don’t recall them reporting so much on the Scalese shooting done by a Bernie supporter or giving any significant coverage to Maxine Waters call to action against Republican officials to make it impossible for them to carry on every day personal activities…shopping, eating out, going to gas station!!! Truly CNN has gone off the deep end and is no longer believable. Just report the facts please!

  39. Here is a fun fact you won't hear on CNN. The USPS DOES NOT deliver mail to Americans who are under Secret Service protection, which means Obama and Hillary did not receive those packages at their offices or residence. Their mail gets delivered and screened at a Secret Service facility first. Getting the Fake News picture yet, folks?

  40. How can any rational person say that "BOTH SIDES" NEEDS TO TURN DOWN THE RHETORIC"? America has elected a man-child as its leader. This man, and the republican party, the right wing news media, and the angelical Christians, are all culpable, and it is beyond shameful.

  41. Yall want some cheese with that wine hopefully it will plug you up some more you all sound like a big wind tunnel but smell like a FART

  42. Too many cry babies no one once to talk intelligent here God said in last days mans technology will out do him but people will get stupider and stupider with DEMOCRATES we see it big time

  43. Come on democrats give us what you got .Hasn't nothing intelligent come out of you yet after all LOOK WHO YOU HAVE CHUCK NANCY MAXINE OBAMA AND MICHAEL AND ELIZABETH AND HOLLYWOOD REST MY CASE

  44. Hey CNN…we need more news about the sodomite cardinals who protect their pedophiles…and the treachery of the Jesuit CIA…like the orphans of Duplessi…and the FLAMING Cardinal Spellman.

  45. Fox News and there alternative facts. Oh and the caravans have people with diseases, had to come back and correct yourself right 😂😂😂 priceless! Morons!! Fox News always delivers, I always get a good laugh! Thanks Fox News!

  46. Fox news is more fake than any other media news "they all so racist and liars so sad you can see their evil through there speech.

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