CNN FIRES Contributor Over Israel Comments


Maurice Vega

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  1. What’s wrong with trying to end Israel ? It’s built on a stolen land and it was done deliberately, the people who lived there are still out there in different countries, they can comeback and reestablish Palestine

  2. According to Israel, asking that Palestinians be treated like humans = anti-semitism… This is a classic tactic used by pro-Israeli extremists.. muddy the waters and label EVERYTHING challenging Israel's corruption and atrocities "anti-semitism".

  3. Does CNN have a stated or unstated policy preventing statements of a pro-Palestinian nature? If Hill had made statements about Israeli rights would we have the same outcome? In what close-minded world are we prevented from speaking the truth about atrocities taking place on BOTH sides of the debate? Israel/IDF are outright murdering/maiming Palestinians (Razan al-Najjar) – can't talk about it. If an IED kills an Israeli – it's news. Don't resort to the "anti-Semitic" card to stymie truth. The plight of Israeli & Palestinian citizens is at the heart of major issues taking place in the world. It's tragic that we cannot have an open discussion in a way that will ultimately help all people in the Holy Land. Set aside bias, listen, & learn about what's taking place.

  4. CNN sucks!! Doesn’t matter how many truths they say. If they fire (shut up) a journalist who says the truth than they are not a news television!!!!!

  5. The truth is coming out. Props to him for being a proper journalist, delivering truth regardless of the consequences of the corporate media.

  6. Sadly whenever anyone discusses Israeli policy, they are labeled an anti-Semite. This ends all meaningful discussion on the subject.

  7. Idk, it does come accross as close to anti semetic to make a statement that sounds like the elimination of their country/people.

  8. Israel occupation of Palestine needs to end, Israelis need to be exposed as the synagogues of Satan that they are, imposters living a lie and destroying the world. If the world do not unite to stop Israel occupation of Palestine, the world will become prison slave states just like Palestine, serving these Zionist Satan worshipping vessels

  9. Much respect Marc Lamont Hill!!! There's no way any African American should not see what's going on in Israel.. The Palestinians are being enslaved and marginalized because of new modern religion… Modern Israel is not Israel in the Torah!!! Period!!

  10. everything is wrong and evil unless they are the ones doing it, their spirit is evil, throughout history they have come, killed and stolen. ain't nothing new, plus "middle east" northern Africa will never see peace until the real owners return.

  11. Marc lamont is most fake person on earth, let him talk about the black people being lynched daily in tunisia by the arabs

  12. People, if you sternly and seriously criticized Israel you will end up on a cross.
    Jesus Christ! Haven't you people learn nothing from the life of Jesus Christ?!

  13. So many angry nazi Zionists mad because he spoke the TRUTH. Zionist Israel is cancer. Stop giving them our tax dollars.

  14. stupid man. what has this fool done for his african american black people in usa. they kill themselves more than every race on earth. i am black british and biafran and i support ISRAEL

  15. Finally, someone who is not a slave to Zionists and tells truth about what is going on in the world. Marc is great.

  16. The truth should be told… if we go back where humans can witness, that was always Palestine!!! there was never Israel…

  17. screw cnn . i will never watch them again . if they have a zionist agenda then its nothing we have in common . free palestine and mauritania

  18. He was trying to be cute and say something that sounded all profound. "From the river to the sea" . Now at work instead of making speeches at the UN he's gonna be making speeches like, "would you like to try one of our new delicious apple pies with your Whopper combo?" Don't worry Marc ,I also heard McDonald's is hiring "team members". There's hope for you yet buddy.

  19. PhuKKK cnn use people of color to better their ratingz but don't care bout .. TYT is a better place for me to be informed..

  20. US the country was totally F"£$ked up by zionist and @t will collapse @t they act.what they did to Huawei CFO Arrest Is Crazy .shame on CNN and US.(if ishrahell talling this is Antisemitism then i like to be a ANTI SEMITIC)f"£$k zionist and ishrael.

  21. Israel is a 1st century apartheid theocracy with zero respect for human rights. None of this is new – Israel have been acting this way since it was created.

  22. I am impressed Mr Hill, and inspired, your a brave man and I am proud of you, and I do not think this makes you anti semitic , and a One state solution is profound. I am not anti semitic either and I hope this does not ruin my career like they are trying to do to you, but right is right and wrong is wrong….stay strong MR Hill

  23. Having a Heart, Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion & Speaking out for Equal Rights for other Human Beings can get you fired ??? Apparently it can when the Aggressor, Oppressor, Perpetrator, Bully, Murderers and Tyrant is Rothschild israel

  24. The US preaches about equality is almost every form for all humans on the world…men, women, children and anuimals have rights. However that does not apply to the people of the middle-east who are not bowing to their evey whim or giving away their countries riches..

    Stop acting like you give a rats-a*s about human rights or equal rights for anyone who is not white or your bit*h. "Rights and freedom" thats not what you stand for, your country is bombing people who already live a misreble live thanks to the DICTATORS the US placed in power…so it would be easier for them to lands resources.

  25. "From River to Sea" is a Zionist slogan in the first place! I'm surprised he got fired over that!
    This phrase is all over their conferences and even on their flag!
    What do people think the 2 blue lines on top and bottom are? They're not for decoration!

  26. Media can "ONLY" see things through the eyes of politics.. it's sad. It's a shame. But it is what it is..!! Marc be that voice for the "MUTE".. keep up the great work.

  27. in all seriousness his defense of his comment is weak. defines palestine as an occupied state, then says freedom for palestine from river to sea. basic logic. you contextualize israels existence as a captor or occupier of palestine then therefore the most reasonable interpretation of freedom after you include that context is removing the occupier aka israel. this is some bait and switch bullshit by mark, he wanted people to get worked up over his comments so he can act like his comments are being twisted when theyre clearly reasonable interpretations. that actually makes mark look stupid, in the end, because he was trying to completely discredit the group criticizing him and first glance it sounds like he was because he was saying he used his words very carefully and then you put it in context and its like mark, so many reasonable people would have thought you meant that or possibly something else but in no way was that a clear cut message that was misinterpreted in bad faith, you are not going to fool anyone with that shit.

  28. This firing is unfair and I thought free speech is a constitutional right so CNN is hypocritical. He speaks the truth and Israel has a lot of blood on their hands. We have a tarnished history with our treatment of native Americans. I don't see any difference, it has nothing to do with religion. Its victor treating conquered inuanmanly .same as slavery. The people of Israeli should understand this. Give respect, fairness,, and acknowledge the Palestinians didn't invade Israel. These are the facts people should demand a peaceful fair solution. We as Americans and NATO should demand it. It's not about religion so please don't call anyone who sees the injustice as being anti semitic. Once again CNN 100% wrong and htpac

  29. You know this is bad that Israel's Zionist control our media. I thought the Russians were the problem. But clearly America is a wash with foreign meddling.

  30. Farrakhan has been saying it for years about Israel and this is proof of how they "become the victim" if someone calls them out on their bullshit.

  31. Brooke Thomas is the only one here who actually talks about the issue. And free speech is not that issue. What Marc Lamont Hill said is international law. An Independent Palestinian state, and freedom/rights/equality for people living inside Israel, the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc., have been elevated to binding int'l law by the UNSC. His comments were completely uncontroversial and are fully supported by the entire world. We have seen this in the annual UNGA votes on Palestine, unanimous support for the the things Hill said, since the mid-70s. It's Israel and the US that oppose int'l law and the int'l community, every year, in complete isolation.

    We know full well that outlets like CNN, and most self-professed liberals and free speech supporters, do not support free speech. The record is decades long, unopposed and completely uncontroversial. This isn't about free speech. It's about firing someone who supports int'l law.

    That's what this is about. CNN opposes int'l law, human rights and basic liberal values. From Yemen to Iraq to Venezuela to Cuba to Vietnam to literally every other test you could run, going back to the canonization of int'l law after WWII, US mainstream media has never, ever supported anything progressive, liberal or left, in any kind of meaningful way, unless it becomes too strong of a force for them to suppress. Then they jump on the bandwagon and pretend they supported it all along, forgetting that their record is freely available in print, hoping we won't notice, and betting that people like TYT don't bring it up.

    CNN has literally just said that int'l law, the int'l community, human rights, the Geneva Conventions and all of our highest int'l institutions, from the UNSC to the ICJ and the ICC, do not represent their values. So, CNN's values are int'l crimes, UN Charter violations, Geneva Convention violations, human rights violations. Essentially, nazi crimes. CNN supports nazi crimes, that is the clear, unadulterated message.

    Many of the fully documented, systematic crimes Israel commits against the Palestinians, actually became crimes as a direct result of nazi actions, to prevent them from being perpetrated again. So, CNN supports nazi crimes, as it declares that it adhering to the law regarding those crimes does not reflect it's values. Santorum erasing Palestinians, Dershowitz making arguments for war crimes and Blitzer turning doublespeak into a career, are CNN's values. By their own admission.

    What's being missed here is the blatant support for war crimes and UN Charter violations that CNN is famous for, and has confirmed with this recent firing. Maybe it's time for TYT to drop the progressive facade and become progressive for real. Accept, admit and talk about how the mainstream media truly is the enemy of the people, like so many of our smartest people have been saying for decades. From Orwell to Malcolm to Chomsky, this has been the obvious point of our best thinkers. And it requires no deep thought. It's as obvious as the sky being blue.

    Stop being fake progressives. It doesn't fly anymore.

  32. Its a shame TYT did not have anyone knowledgeable of the issue. I did not hear anyone actually defining what “Palestine from the river to the sea” actually means.

  33. He’s not talking about destroying anything. He’s referring to Palestinians having equal human rights. Both the people in the West Bank and those residing throughout Israel.

  34. No one in my family watches CNN anymore. I thought What's his name was kinda cool (Anderson's) and now I know they are against the truth also. Who runs that company?

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  36. Such bloody blackmailers. Valid criticism wrongly equated to anti Semitic and then they claim champions of democracy. Total BS.

  37. No no no he's not advocating for the destruction of Israel, he just wants a one state solution 🤔🤔

  38. Mark Lamont Hill you are a hero man. Don’t worry about the hypocrisy of your ex employer. To me you talked about plight of Palestinians who are under the longest and the most brutal and illegal occupation in the history of mankind. Well done Marc. There are those who are afraid of the truth and facts. And they don’t like it.

  39. I'm an Anti Israeli and I'm not Anti semitic. Israel is the most criminal terrorist organization on Earth.

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