CNN Censors War Story, Boy Shot In Head

michael wears a s corresponded for c_n_n_
you cover the iraq war edited with uh… great degree of courage truth honesty allot time
she’d come on we place close revealed by while voting just sad that’s totally true i did he say that about
the war rather than a month well as it turns out that c_n_n_ gave evident
quite frequently one of these dead and that was that he had
capable war crime that happened they shot it in the back of the head and he won a rat and c_n_n_’s spiked they
said no we will not be a ring that it is to ralph uh… and we don’t want of the poor american people to be exposed
what actually happens or more that last part was not part of their statement
but in essence what they’re saying now let’s look at what uh… michael where describes
what happened and that is if he said it was a teenager in a remote iraqi village and that he’d uh… it was actually carrying a weapon so he’s
giving it four contacts should that he believed he was carrying a
weapon to protect himself but that he was near our house uh… where where and uh… american troops were at american troops in there to protect where
etcetera need is that context as well but that wasn’t what he says he said the boy
approach the house we were in and the u_s_ soldiers who were watching our
backs one of them put a bullet right in the back
of his head unfortunately didn’t kill him and he told the senate australian uh… people call us for the story we spent at the next twenty minutes listening
to his portrait breath as he dot c_n_n_ editors producers whoever’s main these decisions you gotta run you gotta run it then is this is an about you this isn’t about protecting those proteolytic troops rgwebers hired command apparently c_n_n_ before a story they did
in two thousand six got a lot of criticism from the bush administration first of all air is there the government of course i gonna
criticize you if you point out what they’re doing but they got spooked by that as though i’ve
always when one anymore new criticism from the government and it and proudly the bush administration threaten their access listen maybe we shouldn’t have these guys
in better with our troops there although call accident that little precious
access so c_n_n_ for whatever reason my guess is
all those reasons they’re not on it they turn on the porch and excuses it’s too gruesome to show america so when we go to make decision next time for
war we won’t have all the information head will
bail show is the big egos of way it looks like a video game in a lot of shock and awe
adi dropping the bombs and this guys might have been a super cool having shown to the guys at the end of those
bombs at the end of a political issue of the baghdad on for american people are children they couldn’t
handle you don’t do news you don’t do it maybe new propaganda uh… adult i don’t know if he intended or you don’t intend
that i don’t know if you’re trying to help the
government or you don’t care idle no that’s because you’re so obsessed with
access your excess with your advertisers you’re obsessed whatever you might be but here’s
what you don’t do you don’t do new if your news organization active very very very least you tell people that happen even if you’re worried about setting people
by showing images you at least report the news that it happened not boring but if you want to show people what wars like so we can make informed decisions as a democracy
insured with flood does that is what happened in war michael ware says he is post dramatic stress
disorder and is having trouble adjusting to life you know civilian areas this of although hideous terrible things he saw the war he
is your war correspondent how come we can see that things that you saw is not supposed to be your job

Maurice Vega

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  1. to whoever you are, there is a bigger reason why they didnt show this crime you probably have not came across it, illuminati? does it ring a bell?
    look up the arrivals and watch the videos theyll start off like yeh right what is this but u need to watch them all then go watch some lady gaga and jayz videos you will notice a shit load of things, also there is a facebook group called killuminati go check it out!

  2. @smaugfrost this is true, the media wasn't always like this, I guess they just lost their balls somewhere along the line. Especially so after 9/11 where the goverment made it seem like condemning wars waged by the US was an act of treason.

  3. You know were used to seeing gore and blood in movies, but when we see a soldier being shot, or a civilian being bombed or caught in a situation like this, we try t hide ourselves from the truth. People NEED to see stuff like this no matter how brutal it may seem. It has to be made clear that this is Our people and Their peoples lives that we put on the line when we champion for war, and its ugly. But choosing to turn a blind eye only gives us more reign to do horrid acts like these. It a shame.

  4. @TonPappa Bah! You're right–my post included an error! I should have stated 'net neutrality opponents . . . ' or 'opponents to net neutrality . . . '. Thank you so much for taking the time to note the error and make the correction in a helpful way.

    Much obliged!

  5. Embedded pretty much means propoganda tools, just a fancy word for journalists, "embedded" to make them feel they are covering The story. Far from it, they are covering or selling a perspective… This isn't recent news, this has been going on since 70's

  6. Yes, the dreaded "liberal media" once again showing their absurd anti-war bias by censoring actual accounts of the war. Sounds stupid when it's pointed out as blatantly wrong, doesn't it, conservatives?

  7. @jrpone It's not just Americans that don't understand the realities of war. I find your comment narrow. Fighting is an act only understood by those who have participated. It's not the best analogy, but I would consider it closely to having sex. Try explaining sex to a virgin. Everyone lives in a bubble until it's popped by the sounds of a firefight.

  8. goddamn big media, shit institutions, government propaganda machines, fucking pussies and goddamn damn traitors to humankind

  9. CNN generally doesn't air things that venture too far outside of the approved bounds of establishment media. You're not supposed to talk about truly damning evidences or stories. They love the war, they exist to maintain the status quo. They are considered "moderate" and sometimes "left" media, which has always been a very limited paradigm to exist in because you can't venture too far in any which way with facts.

  10. You don't want them to tell the truth do you? What….

    About War Crimes? You mean, besides illegally invading Iraq in the first place – or the murder of millions of innocent women and children… really….

  11. @hofifut this isnt the same in this situation whith the war. it would be like the police saying thers a crazy high gunshot suicide rate going on and then get caught on film shooting someone in the head making it look like a suicide

  12. @CardinalRaker Really? I have a family full of all kinds of military and none of my male family every bragged about finger collections. My guess as to why is because its not common and theres always a rare few people that do crazy weird fucked up things to cope with their crazy weird fucked up situations.

  13. Sounds like Michael Ware has been doing his job like he's supposed to and thats report what he sees. Its outrageous that they censor him. I guess they don't want another Vietnam situation.

  14. @DoctorCataclysm

    I thought you were supposed to only kill enemy combatants ?

    Nothing in the story indicated the boy was ordered to stand down, no warning was given, and basically an armed civilian was shot dead for walking towards US forces.

    We are occupying THEIR country. Not the other way around.

    If this had occurred on US soil, and involved a white male approaching soldiers, this story would have exploded.

  15. @smaugfrost A teenager with a weapon is an enemy combatant until proven otherwise. I'm not saying what they did was right but, like you said no details were given.

  16. @whiskers123 Actually, in a war zone, people with weapons are guilty until proven innocent. Yes, you can most definitely kill someone in a war zone because they might try to kill you or yours. It was 2007 when the most deaths happened to American troops. They were in an al-Qaeda controlled town during this time. They were in a house and the soldiers responsible for their protection saw a male with a gun walking towards them and fired.

  17. @elnegrobembon A bit of background is needed here. The year is 2007, the bloodiest year for American soldiers in Iraq to date. They were in an al-Qaeda controlled town. Ware and troops were in a building. A soldier placed on security saw a young male with a weapon approaching the house. From range he shot said male in the head to prevent him from reaching Ware and the other troops.

  18. @DoctorCataclysm

    "A teenager with a weapon is an enemy combatant until proven otherwise"

    Ah. You have NO idea what the term means.

    "an individual… supporting Taliban or al Qaida… engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners. This includes any person who committed a belligerent act or has directly supported hostilities in aid of enemy armed forces."

    You stated guilt is assumed prior to innocence?
    Please never be on a jury.
    We did away with witch trials.

  19. I am surprised that u ppl are shocked of such a story,
    thousands similar to this story happens each day
    we have been shouting this loud for the past 10 years
    America is losing its wars militarily and morally.

    thank god for honest journalism

  20. @DoctorCataclysm

    So, we do not even have to differentiate between allies and enemies?

    Bang. Dead Canadian. Bang. Dead Journalist. Bang. Dead Afghani ally.

    No. You cannot just "kill someone" in a war zone, when an entire country is at war.

    Please go get some knowledge of "war crimes" legislation.

    "Murder" is prohibited under our own US Code TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 118 > § 2441.

    But, we have already committed war crimes in violation of the "torture" clause with waterboarding.

  21. @Solidus1086

    "even a 4 year old can kill a man with a gun"

    Yes. We all know of the Nazi preschooler brigades.

    Again, someone with no idea of what an "enemy combatant" is.

    You have to have a link to Al Qaida, the Taliban, or similar conflicting forces, OR be carrying out acts of hostility against US troops to be considered an "enemy combatant".

    You cannot just mow down armed civilians in their country, especially when we are trying to form alliances with these people.

    You are a moron.

  22. @DoctorCataclysm

    "Must be a Republican"

    Considering Repugs are blindly supporting our wars, you must be a huge douche to think me one.

    I am an independent,

    No. I did not ignore your "facts".
    You have not stated any, just made anecdotal references.

    A sniper could not see it was a young boy, but he was close enough for Ware and the others to hear his last breaths?

    Do I really have to point out the idiocy here?

  23. @smaugfrost Look, I know it may be hard for you to understand why it wasn't a war crime because it's obvious you dictate morality from your armchair. The response of the soldier was within their ROE for 2007. They were in a hostile territory, on patrol, an armed military aged male was walking up to a house where soldiers and MR Ware was located. When entering a village it is SOP to use the loud speaker telling all to stay inside.

  24. @smaugfrost No, you're just coming off as a huge douche so one has only to connect the dots. I was talking about the facts that Michael Ware presented himself or did you even bother to read that? TYT did a terrible job reporting the story. An outer cordon doesn't mean sniper. It means placed troops 25-50m in cover from the center point. The fact that he was 15 means very little because al-Qaeda recruits whomever it can. He was, an armed MAM that was approaching command and Mr Ware.

  25. @DoctorCataclysm

    Did it occur to you that we also have Afghanis helping our front line troops?
    Many of them are armed teenagers as well.

    I read the article presented by Michael Ware. As presented even by his correspondence, this still fit the definition of a war crime.

    It would be exactly the same thing as soldiers opening fire on civilian militia here in this country during a national disaster.

    You do not become an enemy combatant just because you carry arms.

  26. @smaugfrost I know local nationals are helping our armed forces. I was in Iraq for 16 months on a combat tour. There's a difference between those who help American forces and those who are armed civilians roaming the street. You keep ignoring that it was an al-Qaeda controlled town. The locals know what is going on in their towns. Whether they resent the terrorists or celebrate their presence is up in the air. Troops in a hostile area reacting to a potential enemy. Ware was inside

  27. @whiskers123 Perhaps you misunderstood. In a hostile are that is controlled by the enemy soldiers do not have the luxury of presumption of innocence. I fully agree that war crimes should be punished. However, calling something a war crime does not make it one. But, I seems you don't give our troops fighting abroad the same presumption. But, hey, I guess because some one in the media said it was a war crime makes it so. What happened to your stance of innocence before proven guilty?

  28. WAR is a crime against humanity. One must stand back and see hoo creates these incessant wars and for what REAL purpose. As for what person gets killed, these troops are trained for WAR and do not see age, gender, religious garb, badges of state, they know only to kill as they have been trained. Dont judge, look at hoo creates these war games/tactics for the benefit of hoo and how these troops are sent home IF they survive and never DEBRIEFED from the
    embeds to KILL before verifying.

  29. I agree 1000%. Everything needs to be shown and the money needs to be followed and shown too!! Mainstream media is the worst.

  30. @xexkxex The mainstream media are losing viewers because of the crap they put on tv. Capitalism opens up the "free flow of information". We still have the freedom to turn off mainstream news and find alternate news thanks to the internet. They are actually losing profits and now the government and their corporate cronies want to control the internet . We can't let that happen! The somewhat free market we have is working despite the corruption, propaganda and greed.

  31. US or the colonial goons: France/Britain can't commit crimes – we already know that.

    A paradox World when war is peace and murder and torture justice.

  32. US or the colonial goons: France/Britain can't commit crimes – we already know that.

    A paradox World when war is peace and murder and torture justice.

  33. I have no problem with CNN deciding not to air the footage, but did they silence the act by not reporting it?

    War is brutal and not to be taken lightly …ever. I'm actually against drone strikes, because when you take out the human risk of death you belittle the importance of life.

    Wars only end when humanity and men of good conscience decide the price is too great to continue.

  34. the us does acts of terror for so long, kidnapping people and torture them in secret prisons across europe, bombing japanese cities with the a bomb ect, its ridiculous and horrible when u think about what the us government gets away with

  35. CNN's job is to hide America's shame.

    Our government wants to avoid what Reagan called the "Vietnam Syndrome" Thus, it fights it dirty little wars with enlisted and mercenary soldiers rather than drafted ones and sanitizes its barbarity so that we can sit at home, drink beer, watch football, say God Bless America like we were ordering a cheese burger, and have a good conscience about ourselves.

  36. @hofifut @masterabdul
    they were just being professional in deciding what to show

    “ Thanks for the Orwellspeak for censorship.

  37. @masterabdul
    "i do not want these wars to become just a part of society – something we simply begin to live with."
    “ooops ! that horse has looong since left the barn and the county.

    the PEOPLE stopped the viet nam WAR when media began showing the brutality and DEAD people.The FOLKS took to the streets with flowers& chants, no pitchforks. TPTB are scared of ONLY ONE boogeyman
    The MOB.
    Show the blood & guts of our kids being ripped out & the women & kids of the "enemy" being slaughtered!

  38. Propaganda is awsome! The US should have it like the soviets did. Posters of their leader and the glories of war.

  39. I am so sick of the excuse that we can't handle truth or bad language on CNN; Comedy central; NBC; ABC or any other network or nakedness LOL f_ _ _ em and the horse they road in on.
    Censorship is their way of only hiding truth so crimes and corruption can continue they have no excuse they know what their job is they refuse to do it by contributors of congress & themselves.
    Their not stupid and I'm sick of that argument in their favor.
    USA is corrupt period and nothing less.

  40. TYT is retarded. You guys are so eager to throw away others "access." I'm hoping that you have enough common sense to understand that if they didn't have access in the first place they never would have seen it to begin with. Embedding reporters is an expense for the military and risks soldiers lives, which CNN makes money FROM. Your childlike view of the world makes for a lot of wasted time for your viewers. So thanks for wasting my time.

  41. "You gotta run it….you gotta run it man." Such a f'ing douche. I bet anyone from CNN that sees this would not be willing to take advice from a YouTube reporter that is more color commentary and conjecture than I've ever seen in my life.

  42. It's easy to criticize the American military or to disrespect the soldiers we have dying over seas when you're behind a keyboard. You might not agree with what we're doing, or the government's choices. But we are men and women that are dying so your fat ass can sit behind a computer, eat McDonald's and drink soda. Do I agree with the war? No.

    Thank your local media for sugar coating everything and making you feel safer at home.

    "But we are men and women that are dying so your fat ass can sit behind a computer, eat McDonald's and drink soda. Do I agree with the war? No. "

    This is so fucking stupid statement. If you do not agree with the war, that means you don't think soldiers are actually protecting you so you can sit behind the computer, blah blah blah.

    You don't kill hundred of thousand of people in middle east, and you can still do the things you do, safer!

    What a stupid tool.

  44. I don't agree with the war. So that means I don't think soldiers are protecting us? What does that mean? How am I a stupid tool? Calm down kid.

  45. @SICKSxNINE men and women are dying in afhganistan or iraq that some american can drink soda and type with a computer? in other words "they're dying for your freedom" which propably is the most idiotic thing you could say. but hey! here you're saying it…

  46. @sportsbraider "all you people criticize america well if you dont like it here go somewhere else,"

    You seem to be implying that the U.S. is the only country that has freedoms.

    I would never criticize an individual for fighting for their country but could you please give me an example in the last 60 years where any of the wars that the U.S. have been involved in have been to maintain the freedoms you have in america.

  47. The Left knows how to spike a story too.When Stalin deliberately starved to death millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s,New York Times reporter Walter Duranty,and Marxist,lied and reported there was no famine.Russia sold the wheat they would have eaten for money.Not a story you will get from Left of center types like Michael Moore or TYT.A book about it is Harvest of Sorrow by Robert Conquest.

  48. @patrioticheart patriotictwat..when did cenk those soldiers were given orders to committ theyre cowardly act?? all he sais was that CNN is wrong for sensoring it. and a war crime IS what happens in war,otherwise it would just be a crime…idiot

  49. @patrioticheart i didnt know this was a spelling bee. stop trolling the web with idiotic comments…TWAT. and by the way its rogue not roque….the criminal should be court marshalled for war crimes. his actions DO NOT REPRESENT THIS COUNTRY!! soldiers are subject to the UCMJ,which clearly defines these actions against civilians as a "war crime" its right in there with RAPE and PLUNDERING. of course these individuals are rogue..which is why they should end up in the brigg

  50. Are US Soldiers being turned into bloody monsters? If so we need to reexamine our priorities here in America.

  51. GOD, I love it when these completely obvious things, whom people love to avoid, get directly expressed by someone in an official position like this. "WHO CARES!?! They're the government, of course they're gonna criticize you if you point out what they're doing!" That just made my day that much better.

  52. How about our teens shot in the head or blown up by bombs or suicide bombers ? We don't show that either. Who knows what that kid was really doing approaching that house with a gun. He could have laid the gun down and then approached the house if he had a reason to be there. Don't me so stupid .

  53. @patteel he was shot in the BACK of the head because he was walking away from the troops they just shot him for no reason

  54. listen, if you have seen the program 'Australian Story' you would understand why the footage did not get aired, I usually agree with TheYoungTurks, but trust me when I say watch the program and you will understand.

  55. A journalist's first responsibility is to the truth, no matter how unsettling. People should be able to see what happens around the world.

  56. This is why all over the world Americans are being hated.You have killed over 120 thousand civilian people ONLY in Iraq.If we count only the last 40 years of your history you have killed many millions of civilian people via wars and economics and you should be charged with genocide.

  57. @germinvermin I am not saying all americans are bad but those who don't want to kill people are guilty for not protesting enough so you can stop the killing by the people who represent you.

  58. @germinvermin If only more people understand that people in Iraq or whatever country 99% of them are just trying to get by in life to have food on the table and a roof over their heads.George Carlin and Frank Zappa said it right.It's not wars about race or nationality.It's war about rich versus poor.

  59. @germinvermin You moron it's your country doing all the shit why am i supose to protest?If you want to say something i can tell you my adress you can come.

  60. Silence is just as bad as committing the crime yourself. As MLK said, "Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE."

  61. In a warzone someone with a gun, unannounced, approaches soldiers and is shot in the head and takes 20 minutes to die… It was so distressing the > war correspondent < says he has post traumatic stress and you wonder why it wasn't show?

  62. CNN is a step under fox news as far as making honest attempts at depicting reality. NYT newspaper as well

  63. Their was nothing more obnoxious then when that war started and Matt Lauer sitting with Hummers in shades thinking he was bad and Ted Koppel in a tank. Gimmie a break. If your going to ride along goto boot camp and dont be a major anchor people have to coddle Bill O Reilly Doesnt need to be in the back of a F16 (not that hed have the balls to do it)

  64. War crime. Killing an armed Iraqi. What? You don't know who's good and who's bad. Some kid with a fucking AK47 can be dangerous, bullet to the back of the head, fuck him.

  65. people don't die instantly like you'd think they do.
    Officer got shot in the head with an M1 carbine and lived to moan and gasp and then was shot in the right eye to still die about 4 seconds later

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