CNN BUSTED Using Same Trump Supporters For “Average Republican” Interviews

You know, one of the things we’ve seen CNN
start doing really a lot, I guess, since Donald Trump was sworn in an office, is that they
like to go out into the country anywhere in the country, not necessarily the country,
but they’ll grab, you know, seven, eight a dozen people, random people, maybe there’s,
oh, these are all republicans, or all these are all democrats, but they like to just put
them in a room, sit them in those chairs and just talk to them all, you know, get the average
Americans feel for how things are going here in the United States. When they did it earlier this week after Donald
Trump’s horrid in tweets about the four congress women that he told to go back to where you
came from, and apparently these women had no problem with Trump’s comments. They didn’t see them as racist, they didn’t
see them as wrong. They thought, yeah, that’s pretty spot on. Right? But what CNN didn’t tell us about these women
who they labeled as a just Trump’s supporters. Was it two of them? A woman by the name of Gian O’Briant and
Peaches McGuire Coates were actually a members of a Trump-supporting organization. But CNN didn’t mention that. And okay, yeah, maybe they’ve, you know, they
just want to Trump supporters. These women happen to be part of this big
Trump supporting organization. So maybe just forgive him for that. Okay. Maybe we could do that. Well, what about the fact that CNN also didn’t
mention that when they had these same two women on, uh, earlier this year or when they
had them on, uh, last January? Do you see where I’m going with this? CNN is having these same women on, in addition
to another woman named Dina Miller, who is also appeared repeatedly in these, a random
average American republican panels. CNN is essentially stacking the deck with
these performers. Is, is really what you should call them at
this point? They are performers. Yes, they are Trump supporters. Yes, they are Republicans. But CNN never mentions the fact that, oh,
we went to these same women once again, this time we’re just going to label them Republican
voters. This time, we’re going to label them Trump
supporters. This time we’re going to label them average
American citizens, but there’s nothing average about them. You’re taking the extreme of this side and
repeatedly putting it on the air, trying to paint the picture that this is what they all
believe. Now, if you’re following what I’m saying,
this is an attempt to actually make Trump voters and Trump supporters look like they
all believe these things. Huh? Didn’t see that coming did you? CNN is actually trying to make these Republicans
look worse than some of them actually are. By repeatedly having these crazy fringe women
come on and just labeling them differently every time. I have no fan of Republicans. I do believe most of them are just like those
women they have on the screen, but this is not fair. This is inaccurate. They’re not getting actual random samples. They’re not going out to middle America walking
into a diner and saying, can I have all the Republicans come and sit in this room for
a minute while I talk to you? That’s not what’s happening, but that’s how
they’re portraying it. CNN is being dishonest. This is journalistic malpractice that borderlines
on complete unethical because they’re not telling us who these people are or the fact
that they gay, they keep going to the same crazy women so that they can make everyone
look crazy. You don’t need to try to make Trump supporters
look bad scene, and they do a great job of that on their own. But there’s also plenty of decent people in
this country that you could easily go out and talk to. But at this point, I think it’s very clear
that you do have an agenda and that agenda got completely busted this week.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Maybe CNN can't find many trump supporters or average repub who would go on CNN. Many average repubs VOTED for trump, so they are just as despicable as a total trump supporter. Repubs would vote for Hitler if he were on the repub ticket!

  2. I would not normally make fun of peoples' names unless they seemed like pretty bad people. That being said….
    Grrrrk… "Peaches McGuire Coates."

  3. it's not misleading. everyone that goes to a trump rally or out in public asking random people walking down the street(rebel HQ for example) often side with these women about trump. it's an eye opener. myt takeaway from these interviews is there is an alarming number of women that doesn't seem to care to be treated like dogs. as if they feel they should be and they don't know how to be strong and confident. lots of them are stuck in the 1800's mentality. oh I better get back to the kitchen and only speak when my husband says I can. I think you have it wrong Farron, maybe CNN wanted to ask these women on purpose to wake them up by exposing them to someone else with a rational thought. and if they do it to the head of the dumbasses, maybe they'll start to turn down the rhetoric. i'm honestly disappointed by any woman like kellyanne conway that seems to have no moral compass. her husband doesn't seem to have a problem bashing trump and calling him out for what he is. and he can't even get his own wife to see the light.

  4. The only thing Trump has been honest about is that the mainstream media is fake news.
    Trump supporters are mostly a bunch of white supremacists, but I find it absurd that they can't seem to ever find Trump voters who regret their support.
    Mainstream media is only interested in ratings.

  5. Omar is an anti-semitic terrorist sympathizer. Don't be afraid to venture out of that mainstream left wing media bubble sometimes since they choose to ignore stories that don't fit their narrative.

  6. CNN constantly kisses their asses(conservatives) while conservatives call them liars and enemies all day.
    This dynamic plays out in relationships all over this country, it's always wrong and always self reinforcing.

  7. All CNN had to do was claim that they are not apart of the media and are also "fair and balanced". If they had made those claims, they would have been exempt from this type of criticism. 🤷🤦

  8. I’m a conservative but we DO have a common enemy in CNN and mainstream media. THEY are dividing us. Hey guys and girls and otherwise: if we MET I’m sure we’d like each other, I am veteran, I am an ultrasound tech. I have 3 dogs. I enjoy nature and a quiet life. I’m intelligent and don’t do drugs but see no problem with marijuana (oh I do use Kratom). I was raised to love everyone regardless of race gender or sexual orientation. I just don’t want to have to PAY in my taxes for choices I wouldn’t make myself. THIS is the main and common opinion of conservatives. The rest of the crap was put onto me my mainstream media to try to divide and conquer us. Please open your eyes to that. We share that common enemy and the quicker we bond together over our shared love for country and each other and push away the dividers the better we’ll be
    ❤️ Mary

  9. "The most successful one-party system is disguised as a two-party system, giving the people an illusion that they decide" We have a two-party system that serves only the wealthy and Corporations. Its time for the people of America to rid themselves of Corporate Democrats and Corporate Republicans. Our political system is no better than Mexico’s corrupt system.

  10. Farron, something similar was done with the Parkland School shooting, the Boston Marathon, etc. MSM has a habit of "interviewing" people to fit the particular narrative that they are currently focused on.

  11. guys watch this! A great progressive YouTube channel by a young Asian American lady.

  12. Trump is a two bit real estate bunco artist and a congenital poltroon with the moral courage of a toad and an IQ roughly equivalent to the room temperatureof an ice fishing shanty on Lake Michigan. He was elevated into office by the archaic and now obsolete electoral college system which was set up to benefit slaveholders, and now does the same for their CroMAGAtard racist ancestors who represent the genetic cul de sac of Western civilization. His supporters are a tyrannical minority of bullies, stooges and fools for whom pettiness, racism and thinking with one's adrenals are pimped as "values." He's a treasonous, toxic gargoyle being blackmailed by the Russian Mafia.

    If his grandfather hadn't been a successful brothel owner and his father a blackhearted slumlord, Oink Bonespurs would probably be a retired used car salesman in some brownfield New Jersey suburb. Orange is the New Horrible. Resist the Idiokleptoplutocracy.

  13. I wish Trump would go back to Epstein!!! He wants to DATE IVANKA!!!!!!
    CNN needs to truly report news. If Trump bankrupts America he should lose all his money to US Coffers!!!! He can live in a MAGA Basement.

  14. THANK YOU ! ! I had a bet that trump was doing that ! paying them to talk him up. trump is just showing MORE n MORE of the crooked side of the republicans/politicians THEY HAVE LESS N LESS CREDITABLY ! !

  15. Wouldn't it be logical to interview the same ppl to see if their opinions remain the same even when drumpf goes full raciist?

  16. CNN, being dishonest? SAY IT AIN'T SO! I'm just surprised they aren't trying to put members of the KKK on screen and in uniform and labeling them as "green new deal supporters." Corporate media is shit and the enemy of all mankind.

  17. Damn. I argued this fact with the hardcore Trump supporters that CNN was mostly unbiased. Now I’m agreeing that just like Fox, they are biased.

  18. yeah for sure, why state the obvious??? CNN always do that, they are fake news, whats awesome is that every time those women come in… they trash CNN and make em look stupid. And Im sorry, those women are average Trump supporter, never seen them call for violence or anything bad… they just say what they think and they are not trying to represent all Trump supporter, I dont know where you see that… but thats CNN again trying to make them look like that, but again, not really hard on their part… since they have the Trump syndrome, and less and less peoples listen to CNN anyway… so not really a big deal… you want to fight peoples that could affect the election… focus on goggle right now.

  19. Yes,, this is true, CNN does this a lot. They add extra seasoning to topics that dont require it at all. I hate that, because when debating their credibility comes into question even though most of the facts will be true and accurate.

    Why give room for doubt when others do a great job making themselves look bad?

  20. CNN is doing the same thing Chump does with his rallies. Only he does it by the busload.
    Look at the footage of his rallies going back before he stool the WH. You see the same people over and over again. Yeah they sometime wear different t-shirts & sit in different spots, but its the same 200 pepole at every rally. Watch! Just pick out a couple of people from a rally and watch for them in other rallies. Paid supporters!

  21. I don't believe it's agenda. I think the person setting these things up is just lazy. They have been reusing people in these panels a lot lately.

  22. Back in the day when I was regularly on British television I found that once I appeared on one of the then four mainstream channels on a subject, within a week I had requests for me to appear on all three other channels on the same subject. I have actually appeared on "Kilroy" and "The Time The Place" within minutes of each other as Kilroy was pre-recorded but shown as live* and the time the place was live. * By that I mean that once the recording started it was filmed non-stop and edited later as they used four cameras.

  23. MSM has turned into theatrics 101. I hate that I have to discern every underlying motivation in an interview or panel now. CNN is the worst at stirring the pot, what is the real purpose here? To somehow make the rest of the world think Trump's words were not racists when clearly they are. To confuse the public?

  24. I just watched the latest Secular talk vid on these 8 republican women, and Kyle was outraged they were so crazy and acting like stepford wives. I thought i recognized at least 4 of them.
    It is obvious CNN, MSNBC have become FOX news like. I guess they have to, to compete for the big bucks they have been loosing to fox. Damn shame what we have become. Nothing is real anymore.


    Drump is scum, a bottom feeder! If his mouth is
    open, he is lying! And the fact that the fat pig Bill Barr protects him &
    doesn't even follow the law himself! If I didn't show up for a subpoena I would
    be going to jail. He not only does this but tells others that can hurt Drump
    with their info not to show up either. Unheard of ever before. The pretend
    President is the biggest crook ever & is robbing the US blindly. Wake the
    fuck up Drump supporters! When you are homeless & can't feed your family,
    this guy is not going to help you. but I bet the people that you are being
    racist to will help you b/c they don't see the color of your skin or what
    country you think they come from even when they were born in the USA they see a
    human in need & are willing to help you. Remember that next time you chant
    send her home. Everything that orange blob told you that rally was a lie! None
    of the squad has ever said they hate the USA they love this country & are
    in Congress to help you not hurt you! Has Drump brought down the price of
    drugs, has he built the wall, has he done anything for the infrastructure, has
    he helped with the opiate problem that has killed thousands of the many across
    the US, has this lying asshole done anything but made the rich richer? NO!!!!
    You are voting against your better interest all b/c of the color of someone's
    skin color? They feel like you DO they hurt as you do, they love their family
    & babies as you do! What is wrong with you? There is something wrong with
    you thinking! The economy that you think is so great isn't & if reelected
    the USA is going into a recession as you have never seen before. You have been
    told now step up to the plate & vote the lying orange pig out of office!

  26. Trump started his bid for the Presidency by paying for the 'supporters' at the announcement. So it worked for Trump and Bush did it with 'weapons of mass destruction' – it is the new 'lying free speech'.

  27. Trump is going to win in 2020. You STILL don't know why he won in 2016!

    CNN is stacking the deck to make sure douche bags like you get fired up and go out and vote. Good luck!

  28. yes it's to make them look stupid but it's also so they can have people who reliably will stay within the framing.  real conservatives will always surprise you, there is always at least one opinion which seems out of place

  29. I try not to watch CNN…they lost objectivity….Since 2016 I prefer to see MSNBC…specially Ari Melber THE BEAT….and Rachel Maddow…TRMS

  30. What a bunch of nonsense. Why in the world would CNN have wanted to include anyone they knew would support Trump in their focus group when their objective was to embarrass him? I think that this entire video was contrived and shown in an effort to make it look like the group was stacked in favor of Trump. What a lame, "Left Wing", effort to cover for CNN, since their attempt was such a failure.

  31. I have seem multiple vids where ROF does similar things. Saying trump thinks that the moon is part of Mars, etc.
    Trump does not always speak totally coherently so things he says may not come out as he intends them to, but I am sure he knows that the moon is not a part of Mars and he was speaking of the mission to Mars including going to the moon. But Farron was here saying trump is so stupid he thinks the moon is a part of Mars…trying to make trump look stupider than he really is.
    I have commented before on this and said that trump is stupid enough, you do not need to try to make him look stupid, leave that shit to fox, etc.


  33. Thank you for honest commentary. I'm a very liberal Democrat but truth in journalism is vital. Good for you.

  34. fox news is the toilet for the republicans and the trump's administration….it's where their azzes replace their mouths….cnn is the toilet for the followers of the republicans and trump's administration….the same thing happened…..!!!! and the deluded consumer ate their excreta, and voted scums into office….!!!!! the american political system is just one whole sewage recycling plant without chemical treatment, and the smell creators are fox and cnn…!!!!

  35. Wow, CNN… not good. I want to say that the faction of a few (Trump Supporters) doesn't speak for the whole (Average Republican voters), but kind of disingenuous to invite the same ones under a different mask, which in turn brings "the rotten apples spoiling the bunch" mentality to your viewers. Not every Conservative is a lost cause, just like how not every Liberal is a progressive. Do better, CNN.

  36. Why does it matter? They are American citizens that support Trump. The maker of this video is a huge dickhead!

  37. CNN is Fake News and the cue ball Fake News host is a douchebag for defending these 4 American hating seditious rats! 🇺🇸Trump🇺🇸20/20!

  38. Anderson explains that they want to know if the Trump supporters still support him. This would mean they would prefer to get some women who they talked to in the past, who supported Trump in the past. Makes 100% sense. See and hear for yourselves Anderson says it clearly.

    I was born in 1966 and Democrat from age 18. Our family of four voters did not vote for Trump in 2016 but all four of us decided to vote for Trump in 2020. We are Personal Socialist (Not National Socialist). We agree with Trump working for America First and for American's First. Also if you listen to her read the definition of Racism in the video, it never says Racism is bad. She just thinks Racism is all bad because she's brainwashed. We happen to know some racism is OK. It is 100% OK for a black man to want to marry a black Woman and have black kids. It is also 100% OK for a White Man to do the same. It is also OK for a person of one color to want to marry a person of another color. There is nothing wrong with black people or red people or white people to want to go to a celebration or a school with their own historic people's, just like there is nothing wrong with Christians getting together or Atheists getting together. My wife is Cherokee, African and Irish mixed and she likes Trump, his policies and does not feel he is racist at all. We in our house agree with Trump that those four Whoresmen of the Democolypse should leave the USA if they are not happy with it and hate it so much.

  39. Cnn is fake news people you all are fooled brainwashed puppets if you back democrats your a racist/ hypocrite look into their history the party has never changed they just changed how they fool you that’s all you have to be lil smarter do your own research instead of taking cnn word for word

  40. CNN just appears desperate at this point. They seem to do little to help our cause. In some few cases, it's almost as though they are working to make us look like a bunch of chumps and ignoramuses. Honestly, I stopped watching CNN. I usually watch MSNBC and Fox news… One must watch perspectives from both sides to get a fuller idea of what is true. Fox is greatly a bunch of lies and propaganda but it's also important to know what your enemy's agenda is, and Fox tells me what they are trying to do. One eye on your enemy and one eye on the ball…

  41. So what !!! This just goes to show how stupid these people are . It's hard to find people that can get out of bed and speak sentences that support Trump . And most Trump supporters don't want to be seen on TV because it's hard to look nice when you have almost no teeth .

  42. My cousin is PA sounds just like these Trump women. He excuses EVERYTHING Trump does and says and believes the economy is actually doing better now.

  43. Hey! Baldy, you have such a hatred for the MSM that you don't even realize you're! part of the problem and helping these Trump loving, lying and just pure nut cases on the right against Trump's MSM fakenews propaganda mantra..

    You're going a little overboard with the criticisms about CNN, it's not as bad as you're making this out to be.

    Well done idiot. Their are now Trump minion little nazis on this video comment section who are using your "non story" here to go "ah ha!, see, MSM is fake, even this leftist says so"

    Well done! With friends like you on the left, who needs enemies.. THIS!!!! is why Republicans always win, because of morons like you

  44. How about fox news useing those fat lady's useing diamond and ice .And the token black guy always see them on fox and Trump rallys.

  45. That’s a big part of why I listen to you…you aren’t so biased that you don’t use common sense, or fair judgment.

  46. Yes it is biased but no better than the right, they would get the most unhinged antifa and present them as your typical democrat.

  47. TRUMP 2020

  48. Are you really trying to make the argument that CNN has a pro Trump bias? Are you fucking retarded… Wtf are you talking about?

  49. CNN and the democRATS have used the word racist so much it has become a hollow word.Its like the boy who cried wolf but replace wolf with racist.Its because it’s all they have.The democRATS have no platform they nothing to offer the American people.Except for higher taxes,open borders and socialism.No thanks.CNN being dishonest?No say it isn’t so.

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