CNN Bracing for Dozens of Layoffs

CNN Bracing for Dozens of Layoffs Despite raking in some of the highest revenues
and ratings in its history, cable news giant CNN has announced plans to lay off dozens
of employees. According to Vanity Fair, The Cable News Network�s
�daily rapture of the Donald Trump White House,� is credited for the increase in
profits, known as �The Trump Bump.� However, it would seem that even a ratings
bump, isn�t enough to withstand the encroaching field of online media. The Network confirmed that cuts would be made
in the digital departments, according to The Wrap. Although, Vanity Fair originally reported
that as many as 50 jobs were on the line. CNN has reported that the scheduled cuts are
part of �restructuring,� meaning some employees would move to new roles. Cuts are expected to be made later this week,
according to The Wrap. Vanity Fair reported that the �restructuring�
could be linked to AT&T�s acquisition of CNN�s parent company; Time Warner. The report indicates that Time Warner is looking
to save on the digital side of the lucrative business. Areas looking at potential cuts could be CNN
Money, video, product, technology, and social publishing. Additionally, several digital initiatives
are being reduced, such as the network�s virtual reality productions. Perhaps most notable though are CNN�s Money
Stream app and Snapchat efforts. In December the company ended its Snapchat
news broadcast known as �The Update� according to The Wall Street Journal. �We�ve been transparent about our strategy,�
Matt Dornic, a representative for CNN told Vanity Fair. �In order to innovate, grow and experiment,
we�ve added more than 200 jobs in the past 18 months,� Dornic continued. �Not every new project has paid off so we
will stop some activities in order to reallocate those resources and enable future experimentation. �Organizations that do not make big bets
and continuously evolve are the ones that fail,� he added. The revelations are a stark contrast to the
network�s assertion just months ago when CNN was touting their massive share of the
digital marketplace �CNN Digital will bring in more than $370
million for 2017 � its highest revenue in history,� a CNN spokesperson said, according
to Buzzfeed. �The company remains the #1 digital news
source in the nation, handily beating all its competitors, including BuzzFeed, in users,
video and even millennial reach. There are more than 660 people working for
CNN Digital and there are no plans for freezes, cutbacks or layoffs of any kind. In fact, we are continuing to invest.� However, Buzzfeed noted the that changes in
online ad revenue, combined with a difficult political atmosphere has made business increasingly
difficult in the digital environment. What do you think? Scroll down to comment below

Maurice Vega

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  1. I wonder if CNN have thought about diversification. They have most of the things in place to be a news outlet. Perhaps they could branch out?

  2. We all know media are the mouth piece of the globalist , they need to be cleaned up and cleaned out ! !
    We true Americans will no longer stand for the lies , brainwashing tactics with hidden agendas from the media ! !

  3. Dozens of people are not enough. The more the better. Where will Jim Acosta go to work? Who will hire him? Maybe the National Inquirer. Probably not they want real Journalism. Hahaha! Good luck you schmuck!!!!

  4. CNN is a giant media network of mainly Misinformation. They are willingly, knowingly and recklessly dishing out information which in turn makes it Propaganda. They should be charged with several lawsuits and/or taken off the air for instigating civil unrest. On another note, maybe Soros is minimizing the funds to them.

  5. CNN is extremely harmful to America because of the lies they report, they are more concerned about reporting first rather than report truth.

  6. We need to send these worthless CNN people at to Russia because they act like they're Russians that's all they can say is Russia Russia Russia

  7. They dug their own grave, and now the dirt is getting shoveled in. To CNN, how about thinking before you act. Their is very little true journalism, when you have to sell lies, it's time to go.

  8. This is GREAT NEWS! Let us continue to boycott them and encourage others to boycott them till they are totally non-existent.
    I use to be an avid watcher of CNN until one day during the last campaign I tried another network and was shocked at the biased and onesided reporting of CNN. It was CNN that convinced me to vote for Trump.

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