CNN Biased Coverage Of The NY Elections

c_n_n_ drove me crazy today for a
different reason about these elections right as opposed to the protest i’m looking to the their website and he
says we have that’s pink capture uh… and they have these stories on
what happened in the elections adding up three headlines on it two of them are all k the third one is
carrie’s so what headline here says behind again implosion in virginia okay there was a bit of an implosion in
reaching out that’s fine then they say how did the g_o_p_ take down the new jersey governor okay g_o_p_ did take down the new jersey
governor fair and then uh… then one says these are on the middle both sides claim bluewin in new york twenty-three hope all of a level architect there were published one in uh… virginia by a large margin in new
jersey blue state they out took down the governor dot
those are for headlines that’s what happened right refusal ambiguity about district twenty three of new york the democrats to go see that had been held by about for a
hundred and fifty years by the republicans since the civil war the republicans held
that seat and democrats have been for the first
time we’re both sides claimed victory well part of that is a victory for
republicans at some mental headline it’s because i’m telling out we’ve done this a
hundred times on the show the mainstream media the republicans are always white for
that at the i mean they haven’t seen a
republican talking point that they didn’t instantly fall in love with that they didn’t wanna make love to and
take home at night treat tenderly okay i mean how what announcement that was where one in any way you open
up the article here’s what it says that headline inside says dens may have
one uh… in new york twenty-three wicca service claim victory too if your idea of victory is losing a c
you have a loss in a hundred and fifty years well i mean you’re mentally challenged annual report that as balance that’s
balanced well then you’re mentally challenged anything is you say well look jake akg
he said she said to try to be neutral to try to be balanced well then why was about as an interest
in virginia one of those headlines say uh… you know uh… both sides claimed
victory in virginia widen the headlines at because it didn’t
happen democrats got their essential c we would never do that you’ve got to
give people the facts you can protest but they didn’t happen they have been so intimidated by the
right and now some say them begin to wonder its other there attended with by
the right some say they’re controlled by the same corporations in very very subtle ways it
also the smoky room and say all right producer at c_n_n_ dot com give me that headline now but it seems and it seeps in people get rewarded you know told by the republican party line and
they don’t get rewarded if they do it from the democrats or for progressives
and on c_n_n_ i mean we’ve covered this before in dana bash who said uh… when presented with the harried actually uh… putting our
public option in the senate version his fellow is this were to make the liberals
happy your own network did a poll sixty one
percent of americans according to c_n_n_ what the public
option that’s a huge majority are they all
liberals now but on-air everything is the right
if i don’t know their provokes at the bottom for a quick option well there are twenty three and you know this is not getting that through people
and so when book and i’ll tell you why give somewhat of a divide so idea a get
moved by it because when bush said and you know
saddam hussein et uh… to saddam say nine eleven sons in
nine eleven day mission in the same sentence sometimes they would directly
say that he had something do it and c_n_n_ says while some people say yes on
the new without eleven some people say he didn’t that’s not charles and that’s rap he’d didn’t have anything to do with
nine eleven facts you can’t do he said she said with
packed and what happened all the way two
thousand and six forty three percent of americans believe
the saddam hussein personally responsible for nightline that’s how you mislead a country into
war and in the deaths of hundreds of
thousands people so it might be a small thing but in the and those small things add up
to very very large that now when you go to try to find out in
this article how the how the concerts key point
victory you got to go to an article with a quote because server blog yeah i know c_n_n_ can’t wait to cook
quote liberal bloggers and put their what they say in the title right how
often does that happen anyway so they go to eric erickson of
red state and here’s what exercise that the g_o_p_ must now recognize that
we don’t lose without the service or will win with cancer well eric back again you seem to have issues with intelligence as in you don’t
have any cc the because that person it with a
minimum level of intelligence understands that you didn’t win in new
york twenty-three you lost was that quote me billy dale moves without the servers or when weapons well you know what you want to service you
read the guy do you want it the most conservative guy the rates and lost in fact biggs akkada what you said is
true you lease a he’ll lose with what you
call conservatives right wing lunatics or will win with moderates that’s a reality they take this guy’s a legitimate source
and put him as the balance in the story and any continues he said uh… uh… so we have demonstrated to the
g_o_p_ at the same without a right winger the g_o_p_’s too moderate for right so
we have demonstrated to the g_o_p_ that it must not take a service for
granted the g_o_p_ at better pay attention okay congratulations we just paid attention to how you fools loss a c the republics have lost a
hundred fifty years how you guys are solid dumbness political strategists in the country what what else you need us to pay
attention visor public kick them out of boden
their ass an eight but thank god the rebuttal to
build up a listen to but it was an error correction please in twenty ten run all and in twenty twelve was a rush limbaugh listserv pales in
their character and morals like this and you lose every
seat yeah and in fact he’s complex his last book for all intents and purposes new york
twenty-three is a trial run for florida and for the conservative eight is operating inside the g_o_p_ if john cornett and an r_ s_c_ that’s
the central campaign for the republicans do not want to see florida go the way of
new at new york twenty-three they’d better stand down so what’s happening in port charlie chris is the moderate pollen and we talked about on the show we don’t
agree with some assesses but the guy seems like he did a reasonable job were trying to look at the fair for in
we don’t republican democrat were actually trying
to see what they did right says he was cute any way shape or form
reasonable because service ate him they’re running this guy named mark will
be our guest and so what their erickson the more on is saying is hey you know what we want to do for florida what we did in new york
twenty-three i would say one more time evi you waltzed in new york twenty-three
you lost although both the you couldn’t possibly with betsy except that yourselves opened that you do it now you say you won’t do that again in
florida you know i’m a sailor’s sailor moon have added aus okay your disrupts the florida senate race
for the republicans your take-out charlie crist who i’ve pink in my honest
assessment is nearly guaranteed a victory if he makes about a primary and you are on mark rubio the clown and that was the sea i don’t know why i’m angry i think i
should say all right go crazy lose every cdna senate everest in the house stories on a race because i want a
reasonable opposition there could be an intelligent debate in
the country and these morons art of the republican
party and it’d be a permanent minority then when you go to challenge you know
that though bomb it ministration anything to do it on your only choice is that the press will only listen to these uh… pools so you can make a real case against widow bomb is treasury department is
doing is that these guys come on board through farm you guys brutal of our parents the gunners cargo hold court that’s not
it anne monday and that’s about it the lunatic said justice given this
island and you’re giving them equal coverage is
that that provides you now

Maurice Vega

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  1. The Mainstream is not biased towards Republicans & they're not biased towards Democrats.. they are mental for this two party circus event that we call American Politics.

  2. @chiefrc77
    "If you are for less gov't then you are for big corporations continuing to control us against our best interests."

    Without a doubt, the dumbest statement. It's because of big government intervention with big corporate lobbying and financial backing that corporations control you. A business can't control anything without the power of the state.

  3. @chiefrc77
    "I am for higher taxes for the rich because we didn't have deficits until we lowered their taxes to 35%."

    OK I stand corrected. This is the dumbest statement. Defecits started as soon as we passed The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It has nothing to do with tax rates. Defecits are caused by spending. GET IT? SPENDING!!!!!!!

  4. Higher taxes for the rich is unconstitutional in a capitalist country. Wealth is very much tied to the pursuit of happiness with a country based on capitalism, and penalizing those making more money is infringing on their right to such.

    On the other hand, we're in bad effin' shape and the system's already fucked. I don't want to see people who've done everything right lose any more homes, so I say we perform contract-based tax adjustments that expire after 1-2 years for the sake of emegencies

  5. lol. Republicanclaimed victory, doesn't mean it is true, he just reported what happened thats all.

    Cenk, guilty for over-reacting!

  6. Man, I know it ain't my country, but progressive taxing is absurdly logical and if that's unconstitutional….well, like I say – it ain't my country.

  7. You've obviously never seen a graph of the national debt. It exploded during Reagan's tenure which I think everyone would agree was when the tax cuts for the rich first started. So then genius, explain to me why the national debt exploded during both tenures of Reagan and the wannabe hick W? Spending, huh? Not really because both those guys cut several social programs (some of which I would agree with). It was the tax cuts for the top 1%! Do you GET THAT or can you even read a fuckin graph?

  8. I agree that the business can't control anything without the power of the state. But what exactly is less gov't going to do for us? We will continue to get raped even more by the Citibanks, AIGs, United HealthCare, etc. Until legislation is passed that prohibitions corporate donations to politicians, we will be a corporatist state. Less gov't is stupid really. When I hear that, I hear them saying we should privatize EVERYTHING! We shouldn't ask for less gov't, we should ask for better gov't.

  9. Tax adjustments won't help home owners. It's the aid they'd get which would have to be paid for by taxes. Just like the last 8 years in Iraq, the bailout and whatever else comes up in the form of aid or future investment. I just don't care to think of a tax hike, much less an indefinite taxation that doesn't have to be represented by any specifics.

  10. Jon Stewart ripped CNN a few weeks ago for CNN's love of "leaving it there".

    He even made up a new tag line for CNN, "CNN: No one leaves more shit there."

  11. OK smart ass, what the fuck are you exactly for? Let me guess, the usual neocon garbage. Less taxes for everyone, less gov't, "economic freedom" (code for corporate freedom to rape the middle class), strong national defense (isn't that socialist though?), blah blah blah. You're all the same. How does it feel to not be able to think for yourself and have some knob tell you everything you should believe in? Fucking dumbass hillbilly bible-jizzing retards.

  12. It's quite funny, the right wing media is poking fun at Pelosi for declaring victory after losing in both NJ and VA while the left wing media is poking fun at conservatives for declaring victory in NY 23. Round and round we go folks!

  13. What don't you get? We are being raped by Citibank, AIG, etc, because of big government. Wothout big government, there would have been no bailout. Without big government regulations and support that favor the rich bad companies would have collapsed long before they got "TOO BIG TO FAIL" If government couldn'r regulate business, then business would have no incentive to lobby and influence govenment. Then government could do it's constitutional job of actually governing.

  14. This guy is funny, but I'd still rather have moderates run against progressives.

    The thing is that if the Republicans move any further right, the Democrats will be able to get even further into the pockets of corporate America.

  15. Neocons want big government. They've taken over the Republican party since Reagen's second term. They've used their platform for an agenda of far right christian fanatics, perpetual war, big defense budgets, and less freedoms for Americans. Can't do that with small government. But yea, I want less taxes for everyone, less government, more economic freedom and a strong national defense. That's not Neocon, that's what our founding fathers fought for. Maybe it's time for you to think for yourself.

  16. "Have at it, Hoss!" I am starting to tune in just for that. I also agree with his analysis of the analysis in this case.

  17. LOL A Graph.

    Yea Reagen spent like a drunken sailor. So did both Bushes. So did FDR. So did LBJ. The National Debt was reduced only twice for a short period of The National Budget has never gone down. But now, Obama spent into a bigger defecit his1st year then America spent into it's first 200 years. Besides, the tax cuts were accross the board cuts. The top 20% of incomes got 80% of the cuts because the top 20% pays 80% of the taxes. What's so hard to understand?

  18. You do realize Bill Clinton made a deregulation bill for the banks and that's how they became too big, right?

    Look up the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999

  19. Actually Clinton make anything. The Finacial Services Modernization Act of 1999 was The Graham-Leach-Bliley Act. It simply replaced The Glass-Steagal Act. It allowed banks and other financial institutions to sell various financial instruments previously seperated by law. IT DIDN"T DEREGULATE ANYTHING! All the regulations that were in place and now applied to all companies. It actually increased regulations since it gave The Fed power over all finance industry and not just banks.

  20. But to answer your question. Yes it did allow big banks to buy up smaller competitors. But only once it was approved by The Fed. Regulations increased but in favor of the big banks that were cozy with The Fed. That's why I keep saying that it's government regulation that produces the big companies and corporatism that we are facing today and not a true capitalist system that makes everyone play on a level playing field.

  21. What are you talking about? It was the biggest deregulation bill in American history. With the new law passed it made it even easier for banks to create even larger monopolies by combining forces with insurance companies.

    Not to mention it made legal able to combine investment banking and commercial banking which was the main downfall of the economy.

  22. Wrong again. The media is horribly biased toward the need for big government and big government spending. Doesn't matter who is in office, Republican or Democrat. They both vote for more spending. They both vote for bigger budgets. They are both to blame for the current mess were in. And yet media still pits one against eachother. Media talking heads still parrot the need for government stimulas and big government programs. Media is part of the problem.

  23. you listen to the wrong people. There was NO DEREGULATION. There was more regulation. The only banks that got bigger were the very biggest ones already with the closest ties to Regulators and The Fed. How does replacing, The Glass Steagal Act, a big regulatory big government intrusive bill, with an much bigger, more regulatory more intrusive bill amount to deregulation? The only thing this bill did was to give The Federal Reserve Bank more control of financing and banking. THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM.

  24. I don't know how clear I could be The FSM Act of 1999 made legal able to combine investment banking and commercial banking. Do you agree with that?

    Having this happen was one of the worst things for any economy. It's what got us in the mess of the great depression and it's what got us in this mess now.

    You just admitted that this law made it able for big banks to swallow up smaller banks and creating a big monopoly. Deregulation is what made the banks too big to fail. You said it yourself.

  25. Also, in 1994 when the gop won back the Congress, Time magazine cover had a depiction of a large elephant running roughshod over a donkey getting his guts crushed. In 2006 when the Democrats won back the Congress, Time's cover said "Why the middle is the new place to be." Cenk is 100% right, the MSM loves the right talking points.

  26. Maybe it's you that just simply can't read. There was no dergulation. How is replacing one big government bill with an even bigger government bill amount to deregulation? Deregulation means to repeal a bill. Please answer that question. HOW IS REPLACING ONE REGULARTORY BILL WITH ANOTHER DEREGULATION?

  27. Yes, they are biased. When is the last time you saw them give equal weight and coverage to a communist viewpoint? A socialist one? When is the last time they gave equal weight to universal, single-payer coverage (the liberal position)? Instead, they portray the compromise position – public OPTION – as the liberal position. Yes, clear bias.

  28. The "even bigger government bill" was just cock blocking everything written in the other one. It takes less steps to create a bill than appeal one.

  29. I answered it completely. Don't blame me for your inability to read. What you haven't answered to is how allowing investment and commercial banking to create a double wide monopoly isn't deregulation.

  30. First, there were no monopolies created.

    Second, I'll repeat. How is replacing one highly regulatory bill with an even bigger regulatory bill amount to deregulation? Please answer.

  31. But I will answer your question. By allowing investment and commercial banks to merge allowed more banks to compete. After all, JP Morgen Chase, the investment arm, and Morgen Stanley, the commercial arm, have been break The Glass Stegal Rule forever. Both banks have the same board of directors and operate in the same building. Your false belief that the big banks were hampered by this regulation is ignorant at best. This bill was simply designed to consolidate power under The Federal Reserve.

  32. This act opened up the market and let "capitalism" run free. It OPENED up the free market! It's as simple as that. You made the argument that the government was the one who made the banks too big to fail when it was the banks that did it to themselves. This bill made it okay to go beyond the gold standard and I hope we both agree that that was a bad idea.

    This act didn't have any laws, just allowances like saying we are no longer regulated by the gold standard. Try reading it.

  33. *APPLAUSE* Thank you for pointing out the bias on CNN because people don't believe. They truly believe everything they see on the news and it is really sad!

  34. Free market capitalism? We haven't had anywhere near a free market since before WW2 and totally ran away from the free markets after the breakdown of The Bretten-Woods agreement. That was when we officially got off the Gold Standard. Since then, with each financial bill that has passed, and there have been many, The Federal Reserve, along with all other G20 central banks, has been given more and more power. There has never been more financial regulation than in the last 20 years.

  35. Now I know you haven't read either Glass-Steagall Act or the Financial Services Modernization Act with your gold standards comment. At first I didn't think you where a Fox News Sheep, but I guess I was wrong. In 1913 we where taken off and then we were put back on again in 1933. THEN taken off in 1999. Getting taken off the gold standard is one of the biggest government deregulations in American history, like I said before

  36. You sure you want to go with this answer? since this is incorrect in so many ways. You should Google "The Bretten Woods, The Gold Standard, and the history of the US dollar, for starters.

  37. All right, lets see.
    "In 1913 we where taken off and then we were put back on again in 1933."
    During WW1 The US was the only country to maintain it's gold standard. It was briefly halted in 1914 when there was huge outflows to Brittain. On May 1 1933 Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 ordering all citizens to turn in their gold. And in 1934 The Gold Reserve Act. These restrictions relaxed in 1964 until the breakdown of The Bretten Woods Agreement. You didn't pay enough attention

  38. And after all that… they still complain with 'the liberal left media'. :-/

    That happens over here too…. I don't get it.

  39. Guess what. I can too make up history.

    In 1938 George Washington flew a dinosaur to help fight the alien invasion from Mars. He then got gay married to Glenn Beck and had 34 children.

  40. CNN, Fox (faux), and MSNBC have turned into to crap reality shows, looking for drama, and making it up when there is none.

    Early in the "Balloon Boy" story CNN had an expert clearly state that the balloon wasn't big enough to support the weight of a small boy, but they proceeded as if the expert's statement never happened, and continued for several more hours, especially when it appeared that something fell from the balloon. Just looking for DRAMMMMA! Cooperate news media SUCKS!

  41. and most of the people with "Liberal" leanings are actually the moderates of the country. See in the U.S. it's basically the center right vs. the right wing nutjobs. That's what we have as far as are party system and it's a great representation of the populace as a whole.

  42. Good points raise here in this clip!!! I swear to god the "liberal media" meme is a myth. It's the other way around. Drudge owns the media and the rest just follow how he spins news. Even MSNBC.

  43. CNN has become extremely far left……And pro obama.. This guy is smoking crack,,,,The mainstream media is on the right side???????? Come on you are delusional.

  44. if they didnt bail-out the banks, do you know where we'd be right now? look up 1929-1939.
    i dont like the bail-outs, but they were necessary.

    and if you let the corporations take control, have fun with healthcare insurance only being allowed for the perfect. do you also believe the goverment cant do anything right?

  45. then i come to america and setup a healthcare company for the imperfect. problem is government regulation stop me from doing it else i allready done it

  46. where does it say in the regulations, that you cant set up a healthcare insurance company, that has lower standards?

    Find me this, i wanna see it, Really badly.

  47. Tough Question can't find the exact answer: One Problem might be Patients Rights for example:
    The Right to obtain the prescription drugs their doctor prescribes;
    This means the Doctor can prescribe a more expansive Product if he gets some backdoor payments from the drug company.
    But the bigger issue is contract independence. You are not free to make a contract of your choice with a healthcare provider, the contracts are largely mandated by the state.

  48. From what I heard, the Republican candidate was actually DEAD center. The conservatives wanted someone more conservative, and they say they won because the republican lost without their support. In theory, the repubs now have to listen to those right wingers. NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND

    Not bias, CNN wins. LameTurks fail

  49. @okayillgonow, well, I think that's what those conservatives want everyone to believe. Personally, I think republicans fail because the don't support Obama.

  50. Dear Cenk, actually the 60% of americans that support health care might all be liberals, if as in the other story the republican party only has support from 20% of population. Still leaves 20% not taking a position.

  51. Well, lets face it, conservatives are getting older and dying, while more young adults are registering, and more than 50% of them realize that the "right" is "wrong", so to speak 🙂

  52. cnn is most biased in their sensationalist reporting, not so much on any definable point in the political spectrum. Still makes them garbage though.

  53. But Miyasma! If we don't associate homosexuality with negativity, how can we ever continue out hate-filled, bigoted propaganda?

    lol "Conservatives" make a mockery of freedom every time they bring their black-hearted rhetoric to the conversation.

  54. Hey, you oik! Try holding the ad hominin attacks to a minimum, you fat fucking shitemunching yanker barstard! The others are trying to have an intelligent debate, so why don't you at least do them the common fucking courtesy of answering their comments in a proper way.

    You don't make a point in a debate by saying "your mother sucks cocks in hell". You just don't!

  55. I didn't fully read this comment before. Otherwise I would've said that this is the dumbest one yet.
    "Getting taken off the gold standard is one of the biggest government deregulations in American history,"
    Besides the fact that you said the same thing of The FSM Act of 1999, now I know why you can't answer my question. You have no idea what deregulation is. Going off the gold standard was the biggest regulatory takeover of our monetary system. Gold in the hands of the citizens is deregulation

  56. CNN has become so pathetic. "Both sides claim the win in NY-23"… you have got to be joking. Their "being balanced for the sake of being balanced" apparently prohibits facts and reality from influencing their "reporting".

    They're not even worth watching anymore. All drivel and very little journalism. There comes a point in a discussion when a real journalist would step in to separate opinions from facts – not on CNN, where lies will go unchallenged.
    F them.

  57. Sorry, I'm far left, nothing like the self-avowed capitalist Cenk, but the Conservative Party and Republican Party won more votes in that election. The system kept them out.

  58. haha… Yes the left wing CNN was not left wing enough for the young turks. How dare they suggest that the GOP almost took NY 23 even though the GOP mishandled it badly. Which of course was their point. No, this YT dude thinks news organiations just say teh facts of who won and who lost and leave it at that. No, we can't analyze it. Nope, just the facts.

    TYT really need to move to Cuba where their left wing propaganda would fit well with Castro.

  59. "You can spend whatever you want beyond what the government has in it's gold banks to back it up"

    That would be deregulation. They're not regulating the amount of money that we have as a country and leaving it up to the businesses to regulate it.

    It's so adorable to be called an idiot by a moron.

  60. if that makes anyone feel better, misinformation reigns in europe too (in other ways and about other topics, but same basic principles)

    the fight goes on lol

  61. @sofonyasmsu … So pointing out this if all the votes for the republican and conservative party were added up that they outnumbered the democrat? I think that is good journalism. It trumpets the overall point that conservatives are on the march and 2010 will be a repeat performance.

    You can start crying now.

  62. with the exception of Fox, most journalists of the mainstream televised news media are liberal.

    the top brass, on the other hand, are mostly conservative

  63. "large shift of voters" in new york what kind of benchmark are you using to justify that statement in the face of such an upset loss?

  64. Those people voted for Obama not just for his party.

    What kind of victory can there be for the republicans even if some of those Obama voters, voted for a republican who lost a race for an entirely different position?

    A position mind you that had been manned by the republicans for such an enormously long time; a position they lost to the democrats they're claiming some kind of victory over.

    I gotta tell you that's not much of a victory at all.

  65. here's an idea, maybe read the article. maybe there's a reason that the conservatives are claiming victory even tho the dems won, like the fact that there was no republican running, just a dem and a third party candidate. Yet the third party got 45%. that's more note worthy than a dem or repub getting beat/winning, so it deserves special attention. And how you can claim the mainstream media eats up anything the repubs say… is baffling at best.

  66. Hell! I am so liberal that I'd make Obama look like a neocon iin comparrison, and if given the chanse, and the others weren't available, even I would consider Ron Paul…

  67. @AMCHATTER: Third parties FTW. And yes TYT does tend to defent the Dem's more, but they do criticize them to a large extent. Just check my playlists.

  68. @Adam805726 Very true how the dirt poor white trash tend to favor republicans. While that is true, on the same note the gop does the exact opposite of what their main base wants most of the time. public option? naw, fuck votes, we dont need em, we need money more…

  69. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? how does CNN favor Republicans. I watch that channel sometimes and all I hear is the liberal bullshit spewing from their mouths. It makes me sick.

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