CNN Anti Trump Panel Goes Bad When the Wrong Panelists Show Up

CNN Anti-Trump Panel Goes Bad When the Wrong
Panelists Show Up BY BENJAMIN ARIE It�s no secret that CNN is no friend of
President Donald Trump� but even the left-leaning news network couldn�t skew the facts against
the president when a panel of �everyday� Americans showed up. A group of voters was recently assembled in
Ohio following the testimony of James Comey. The nine citizens were asked by CNN National
Correspondent Gary Tuchman to respond to several questions, and the result was definitely not
what the cable network had planned. �First thing I want to ask you: It is a
crime when you testify before Congress to lie,� Tuchman stated in a clear attempt
to �prep� the panel. �That is perjury. You can go to prison for it.� Then, Tuchman asked what the citizens thought. �Raise your hand if you believe James Comey
lied at all.� To CNN�s undoubted chagrin, four of the nine panelists put their hands
in the air. �He [Comey] said that Donald Trump, quote,
�Lies plain and simple,’� continued Tuchman. �Raise your hand if you believe Donald Trump
has lied at all about the situation.� Not a single voter on the panel raised their
hand � but then things got even worse for CNN. The shocked correspondent asked for an explanation
of why some panelists didn�t raise their hand at either question. A woman in the front row gave an answer that
the liberal network was absolutely not expecting. �Well, first of all, things can be distorted
and appear like lies,� the plainspoken woman responded. She then gave the CNN journalist a scolding
look. �And I think maybe the media might have
distorted some things and now we�re not getting both sides.� The big names in media have tried for months
to destroy President Trump, citing �anonymous sources� and reporting things that turned
out to be the complete opposite of the truth. Americans are no longer taking the bait, and
the media shell game no longer works. Citizens trust the mainstream media about
as much as they believe James Comey � and that�s not saying a lot. If you agree with this panel of voters, please
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Maurice Vega

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  1. Read this in the annoying robot voice…What does Trump have to lose by being honest? Hes got everything a man would or could ever want. He needs nothing. There is no reason what so ever, for him to lie. He is on top of the world right now and the Presidency is the crown jewel of accomplishments. He now needs nothing more. Hes innocent of all these accusations, regardless of how cherry picked and organized they make them.

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