CNN Anchor Annoyed By Co-Host (Video)

ride-on roberts internship re of do it show
together called american morning on c_n_n_ and uh… at all notes there has been getting on is
never all this time and this was the last straw or bruises he was in a particularly irritable
mood that morning but we’ve got our was about to do with this
funny all that will be seeing a more personal side of the president when
he speaks this afternoon here now with a preview is david axelrod is
the senior adviser to president obama he joins us live from the white house briefing room
david thanks so much for being with us out let me ask you first of all the let me ask
you first of all did have a good before we get into the uh… student would begin buying
stock not doing that on talking thinking argument if the fight against terry nichols uh… in this car on itsy-bitsy uh… dignitaries off-camera that he just
poking and you can tell right before you leave us axelrod you see
jobs going it if you catch that but but but but ecstasy this is a that panel now who was in tears as the wicked cherries
up yeah i don’t know which is that i don’t know
she’s like fellas annoying habits where you see when i was as well like during exams l_a_ through this in a row and i’m sorry i think that will be in and tapping a long time i don’t know shes like or if she’s like try to distract them because
they’re doing get now what others is that off-camera roller probably not the lab probably not but uh… if but many do you do that on the air for you that issues in the early okay this i’m not there on us and a m to send you
saw the results because the last thing in a car was the only
thing that somewhere down there hey you know afterwards there was a huge blow
up behind the scenes jot can’t believe you said that on air quality
work ghetto the well we would have a problem right away that’s a look speculation on my part or helpful but beginning on the way the at an early at
right but those guys getting trained at at so bad they are on the street like that they had an issue

Maurice Vega

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  1. I remember watching this live a few weeks ago, and Cenk nailed it, that's exactly what I thought. Doing the thing with the pen. Kiran has one of those faces that are pretty annoying and I can understand why John would get more easily pissed but what a fucking uptight bastard eh?

  2. OMG cenk i love you but pls dont try to imitate a seductive woman!!! no tongue, pls, and what on earth was that bit with the nipple pinching? pls dont ever do it again. EVER.

  3. @B00mBoomboy I would be tempted to agree but I don't think so: if say someone brought it up in some interview he'd tell them their being pathetic and everyone would agree.

  4. @B00mBoomboy you're right, though luckily cos of the internet and a whole generation that gets their info from lots of different sources, people like Beck won't lead younger people by the nose the way he does middle aged and up folks.

  5. "if you don't mind"…….

    Talk about polite!!

    SHE, probably went and cried to management afterwords, in typical female fashion….

  6. Cenk you're the greatest: I'm laughing so hard cause I've not been able to stand this bitch since her arrival some years ago. I couldn't stand watching her for she was so IN LOVE with herself and them BOLD KNOCKED KNEED info's, wow what a COYOTE her HUBBY must be?

  7. The fuck is wrong with what he did?

    She was obviously damaging his "process" and its his job on the line in that kind of thing.

    Honestly, the fuck is wrong with what he did?

    and lol sexy cenk, if that was going on besides me while i was on air, i would have to raise my hand next to my head to just stop laughing

  8. I don't think he did anything wrong at all. If someone is doing something distracting and annoying while you're trying to focus makes it rather hard to focus.

    He was actually fairly calm and professional, this was hardly a Bill'o's meld down!

  9. When Mox posted the clip, it's the first thing I pointed out. We came up with some good ideas as to what she was doing. I had said maybe she pulls out one of her tits and starts sucking on it.

  10. @B00mBoomboy
    The former. I'm afraid he will get his own show on MSNBC some time, which would probably turn out to be a watered down version of TYT.

  11. @Otokogoroshi I agree. From the way Cenk was describing it i thought he really went off on his co host. That was nothing really.

  12. That was awesome! You know that there were issues behind the scenes going on. I would have loved to see what was going on off camera.

  13. What is the little yellow line for?The one on the red bar that shows How much of the video is loaded?I have seen it on several videos and have been wondering what it is used for.

  14. @Bystronicman08 when you get to that part of the video it pops up the ad, it just puts the line there to show you when the add is gonna come up

  15. Typical Narcissist – She doesn't even think about anyone but her own ass.

    No – she is probably on her cell phone yaking with her 'housewife' wannabe while the man is trying to do his job.

    She should be fired for being unprofessional. She is probably yakking and fucking off while he is attempting to read off his teleprompter and deliver his story.

    Good for him – she should be shamed.

  16. @lstntn

    oh now you know the entire extent of their relationship right? you know she's just a perfect little angel "and not a total bitch" oh wait you don't… you're just assuming and making him out to be the bad guy when she could be provoking him

    or he could be an ass but you can't tell that from the way he is on camera they're all assholes when it's on

  17. @Beatleha um ali walid bin tallal isn't an imam, so apparently you're not very well read, the imam is imam rouff. i prolly spelled that wrong though

  18. @Leadman1989 I'm not assuming ANYTHING. Of course I don't know the details of their "relationship". She could be either an angel or a total bitch. Probably neither … or both. doesn't matter. I wasn't "commenting" on her. Only him. He's the one who "showed his ass" on air. I simply expressed my opinion that he "comes across as an arrogant pretentious PRICK". I see these guys a lot in the morning and simply commented on the impression I have of him. It's a comment the COMMENT section…: )

  19. I've never like Kiran Chetry. Her voice is SO FREAKIN' ANNOYING. I wish he would have said "would you please quit talking? I'd appreciate that, if you don't mind." LOL!

  20. CNN is unbearable just like its anchors, esp. that bitch who married Dan Senor… they discuss car wrecks and hack politics. Only C-Span actually explains issues to voters, and sorry TYT is no better.

  21. @lstntn

    and i never said you couldn't i disagree with your comment so i'm commenting in the comment section 😛

    i'm not saying he's not an ass but you are assuming things like i said you don't know what they are like off camera and you don't know why he did what he did and her spilling her coffee on him won't help the situation

  22. Canadians of a certain age remember John Roberts as JD Roberts, a VJ on MuchMusic, which is the Canadian equivalent of MTV. He made a habit of making a fool of himself back then, and he's still doing it. You can change the hair, but ya can't change the man.

    He wanted to anchor the CBS Evening News, badly, but they hired Katie Couric instead. He quit CBS, whiny bastard that he is, and CNN hired him. Peter Jennings was a Canadian, too, but he was a real journalist, not a f**king VJ.

  23. @Leadman1989 I'm assuming things? What am I assuming? How do you know?
    Like I said, I was merely expressing the impression I have of the guy; that, to ME, he "comes across as an arrogant, pretentious PRICK". Who's doing the "assuming" here?
    The "coffee" suggestion was meant as facetious humor. I don't think there's any real danger that she'll read my comment and decide to do it. Thus he won't need to "punch her in the head".

  24. @lstntn

    I've assumed nothing
    my reply to your comment
    was if she spilled coffee on him
    i hope he punched her in the head

    and then you started talking about
    all this other stuff and i said you don't
    know the extent of their relationship so
    you shouldn't assume he didn't do
    it for good reason

    maybe to him it was worth looking like
    an ass to accomplish what ever he wanted
    to and pretentious? news anchors are paid to
    be pretentious

  25. @Leadman1989 Just got to wonder, If his behavior is SO normal and justifiable and acceptable, why it was even a subject for a TYT segment in the first place. Must be just me : )
    You can now assume that I'm done wasting my time.

  26. @Beatleha um no. just because bill gates or steve jobs donates to a cause doesnt mean that microsoft or apple supports the cause.

  27. @Beatleha ugh at first i thought you were just ignorant, but you're worse. you're a conspiracy theorist. im done. there is no point in arguing with a crazy person. ive already debunked your first statement, so i win.

  28. Those two can't stand each other. Half the time John Roberts looks like he wants to kill her. One of them needs to go.

  29. @LibertyInProgressNOW Is that your question? MSNBC's M.O. is issue distortion, obfuscation, and spoon-feeding eager morons like yourself. Taking offense at my critcsim of Cenk-full-of-shit reveals the fact that your gullible, unfit to to discern propaganda from fiction, swallowing what MSNBC feeds you without knowing what's in it.

  30. @LibertyInProgressNOW LunacyInProgressLATER he lied about Obamas bailout stats and labor #'s. Are you devoted to facts as Cenk-full-of-shit sees them or do you actually think independently?

  31. Maybe Kiran was crossing her legs Sharon Stone style, or perhaps she was unbuttoning her blouse…whatever it was, she obviously didn't want the public to see. (S)uper (L)usty (U)nderdressed (T)art.

  32. That anchor is Canadian so the co-host must have been doing something really bad for him to flip out.

    Cheers Christine

  33. yea yea he's just a Canadian – who was JD Roberts on MuchMusic then could not make it on CBS so he had to go to CNN. stupid canadian

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