CNN analyst accuses Kobach of racism for backing voter ID

Maurice Vega

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  1. Funny that liberals only complain about photo ID when it comes to voting. When it comes to anything else they have no issue.

  2. Hi ya Tucker Carlson, luv your show brother! Keep up the great work! I hope you have Beto O'Rourke on again and ask him about Project Veritas' latest! It's pretty obvious he's going to lose to Cruz but, given that the people you surround yourself with speaks to your character, I would very much like to hear his (O'Rourke's) response!~

  3. Carlson, you cut off that tape. Shame on you as a journalist, for taking truth out of context that actually exposed Kobach for who, and what he really is…..

    Tobin went on to tell this moron to his face, with great disdain, that the study Kobach was on was terminated because they could not find any substantial voter fraud……. And guess what…..

    Kobach had NO reply. Embarrassing…… Go look at the original CNN clip for yourself to see this moron shrinking before your eyes…..

    And YES, the GOP is suppressing the vote, and your edit of the video validates that point.

    I have as much disdain for CNN as I have for FOX… both spin the news because of Neoliberal Corporate dark money ….. That said….

    Using a rather simple analogy that you may or may not understand….

    If your ethics were made out of water, you would not have enough to give a proverbial flea a foot bath.

  4. In more places than not, Republicans can't win fair elections. If they
    could, we wouldn't be seeing this constant non-stop cheating, lying, and
    unconstitutional legislating. They are on their way to extinction.

  5. Leftists jump back and forth between,
    -We are all the same. There are no differences between any groups of people, or their IQ.
    -You're racist if you treat everyone the same. Group X needs special attention because they're too stupid to get voter ID, if you treat them like everyone else, you're racist.

    I wish more people would blow up at these pundits when they get this greasy.

  6. Tucker, I think that Sudafed policy is enforced at all drug stores because it's an ingredient in manufacturing meth, so they have to monitor its sales.

  7. not enacting voter ID is all about voter fraud, not racism, The left is as afraid of voter IDs as they are of a black Republican president or candidate. 2016 election Baltimore Maryland ask me for Voter registration card and gubment ID.

  8. I am white and can't drive due to visual disturbances but have to carry and show a state ID for many things including voting. I must live in a racist state that doesn't want disabled white people to vote ~SARC~

  9. I hate every motherfucking Republican, including my brothers.ย  Think about that, when you espouse your 2nd amendment rights

  10. The only reason that any of the Democrats don't want to go get a picture ID is because when they do the authorities will have to arrest him within the outstanding felony warrants that they have against them yes dear

  11. I have a friend that is french and lives in France. He voted in the US midterm. … it's a fad in Europe. ……… they get the mail in regeneration …you don't need proof of citizenship or residency. ..
    Guys. Everyone is doing this..

  12. That's as shocking as a CNN host promoting racism and genocide. Is this actually shocking? CNN is not news, they are televisions racist tabloid. TMZ is more trustful then CNN and that's saying something.

  13. its pretty disrespectful to think that because your black you cant get a id wtf you cant do anything without one even if these were poorer blacks on welfare well how did you get your benefits you need to prove its you so this is a joke.

  14. CNN has proven their racism time and time again… They are so racist to think that black people don't have any ID cards lol

  15. The more people who vote the less likely Republicans will be elected.

  16. Yes don't you know it's racist to make sure people are who they say they are at the voting booth? LOL yes it's racist not to let the Democrats cheat LOL

  17. He CNN and Jeffrey Bugeye Toobin, you Democrat Propaganda machine. You need Id to enter buildings. Are they racist? You need ID to open a bank account. Are they racist? You need ID to get a driver's license at DMV. Are DMV's racist. You need ID to rent a car. Are they racist? Frankly, spouting this type of nonsense is dangerous. Jeffrey Toobin hates American citizens and posits the corrupt opinion that their votes should be negated by illegal voters who have no ID.

  18. I live in S.W. Kansas .Voting for Kobach .. So is everybody else I know here Including most Hispanics I know who are LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS AND WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP

  19. You're supposed to always carry some kind of ID. So why should it be difficult to show the ID that you're always carrying? Let alone how that equates to racism.

  20. Idiot Toobin has no argument. Is it racist when DMV requires ID to register your vehicle, when a grocery store requires ID to cash a check, or when the STATE requires ID to receive welfare benefits? What's the difference? Let me suggest an answer. Many of those on the Left are carrying FAKE ID's because they have been charged with felonies and are on the run. They are already operating outside the law and the Left doesn't want to lose their votes. The charge of 'racism' is just another tactic for holding onto power. The Democrat Party is a corrupt money laundering operation and they will do anything to keep it going. Yes, we know how you operate and your days are numbered. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  21. License needed to drive, buy a beer, get into a bar, cash your paycheck, buy cigarettes, etc, etc.

    The left: โ€œblack folks arenโ€™t capable of getting a driverโ€™s license or ID….itโ€™s racistโ€.

  22. The Hypocrites leeches Propaganda machine will be dismayed again And Ism a Democrat.MAGA show the Idiots you are not their Puppets.

  23. The answer to Tucker's question about why Toobin and others pull the race card in such a ridiculous way is because it works. Simply saying it, as far as much of the CNN audience is concerned, makes it so. Create a false truth. That's CNN's (and most of the liberal media's) game. Float the lies out there, and many of them will stick. They've been doing it for years.

  24. Arnt black people getting bored of constantly playing the racist card now? We cannot even look at a darker person without the joker card being played today.

  25. Someone right of center, "This is simply common sense." Automatically followed up by the left of center's, "That makes you a hateful racist!" How did we get to this point?

  26. went Saturday morning to change the address on my wife's state ID. at the end the DMV woman was like 'goodbye'. I said 'no charge?' Indiana doesn't charge for state IDs. also, wife is a LEGAL immigrant–btw

  27. Every SINGLE western democracy requires the voter to have a valid ID when they vote. How the heck is that requirement racist? ๐Ÿค”

  28. The left is so racist I am poor and have been around the poor my whole life we are not stupid and we all have ids

  29. I like the Ari Horowitz video where he goes to Berkeley then Harlem to ask how hard it is to get an ID. The Harlem residents seem confused by the suggestion that they cannot get an ID.

  30. I am going to try calling the clerk at the liquor store a racist next time I get carded.
    This virtue signaler is a racist.
    The racism of lower expectations.

  31. I think we should jail all the dems put them in nice camps like the illegals have now,with swimming pools tennis, courts etc… where they can concentrate on their stupidity and become americans. Wait, i said concentration camps… Im a rasist bigot! Hey tucker! Here is a narrative the left uses that i would love to hear you deconstruct. Yes in my experience minorities do have a sort of poll anxiety. Mostly self imposed but a small fraction of minorities are very afraid to vote. Mostly because they have legal issues, immigration, criminal cases etc… The rest of the immigrants i know seem to feed off the real fear of the immigrant criminals and dont trust the rule of law yet. Btw as a son of someone who fled the nazis in wwII and seeing first hand what that does to someone… I say… Call my Mediterranean ass a rasist too! Like seriously TUCKER please get these idiots who are supposed to be educated… Get their school records. Attack their arguments using logic and then get their school records specifically if they took philosophy. Turn to the page in their actual text book and teach them… Whoever your dem guest will be… Then show them where they mess up the equation a+b=c. I know you already do it but the school record textbook thing would really be cool. Oh wait one more… How many dems does it take to change a light bulb? Its a trick question they couldnt. They screwed it in the wrong way, they kept turning the light left,forgot to turn the power on and then fell off the back of the illegal used as a step stool.

  32. Our supervisor of elections is prohibited from requiring ID and proof of citizenship to register voters; nobody knows exactly what happens to the last for digits of the social security number that are required. Don't know how many times that number can be used; do they mark those last 4 digits as used so someone in another jurisdiction cannot use them again? The DOJ forces the supervisors of election to provide our ballots in Spanish also, even though the census bureau doesn't document the citizenship status of those it is polling. At the polling places and after people (citizen? non-citizen) are registered, at least in places where they want to reassure voters that only citizens are voting, the poll workers scan the magnetic strip on our drivers' licenses, which supposedly has proof on the strip! Resident non-citizens' licenses look the same as resident citizens. We live in Florida. If a person don't un-register at one place, can he just vote absentee from the places he's moved from, in addition to the place he's moved to?

  33. He is one of Americaโ€™s most effective advocates of racist policy. And that was clear even before he hired open white nationalists as part of his gubernatorial campaign.
    Stop defending this scum bag.

  34. It seems like the Tuck KNOWS me personally and creates his news streams JUST FOR ME! He is saying, "Here is how things are, Dave, I created tonight's segment just for YOU!"

  35. Some guy went to Harlem and could not find a SINGLE Black person with out an ID. In fact they were HIGHLY offended when they found out that WHITE Libtards regard them as helpless idiots. They were incredulous!

  36. Who gives a hoot, I carry my I.d everywhere, hey you wouldnโ€™t want someone to board your airplane โœˆ๏ธ w/o one. Voter I.d is the only way to be honest and to help insure nobody votes illegally or even twice! Commโ€™on folks whatโ€™s so hard about getting and carrying your I.d everywhere you go??????

  37. How stupid are these Democrats. I am black and the argument that Jeffrey Tobin is making is offensive to me. The only argument ttese clowns make is to cry racism.

  38. Just once I would like to see a Demoncrat actually defend their position on why they believe that voter ID laws are somehow racists.

  39. Actions speak louder than words. When you pass policies that primarily affect people of color negatively, that tells people all they need to know about your intentions. Despite your explanations. A mans words and actions MUST agree after all.

  40. Iโ€™ve always been a Republican, but I drew the line at kobach. I voted red in Kansas, but for governor, I had to vote democrat.

  41. Jeffry Toobin is a liar. People of color don't have Photo ID? Really? Most of them drive a car, so they have a photo ID. When they go a hospital or doctors office they show an ID. When they go to a bank they show an ID. When they apply for food stamps or Obamacare they show a photo ID. Showing an ID at a voting booth is voter suppresion only in the mind of a communist and racist like Toobin.

  42. NUMBER ONE RESPONSE TO THAT CLAIM : "So what you're saying is that black people are too broke to afford the $20 to get an ID, and even if they had the money, they're not only too stupid to know how to get one, they're too stupid to know to ask for help? Is that what I hear you saying? What kind of racist bigot are you?! Do you have a white hood and cloak in your closet?! "
    ๐Ÿ˜จUhhhummm umm uhh but but nooo umm uhh..
    Gets em every time. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’จ

  43. Get in the fetal position and scream racist, micro aggression. Suck thumb, say I need my safe space, while rocking back and forth.

  44. "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."
    Matthew 12;36-37

  45. Why is it racist?ย  Get a clue…Get an id if you are American!ย ย  This is racist that is racist….racist is the onlywords the dumocraps know.

  46. If I were a person of color. I would be so offended by this! IF YOU SCREAM RACISM AT EVERYTHING! The true victims of hateful racism are the ones who suffer!!

  47. What they are saying is that non-whites are too lazy to get up off their butts and go get a state ID card or driverโ€™s license. I think that these idiots on CNN are the real racists.

  48. I voted early, when I went in to vote. I told the person working my name and he asked my address. Didn't require any verification of who I was. This is just asking for voter fraud. I guess if an I'd was required to vote it would disinfranchise all those dead people who wanted to vote. Im sure my dead dad wanted me to get his pension and ss retirement checks. I will be waiting to receive them in the mail. .

  49. A known fact of when a cop asks a black for an id; "i aint got none". Voter commissioners ask for an ID to see if a person is eligible to VOTE. WHERE IS THE RACISM?? WHAT IS RACIST ABOUT THAT???? WHERE IS THE HARDSHIP???

  50. Dude his reaction alone is all u need to see when guy says u devoted ur life to stop black people from voting… he's not enraged, upset, instead of turning red his face went white and he tried the look of my shoulder are u talking to me trick, had that look of everybody pointing at him while he's naked. I don't know either of these people but that was the look of getting ur hand stuck in the cookie jar.

  51. Everything is racist according to the left. Its their only response when they have no valid argument. Voter ID is common sense. Its all about the left getting more votes. Possibly from illegals. If not , then why aren't they saying that requiring an ID to buy a gun, pick up medicine, or many of the hundreds of other situations that require ID racist ?????

  52. Kris Kobach is so brilliant, that is why the left has to attack him so much! Look at this man's education, it makes me proud to be the same age. The way he explains how he could help solve this immigration problem is concise and practical, just watch him on Tucker tonight 4/8/19

  53. To put in in a way white rightwingers can understand, if the left wanted to make it so that nascar fans can't vote, you know you'd be calling it racist. Many Black people are poor, so they can't afford photo ids, and this worthless pile of excrement knows that. Which is why he supports that racist law.

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