CNN Admits They Stacked The Deck Against Bernie During Town Hall Event

CNN has finally admitted that, yeah, we stacked
the deck against Bernie Sanders Monday night during his town hall, and we probably shouldn’t
have done that. Now. They didn’t actually admit that they stack
the deck. They did release a statement through a spokesperson
that said, though we set at the beginning of the town hall that the audience was made
up of Democrats and independents. We should have more fully identified any political
affiliations. Now that halfhearted apology slash excuse
is really no excuse for what they did. You know, a paste magazine did a phenomenal
job of kind of going through and identifying multiple different people who were allowed
to ask Bernie Sanders questions at this town hall. And it turns out, oh, we’ve got, we’ve got
interns at lobby shops. We have chairs of local democratic parties
who, you know, not too fond of Bernie. We have people who sit on the boards of organizations
founded by some, or funded, excuse me, uh, by some of the most ardent pro war right wingers
available. And all of them were simply identified as
a voter, a Democrat, you know, political lover. Bernie handled it like a champ. Don’t get me wrong. He did a phenomenal job, but CNN proved once
again how horrible they truly are. All they had to do was say that these people
were lobbyists. They worked for lobbyists. They were a former lobbyists there, a chair
of a local Democratic Party, but they failed to do it on one, two, three, four, five, five
at least. People who ask questions fall into one of
those categories. CNN knew that. That’s why they issued the statement of, Oh,
we should have identified them better, which to me again indicates that they knew they
were doing this. CNN, honestly, they can’t be trusted. I know. It’s great when you have a Chris Cuomo come
out there and make Kellyanne Conway looks stupid, but literally any one of the country
can make her look stupid. We don’t need a Chris Cuomo for that. That’s not excusing all of CNN’s behavior. The things that they’re doing, the way they’re
stacking the deck against the most popular politician in the United States. I don’t care if you personally support his
bid for president or not. The fact remains, he is and has been for the
last two years, the most popular politician in the United States. His ideas that were friends considered two
years ago are now mainstream and actually supported by a majority of even Republicans
and CNN, for whatever reason, tried to undermine him. So yeah, Chris Cuomo could come out and get
a few good shots at a Trump administration official or some of the other folks on CNN
can do that, and they get some praise. They get some viewers, but at the end of the
day, that doesn’t change who this network is. We saw who they are and what they are Monday
evening, and they’re dirty. They’re sneaky, they’re deceitful, and they
have absolutely no reservations and no shame about what they’re doing.

Maurice Vega

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  1. It’s not the first time CNN always has a cast of “regular” republican women with witch to have convos with but still to this day has never identified them for the local gop leaders and activists dishonest. I wonder if their gunna let black men hurt by Harris’s crazy prosecution history get to question her on her record.. something tells me it’s unlikely

  2. CNN was never high up in my regard, even though I'm not in the US (we do get most if not all large US news channels), but they're now just one notch up on Fox, and that's only because Fox is below the bottom of the line.

  3. I don't care. Bernie is not going to get the black vote.
    But, do you whites even have the ability to do the right thing?
    I'm just asking.😒

  4. Yes, and they will pick your next front runner to.
    Don’t you know you not aloud to criticize them. You must be anti free speech

  5. I haven't watched CNN since they fired Marc Lamont Hill for daring to say Palestinians deserve human rights. I never watched it much, but it came up in my recommendations, saying Ring of Fire viewers watch CNN. That seems unlikely, but YT like to promote corporate interests.

  6. I think one of the most important question that was brought to Bernie Sanders attention was about, Reformation for slavery for the, ADOS( American Descendants Of Slaves). Bernie Sanders didn't answer the question like I wanted him to. But, he have to make it crystal clear to the, African American community that he's not only willing to work to get ADOS the Reformation they rightfully deserve but make it a promise. Because right now things doesn't look good for the Democratic party with the black vote since there's a new movement called the, ADOS Movement this time African Americans are getting sick and tired of our votes being taken for granted and this movement is gaining momentum. So, Bernie Sanders will have to do something and not just cheap talking…

  7. In 2016, the deck was thrown out the window concerning Bernie. CNN has been taken orders from their handlers for so long, they are a bit lost in the Trumpian dysphoria.

  8. CNN can throw their punches at Bernie all they want, but he's proven himself a black belt. And they're not necessarily gonna stop him from his chances at the presidency next year.

  9. msm today saying chump isn't a criminal. cnn setting up Bernie. Independent media, is the only way to go. MSM is no different than lobbyists, run by big money, shareholder driven.

  10. And yet democrats never did this when they were hammering trump…

    Really showing that equality at its finest.

    Edit: 2:22
    Oh its just the theme for the news.

  11. CNN Sucks ! The illusion of choice, 6 Corporations own 95% of all media outlets across our Fascist Corporate State 😡☠️🤮🤮

  12. Life long 70 year old Democrat here !! In 2016 I watched CNN AND MSNBC screw Bernies eyeballs out !!! They were going to get Hillary nominated come Hell or high water !! Debbie Wasserman Shultz was a key player !!!! They truly changed history !! Look what we got !! A Friggin lunatic in the White House !!!! DAMN !!!!!!!

  13. The republicans have Faux "news", the democrats have CNN. Sure there are differences between the parties, but both want to Fxxx the average person, and help themselves move up.

    Bernie is independent for a reason! He doesn't want to be part of that crap. Unfortunately the cards are really stacked against him and against us. There's a few other honest "politicians" but most seem more interest in selfish motives and helping themselves and their cronies, rather than truly serve the people.

    It's a very sad state of affairs for this country. Of course when the so called "leader" of this country is a mentally ill Narcissist, who's entire motivation is what's best for him, pumps his ego and helps his family, it's hard to imagine things getting much worse. Of course he picked pence because he'd actually be worse in many ways, so I'm sure he figured that would keep some people from doing whatever was necessary to get him out of office, live or dead.

    And we came SOOO close to having the chance to have things completely different, but no, the DNC and that C** wassermann-schultz stacked the deck in 2016. They were afraid of losing the power they had, not about letting the people have the chance to make the best choice.

  14. CNN is to liberals what Fauxnews is to conservatives. They find the most hateful and divisive turds to push their agenda.

  15. Dirty and sneaky, sounds like my boss.

    Bernie is fighting for the people and not the corporate wealthy and they hate him for it, because they will have to get up off their lazy fucking arses and do the same thing if they want to stay in office.

  16. Bernie failed miserably on the Reparations question for the 2nd time! We won't forget how angry he looked at merely being asked the question. #ADOS

  17. I think it shows how good Bernie is. He will have the deck stacked against him in a presidential race with Trump playing dirty. I think a stacked deck allows him to topple the house of cards.

  18. It’s not just CNN, it’s every corporate identity. Corporate America will do everything in its power to prevent a progressive from becoming President. It’s up to the people to wise up and realize that corporations do not have your best interest in mind. Never did, never will.

  19. I can see and hear I been saying CNN corrupt one reason trump tries to pretend they are the enemy, I'm not going reverse psychology.

  20. Corporate Media thinks we're all fools. That's why they pull stunts like this. The more they do, the more their true colors will show.

  21. Doesn't matter! Bernie will still become president and will go after the CNN millionaire anchors' taxes!!!!! It's clear why limousine liberals are against Bernie – they don't want to pay their fair share of taxes and are shitting their pants for fear they will have to cough up a marginal tax! They love the corrupt status quo, which is why they hate progressives!

  22. CNN needs to not exist anymore. Hopefully AT&T actually does that. When they purchased their owner i was worried about it. But no longer. They're too far in to our corrupt government at this point. Most major media is.

  23. Farron stop WHINING. Competition makes politicians better. All questions were first verified by CNN. I do not think they tried to undermine him. Take vacation you become over dramatic bothering us with minor issues. Politics is dirty business. Nobody is SAINT including Bernie.

  24. Yes! Stack it! He is a thorn in the side of Democrats! He may have cost us the 2016 election. Now here he is again! Middle of the road dems WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM! Come on Joe! Don’t we have any common sense dems left??

  25. The Big corrupt Media learned nothing from 2016. Doing it again. Wonder why most ppl do not trust Corporate Midia

  26. They can stack the deck all they want bernie has the upper hand by have a better PLATFORM… corporate demlicans/republicrats need not apply…

  27. Bernie ass got burned on that reparations question…… reparations for the black community, no vote in 2020. #DOS

  28. The reason we have the Scumbag in office is due to idiots who wasted there vote on 3rd party BS & those who didn't vote at all! Why? Because their candidate didn't make it. If Bernie beat Hillary I would have gladly have voted for him, I believe his policies however that didn't happen so I did the right thing and voted Hillary whom I also liked. So don't sit here and blame CNN if you didn't vote or wasted your vote your just as much to blame! So let's not start this 💩 again people! Bernie himself said to support the democrats whomever wins the primary.

  29. Thank you, Bernie Sanders 2020 for running in the 2020 Presidential Election for Us We The Real American People The Majority and not the few and We The Majority The Real American People are standing strongly with you Bernie Sanders 2020 the next president of the United States of America. Bernie Sanders 2020, I am voting for you and I will always love you forever Bernie Sanders 2020 for always fighting the good fight for Us We The Real American People The Majority and not the few.






  30. So they need people to hold him to account and then admitting to their mistake is just damage control they don't really mean it

  31. You should attack the bosses of seeing him not the people the people are just doing their jobs like you're doing your job attacking Donald

  32. The network wanted to pretend the general public cares about the “gotcha Bernie” topics the it seems only hardcore Dems and the media find relevant.
    Most of those questions were anti Bernie promotions
    1. Not a real democrat
    2. Venezuela (socialist)
    3. Sexual Harassment in the campaign (anti women)
    4. Reparations (anti black)
    Bernie did a great job but the idea was to give the public the impression that these are the topics that are important to them

  33. Liberals are pussies that's why they are always crying foul over something and get mad when president Trump or any patriot dares stand up to them.

  34. Is anyone really surprised?

    Sanders knows the score. All the corporate money grabbing scumbag types are terrified of Bernie (and so they should be!), so he's going to have to get used to the constant negative attitude to him, however difficult that will be.

    Yeah Bernie handled their bullshit well, but I don't understand why anyone gives CNN the time of day anymore because they are biased against ANYONE they don't like. Now they've put a right wing nutbag Trumpanzee in charge of the coverage of the 2020 election, NOBODY should be watching them!!

    Trump calls them "fake news" all the time, so the Trumpanzees hate them, and now with this stupid appointment of this awful, totally partisan, right wing fuckbag, NOBODY ELSE should waste their time watching them, either!!!It's like the idiot in charge of CNN (Zucker, i.e. FUCKER) is actually trying his hardest to put them out of business!!!!

    Trump actually got something right for a change, although with this woman in charge of election coverage, he'll probably flip a complete "180" and change his mind, because he only likes the "bias" to be in HIS favor.

    Anybody with a brain cell, should make up their OWN MIND about who to vote vote in 2020 and not listen to ANY of the media, if they can't bother to be impartial (and none of them can, it seems).

  35. When Bernie was asked by Wolf if he thought CNN was the enemy of the people I would have killed for him to say yes. "Wolf, like Fox News and MSNBC, CNN is not a credible news organization."

  36. If Bernie had been treated fairly in the last election, he would be our President now and the US would be on the way to healing. But he was shafted all the way. This should not happen again.

  37. A non-issue. They HOULD stack the deck against every candidate – the only way a candidate shows how good he/she is is if they get tough questions. The real problem is that some candidates get town halls stacked with their supporters. That's what happened with Hillary last time, and the fact that she never got challenged and was kept in her bubble is a big part of the reason she lost. Bernie fans should be glad that Bernie's getting the deck stacked against him – that will forge him into a tougher candidate to beat.

  38. Honestly it doesn't bother me that they tried to set Bernie up. He's used to it, and he knows how to deal. What pisses me off is that they're so willing to deceive their audience like this. It shows a real disrespect for the people, not just Bernie.

  39. One of CNN's lowest points right here. Wonder if their new hire had something to do with it.

  40. *************** BERNIE SANDERS 2020 "MADGA" M-ake A-merican D-emocracy G-reat A-gain ***************

  41. That's like saying oh I didn't mean to rob you because the gun was fake and you didn't have to comply with my demands. Lol Red Handed Media.

  42. I mean these assholes just cannot help but make Trump right!! They ARE fake news and it makes me fucking FURIOUS that they just cannot tell the fucking Truth!

  43. I was a big Bernie guy, then last year, found out he's an Israeli dual-national, meaning a citizen of both USA and Israel. You can't serve two masters, can you? 89 Congressmen and Senators, in total, are Israeli dual-nationals, and I would classify every one of them as Zionists, aka Chabad Lubovitch aka Synagogue of Satan. Sometimes you gotta rocka fella out! Jared Kushner, Mr. 666 5th Ave., lQQkin like a young, rosy-cheeked Adolf before the mustache. "I am the anti-christ, I am an anti-christ, don't know what I want, but I know how to get it, I wanna destroy…" – Sex Pistols

  44. I really wish somebody, somebody, somebody would go on just one mainstream channel and say what you just said. CNN needs to be exposed and hurt badly by shenanigans like this.

  45. Every time they pull shit like this they earn the moniker Trump has saddled them with for the last few years. #CNNisFakeNews

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