CNN Absurdly Challenged By Breitbart

uh… bright bart that is going on c_n_n_ and declined the offer now waving he’s the one that doctor to take
the first place his websites low-cost rocha roderick sis he still says it was totally justifies is
the lowest tiny bit ever error he made his a he says you know look dead isaac said that
happen launches on the u_s_d_a_ appellate happened twenty four years ago what which
is not with the u_s_ the eight listening to this club on the show he’s even
staying with that it by ear in double down on that so he was challenged c_n_n_’s how do you know
that reality is a reality puzzle use a context is everything we believe
fracture important to mac initiative here that’s identification and it can be shown so many then that this
intervention starting about uh… was was done many years ago and and
her current context as a reporter you tell me how you confirmed
that the incident that she’s talking about was twenty four years ago you tell me is reporter
how c_n_n_ put on a person today who purported to be about the farmer’s wife what did you do to
find out whether or not that was the actual farmer’s wife i mean they’re happy if you’re
going to accuse me of a falsehood tell me where you’ve confirmed that this incident
happened twenty-four years ago this is surely chirag trying to save her job why are you doing your reporting you’re going
off of forward at the farmer’s file wife is the farmer’s wife what type of extra reporting
to be done on this yours you know what we’re doing quite a bit of a hearing on all day
long i can assure you of michelle me them but what is the exculpatory evidence what
exists on that video that will help make that racist uh… per racist sentiments go away uh… it anyway uh… these guys are blue they like here at the farmers the white for
misuse or for newsweek saying look at on-camera no she actually help us figure out
what it shows right right if they were not made
a director i don’t know maybe this guy is emblematic addresses a grade maybe i don’t exist maybe on a fair maybe
your drag did you ever think about that law exculpatory
evidence that you got the pilot or tammy dot of eliminating your sick and everything is made up of only one who’s
right fairly prospectively

Maurice Vega

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  1. young turks is not a real news organization and is obviously controlled media always against anyone who's against Obama or CNN.

  2. @kylersmyangel they are against obama all the time so why are you using the fact that fox "news" is owned and controlled against this show?

  3. @Bellum33 Please God no… I'm a "fairy" (as in gay) and I'd rather turn straight than have Breitbart as one of us.

  4. @cne08 Conservatives check their facts, and if they are convenient, they ignore them, or carefully edit them out.

  5. @kylersmyangel You have not been watching much have you?

    Cenk is ALWAYS attacking Obama for not being progressive enough.

  6. @Joxman2k That happened to me SO often, a kid would know the teacher was coming, then hit me, then when the teacher arrived, he would ONLY see me hitting him.

  7. @WhereIsTheExit What is the point of proving it? You will still deny it. Even if I got the worlds top mycologists, quantum physicists, cryptozoologists, and Celine Dion experts and got them all to testify against you, being an inter-dimensional shape changing fungus who rides a pink unicorn and sings Celine Dio covers, you will simply deny it, saying science proves nothing. Then you will try to distract people with something irrelevant.

  8. @dangerouslytalented

    I always slunk away with a fat lip 🙂 My Daughter on the other hand always fights back …verbally. And she is the one who gets detention.

    I fucking hate bully's and instigators! They are cowards. They need an audience. I told my daughter to invite this one girl bully behind the school, …to talk, just her and her. The other girl refused and hasn't bothered my daughter since. 🙂


  9. This guy should be sued for what he did. It's outside the bounds of free speech. He has without a doubt committed libel and slander.

  10. @Joxman2k Not quite.

    They need an audience, WHEN CONVENIENT. Whatever else they do, they do in secret. In front of only their cronies, and the person who they are picking on, that way, they have witnesses that are willing to lie in order to back them up.

  11. @dangerouslytalented

    Men: Punch each other in the face. Win Lose or Draw … then we move on.

    Women: Manipulate and pretend. …..A Whole Industry is created on "Pretend" it's called Fashion, and Make-up !!!!


  12. @defyingcredentials

    …so … are you thankful that you think Cenk is a fairy and people believed you, or that he is???


  13. @Joxman2k So Breitbart starts off fighting like a man, by suckerpunching in the face,

    then fights like a girl…

    And both ways, he is fighting dirty.

  14. @Joxman2k He suckerpunched Sherrod. Like he suckerpunched ACORN, like he suckerpunched Van Jones, like he suckerpunched that senator who held that guy who was stalking him around the neck.

    Only this time, we fought back.

  15. @mistacramer It was Donald Rumsfeld who so famously said that, but dEdGrimley is referring to a character on the animated show The Boondocks, who's played by Samuel L Jackson, who fittingly is named Gin Rummy and is a clearly a parody of ol' Rummy.

  16. @WhereIsTheExit What did I tell you?


    what? those are the actual lyrics?

  17. This Breitbart scatmuncher is getting me more and more enraged by the minute. You were caught lying fuck off already!!!

  18. okay hear is what I think he is saying happend

    you see first she raceistly decriminated agenst a white farmer.
    then to cover her trail she worked realy hard to help another farmer.
    the she confest to being raceist to the first farmer, knowing that when the video cazme out she could pertend to be talking about the second farmer.

    but then why did she say in the speach that she help him

  19. @myentourage how can they be racist if right after when she talks about helping everyone in need no matter the race and that we all are the same, the audience shows total agreement, yelling YEAH and applauding?

  20. @TheReallitycheck The foundation was unstable, remember, the lower part was hollow, a whole side was burning, there were noises, so it was just a question of time.

  21. The real Pathetic part is how the rest of the news media and the Obama administration ran with it without doing even a basic information review knowing the information was generated from this Morons site.

  22. @Koss42 wow. as you so astutely pointed out, my statement on the NAACP was opinion. im going to wait a beat to let that amazing observation sink in. I used the NAACP being prostituted by the left wing to discredit a grassroots organization to show that their stated purpose, civil rights, has long since been forgotten now and its morphed into some kind of lobbyist NGO. holding your hand to keep you up to date with the argument is beginning to get tiring

  23. LOL, I was drinking tea and when Cenk started with "Maybe I don't exist, maybe I am a fairy…" I laughed so hard I chocked and splashed hot tea all over the place.

  24. Breitbart is sinking in quicksand and grabbing at ANYTHING that can save his false, pathetic, meaningless, assertions. He's OFFICIALLY discredited himself FOREVER! LOL @ this fool!

  25. @myentourage but that was 24 yrs ago and racial sentiments were intense then. Besides, it was a talk on racial reconciliation and the entire speech gives it a proper context.

    The black perspective is hard to understand for people of the majority but let us not pretend that every thing is equal. We have equality now but there was segregation in the past which had a knock on effect on this generation.

    But on the substance, Sherrod's statement were edited out of context to brand her racist. sad!

  26. They also cheered and said thats right.
    Later in the video
    when Sherley Sherrod said
    "I realised when the white attorney didnt, help the poor white farmer, that this was not black vs. white, but Rich vs. Poor."

    You can watch the tape again.

  27. When Shirley Sherrod files a Defamation of Character lawsuit against this Pond Scum…Andrew Not SO Breitbart better HOPE i don't get the Jury Summons cause i'll bring a friggin Hangman Noose to Court and pop that shit out every time his Beady ass eyes looks in my direction.

  28. @aznluck
    firstly just because someone is bad at spelling it nose not mean they are stupid over all.
    second I probably have undiagnosed dyslexia so there is not much I can do.
    thirdly I am cruelty taking a literacy course. so i am doing to I am to get better.

  29. @robm425 There is no clear connection between Breitbart and the "tea party" groups. If so as you suggest, what is the connection? Is he a figure head?

  30. @TheUSMetalhead well i got my an lg envy the old ones and im thinking of getting the x since i went to the store and they looked pretty nice and they are getting updated so might as well go with that

  31. @robm425 The fact that there are a lot of racists in the teabagger movement is also useful.

    And what are FOX doing? Exactly the same thing, trying to paint all black people as racists. I mean, they even had the leader of the New Black Panther Party,an organisation completely unrelated to the old one, and with very few followers.

  32. @jensen1901 I don't think so.

    He never had credibility with anybody who was not extreme rightwing.

    And for the extreme rightwing, his credibility has gone up, because lying is OK when it comes to smearing the opposition whoever that is.

  33. @robm425 The New Black Panther Party are a very very small group, and not even the old black panthers support them. There are boyscout troupes that are larger than the New Black Panther Party, and yet FOX give them national coverage.

  34. @robm425 You want voter intimidation? Remember in 2000 when the Florida attourney General purged the voter rolls of thousands of black people who just happened to have the same names as convicted felons of other states?

    If the teabaggers are not racist, how come there are very few black people at their little gatherings?

  35. @robm425 The NAACP were founded because back in the 50s and 60s black people could not even vote. They were getting lynched just for LOOKING at a white girl, and they are STILL behind economically and socially.

  36. @missyouhoo Back then, things were MUCH worse. Hell the oldest of those people in the original NAACP, the ones in their fifties and sixties and seventies, would have been slaves.

  37. @PuppyXz Fuck YOU. So what? That's great for the kidneys. When you have a gallstone you will wish you had followed my example.

  38. Cenk you're too funny: "Maybe I don't exist"

    I was thinking that while he was on his little epistemological quest.

  39. @fubarnett … uh yes he did, he edited the tape and called her a racist knowing she wasn't. What made you post such an extremely ignorant and retarded comment?

  40. @fubarnett Lol, really? It was like a 2-hour speech in poor quality, unless he was sent the file on a floppy, there's no way that's true.
    And nope, that one won't work because I actually did watch the whole video, and she is very clear just a minute or so after Breitbart's video cuts off that she realized that it wasn't about black & white but about poor & rich, she isn't a racist and has helped a huge amount of white farmers over the years.

  41. @myentourage You think that "room full of blacks" was laughing and cheering, and making comments "in support of her thoughts?"

    That's the same lame argument Breitbart made, and it proves that you did not watch the whole tape.

    She begins her speech by talking about how her father was murdered by a white man in Baker County, GA, and how the perp or perps weren't charged for it. This was in the 1940's, and that was common. That is what led to her resentment of white people and…(more coming)

  42. @myentourage (from last post)…and the "laughing and cheering" you and Breitbart speak of is actually their commiserating with her. Chances are probably very strong that those in the audience had a similar thing happen in their families. As another poster put it, they are bearing witness to her story.

    They are hardly cheering her discriminating against a poor white farmer.

    And they also do the same thing at the end when she says she ended up helping him.

    Will Breitbart point that out?


  43. @mostecri

    if Spongebob does that to Fox, then it must be doing a bigger number on CNN, obviously, you fucking idiot

  44. what, you expected him to apologize for doing something wrong? what is he a democrat? breitbart is a true sophist, believing that with sheer confidence and rhetoric he can bend facts and reality to his will, regardless of whether the rest of the intelligent world believs his nonsense or not.

  45. Fox 'news' ratings are so high because they operate as a media outlet that delivers trumped stories to people who they know demographically will consume them. It's no different that watching shows like real housewives of NY. They're delivering false narritves to people who only care about who they should blame for their lot in life other than themselves, who are not at all concerned about becoming part of the solution. Compare fox to other entertainment shows and their ratings are quite poor.

  46. Sherrod did prove to be a racist after all ( she said anyone against health care reform is a racist) but Sherrod's husband takes the cake – google "Sherrod's racist husband" and see the video where he starts with "We've got to stop the white man and his uncle toms from stealing elections" and it gets worse. Anyway, did CNN ever provide any evidence that the wife of the white farmer was who she said she was?

  47. TYT- CNN is NOT the most watched news in the world, and MSNBC, your part-time employer, is NOT the most trusted name in news. That's reality. deal with it.

  48. @myentourage – And TYT still hasn't commented on your comment. But they won't because MSNBC controls Turk. Hey Turk, how about commenting to what was posted here?

  49. @ThatCriticDouche – I would spend the time emailing them if I felt
    they were important enough to email. instead I decided to comment here. See, they're like MSNBC, irrelevant.

  50. @veriteez Why would he waste his time on this bullshit? Who gives a shit about comments. Can't you see that on almost all TYT videos there are hundreds of comments? If he wasted time on that he's have no time to do anything else, you idiot.

  51. "These guys are unbelieveable"… who is Cenk talking about? I thought he was only trying to rag on breitbart here? He must be confused by all the other people he wants to attack right now.

  52. Aren't these the morons (Breitbart, Fox) that think one bullet can make 7 wounds?
    Scutinize that FIRST, Breitbart! THEN clean up the REST of FOX's dirty backyard!
    Then, MAYBE, you can talk about Sherrod. Maybe.

  53. Scumbag reporter
    Complains about edited videos

    Edits videos himself

    Breitbart was a complete asshole, but you liberal types are not much better.

  54. typical intelligence of Chunk Yugioh on display again…
    a liberal says it – TAKE THEM AT THEIR WORD!!!
    Breitbart exposes (pardon the pun) Anthony Weiner, and Chunk went on the ATTACK!!! Claimed he was hacked, claimed Breitbart was lying, had no proof, claimed he was slandering Weiner…

    and in the end, WHO did the honest reporting???





  56. Breitbart's a fucking asshole who lead a McCarthy-style campain, and like the McCarthy campain the damage done to good people was too late to stop. The man's a disgrace.

  57. no body read comments in all think your comment will stand out but all it encourages people to do is scroll down to the next comment.

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