CM KCR Inspired By CM Jagan Governance Says Sr Editor Telakapalli Ravi | Telangana VS Andhra Pradesh

sorry hippie politics Nancy Telangana politics problem it could a case here got a t-score indecision savoring on it little kid upon the middle assembly somehow myself in no moon spell chat on our monitor more predominant will tell you something really awesome self it PR never than moving Jetta wanted it on throw Molly case here your martyred in the one for told me you either have you what my alma mater and in some importantly uncle Ramon dr paula was a father Valene anther has a professional other colpo in the congress room also hang here enjoy the sabana they mmm TRS coaching at went is first minor are they are they get the coca brothers injured atom but you know case of malcolm congress party present prince christian cocoon opposed no the whole point they know old boy in the operative procedure Chicanos problem midget on is that one has immediate then established channels cannot hear no more a major political party in the major points party knowledgeable on schemata there are cameras all over done invocation whatever mirror and milk a particle like and muhammad but a teenager to know me can injure you can change in the end of movie Contagion nevada can be helpful these teenagers are lost her meet the harlots 2/2 question on your local go Jared a mill Terrell PC wanna share bath or anything over Lucy generate a Adam yeah they're in agony tongue – you can forget the ball unit the Quran there and juvie cheering boo king of moons party chatter Makati there are ways a common spot sat on this couch EOKA aired car pollution and air for Jesse Nagar panchayat ill I never did other y SE ela permission examining the pruner 20 and a bundle and the puthiya Cheerilee banana machi chaser and it's a moon of my DeMarcos della bitta with Joe Vella corner Laura with Joe Oliver Jordan over the moon Santa okay yeah one a condition again I Atlanta Jo Jo and episode low are there opportunities Kunar what is the multiple chairman let me the indicated is one of my Danny's I'm under a generation lago de mauriello occupant or those kind of model we need to take I'd like to do this a chunk of automated and a welcome is aa Mathematica Riley couger Prabhu – and I got a KD equal to more than a party city Monaco those first angle can be to me the middle Geneva Myrcella – I'd say load everything on that the object per car are gonna march Poland Coonan law school Akane you putting Prabhu trumpet in the Anglo gonna add agave Americana and any car a Cougars are you Tony Maroni and an idiot in a GU are silly under local Indian food jus glam is implemented the novel stupid blue lagoon Inca budget accordingly the top 11 ET par open in August we would interpret Amir ganor as a name and I would you will get punitive in Arabic human taken together video we are a powerful officer already but there's no martyr tomorrow and there would you watch angle over Jason is a college unless a moral an intelligent but mean Telangana sees each other one of the three Rs 40 bout till she wasn't attending look Barney look at a particle Cesare are two revenue shock huh you know the revenues recommender what I tell thing wrong Jason in from our Good Shepherd Maharaja gaya member of Mauna Kea mechanicus album Sgt Eric Romelu project loop página title introduced Konami Italian upon a mother in one spot Saturn are settling catch a lot about another good thing a particular yeah Prabhu Tanaka who coupe was enthusiastically lager Danny Tamiya some managing and a man a bundle and he would have pocket but the case here Prabhu true case here personal they are T eternity I put a campus to me Dean Yin to some of them got ezra koenig a ninja here in city low Congress party the BJP world emma finley governor cuomo cherries are telling me to I was in secondary what are the Raja gang a BJP can even then can see Arcadia in the route oh she said BJP although mainly at the current logo so maybe was just a Warner and the cannibal Telangana Oh cold war Kendra hasta la mancha meteor is Lamantia Congress Louise of our government Congress could hear a schemata never ever a polluter put 100 if I get a tail at the commentary rajagopal intimately you know I love my children me Charla polemical you cha a law school oh automata to a home on Tulane in Katanga Chatterton and BJP not Vijay pinic natural selection under nanika wasn't attentive off third round winner Bob ogk tournament Iran under king clan' divine and a lasagna rising Yale got a booking of Congress politically a political donor to go on they didn't put the advantage this phony we didn't painted Allegheny case here sit around a flying bull Dora I do the updater he be happy reading on mana might look at Alan J Pakula what the original look it is an elegant abu mohammed iqbal a delicate officer made that is that it there are these Supreme Court was saying that indeed the orange LED based on original of boomerang someone entomologist in a portal of the Gershon authority either argument that if I was to me started with the style of supreme court of parliament under martyr tonight in the Moroccan today when you have except managing water covered a Comanche Elizabeth Chapman Samuel very good theater he himself participants from Charu new Gurukul allegorically Waterloo and him an illusion Chad ministry to piranha alt/option Shalini Mehra Veronica ninja minor pollen a problem min ji Yi the et bottle in Chicago a little mr. lamagno cor : okay and they website club can you be absolutely true since our nose a comma cutter delay within my so cool CIL energy k CR gar condition TSP event and you separate a witch in the it could have absurd laconic only rational jekima hundred to get in the case here good follows another case there got a Jenny muhannad again follow tomorrow a villa or cocoa newscaster that made me opinion ending at a brew TDP badge out of me ET DP / GG and say boo Casey roj gonna wheel it there open a case he arranged a gonna relive their culture Elton our interpreter we look Charlie Santosh own kind of a radical party local to contain Shepton OKC of interest to Casey are contain jagged interest to the unfolding we lit the radicals my ahora el gouna okay catch up okay Martin guitar these big more Kotani on the present fresh and I Lutheran gonna present a loop DRS present on Lou ICP fries in a loop Priscilla our mother Whitney CUDA polyculture schools to nimona nothing general summer chill and watch a there is generally an interview I think oregano can besides I've got a by Tirana Sudama go along and Allah Allah on the rats Angus Buchan bedroom Telangana engineer lucubra boots wanna give modulo name Ogawa's is the bathroom and angry crew the bathroom in Toledo and began in Telangana nose area so much Africa the heritage catalytic Araku so much ago you know Harriet educated adequate monitoring on ago for assault or any a cougar chip gonna make the case here girl but me I am rather small house wonderful just imagine cool system I know Lenny Jim I have no punishing a car teach in a secretariat modulo nivaaranji block computer I think cool gesture even the antimatter parcels record kudos mining to me da rocha love what they connected a for cherub horn alone together Hyderabad anthikad a phallic Navajo nosy I think it's all on anomalies job good was there Charminar sorry sorry sorry sorry but if we tended think about : o both my heritage is also a toda la prima colonia juarez La Scala cousin what did you see all year a caravel do not render weapon academically moon spelled ontological only how no there by the gazelle or who made anima these conical a zoo mere apricot in Charlie kinda mean ship in there to theta I noticed a wonderful gesture morning Brahma carted allies in the UH Nakata is an eagle I'm the guinea man antelope angle a whoo Deenie Krishna and the warden on bone Alec will chew at the number of aluminum truly easy look at the possible end o the acro enemy kareem on Adeeb Adeeb aku pronto para or download they're giving the culture and common as a grownup uncommon with the fortitude under one means yellow wheel it the lack of the wood and a muscle meal ever alive on the world and I love the cavity anyway the party shadow coming down to the end the coupon pitch another and again a crocodile either he's an actor Owen a chrome on Tilton then collagen chu chua Telangana Andhra God oh gosh my Ritchie Kanyakumari work ooh yeah crane up engages the ontological d'Urberville dude on low catches a simple who never the animal in chapter on Appa the prestigious question odd that I let me together hmm reimu commander Isaac our anniversary mera dil Lou young Marana province Allah then he goes on and over gamma D mu q Anthony Lazzaro Darwin ethicist assembly law 10 degrees is yet to that occasion the body Warrick accommodation vacuum to me he had a general administration Allah no no Owen Alabama Jordan and ajussi a bow together at San Lucas : yep Paris Paris AHA mamala with Rekha Tala render the president of Sanka del Pompey Domini hmm then organizing Upton and I every logical ever can of Dodge Journey yeah every nakulan tokoname pronto Tonto can each alligator medallion bootie and Diandra anti Telangana ante that caste and its cash to keep a delta a cougar on da da da pagará von goethe the Childebert cago fragile OG with allegory GG with us Guruji a melody without the hoop are they with yoga a rigid column on Carlton are oh right too bad that I got in touch both or do you know Marlon Byrd rheticus Muhammad is Turner Dallas delivered under usama's a part of Madrid le devoir Lakota vintage on personal Quran travels just couldn't undo some personal yeah kind of a couple record I could be over a tiger it happens the Apollo the can-am only I'm saying geologists a terawatt the monitory website available through the postal beta mallacoota Alice Ankita the my plane our capacity to low whine la de femme de la vida vanilla and popular tail and waddle elevators over on the Kin a below you to block or a name for teenagers in our media law kinder patron and feed please follow Community Guidelines the moon and this first on petty or the other will comments I said about as an a Porsche said I would have no purpose good spread Conde a charge or injured he learnt with or aloo paratha Mike about

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  1. Sir Mumbai lo godakuli antamandi chanipote navvutarenti meeki nijanga manavattam unte badapadakaponu vekili naventi ..meeru Sr jurnlista ? Makarma Babu politicians ante chadvu sandya leke matlete ok …Kani meelanti Sr jurnlists kudana..!

  2. ఒరేయ్ సట్టిమొఖం రవీ!ఇక్కడ పాలనేలేదు ఎప్పుడో సంకనాకి పోయింది ఆత్మహత్యలు మానభంగాలు హత్యలు ఆక్రమణలు దోపిడీలు దొంగతనాలు. అంతాశూన్యం. ఈ420గాడ్నీ చూసి ఆ840గాడునేర్చుకొనేదీ ఏముంది నాలంగోటా!!!

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