Chris Matthews On Debate: Elizbeth Warren Came Back Tonight | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. Bloomberg is good to fight fire with fire (money with money) and bring Trump* down ,and then he should step down for somebody better qualified…and support the nominee with further ads, to remind the voters that the danger will only be over, when Trump* is gone, one way or the other…🙏🏻😇

  2. Shame on MSNBC.
    You idiots gave the majority of time to Mayor Pete, and Mini Mike.
    Sanders is who the People want.
    You know it.
    You rely on tired Old Chris Hardball.
    His POV is as Old And Tired as the Establishment itself.
    All of You know that Bernie's plans aren't going to take us into a communist country but all of you "corporate c&$#suckers" are being paid by the very industries that are DESTROYING OUR PLANET!

  3. Someone needs to go scrap Bloomberg off the stage, he just got hit by a speeding freight train tonight.
    Police are still searching for the engineer.

  4. The 2016 Republican debates were worse than this so I don't get what they mean by Trump is winning when the democrats go after each other. its the primaries dammit, you punch and weave or else you go home.

  5. Michael I feel so sorry for you that you have deal with this unhinge democrats that they are out control consume with jealously because you are rich and they not and all they do is whine and complain about your fortune. If they think they are a good fit to defeat Trump then, why are they so worried about you and pound you so bad. This is not cool at all and I see they are in the pitiful dirty mission to attack you and destroy because they are so sick of jealously and this make them even more weak to defeat Trump. This is so corrupted and I losing my respect for them. With this horrible behavior, I don't think they are better than Trump. Shame on them!!

  6. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is not tough enough. Four years ago maybe but Bernie Warren is tough but vulnerable with his age just like Biden. Buttigies needs to step down now before he destroys the Democratic party. Bloomberg is a Republican!?

  7. Chris Mathews shameful and disgusting coverage and refusal to even mention Bernie Sanders name during his commentary adds fuel to the criticisms and negative comments against MSNBC. What I find hilarious though is that after the 2020 election he'll have 8 years to practice saying his name PRESIDENT BERNIE SANDERS……..LOL.

  8. Being mean and acting like a prosecutor is not presidential – it's what we've become used to but that is the problem. I just think they all have to stop treating voters like victims – these senators have helped get us where we are so they are disqualified. They have been feckless and impotent. Inspire and empower citizens – don't treat them like unsuspecting consumers victims. Smarten them up!!

  9. What?? She was BROUGHT BACK! .. They let her talk over her time limit. … Two times, after she ripped into Klobochar, Klobochar wasn't given a chance to respond .. They went to a new candidate with a new subject … Warren was allowed to TALK, WHENEVER SHE WANTED
    "Came back" my behind, you people.

  10. Biden, Bloomberg, Klobuchar and Mayor Pete, great at telling Americans what we can't have, how our tax dollars should be spent at the bequest of their corporate owners and donors. No one likes their insurance except the insurance companies and the Neo Liberals taking their money. Candidates pushing policies with no regard for human life.

  11. Elizabeth Warren just gave the nation a preview of what her debates with Trump might look like, and man it is NOT looking good for Trump! #ElizabethForTheWin

  12. I have been a loyal MSNBC watcher. I've been appalled by how you have done everything possible to take away any validity to the Bernie Sanders campaign and actually how well he is doing. You have lost a viewer

  13. The one that should not exist is you on the air waves Chuck and all on msnbc you all love a dead horse but hates on the winning one . Time for you all to beg Fox for a jobs . You all are as fake as their network is .

  14. Matthews is increasingly making himself irrelevant with his commentaries. The Dems were clearing away the fakers. The people who have no sincere desire to help the American public.

  15. They can go after Bernie all they want to but just understand that Bernie Sanders has been talkin about these issues in the exact same way for 40 years, not to mention the arrests and the beatings he endured for equal rights from the late 60s. You're not going to tear him down with any juvenile gotcha questions.

  16. These reporters are as dumb as their Democ-Rats.
    Onething i can tell Bloomberg got more money then Brain cells.
    Have someOne else plant the seed in Ms Bloomberg, seems like.

  17. President Donald Trump is right: "This makes Mini Mike look good compared to his performance last night. Worst debate performance in history!" This is the REAL Mini Mike. He admitted, many times, that he is “a fan of Donald Trump. He’s a New York ICON.” Thank you Mike! " says Donald Trump

  18. MSNBC's hack Chuck Todd asked his final question to try and build the narrative of how they plan on stealing the nomination from Bernie. Instead of this network's lousy analysis, "The Hill" captures what is going on perfectly!

  19. i think Warren hurt herself more than those she wildly swung at, in other words, its me, like ne, love me, its all about me and my bright ideas, which need a Congress and senate to pass into law.

  20. Matthews gets on air, talking like your loud and crazy uncle who is expressing his ideas after a pint of blackberry brandy. It's time for him to retire.

  21. These corporate channels are so corrupt that even if Bernie manages to be the front candidate against all the corruption in the DNC, they will still try to make him lose against Trump. That's how corrupt these people are. They have no morals, they have no soul, they are just puppets, all these "journalists" care about is getting paid, and even if they believe their own bushit, that's just a sign of how far gone they are from being a human being.

    Edit: And don't make a mistake, they are using Warren to weak Bernie, and it is obvious to the naked eye.

  22. Matthews. I always disliked you. You have to yell to make your point, and you interrupt people because you think what you have to say (sic) is more interesting. Now I see in the way you trash Sanders that really you'd be better off at Fox News along with the other newscasters (sic) who blatantly lie to their public. Shame on you, shame on you, you are a skunk.

  23. Hey Chris , it’s not because you’re old that you should retire , it’s because you’re old and STUPID that you should retire. Get lost will you.

  24. Joseph McCarthy and the red scare is alive and well. Thank god this irrelevant moron Matthews will never hold any position of power as he continues to go Alex Jones on Bernie Sanders. What a reputable opinion journalists just like Hannity, same corporate media different channel. Someone, please hand Chris a tube of poligrip and wheel him back into the corner.

  25. Michael bloomberg adelante este sólamente el comienzo No se preocupe oídos sordos a esas palabras necias y que tiene capacidad y experiencia para sobreponerse a eso nosotros lo vamos a pagar los latinos los afro te van a apoyar el americano de a pie te va a apoyar el pueblo americano te da pena porque tú tienes la capacidad y la experiencia para poder dirigir este país y sabes bien Cuáles son los problemas de los Pro porque fuiste alcalde de una ciudad que tiene cientos de pobre usted va a ser el cambio climático mejorar la educación la salud el deporte la cultura luchar por el cambio climático luche por el cambio climático Para qué sirve la humanidad y nosotros lo vamos a apoyar latino todo Unido votemos por luchar por mí por Michelle

  26. Fire Chris Matthews. If you need someone to ask Nina Turner if free college is equal to a republican buying the Democrat nomination then you can hire ben shapiro.

  27. Chrissy Mathews is America's #1MSNPC.
    In league with AIPAC and HAARETZ, anything to keep the semitic Bernie from winning in order to keep the 2%victim position.
    Chrissy is a shill. A Bolshevik bot.
    The equivalent of CNN's Avenatti.

  28. FIRE Chris Matthews for his remarks comparing Bernie Sanders' campaign win to a NAZI invasion! STOP watching MSNBC until they fire him! Ridiculous! This is not journalism. This is offensive and biased. I will NOT watch any MSNBC show until he is fired.

  29. Chris Mathews has to resign after what he said about Bernie Sanders! Chris exposed as such a phony and Hypocrite! Chris, I thought you were decent but you are just as DIRTY as the White House occupant and Rush Limbaugh. Maybe you and Rush can carpool to your cancer treatments and you can tell him how you had people thinking you were decent!

  30. This BLACK WOMAN is voting for Bernie Sanders! The more the DNC and Mainstream Media push back against Bernie, people like me see the unfairness and gravitate toward him to hear his message and realize he is the REVOLUTIONARY CHAMPION we need!

  31. Chris Mathews is disgusting. Same as Weinstein he is predator and needs to face criminal court.

  32. Chris Mathews just apologizes to Nazi communist Bernie Senders. Bernie Senders is the Cuba Fidel Castro of the USA, the Venezuelan Hugo Chavez of the USA, The Russian Stanley of the USA.

  33. Chris Matthews is an Arrogant old fool.. He is the king of Voter that only thinks for himself.. I think he is overreaching with his descriptions of Bernie Sanders Socialism comparing to CUBA.. That was a violent overthrow of a government, this is a peaceful demonstration of voters rights in a Republic that allows the people to make their choices freely and he has nothing to fear.. he will be gone soon and not able to enjoy the benefits of what the AMERICAN People have been sowing all this time.. the right for free healthcare, childcare and education for all of us and our children.. The right to be free of Money pit of endless wars. …

  34. I used to have respect for Chris Matthews. However, after his comments on what Bernie Sanders said, all I can say is, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?". This country is divided enough without Chris Matthews saying, in effect, that he equates socialism with communism. He basically said that in his opinion, socialists are Nazis. WRONG! Again, I say, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!". If your private beliefs are influencing your reporting to the point you can't even pretend to be neutral, maybe you should sit this one out. There are "opinions" all over FOX NEWS. You've seen where that leads. Chris Matthews is certainly entitled to his opinion. While I don't think Sanders analogy was the best one he could have used under the circumstances, he did have a point. I understood what he was trying to say. Matthews didn't even try.

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