Chris Christie on CNN: Barack Obama doesn’t support police

Maurice Vega

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  1. Crisp Crispie makes Homer Simpson look smart and he makes Homer hungry. Police feel unsafe and wont leave their cars becauese of people pointing camera's at them and shooting the cops. Whereas we the people feel unsafe and wont their homes and cars because the cops shoot them. With GUNS. 1000 people murdered by cops by October 2015. 100 per month. With impunity. Cops are being shot with camera's exposing their murdering people and NOTHING Happens.

  2. How can it be reconciled that the republican stance on one hand is less government and on the other blaming other politicians because they create smaller government by trying to eliminate laws such as ridiculous drug laws. Christie is the worst kind of politician. He's on the take for personal money and power and couldn't give a rat's ass about serving the public. Do you really think he's so dumb as to think it's a good idea, for the public, to keep drugs illegal? If so, I'll bet you'd change your mind after finding out how much money he has received from the prison lobby.

  3. When average Americans have guns, of course the police can be afraid…call me crazy but shouldn't police or army be the only armed people in a state to be able to enforce law and order when necessary

  4. Just like the Patriot Act if you are doing nothing wrong you have no worries of being spyed on so fuck off Christy cops deserve every bit of it and the media has to report things that go viral online if they want any merit.

  5. Christie know what the FBI direct said, and meant, better than the FBI director himself. Rouge shouldn't be punished either. And he knows the facts better than the fact checkers.

  6. Does Christie really think lying about the president is going to get him in office? He doesn't have a chance in winning!

  7. @CNN This is the same President Obama whose ass you kissed when he came to help you out during your hurricane/weather storm!

    Chris Christie is a big, fat slob!

  8. I respect only police who respect me and Christie is a joke as he told all of us who have paid into social security that the money is all gone and to bad for the people who paid in to it.. What an ass!!!!!! He has lost all hope of being president of and for the people!!!!!

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