Choose Your Friends Wisely

(funky upbeat music) Barbara Ventrilla. Good morning, Barbara.
Good morning. You have one, two, three, you have two red light violations and three speeding violations, on the speeding violations, one, one of the speeding violations is gonna be dismissed, it was 31 miles an hour. Okay, thank you. Is there anything you wanna tell me about the rest of these? I have someone who drives me around once in a while, because I don’t like to drive, all of these occurred from him. From who? From the person who drives me once in a while and sometimes he uses my car. Well, when you received the summons, if you’ve read the summons. I’ve never received anything, this is the first I’ve known about ’em. Well, it was mailed to you at your address and I don’t wanna give you your address. Okay, well, I didn’t receive it, but the worst part is is that my car was totaled in December and one of the tickets in here was from January, so when my car was totaled, I paid him to take my plates to the registry and hand them in for me and he told me he did that, my mistake was I never asked for a receipt. So what happened was–
He kept the plates. his cousin called me yesterday and told me that his car in front of his house was booted and now his car is booted and it’s not even my car. Hm-mm, that’s not what’s before me now. Yeah, no, it’s not even on this list, but that’s what’s happening. No, I mean this car isn’t booted, the one I’m looking at? No, the Hyundai was totaled in December. Alright, I understand that.
So now I have a Volvo, or whatever it is, it’s parked with a boot on it, that’s not even my car, so now I found out that he never turned my plates in, so I’m going to that house now to collect those plates and turn them in, because he never did it, he lied to me and all these tickets are from him and when I see him, I’m gonna wring his neck. Well then, we’ll just leave the boot on the car, until he comes out and pays for ’em. Well, he’s in jail. Well, it’s gonna be a long boot. I know, and the car’s not even, that car’s not even his, it belongs to someone else, it belongs to his cousin, he put my plates on his cousin’s car. I get the whole thing, right. I know, it’s ridiculous, it’s a ridiculous story. Right, your friend who used to drive you around, he’s in jail now, right?
He’s in jail now. But your car got totaled.
Yeah. When your car was totaled,
Yes. right, he took the plates and gave them to another guy? Yeah, and he told me that he turned ’em in. How long have you known this guy? A long time, years. So is he gonna help you pay for some of these tickets? I don’t know, maybe. (sighing) It’s $100 boot fee, it’s $200 for the tickets. Okay. The tickets with penalties were $575, I’m trying to give you a break, right. Okay. The problem is not me helping you, the problem is you helping yourself. I understand.
You know, so as they say on the street corner, smarten up. Yeah, I know.
Smarten up. I mean, you’re picking these losers, you know. How much can you pay today? Me, nothing. Well, if you can’t pay nothing, then the boot’s not gonna get released. Okay.
I’m gonna tell you what– I’ll have to talk to his cousin and see. I’ll tell you what you’re gonna pay. Okay. You’re gonna pay $100 to get the boot released, if you don’t do that, the boot’s not gonna get released. Okay, alright. Then you’re gonna pay $25 a week. Okay.
Okay, good luck. Thank you. As a judge, my official responsibility is to render verdicts, however occasionally I feel the need to add a little personal advice. As they say on the street corner, smarten up. Yeah, I know.
Smarten up. I mean, you’re picking these losers, you know. Barbara, I hope you took my advice in the spirit in which it was intended, which is 100% supportive, please choose your friends wisely and more importantly choose wise friends, good luck. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into “Caught in Providence” every weekday. Excuse me, you didn’t know “Caught in Providence” is also a TV show? Oh, wow, your life just got substantially better, to find out what channel we’re on, go to, click on your local listings, scroll down till you find your hometown, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it, nice! All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge, subscribe now.

Maurice Vega

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  1. ผู้พิพากษาท่านนี้น่ารัก

  2. JUDGE ?‍⚖️ YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW FAMOUS YOU ARE IN ENTIRE WORLD 🙂 God Bless you ! Comment your country

  3. My only wish for the rest of life is to meet this wonderful man. Love you sir. You have an excellent family ❤️?? and that's all about you brought up. May God bless you with hundreds more years to serve. Best regards: Khan (Pakistan)

  4. Amos 5:19 You will be like a man running before a lion, a bear meets him, and when he gets home he rests his hand on the wall and bites a snake!

  5. God bless you Judge Francesco Caprio I Hug & Love you in our Lord Jesus Christ.. please read this: is from Holy Bible.

    The judge and a widow do justice
    Luke 18: 1 Jesus told them a parable to show them that he must always pray and not give up.
    Luke 18: 2 He said unto them, There was a judge in a city, which feared not God, and was not ashamed of men.
    Luke 18: 3 There was also a widow in that city, and came unto him often, and said unto him, Righteousness I in my quarrel.
    Luke 18: 4 For a long time he would not do him justice. But back then, he said, 'At least I'm not afraid of God and I'm not ashamed of people,
    Luke 18: 5 Nevertheless, because this widow troubleth me, I will do her justice, lest she come to smite me. '"
    Luke 18: 6 The Lord added, "Do you hear what the unrighteous judge says?
    Luke 18: 7 And will not God avenge his elect, who cry day and night unto him, though he hold fast before them?
    Luke 18: 8 I tell you that he will do justice soon. But when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth? ”

  6. I always liked this judge but I can't agree with what he said today " Choose wise friends". If we only pick wise people as our friends then we are creating some sort of discrimination.

  7. Usually mostly all the cases I feel empathy but for some reason, I don't feel empathetic at all on the first case. She seemed to have been lying and making excuses.

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