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On this episode of China Uncensored The true meaning of democracy with Chinese
characteristics Hello and welcome to China Uncensored I’m your host Chris Chappell If you were watching the lamestream media last year you probably heard a lot of nonsense like this: India is surely the biggest democracy on this planet The world’s most populous democracy India – they are the world’s largest democracy by a mile The only country larger than them at all is
not a democracy Or is it? Fortunately, my favorite Chinese state-run
newspaper Global Times is here to set the record straight In this recent article entitled: which country is really the world’s largest
democracy? The answer to that obviously is China The author Han Zhen explains that China’s
National People’s Congress system is in fact a democracy not only should we criticize the false nature
of western democracy he writes but we must clarify the democratic nature
of our country China as Han Zhen describes it China is a democracy because the government
gives every ethnic group and social class an opportunity to take part in policymaking
and the selection of leadership It’s true You may have heard that China is a one-party
dictatorship but there are in fact eight other political
parties under the Communist Party’s United Front department five of them even have the word democracy
right there in their names representatives from these parties occupy
about twenty-five percent of the seats in the National People’s Congress See? Multiparty Democracy and unlike any ineffective
so-called democracies in the West China’s congressional representatives are
loyal They’ve passed every single bill put before
them in the last 60 years most of them unanimously See? China knows how to get things done Simply change the definition of what it means
to be a democracy and voila you have the world’s largest democracy And if that’s not Democratic enough for you China’s nearly 1 million villages hold direct
elections for village chief and to ensure that the village chief represents
the true interest of the people the Communist Party appoints its local party
secretary to oversee him or in most cases the party secretary IS the
one who gets elected which is just more efficient so as you can see this all follows China’s
Constitution which clearly sets forth China’s democratic
system under the leadership of the Communist Party
of China and the guidance of Marxism-Leninism and Mao
Zedong Thought the Chinese people of all nationalities will
continue to adhere to the People’s Democratic Dictatorship Speaking of Mao Zedong Thought who better
to explain China’s democracy then chairman Mao himself? A man still so revered that his portrait watches
over Tiananmen Square The last resting place of his own decaying
corpse Anyway Mao thought that the rest of the world
was corrupt In his selected works he wrote After the outbreak of the Second Imperialist
War i.e. the Second World War there is hardly a trace of democracy in many
of the capitalist countries which have come or are coming under the bloody
militarist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie well obviously a democracy under capitalism is bad and so are bloody military dictatorships that much we can all agree on so chairman Mao, tell us what kind of government
China ought to have Let’s see democracy is shared by the common people by which Mao means: the peasants and the farmers Check! The bourgeoisie i.e the middle class, are
not allowed to own things privately Check! – obviously and it’s led by the working class i.e blue-collar
factory types Check! Mao was right China is a democracy Take that! 800 million voters in India So what do you think about China being the
world’s largest democracy Leave your comments below and be sure to subscribe
for more episodes Once again I’m Chris Chappell See you next time!

Maurice Vega

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  1. Of course, it would be a bit easier to raise this issue if WE were an ACTUAL democracy. I'd be interested to see a rating of the world's so-called democracies as to how democratic they are in practice. What country has the highest percentage of citizens who view their own system as truly democratic would be an important metric.

  2. what are you guys talking about? China IS a democracy! a democracy which comes with the full meaning of the golden words "Made in China".

  3. Canada is the worlds "Largest" Democracy.
    I did not say most Populace Democracy, I would say India then the USA.

  4. If China is a "democracy" then so is North Korea, oh wait, how could I forget that North Korea is called The Democratic People's Republic of Korea…

  5. its funny if one cannot oppose what kind of democracy is it? Everyone's opinion needs to be taken. Do believe in Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, and so on. we should have everything in equal. Just like our body needs Calcium, Proteins, Vitamins and so on equally that way democracy needs all the forms of government to work well and fairly.

  6. Talking ill of India. As an Indian, Chris… I think you are a supporter of CCP! And I never understand why you love CCP so much.

  7. Is Singapore a democratic country? The late, senior Lee's party always control the government for many years. Opposition party's leader either go to other country for refugee or fight bankruptcy due to lawsuit. Now His son is already the leader of Singapore for about 15 years.

  8. You wanna make us believe Dictatorship the new Democracy! Communism is never gonna be about Democracy ever. These countries ie China and North Korea are like AGAINST THE INTEREST OF THEIR PEOPLE and call them selves OF THE PEOPLE

  9. Democracy is not always a good thing , while dictatorship is not always a bad thing. But bad thing is that you keep talking about Democracy or dictatorship. Be clever , my friends.

  10. America: You know thats actually propaganda.
    India: Then 1v1 democracy me.
    Russia: I tried but putin happened.
    Philippines: OMG YOUR DEBT IS BIGG

  11. 可以这么说,我曾经对我们政府也有很多意见,但是看了这些视频我的观点改变了。这个节目应该在国内播放,也应该让人们看看下面的评论。这才是爱国教育的开始。让人们知道散播谣言的是什么样的傻逼,他们讲的“真象”和事实差距多大,这能消除好多键盘侠。我之前还把Christ当作小道消息,结果越来越jb扯淡。这才是“出国了才发现自己越来越爱国。”

  12. Ha you make me laugh China is like a scammer was saying we r a democracy even knowing we r the CCP
    The people: what do CCP mean
    China: china Communist Party. Did I say communist I ment communistickly Democratic Party … Yeah that's what I meant hahaha ._.'
    The Chinese people: wow what a lie…

  13. Democracy in China and North Korea is so great, that even religious people have the right to get purged and to be persecuted and beaten/executed by these totally democratic governments. Great examples would be that people from house churches have such great freedoms, that they have the 1 totally freedom of choice of getting killed by the bulldozer.

  14. I think being a democracy is not the most important for a country. I think democracy is a state a country should aquire after reaching a certain level of education and civilization and self consciousness as a society. Otherwise it would lead to corruption. The Chinese system on the other hand is adequate for the reality of today…..I believe however as development grows it will be ready to become a real democracy….after a while of course.

  15. world largest democracy country. china. killed 70000000+ china people. it's world largest tragedy JOKE. TOO SAD TO WRITE COMMENT. GOD IS MERCY .

  16. when we beat China in World War 3 we are going to ban communism and legalize Christianity in their face. keep up the good work Chris Chapel.

  17. The title, "The Big Lie" has moved from the Soviet Union to the People's "Republich" of China, although Mr. Putin continuously lies his ass off.

  18. Dog's mouth cannot grow an elephant's ivory. In this case, the Chinese CCP is acting like a dog's mouth. It can bark all it wants.

  19. Democracy is not holy grail when you realise democracy fails in many countries.
    China is neither strictly communism, imperial, socialism, capitalism… See for yourself when China proves the point it is doing better than many "..ism"

  20. Come on India democratic has nothing to do with China democracy. Don't provoke war and jealousy.
    One party system is not a sin, don't you get it. Even our cultures, foods, language are different. Our understanding of humanity varies from India, Middle East, Africa, China, Europe to America.

  21. China is a largest lost dynasty!!! China democracy big news so how is there poverty status. Check that up be4 even think of democracy lmao !!

  22. In Chinese democracy: Diversity means all religions are allowed except Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity
    and any other left that is followed outside China ??
    Freedom of speech means:you can speak against government BUT only in your minds DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH.???

  23. You can have your democracy, I'll take our free and just Representative Republic God bless the United States of America

  24. i like global times… ????, i can't explain why…but i love it.. all hail the "GLOBAL TIMES"…???.
    p.s : yes, with the quotation marks..?

  25. Top 5 Biggest democracy in the world – 2018

  26. Wtf. .. China is democratic country? ..
    No way China is too far from democracy. ..
    China deserved to simply call as "one party dictatorship" ?

  27. So excuse me are you real like Communist ? I want Said you do not tell agree Communist If one day the Communist Party uses the left, your freedom does not allow you to bury the same thing, and the crime is to work hard to the labor camp. If you have committed a crime, do you want to go to it?

  28. Fake democracy is not a democracy, just like fake Chinese eggs are not real eggs, and fake Chinese rice is not real rice, and fake Chinese Rolex wrist watches are not real Rolex wrist watches.

  29. Chris it's a wonder for me how u can keep ur cool and make such great sarcastic comments without showing ur own anger or disapproval towards the party.
    I would have felt like banging my head against a wall to cool down, by getting knocked out cold.

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