Chemtrail interview with politician Bill Vanderzalm

when when did you first hear about the spraying well I guess perhaps most of us realized something was happening but I became more aware and my wife helped in that respect she kept pointing out these strange things in the sky and said something's happening and that was probably around 2012 when most people began to talk about chemtrails and contrails and the difference between one or the other and I was very involved prior to that with fighting attacks that was being proposed by both the federal or provincial government to be opposed on everything and I fought the tax and because I was successful in fighting the tax they could not proceed with it after the referendum a lot of people figured well you know what maybe bill values um can do something about chemtrails so I started to be petitioned to get involved with chemtrails and that's when I started to pay more attention to it as well and became aware that hey we're being bombarded with something and no one's saying much about it how would a member of the public force a legislative body to even consider or address geoengineering well we have freedom of information in both British Columbia and Canada so I first inquired from the province because I was relatively close to the people there so I thought I could probably find out more from it than I might from Canada from the country however I did get a quick response from the province saying basically they knew nothing about it and they couldn't help me it took a long time for me to get a response from the federal government I requested the information through the Freedom of Information legislation in about June July of I guess 2012-2013 2013 I think was and it was 2014 in March when I finally got a response I've got 47 pages of which ten were blanked out completely and the six or eight had comments this information cannot be provided for you under section whatever of the Freedom of Information Act so I didn't get all the information there's a lot out there that they haven't told us but they told me enough that really I realized they were confirming that yes chemtrails were for real they basically said geoengineering is taking place this is what geoengineering is it's solar radiation and it's it's sulfur that's used for the most part we don't know much about it here because it's not being used in Canada all of which was a falsehood of course but they first said it's being used largely in the United States of America and only experimentally but there was enough information in the report that it basically confirmed for me and for all those that the report was provided to that yes it was happening the media is still very reluctant to cover it and it's it's always amazing for me there must be a lot of people involved and how they keep all of those people silent I don't know but the government did at least confirm for me that it's happening and I think there needs to be more an awareness among the people the more we talk about chemtrails what's happening we're being rained upon with aluminum barium barium strontium all of that and the effects of course were feeling here as well it's recognizing the report from the federal government Canada that this will affect geoengineering as they call up chemtrails solar radiation whatever you want to call it will affect climate it's reflecting back the sunlight but it also recommends or recognizes in the report that it's going to have different effects in different places so some places will get more rain than what they used to get other places will get more sunshine perhaps even a nicer summer such a week as we've experienced it here but others are paying the price so it's changing things far more dramatically than what we know it to be the moment governments admit that this is happening because of what it is they're doing there's a liability there's a responsibility and that for them is a problem so as long as the people are relatively quiet and they're more interested in a football game of baseball game or whatever it is today maybe they're okay so we need to as I said earlier create an awareness and I pointed a sky every time I see that chemtrails and whomever with me will know that those are M trails and if I if I'm not doing it my wife will certainly do it liliane points it out every time to everyone and that needs to happen and everyone surprisingly responds in amazement they say no really that's what they're doing I don't believe it so there's still this disbelief it's I guess for the most part the populace still thinks that governments can't do that to us it's impossible but it's happening mm-hmm keep the pressure on eventually with enough pressure something's gonna happen someone's got to react and that's a start and that's where we've had some difficulty with the chemtrails it's being ignored by government because no one seems to understand it well enough which again means we've got to get through to the public as well and make sure that they understand and if the government came out or the bureaucracy or or whatever came out and said we're very involved in genetically modified foods or we're creating chemtrails which means that you're being rained upon with aluminum or whatever that would probably not go over too well that would be politically very unpopular you would have an outcry you would ever protest you whatever mini revolution so they're going to try and keep it down as much as possible you're not going to see a whole lot of politicians or bureaucrats jumping on it the pressure is gonna have to continue on there's got to be a lot of it Vancouver is already a nuclear-free City how would we go about making Vancouver a chemtrail free city well I think perhaps you use the same approach and obviously the result will be enormous public awareness if you once get the issue out there and it becomes an opportunity for people to vote on it then I think you're gonna see a growing awareness because now most people don't even know what we're talking about when we mentioned chemtrails but that'll make everyone aware and once aware they're gonna fight it they're gonna be on our side we're gonna be together on the issue that's important

Maurice Vega

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  1. This “ politician is either dumb, doesn’t care, or damage control.. my opinion. I’m leaning towards d c. I’ll have to look more into him to change my mind. I’m pretty sure the powers that be, have already decided, “ getting the word out” will ne

  2. People get so angry when you mention chemtrails. They seriously just won't let themselves see the truth. It's maddening. It's so obvious. The sky isn't how it used to be.

  3. The way you tell people about it a skit about 20,000 pounds of glitter and confetti along with 200,000 leaflets explaining what chemicals are being sprayed when they're being sprayed and who is spraying them and drop it over some major city and say hey the glitter that's now on your skin it's just like the chemicals the US sprays on us every day only the glitter the pilot of this plane sprayed you can actually see and feel please read the brochure and join our cause to stop massive poisoning project in America and then and only then will people ever bother to wake the fuck up sorry for ranting I'm sorry for my language this is something that just bothers me so strongly

  4. Even if they came out and admitted it most people would just discount it and go on with their life and on the other side you would have people suing for billions of dollars claiming that Chemtrails hurt them in some way which if you look into it it is destroying our DNA it is causing men in the United States and around the world to lose their testosterone levels most men are losing their potency to have children I think one of the things they are spraying does that I think another part of what they are spraying makes us all act like sheep or like deers when they see headlights we know they're spraying us and we do nothing what the fuck people wake up don't be a sheep if you see something in the sky that last more than 1 minute coming out the end of a plane it is chemicals being sprayed on your fucking head and think about this they're spraying this on your children's heads as well so if you don't give a damn about yourself maybe you'll care that they're killing your children but I doubt it

  5. God bless this ex-prime Minister for coming out about this and why isn't this on Fox News and every other single new station in the fucking world? You think something like this from a prominent politician would be breaking news in every country in the world not one fucking peep anywhere it's disgusting

  6. they keep the pilots quiet and from speaking through threat of death to their families and telling them that they are doing a service for Humanity which is a goddamn lie I am a citizen of the United States and I do not give my consent to be poisoned at all whatsoever ever

  7. This is who he is interviewing
    William Nicholas "Bill" Vander Zalm (born May 29, 1934) is a politician and entrepreneur in British Columbia, Canada. He was the 28th Premier of British Columbia from 1986 to 1991.

    Matt this is GREAT clip thank you !!

  8. Why is this guy grinning the whole time he speaks. This is a tragedy that is happening to the human race. The Government understands everything. Don't sugar coat this issue.

  9. Stand together and educate I agree people are not stupid just still running on the gerbil wheel of fake scarcity Thanks for the clip Matt

  10. Federal employees don't speak out openly, because they're threatened with serving 15 years for whistle-blowing. Both the Obama & Trump administration have viciously prosecuted whistle-blowers. But think about it, why would most people come forward knowing the whole US press is not going to report what they say?

  11. Landman on the offensive!!! Great to see you taking the bull by the horns!
    You are doing God’s work. I pray for your health and safety. Press on!!!

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