Chemical Weapons – Syrians Smuggle Weapons of Mass Destruction into the US

So apparently there are chemical weapons being brought into the u.s. As we speak and apparently it is Syrians that are doing it This is according to Chief Justice. John Roberts. Look what he said We have 100% solid information that on a particular day nationals from Syria are going to enter the United States with chemical and biological weapons Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to deduce my favorite Syrian chemical weapon We call it. Hookah, they could kill tens of thousands of Americans. I mean Smoking does kill Seriously now terrorism sucked you’re living a great country you’re safe and sound chilling with your people and next thing You know some dude walks and it blows up here. It’s like being healthy one day then waking up the next morning with cancer So what can you really do about it? well Since I brought up cans So let’s look at how we deal with that and how viable it would be the copy paste or cancer-fighting approach into fighting terrorism now As far as I know there are two major ways to deal with cancer We have the current traditional way which is to use chemo and radiation to eradicate it and we have another way which is still developing And that is genetic engineering where we look for the genetic factors that lead to cancer and try to prevent them from causing it in The first place now the first way is the predominant way so far But the tricky thing about it as you may know is that when we do we not only attack cancer We also unintentionally attack the entire body. That’s why cancer patients get all those terrible side effects. Now the way the u.s is trying to deal with terrorism is quite similar to this method entire groups of people are targeted in order to eliminate the dangers of Some and you might think hey good enough I’m really concerned about the safety of my country and the safety of the people I love so whatever I don’t care if other people Have to pay the price and you’d have a point, but for one people are not cancer with cancer You can pretty much still treat it despite the side effects But with terrorism what happens is when you target an entire group of which only a minority are violent We’re essentially saying is that you’re all equally terrible and you’re all potentially terrorists and well too bad, right? Who cares? Well, you do is from a strategic point of view You’re making it harder for you to attract allies to face actual terrorists I mean here there are people who are just like you wanting to end terrorism, but you come along and brand them all as terrorists What about the minority who are violent well by doing what you’re doing They’re not gonna stop being violent all of a sudden as a matter of fact, they’re very likely to go ahead and recruit more terrorists it’s not gonna be much trouble to do that because unfortunately, the pool of potential terrorists is now much larger because it’s now easy for them to point to the US and say Hey, look, this country is responsible for your misery regardless of whether this is true or not. Do you know what I’m saying now? Look the majority won’t fall for that kind of rhetoric, but enough people will and that is dangerous You see totalitarian statements such as the one made by the Chief Justice Statements that demonize an entire group not only remind us of how the Jews were treated not too long ago But they also give sleazy terrorist leaders a way to recruit people who might be inherently violent, but not yet Terrorists because let’s face it. There are people like that Let’s ask the big question here If we want to implement a better approach to tackle terrorism something like a genetic engineering type of solution. Let’s ask ourselves Why do people even become terrorists now? It’s safe to suggest that terrorists generally come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds They tend to be unemployed rejected by society Rejected by women and more often than not they’re likely to have been victims of domestic abuse add a pinch of ideological Radicalization and voila you get a terrorist. You don’t see rich and successful people becoming terrorists They become warmongering politicians, but that’s like really different So, what is the solution how about this we don’t know yet It’s okay to admit to not knowing because that’s how you discover robust solutions instead of pretending to know and implementing reckless policies that demonize Everybody just because you’re so sure that you have the right answer Anyway, since we know that not all immigrants are here to bomb your ass Let’s look at today’s example of a refugee who has done something incredible. Thanks to this person You’re able to see this video you see before the internet was a thing There was a bunch of scientists putting it together. One of those scientists was a Nigerian refugee by the name Philip in my wallet He put together a formula that made it possible for a large number of computers to communicate at the same time He was born in Nigeria in 1954 and as a child He was very passionate about learning but at age 14 he had to drop out of school because it was too expensive But after coming to the United States also known back then as the land of opportunity He managed to get multiple degrees and not much later when he was working on his doctoral dissertation It occurred to him that it is possible to utilize a number of micro processors to do the work of multiple Supercomputers which led to his invention of a very useful method for machines to communicate information across long distances So thank you for letting me guala for your scientific contributions now What are you sure who your favorite refugee is and what particularly makes him admire? well Either that or comment about anything that caught your attention in this video and don’t forget to subscribe There will be more videos. My name is yada and you’ve just watched those refugees And voila voila

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