Chef David Chang on Food Critics, New Show & His Parents

Maurice Vega

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  1. "trouble with most of us is we'd rather be ruined by praise than saved by critics" chang parents played a huge role in his success by criticise him👏.

  2. cool. interesting stuff. i want to check out his show.
    asian convenience store food is so much better, because asians are all the go kinda people. hours are long, or students are always studying or gaming so the food has to be better for them. as well also because fast-food such as mcdonalds and stuff is an american product, which is still foreign to them.
    and ya italian pastas and asian noodles I always thought was an interesting debate, because technically originated in china where italians changed it up for their regions.

  3. Is this a guy from buzzfeed? I've never saw him on korean TV or anywhere here in South Korea! This is interesting

  4. I love the fact the Kimmel is such a foodie. He cooks and loves to feed and has a good sense of humour and advocates for good cause. Go Kimmel !

  5. At first, I thought this was David Cho, who isn't a chef to my knowledge, but they look similar along with similar names up to the -ang; but I digress. What ever happened to David Cho anyway?

  6. I hate convenient food here in korea, they’re not as near as good as he says they are. Unless The American ones are that bad.

  7. 711 in Japan is great, BUT David eats some foods and I'm like, dude, that is not as good as you're making it out to be.

  8. I just watched his new show and I must say this guy is an a**hole! A Japanese guy was explaining what his concept was on a Pizza and he interrupts the guy without any respect! Disgusting!

  9. Jimmy’s North Korea joke, like lol your family went thru a war and you likely have family in North Korea separated for life when the nation was arbitrarily split in two hahaha

  10. Ugly Delicious is actually a great show. Talks about great food with a historical and cultural context.

  11. In dutch ugly delicious is lelijk lekker and that just means really its kinda funny for me hearing him talk about this.

  12. I've been to Korea and Japan and the US. The convenience store in the US really has a lot to catch up when it comes to making delicious food on the go. Americans deserve better.

  13. Round here food critics pay low life guys like to get seated in high class restaurants and to order their food only to swatch seats right before the meal arrives.

  14. While I give respect to David Chang for his Michelin star, I think this dude is one of the most overrated chefs out there. I'm going to be a better chef than him someday. You saw it here first.

  15. Whats the point in knowing there is a food critic in your restaurant? It just proves how fake it all is. He is admitting its not as good for anyone else. Hes admitting he doesnt really care unless its the average customers opinion.

  16. The Fried Rice Ugly Delicious episode was so infuriating because it became all about how "white" people are racist against Chinese people in America and aren't willing to try authentic Chinese dishes… Bullshit. Pretty good show, otherwise though.

  17. Fast food junkie David Chang loves his new bum buddy Kimmy in this cute scene. I am not surprised about Kimmel's weak xenophobic trash talking about Melania Trump last week, which truly revealed how bigoted he is, but I am surprised that Chang, who is a 2nd generation American and whose father was North Korean, should laugh and joke with him, forgetting everything he's supposed to stand for. I used to like Chang before I watched his most recent TV show, in which he presents himself as a foodie demagogue who has a deep concern for the welfare of immigrants. SHAME ON YOU CHANG FOR ASSOCIATING YOURSELF WITH HYPOCRITE KIMMEL. IT'S TIME THAT YOUR FANS START BOYCOTTING YOUR RESTAURANTS AND TURN-OFF YOUR STUPID TV SHOWS. IT'S TIME THAT PUNKS LIKE YOU ARE TAUGHT A LESSON BY WE THE PEOLPE.

  18. Thought I might be able to squeak into one of jimmy boy’s interviews WITHOUT political commentary. At least I have learned from my mistakes.

  19. David, as an ex hospitality professional the goal should always be treat every guest as one of the top critics. Treat everyone as the most famous guest ever. You will always get people that don’t like your food that’s part of the business we can not please every palate

  20. These food critic are like babies. They turned something noble as eating food into a diva experience for themselves. If you miss them and don't give them what they want then you've wasted their time, hence, they'll snub your restaurant.

  21. Jimmy didn't quite get the explanation– his mom is from what is NOW N.Korea which means when Korea was one Korea 65 yrs ago and also, now is one Korea 😀 Glory to Hannahnihm (which means One G-d in Korean Hannah means One)

  22. JEEZ! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Trump jokes are a cheap way to get a laugh for people who ARE NOT funny. A third grader can do it.

  23. Here's the reality, he didn't look healthy. In fact, he's overweight, so would you take his cooking advice? Probably NOT.

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