Change Politics: Elections by the people

Have you ever stood in a voting booth, stared
at your ballot, and wondered who to vote for in a race where you barely know the candidates?
We’ve all been there. This is the moment when campaigns, parties,
and interest groups hope the piles of money they spent on ads can influence your vote. Too often, it works… because many citizens
have limited information about their ballot, if they vote at all. The result is the candidates
who win may not reflect our views, or serve our interests once in office. That’s why is launching Change Politics. Before the next election, on,
you’ll be able to see your full ballot in digital form – from Mayor to Governor to President. You’ll see endorsements for candidates or
ballot initiatives from the people and organizations you choose to follow, along with reasons for
their support. You can also ask questions directly to the candidates, and compare their
responses. And with this information, you can build a
personal ballot guide to bring with you right to the polls on your smartphone. As more citizens use Change Politics to inform
their vote, trusted recommendations will gain more influence than paid advertising. That
means, candidates will increasingly need to win the support of the most trusted people
in society, not just the largest donors. And that’s better for democracy. Change Politics — Elections by the people.

Maurice Vega

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