Chaffetz reacts to FBI being accused of manipulating Flynn records

Maurice Vega

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  1. Oh, how quickly quitter Chavetz forgets the rule changes he, Gowdy, Pompeo and Boehner shoved through to give the majority more power during the FAILED Bengahzi Inquiry that had ZERO indictments. Sucks doesn't it.

  2. Lets not forget that Flynn was going to blow the child trafficking wide open. Thats why the sleeze dems wanted him out asap.

  3. Trump loves Russia ….. Russia love Trump… Good thing the Cold War is over…. Trump is so much smarter than Reagan ever was…. You got yourself a real winner there…… Hey Farmers hows that workin for Y'all…..

  4. At the time it was revealed the FBI made him feel comfortable when interviewed and then came back and told him it was going to be used against him and he said he knew or should have known since he was FBI himself, that it would come back to him and he acknowledged that he did lie to them. But the 302's being different on separate copies of the same 302 is a bit suspect.
    I have a feeling they told him they were going to get him on lying to the FBI and would let the fact go he was working as an agent for Turkey which as we now see may end up a lot bigger deal. He may have taken the lesser of the two evils.

  5. You folks need Shake Yourself awake. You really want and Ultra right wing government? We're talking ultra-wealthy running our country you really think that's right? Do you really want to sacrifice our country to the ultra-wealthy? What's wrong with you folks?

  6. Why can’t I find a single article/video on google/YouTube about the new Peter and Lisa texts? I literally hate that I have to use YouTube and Google. Break the monopoly up!

  7. There is no proof anywhere that there is an active case against Flynn just like there is no proof Mueller ever reported to a grand jury ( it’s a fictive Grand jury ) Flynn doesn’t have to show up in court but as explained both “ Coffee Boy” and Flynn look pre placed .So far all there is to the is grotesque performance is a staged AM “ raid “ at an unarmed senior citizens house in a family neighborhood and a former FBI director who is OBSESSED with Europeans and who uses porn cliches to get attention but exposes concerning CREEPYNESS and then of course the fact that somebody had to and still is paying for this amateur fools comedy and that’s most likely US taxpayers who are FORCED to do so

  8. The FBI shared their techniques on fighting corruption with other countries, one of their pupil is the head of the EPPO she put innocent people in prison.

  9. As lawyers and FBI where in there training would it ever be anything else than manipulation of the facts and fiction to make a presentable view that they want.

  10. I want to all these crooked FBI, CIA, DOJ, senators, representatives, if you’ve done something wrong or unethical I want them to go to PRISON !!

  11. All blown up and their shivers timber's knowing manipulation of FISA tool's by FBI.
    What was FBI of Obama Admin watching?

  12. Flynn wasted tons of dollars on his defense, from what I understand he served the government all his life and so doesn't have unlimited money. Lawyers are expensive and his opponent does have unlimited resourses. This is so unfair

  13. I'm a lifelong Republican (for now) and a proud Never Trumper. It's beyond obvious that the president is a detestable individual void of competency and corrupt to the core. In the end he'll be in jail, GOP enablers will be without excuse, and we Never Trumpers will finally be vindicated.

  14. Everybody is putting a lot of faith in Judges. WHY?? The Deep State has no dirty Judges??

    What do you think the 9th Circuit Court is?

  15. Wray need to answer why his department is hiding info that can free a man. There more to it than what it seems. Dig deeper.

  16. Flynn is a crook. They are giving out judgements that has not Ben revealed legally. This is a smear campaign against or information agencies.Trump working with Barr to free co criminals.

  17. You expect a transcript written by a cop to be honest…….. 😆 cops are there for the illusion of justice not actual justice. Their just government thugs and bullies that extort money from the public to pad their retirement. And their goal is to get convenient convictions with the least hassle which is why criminals tend to go free and yet your stuck paying a traffic ticket because you are an easy target

  18. A 302 is just the FBIs 'recollection' of the event – the event is not transcribed or video taped. Our fbi has becom so unreliable/corrupt. This has been demonstrated during the Trump Russiagate handling.

  19. Have you people not been watching the REAL news stations? A federal judge has ruled the impeachment inquiry is legal. As well a judge has ordered all redacted info from the Russia probe to be turned over to congress. It apparently holds evidence as to Trumps involvement in Russia meddling. This is why the White House doesn’t want it released. A judge also ordered Trump to give up his tax information which apparently contains falsified tax return information. Many of your views on Hilary and Biden are also probably correct but that doesn’t really play into the fact that Trump is corrupt, and that is the main issue. Stop drinking the cool aid and see what’s really happening. You’re all being fooled by an oligarch from New York.

  20. The FBI lies. As then FBI Director, Robert Mueller falsely testified to Congress that Saddam had WMDs in Iraq. Guess what? That gave Cheney the green light on six 20+ year wars.

  21. WOW. To think the liberal media is spinning this to the American people as a conspiracy theory. Think of the damage that will be done to our country when truth is trampled down and we start creating the truth that we want. They really are traitors to our founding constitution.

  22. Do you know who else accuses the FBI of being misinformed: The mafia…Lol! that's how low this sad clowns have fallen.

  23. Michael Flynn investigated Pizzagate. He made a public announcement that go pushed off air. That after a thorough investigation that it was real. Two days later he was out of a job.

    Just like how Epstein vanished from his cell.

    We cannot blame ourselves for thousands of years of perversion. What we should be doing is hating ourselves for masking it and perverting it itself. Vladimir putin knew his girlfriend sense she was nearly 10 years old. Creating Waifu and weeb games.. The facts are out there. You just have to have the intelligence and guts to know it. Just because we are older. Does not mean that we are not the same people we were when we were 5. We just reside in declining bodies.

    Genetic manipulation should be the forefront of mankind's progress. Then space…

  24. Hey all you dumbass, fox news watchin’ idiots – if the FBI hated trump so much, and there was so much high-level FBI corruption because they hated trumpf so much and wanted to do anything to make sure he wasn’t elected, as EVERYONE on Fox News says, then how come NO ONE from the FBI leaked in any way, that trumpf was under investigation, just weeks before the election? You all say Strzok and Page hated trumpf, talked about an insurance policy, they would never let trumpf become president…..Yet they said NOTHING before the election, they leaked NOTHING that could have hurt the election for trumpf, NO ONE said anything about it, you stupid, stupid, fox news watchin’ IDIOTS. If that’s where you get your news from, then please don’t vote.

  25. This is another attempted railroad job like they tried to pull on Kavanaugh. We see how that one worked out for them – the truth will prevail.

  26. The two little love birds should be hung for treason! Talk about a campaign fund raiser!! Millions of us wold pay big money to witness such an event!

  27. "A number of information."

    What number? 7? Was it 7 information?

    I love that these guys are getting so excited that they can't word. Can't wait to see all this.

  28. fox news is joining the ranks of dictators and censoring their comment
    section….move your operations to china with all the msm losers where
    you belong.

  29. I still have no trust at all in the FBI. or any other so called security agency in our government. Wrey needs to be fired and a real non political agent needs to hold that position

  30. Lie all lies , "the truth will put you in jail but the repeated lie will set you free " and AL-BAGHDADI IS ALIVE SAYS RUSSIA trump lied to you again so proud being lied to , but you feel safe don't you

  31. Law enforcement is corrupt all across the country. Police aught to know the constitution and enforce that, especially the FBI.

  32. This folks is TYRANNY plain an simple. Trying to over throw the 2016 election to get a President they want. This is what our founding fathers were afraid could happen an why we have our 2nd amendment. What else do u need to know?

  33. Unless and until these traitors are locked up, charged with treason and dealt with accordingly, anyone that has ever been adversely impacted by an allegation of a breach of security on their part – could legitimately demand equal justice, i.e., they should have been allowed to do anything with impunity JUST LIKE THESE pukes.

  34. Shame on your lies, you are tearing the country apart and will face the consequences. 'lock him up, lock him up' … This is a chant that will drown his every move until he is removed and faces the Rule of Law.

  35. FBI=
    Forever Been Infiltrated
    Falsehoods Before Integrity
    Fake Bad Intel
    Felatio Buddy Investigators
    Flynn Buggled Idiots
    Federal Betrayal Initiators

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