Cenk on CNN – McCain Campaign Desperation

roy stop within the zone in on the
election twenty nine days to the election the
campaign taking another telnet exhibit a governor sarah palin levenson
operation recent acts against senator barack obama news clip are playing the first times with
political radical william ayers and either he was a domestic terrorist and part of
the group that quote once a campaign of bombings that would
target the cannot in our u_s_ capital even more serious story barackobama says that there is this is
someone in the neighborhood truthful advisers said that they are quote
certainly friendly in fact obama now one of his first needs
of his political career india larry’s living room really does get a couple things on the
table yesterday risk is a domestic tears of scores of the f_b_i_ and you know bomb a had a working
relationship in chicago with c_n_n_ founded a bomb in heirs of not being in
touch for years so so many say in the latest attacks dirty politics others of
you might be saying politics as usual i have come up on the
latter were twenty nine days away from a very tight race and doubt this is what you’re going to
see i’ve enjoyed a lot of talk about this political strategist registered
independent john avalon also with us and sort of countless importer townhall
dot com amanda carpenter antigen cuter host of liberal radio talk show the
young turks on accents satellite radio again we’re
taking your calls at one eight seven seven telling joe and brad reynolds start with
you is this what john mccain has been delayed after sharply attacked south yes alleges is october and they’re
getting into really strong water second circuit was absolutely right to bring us
up to new york times article said the problem on his downplay it his connection to brag about and even
this morning about his campaign ruediger dockside admitted on c_n_n_ that you have to time that brought about
a started uh… needing with wayne ayers he didn’t know that you thinking in these violent and that is about his
recent right now we do not know when brock obama finally became aware of this
fact i think is the navy answer that question in the debate ok gentle you’re
taking decide or read for soft uh… bronco obama’s response all this
he says uh… this a guy who lives in my
neighborhood the notion that somehow the consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged into testable acts forty
years ago when i was eight years old somehow reflects on me and my values it
doesn’t make much sense right ankle is it doesn’t hurt your candidate win
the name a referral from right any of those names are mentions doesn’t
this lead to gain on all things are alright issues of
absolute desperation uh… i just moved into a new place so i
gotta go about all my neighbors doors and say hey would you do forty years ago
if it’s ridiculous i was on the border for about the civil
veterans was right alongside aboard i don’t know i do depict the axe murderers on our board i
have no idea this is a white flag of surrender from
john mccain saying i don’t want to talk about the economy his arm terrible that the economy alright so i
want to change the conversation to something rediculous is something that
happened for his look at the independent on this job that he thinks coroner if it
goes negative that doesn’t change or probably not the name of theirs but undecided voters often do react to
cultural undertone attacks that’s why they’re used because they’re effective
but there’s no question this is desperate is dishonorable and
it’s divisive and we need to stop relitigate in the nineteen sixties in
our elections we’ve got real problems this country and this is addicting
attempt not sign folks and what voters really want which solutions the problem
we face ok puzzle is a phone call barbara in oregon barbara what do you
think of all the suburbs there’s a chance on stage a little bit barbara yes go-ahead barbara i don’t like say that i think i can and kaelin are
both the anything after the fact that american people from one really going on
in our our economy lack of experience but therapy alike and i thought the believes that and what
he called an account of what fella like he was there i thought that big partying phased out rental cars not fight and even though she withheld that not all the crown belong to the
city that it was cranking phones defense go
ahead and break ground or i will be bubble wrap religion and as you pointed
you one of the attendance did you get back to the issues of and what about that to say as a green
somewhat with barbara mccain’s gotta get better on the economy he has to have a plan and needed here at the meeting tomorrow
night mister bay capsule and i think that’s going to be a
big part of the day but i do want to talk about what i think is inching
strategy coming up but didn’t think it means talking about out william bear is having adds about
red skelton even having that legal and either a lot of the national committee
question about his four donations of a believer in a big illegally majors
campaign so all together these three things you put forth the notion that obama is
as unscrupulous individual that shouldn’t be trusted anything plays into
a lot of fears people american public has about him being
president that’s great they’re desperate and i look at what
he’s saying this is absolutely ridiculous and by doing this on to the press was
cerebral said the same thing said was racially tinged and always feel lonely and and and i had
that same on his presidential campaign had violated federal campaign laws by
accepting for denise isn’t absolutely critical issue that is if you looked
into airline out of an energetic creativity because the i think you got
some added just showed our card she said it plays to a lot of the here’s the
american people have about ten c that they are based politics is what’s
gotta stop in america independent voters a second tired of predictable harsh
hyperpolarization on it without errors in our country at the address of first love and end up lesson rightly be concernent fearful of
the president that associate with unknown terrace is not a dancer for a okay you guys let’s look the obama campaigns come back and john
mccain talking bringing up the keating five but it did a couple fax out there
back in five different pressure but everything will here are part of that
actual skiing or repairs on the savings and loan late eighties right after ah… john
mccain once in a cd for the senators met with regulators on keating’s behalf
hockey team went to prison of the senate ethics committee cleared mccain of
wrongdoing city showed poor judgment not convicted of anything that came in on
the city uh… his involvement was the worst mistake of his life so that leaves
that groundwork let’s review a bomb at that point in
speaking we need distribution shit really needed to also this is what lord but ross you know it implies involved polled brought
modern dresses from an agreement to these fibers ever
but a tous les cabana can effectively parlay
that into a attack had occurred economic crisis pregnant covers they trade by
unscrupulous tires uh… if you have people we should be
trusted but i think by opening a store i became does have a better answer for it
because they can then talk about on his work to reform get freddie mac and
fannie mae and also point out that he thought there and his oc a public
financing campaign offered to accept the public money and also worked for keeping
finance reform dejected bourgeois bronco ballers jim please stay above the fray
you’re leading now do you need this forces and that they have to go to buttons that they it’s directly pregnant
if it wasn’t uh… john mccain’s personal life i agree with you
completely but here’s a financial scandal just like
the one we’re having now giant john mccain was on a board with keating he
wasn’t janti charles keating’s uh… neighbor he was one of the keating five
he was one of the five senators back i recommended for this enemies more
relevant prepared here’s what’s the truth is that
the senate found him not guilty of any wrongdoing that’s the beginning and end
of this the s_l_ crisis pertain to our economic environment today the pope john mccain express deep
remorse for ever being knowing charles keating and he was found by the senate
for not guilty any wrongdoing so no it’s not legitimate it’s a distraction is
well okay but you never learn the right lessons job either so you’re saying he
was reprimanded but if you are using them found i feel like you know i think we
will learn the lesson does before we let you go look widgetbox fifty seconds what
you want to see through candidate obama tomorrow nine a debate state cool calm and collected as big as
he has been for about two days in a great job he just has to deliver that same
nascimento was within a few take rest snack about that is given a computer
questions i have an intriguing elected and i have to do one of his involvement
wayne ayers buddy one sees the independent obama should return to dispose partisan
rhetoric of primary john mccain’s daughter should have been understanding
about the economy mission i will make a game not drag this debate down there you go
john emblematic opera jiang cuter nice job with review once again we
appreciate your time receive your calls as well as a reminder for the latest political is that it’s not a catholic
sector c_n_n_ politics dot com we just kind of tough something back to
our money wall street’s reeling but if you sell off today and that that this
number fifty nine percent of americans now say another depression is likely how do we have rock-bottom yes and what does this all mean for you in
d_c_ nines alley though she’s been in a sense of fortune on a stick around for
that the o_j_ simpson jury faeces updating
really listen to what witnesses at this stage still convicted and with sport that not here’s a name we haven’t heard a while drew peterson all yet the new book says he was deceptive in a
lie detector test out there but ah… is missing fourth wife stacy are you
surprised i’m not calling here are some of you know the number one eight seven
seven college on

Maurice Vega

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  1. Where does McCain find these people? Tucker Bounds, Nancy Pfotenhauer, and now Amanda Carpenter?
    How does he decide on spokespersons? Does he put them all in a room and pick the ones that so annoying that you can't concentrate on what they are saying?

  2. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

    Palin calling anyone "less than truthful" is high comedy. What an idiot. What a hypocrite.

  3. hey patsagain, that bull dyke rachel maddow is cleaning house in the ratings. go sit on oreillys lap.clearly you have some issues about your own lack of sexuality that you have to bring up others.come on little guy. this isnt 1955.most of us dont sit under the same confederate flag or trailor park that you do

  4. Man, I seriously hope to God Obama wins election. I hope for all of us. Silly republicans playing the fear card… come on, you have to be better than that and LESS desperate. Give me a break

  5. Haha, you forget. They demand Obama answers to crap his neighbors did while he was 8. That's even more Oz than what you're suggesting πŸ™‚

  6. What a wuss. I'd vote for the minch if he'd have said; "Ayers did what was right to stop a war in Viet Nahm that killed too many and has been denounced by its' architect, Robert McNamara." In stead, he distances himself? He'll keep this rape of sovereign nations going. Heil W & Poppy. No Peace. Viva la Revolucion!

  7. The sad thing about this is fear based politics does still work. Mainly amongst the middle class white voters. I hate to say it. Anyways, Obama/Biden 08.

  8. You should. Everyone knows he's in league with the moon-martians who hate this country and he only wants to blow us up with death ray technology. He just needs one missing piece in his sidequest, and it is under the floorboards of the Lincoln bedroom. Hence his terroristic bid for presidency.

  9. This bitch is a puppet, and just trying to center her campaign, as Obama said, that the fact that their campaign has so much to do about attacking him, it shows less about Obama and more about McCain…

  10. you looked great Cenk. I like how you always look like you're in a good mood compared to that puss put on by this conservative. what am I saying, pretty much all conservatives.

  11. I like how Cenk always finishes what he's saying no matter who tries to cut him off. That conservative girl tired to cut him off a few times but he wasn't having any of that.

  12. β˜…β”β”β”β”“β”β”β”β”“β”β”β”β”“β”β”β”β”“
    β˜…β”β”β”›β”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”—β”›β”ƒCopy paste
    β˜…β”ƒβ”β”β”›β”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”ƒβ”β”“β”ƒif yourο»Ώ glad OBAMA

  13. omg, listen to that slimy neocon idiot. listen to how she frames her statements with accusations of nonexistent wrongdoing. people like her can really mess up his country if they are allowed to.

  14. 5:20 My god, the perfect image to describe America. We have the conservative republican with the pissed off tone trying to strong-arm irrelevant arguments, the liberal humanist who, while they have a refreshing sense of idealism, can be a bit naive, are keeping a condescending attitude toward the conservatives. Finally, we have the independent, laughing his ass off at both the warring sides in front of him.

  15. Lol that Amanda Carpenter chick just sat in the middle and got Chris Browned from both sides!
    As Cenk might say, her arguments were "weak sauce"

  16. Surprise! Surprise! Conservatives! Obama has been in office nearly 2 months and hasn't appointed Bill Ayers as Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. I guess you guys had it wrong.

  17. Actually I loved the rhetoric of this "dumb bitch" because every time she opened her foul mouth, more Republicans moved over to vote for Obama based on the fact they realized the terror of having this stupid fool one 72 year old's heartbeat away from the Presidency with a vote for McCain.

  18. maybe you should thank W. for that, since he's the one that made it law and signed the first checks.

  19. Sad thing is, there are good moderate conservatives that don't believe in this extreme right wing hate bullshit. They just silent voices, I have friends that conservative and they sound nothing like, coulter,hannity,limbaugh and others. In fact their ashamed of the nonsense these people make up.

  20. Barack Obama has downplayed his connection to Barack Obama. Because Barack Obama cant let the public know that he is in fact Barack Obama.

  21. "has not been made to answer for it" he just did! lol he answered it like a fucking human being. so stupid. This is the previouis evolutionary step of the Birther. the Proto-birther, if you will

  22. the cia mind control techniques are at work in all these campaign reports.

    we isnt the assertion that bill ayers is a domestic terrorist ever challenged? if he is a terrorists, the authorities would have all the reason they need to detain him. therefore he is not a terrorist because there is nothing that would hold up in court. the whole purpose is to get people agree'ing in the concept of a domestic terrorist.

  23. that chick got her ass handed to her.
    All she can do is throw mud while not being productive and think about the problems at hand, EXACTLY THE THING THEY'RE TRYING TO PROVE YOU dumb @#$%

  24. Oy they pulled a fox new move, have 3 conservatives and one liberal…. in this case it's have 3 left leaning and one right leaning. But its is kinda refreshing since all my dad watches is fox πŸ˜€

  25. Not to mention that Palin and her husband Mr. snowmobile racing redneck were part of a group believing the end of the world is near, and that wanted to SECEDE from America. Now that's patriotic eh? PS: check out her exorcism on youtube, not even making this up.

  26. Why doesn't anyone talk about how Sarah Palins Husband is part of a group that wants alaska to secede form the union?

  27. This moderator is a fuckin clown… notice how he refrains from agreeing with Cenk or anyone else until the normal american comes on and makes the same point he agrees with HER and not Cenk who just made that EXACT point… I mean you say Sarah is lying Obama is telling the truth CNN say well some people believe Palin and some don't believe Obama it's a tie…. wha6t fuckin joke…….. And MSNBC is not better they have there own shitty ways closer to what fox news does…

  28. Ohhhh S&L. I have heard some older people talking about this. At the time I heard it I thought they said SNL. So basicly what I am hearing is the bankers have done this to us before…….

  29. @syzygy502 The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States is an oath of loyalty to the federal flag and the Republic of the United States of America. From wikipedia. You're very dumb.

  30. @syzygy502 i heard that too. haha
    Obama: i am not connected, at all to Barack Obama and have nothing to do with his campaign. Stupid news networks, how do americans cope? americans please answer.

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