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let’s introduce our expert panel joining
us from our political scene other from political dated march also with us from
our townhall dot com national political reporter for channel dot com many
carpenter gamecube is with us most of the young
talks saw nixon satellite radios liberal or radio show and communications
consultant e_j_ walker kinda sociological performed of better i like
to ask you to jake uh… e obviously uh… you are against mccain but don’t you think she performed well obviously had to do if you are you in
that camp it because i a definition we’re
expecting a zero a got a lot i have not attend so i guess that’s better than what we were
expecting but not that i hope he stopped by i can’t stand it does anyone really
believe that alone jumped back shop i mean since i don’t think it’s like the
freak out more than george bush is now yet another poser here try to connect with the
american people please i don’t need you to be a hockey mom or plum i need you to
be the vice president jack and i don’t know your mattel i hear you on that and
for people like you i mean you’re not gonna get the benefit of the doubt
anyway she’s talking to working-class voters in pennsylvania and ohio don’t
you think so mad that some people like you yet is that they perceptron talks like that i don’t think
it’s a ac byee excited she cannot that soccer mom story
from the game of love that worried we’re going to hear about they are stories of
the soccer sides and hot here really the last night a dozen times really did it i
thought of it i thought i was very effective season made the point of uh… buying
stock in taxes the way you handle it maybe not so good for the uh… obama
biden ticket agree or disagree uh… i gotta disagree with that
completely job i had to set the record straight the fact is of set their own as john
mccain is done many times before lied about it saying that they would raise vote to
raise taxes ninety four times it’s ridiculous and in fact the reality is
carl like bravo obama’s tax cuts i think there to be but the reality is
under two hundred fifty thousand dollars brocco obama’s giving everybody a tax
cut wearing uh… beginning pillow talk about raising taxes they’re only talking
about it for the super rich people about two hundred fifty thousand dollars
et-cetera so that they want to protect that class of people have added hawks i don’t think it’s
going to do them any good okay let’s stay on the economy will get what i get
some calls in this is a point where joe biden is basically blasting
deregulation was give us a list of the economic policies as well as the
jurors have been the worst economic policies we’ve ever had this excessive deregulation the failure
of restraint what was going on but investors one wild okay bc entrance one check this one out
and found a job i’m actually he blasted regulation but also for the
four deregulation uh… jake sounds like point for pale in
there to me well it depends on how your bare county if you’re saying it this is a pop
surely about joe biden he that’s right there that you got a call us right right
provided below for that anne was wrong but the reality is the republicans
pushed for deregulation they had eight years they push in all the way and if
you ask them now they admitted they like it was a dozen favorably regulation would go on the guys who school about
entirely and we need a difference and the man at
the top of that uh… ticket brocco bob my question is a guy who’s going to
bring the let’s go back to matter can abide in uh… well that was it was
misleading us there with that so what you know he wasn’t he wasn’t exams title
in other ways the represented detective object jada vol is the juvenile
miserable johnnie wallace yes share with your registered
independent were talking about uh… where either candidate misled us
the way we had supported here’s one one so far do you were you miss a lot of all did
you have you got a fact check what do you see a job but yet you there were so many back and
forth accusations and it’s made worse by all the spin meisters on either side
regula tor conchords everybody the american people don’t know what’s
true not you know i think the cerebellum lost a lot upper tier two is that
correct the record are because she’d it would require
gurgoan all squared when joe biden was accurate a lot of
things which they tried to call him out for look both sides can stretch the truth in
this in a heated debate things get sloppy but but the dvds folks
yelling talking points each other neither side don’t clarify things now aren’t supposed to dispose confusing
american people and that’s why the americans and independents are getting
so frustrated at all times yes the everybody’s trying
to pretend that this is the debate was that pride it’s your this whole idea does method
neutrality but there was an entirely different paul
c_n_n_ he won by fifteen point c_b_s_ that appalled undecideds he quashed
forty six and twenty one by a two-to-one margin while you are pretending this was
a time when it was about five will admit only won the debate it was an attack by
did will appoint but taylor won something bigger she won
the right not to be considered a laughingstock she wasn’t this pose away
from being in the dan quayle’s own of being an object of ridicule she was
disclosed from having millions of people sort of demand that she was off the
tickets to end up jabs us when we got to get degraded accession street stop
resent the fact that we’re talking alabaster account profile as proof they
don’t like it was incapable of putting highway that means he did when it’s all drop any money answer the questions the way
that he did a moderator you are here but i’m gonna talk straight to the american
people and let him know my track record budget there is real quick she came on
the washington outsider cerebellum one-act plays well for some people
washington’s other popular right now idling that scholar go that’s redesign layoffs jealous you know
i mean kayla now in a way to a day that’s exactly arms
industry thought you said by one estimate prices the why’d you come to the debate it and
i can answer the questions and when she died she was dead wrong so
many times she got her own campaign position along
on bankruptcy judges she got that out their commanders our commander in afghanistan strategy
won’t you got its name wrong and then sheet flat-out lied at times leveled by a_b_c_ news has focused
already she said although i try to get
divestment from sudan for administration alaska in fact she
fought against that divestment she’s out class she doesn’t even know what how
mosses she doesn’t know what it is she reads
any newspapers you doesn’t knowledge on board games do you think she was on the
last minute ho whitworth that quote significant because
it was a tell cerebellum told the american people her stride yesterday which was to ignore the moderators
question they go back to our talking points which was very effective at doing
it’s an old reagan strategy in some ways it may not be honest but it is effective
and she was very effective too many people and look at the camera on talking
to you the american people i don’t care what washington a leader killed one of my
life will have to say i’m talking to you i thought that was affect

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Only an idiot can say that this was a draw. Biden won this debate comprehensively, and clearly looks more (vice) presidential.

  2. Wow that was awesome CENK!!! You should totally come on more on national television!!! You straight destroyed her bro!!!!!

  3. GREAT job Cenk! Speakin to and for the minds of many americans who see right thru Palin's fake ass. Speaking for the many of us who can barely stand the sound of her voice let alone listen to her lie, and misrepresent, and lie and mislead all in the same breath. America has had enough of her already and we havent even seen alot of her.

    CENK ou have to say this next time you on the air, "Thanks, but, no thanks on that Governor from nowhere!"


  4. Cenk pwned all arguments.

    How the f$#* do people think Palin won or even tied in the debate?

    Look, Biden couldn't just embarrass her epically on TV, the women's vote would say that he bullied her, and he would lose their support. He had to outclass her and that he did.

    Do people honestly think that Palin is as smart as Biden? Really? Seriously???

    You're kidding right?

  5. cenk starting out cutting straight through the bullsh!t

    pretend I am winking & pointing finger guns so you palin supporters can relate.

  6. Cable news needs more pundits/analysis like CENK! His held his own and made points with conviction, the same way republicans are convinced by Palin's ability to represent the republican party. Cenk owned it, and I anticipate an appearance on MSNBC or the main CNN network against those right wingers!

  7. Holy cow Cenk, I was expecting a 10 from you, but you gave an 11 and a half! I don't know how you come up with such great responses off the top of your head, but I imagine it's because you talk this stuff every day AND you are smarter than 99% of these schmucks. You rock!! Who are these Americans that are satisfied with this kind of psychobabble from a politician? If she were a man, the performance would have been utterly unacceptable. And it is.

  8. It seems that HNN's pundit gives as much credit to cenk as you tube does, and he got owned by the conservative.. O well at least he got 19,000 hits for using rhe abbr. CNN on this video, its a far cry from his 2000 + average hits on his other hundreds of vids.

  9. Cenk just cut through the CRAP that Republican and Independent and the reporter were throwing about Palin's good debate. People please look at the substantive issues and forget about this stupid BETCHA GOTCHA crap. Palin does NOT know what a VP does, and she is running as John McCain's VP. I cannot believe that some people can be that IGNORANT. If democrats were in their position, then I bet that Republicans would be all over them. Don't let these Republicans FOOL U because u'll lose finally

  10. "Hi, I'm republican party Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, I'm not going to answer your questions, but watch as I jump around here on this pogo stick."

    Go go gadget Chewbaca defense!

  11. Hey, you are a bit hard on Palhin… I think she deserve a 2 out off 10… I'm not just kidding, 1 point because she's care about methamphetamin more then Marijuana and 1 point because she ask for equal pay for women.
    …Fuck, that the only think I fond that are o.k. on her.

  12. It's still incredible to me how that so-called "independent" guy didn't see what a failure Gov. Palin would be as Vice President. He tried SO HARD to make her look good! This is crazy, common sense forbade that kind of idea that Palin would be any good. I hope that mainstream media will dare to present an honest opinion on political stuff in the future.

  13. Palin doomed Mc Cains ticket with this horrible debate performance. The American people are smarter than that. The "I am not going to answer any of the moderators questions" strategy was foolish and arrogant. She lost a lot of votes with that strategy.

  14. Sure Palin did better than expected, because people were expecting her to cry, puke, then run off the stage into the middle of the night. That didn't happen.

  15. Cenk is my FAVORITE news commentator in the world. He is completely dominant through this entire clip. I hope that he and the rest of The Young Turks get the 10pm MSNBC slot!!

  16. 100% agree…

    if that's all it takes to be vp now… I want to apply for one. I could for example, make my name famous by showing my butt on live TV. That way I will win the right not to be considered a laughing stock /sarcasm


  17. Nope CNN goes to TYY so the next speakers can shut him up or disprove his arguments. BTW, I think his arguments were great and the other people had nothing worth to say and were outclassed. They were just turning around the bucket and trying to give talking points by redefining the English dictionary.

  18. benefit of the doubt? well..SHE'S DUMB! there's no doubt about that! no benefit, either, except to "liberal" comedians! 😯 and how exactly is she conservative?
    when you parade your knocked-up daughter around the campaign trail, you're liberal..and a bad cliche!
    when you shoot wolves from a helicopter, you're liberal..and an environMENTAL menace!
    when you're a politician, but have never read a major magazine, you're liberal..AND DUMB! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    you're the best, cenk!

  19. and quayle was a much better debater! palin was so bad, it was like she was the democrats sixth man coming off the bench in the 11th hour to score a quintuple-double! we could have done it without her, but it wouldn't have been NEARLY as complete, not to mention as much fun!

  20. 1:00 – "people like you?" translation: the more-thinking-than-winking, un-dupable public!

    4:35 – "she won the right not to be considered a laughing stock" translation: she was ALREADY a laughing stock! still is!

    6:04 – "it may not be honest, but it is effective." translation: palin was dishonest AND ineffective! still is!

    CNN HLN, YOU SUCK, HOSS! stick to what you do best: misleading your viewers about (i.e. faking) news, while covering true, up-to-the-minute FL and TX fuckups! XD

  21. cenk was the only expert in this "expert panel". he was pushing the truth of what happened in the debate instead of some prepared talking point. go cenk!

  22. "It may not be honest, but it's still effective."

    So that's what we were supposed to base our vote on, what works instead of what's right? Hey, if I want a lot of money, I could go out and rob bank. It may not be honest, but it'll make me rich, right? Where does that guy get off criticizing the spin machines on both sides when clearly that's exactly what he's doing!

  23. Big thing about this whole thing was ……Sarah Palin has no idea whats going on…and it played to other hot republican chicks who didnt know what the hell is going on…

  24. Cenk is a coward! Big mouth No Balls! Runs away from candid interviews! What does he have to hide? Cenk defines "Super rich" as "Anyone who has had to pay taxes". I'm sorry Cenk, but I'm not exactly super rich like you are!

  25. Cenk knows exactly what he's talking about. These TV pundits just use big words and talk around in circles. Cenk gets straight to the heart of the matter. I'm not saying I agree with him 100% of the time, but he cuts through the bullshit and says it exactly how he thinks it.

  26. Not true DaReal. I'm an Independant, I agree disagree with either side…but Republicans have always backed up everything they report with proof and evidence. They have also reported many stories that Liberal channels never ever picked up.

  27. These were legitimate questions that people wanted the answers for and it was investigated and researched and reported. Whats your point?

  28. Look, Young Turks are liberals, and it is THEIR job to diminish and belittle the rep. party with one sided (usually only their side) of reporting. I know because I watch both sides and this channel leaves ALOT out.

  29. Cunku Turkler kendine kayip ettiler artik, Turkiye'nin halini bak ya, bence uzak dursun… Turkler onun goruslerini hic katilmaz…

  30. ne demek Turkler kendine kayip ettiler….Ben buradaki Amerikan-Turkleri neden desteklemedigini ogrenmek istemistim…barack Obamayi reklam ederken, Turk Konsoloslugunda onu desteklerken eksik kalmadi.

  31. Jesus Christ, how can they keep touting how "effective" Sarah Palin was? She lost the f'ing debate! How effective could it have been??

  32. She was a governor. Just saying, cant tell if you really dont realize that or if you are implying it doesnt matter or count.

  33. She was a Governor, of a State in the middle of nowhere, and she quit. She quit! And she only got elected because the Governor who held the position prior to her was very corrupt and got caught. I feel embarrassed for ignorant people who fall under the spell of this script reading, pinup cartoon of a woman. The fact that Americans support her shows how un nimble and blinded this country has become. People should be afraid.

  34. lol that chick was stupid, just because they are talking about sara doesn't mean a tie. thats like saying the worst person on american idol is good as the winner, just cause people talk about it

  35. Hey Everybody- its been over a year since the Big O' took the reigns. How's that hope and Change been working so far? LMAO. The Big O' is a one termer-deal with it now. You'll sleep better later.

  36. As an objective outsider, I can tell you what it looks like from here.

    Hope and change were stymied by an obstructionist opposition. You, as a nation, had a golden opportunity to change for the better, to regain some hold in the world and to remain a major power. But you blew it. You stood in the way of progress and made the job impossible. Now, you're on the cusp of declining into a second rate country.

    The state and future of the US is sad, but it's not seen elsewhere as Obama's legacy.

  37. Well,

    I'll tell you. He voted into Law an entitlement, that the country simply can not afford. With Baby Boomers retiring and expecting their Social Security checks, even as Social Security is becoming insolvent, Medicare costs increasing. but withdrawing 1/2 trillion from it in funding, all in the middle of a deep recession. Unemployment rates at near 10%, The U.S. bonding rating going to hell, no one will be loaning us any money. How's that as a start?

  38. @duelo99 LOL This country is in the biggest shit hole since the great depression! It's just like you said! Obama has been in office for ONLY 1 YEAR! Don't forget, the Republicans block Obama at EVERY TURN! If the Republicans actually want to help this country, then let Obama do his job AND SAVE THE FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!

  39. oh wow. now i remember. i saw this before on CNN and Cenk was the only one who i respected. rest of them= deuces.

  40. When a VP nominee has to prove to the american people that they understand basic civics and 4th grade history knowledge, they should not be running for office.

  41. Them pretending that the debate was a tie was comical.. I'll give a sports analogy… The Lakers are playing the Kings and all the experts are saying the Lakers should win by 20.. The game is over but the lakers beat the kings by 5. Should we condsider the Kings winners because they lost by 5 and not 20?? NO!! A loss is loss

  42. @Ntownsfinest Go fuck yourself, sir. The only time the Lakers beat the Kings are when they buy an all star team or own the refs. The Lakers can suck my royal balls. Btw, i completely agree with you on the politics, this animosity is purely due to the fact that I'm a lifelong Kings fan.

  43. It is unbelivable how the only person that makes sense is Cenk. It is so mind boggling how you commentators try to squeeze substance out of a huge pile of nonsense and waste the time of people. You are so lucky that Cenk -the only voice of reason among you- actually gave his time to explain you a very clear situation. You are filling in tv time, wasting our attention and most probably leading so many people wrong. There's no substance there, do not be comical. Cenk, I am with you!

  44. and THIS is why Cenk hasn't been on CNN since… Also I LOVE how they threw in the cenk uygur a LIBERAL talk show host……. LIBERAL he'w LIBERAL don't forget LIBERAL some might call it communist but not us we just relay the news

  45. SARAH PALIN RATARDATION IS EFFECTIVE BECAUSE OF NEWS STATIONS LIKE CNN LEGITIMIZING STUPIDITY god this video made me SICK! It works for so many Americans BECAUSE YOU SQY IT WORKS… when CNN says well it's a good thing that Sarah palin avoided the questions because she's too dumb and impatient to get learn history before a debate then people think well……. wow she's talking to me and not the moderator she IS for me…. NOOOOOOO you fuckin shills…. NO

  46. Cenk is so far from reality, he is a far leftist. He expected a "0" from Ms. Palin?? He is so biased against anyone right of Karl Marx! I liked her….

  47. @LangeTheThird That was not the point. He prejudged her prior to the event and this is why he is seen and his organization as biased leftists. I heard her speak at the NRA convention last year and was great!

  48. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden 'drew' because Palin could not screw up enough to commit political suicide and become a laughing stock??? They 'drew' because she ignored serious political questions and simply told the uneducated what they wanted to hear, which conflicted with her policies!! Next time I see a boxing match and a guy gets knocked out I will call it a draw because the man isn't dead…

  49. @stephenabm That's awesome if you thought she was great. That's even more awesome if you expected her to speak well during the VP debate. My point is, no one expected that. No one. The Katie Couric interview destroyed much of her credibility. If you still think that she's great, good for you. She'll still be around selling her books and doing speaking engagements.

  50. @LangeTheThird We should not pre-judge anyone prior to an event and that is the core issue. She speaks well and many like what she says and accomplished in her political career. Her books are and have been best sellers. The young turks are clearly a biased leftist group and not just based on this video. I have never viewed one that I agreed with, as they are lock step with marxists.

  51. It's like if a football (soccer) score was 4-2 and people called it a draw because one side wasn't a complete figure of ridicule.

  52. The MSM are such buffoons. "It MUST be a tie because the candidate that lost didn't vomit all over herself. Let's bring in a Conservative to cheerlead for her with no facts, and an independent whose job is to say that both sides are equally wrong all of the time, the weak Dems who are proudly giving everyone Bush's tax cuts and the fanatic Republicans who would rather burn down Washington than compromise one inch. But CNN's biggest fear is reporting numbers that slam the GOP, so it's a "tie."

  53. yes the young Turk laid it down. I couldn't believe the stretches of truth those other 3 perpetrated on live tv. It's not honest but it's effective yukyuk. Again same problem since I don't know when probably day one Plymouth rock : stupid stupid uninformed uneducated greedy selfish religious unprincipled sub human dip shits in America.The vast say 80+ % of muricans are too stupid and knowitallish to make reasonable decisions on ANYTHING

  54. Wow, as bad as the media is now, boy was it horrific back then! Just dying to call both sides equal. The mental gymnastics these guys had to go through (except Cenk) to make Sarah Palin seem sane.

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